Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice, Who will win?

Speculation that may be a SPOILER on if you're interested:.........I previously believed that they would fight each other and then realize that their end goals are the same though their methods differ.  For example: Batman/Bruce Wayne sees the destruction of Wayne tower in the first trailer.  He blames Superman

Between Superman and Spider-Man with infinity gauntlet, who would win in a serious fight?

Anyone with the infinity gauntlet and the ability to use it can basically wipe the floor with Superman.A regular guy who happens to be intelligent and capable enough to use the infinity gauntlet can beat Superman.The infinity gauntlet allows the user to do anything they want. With just a single one of the stones, depending on which stone

Can Batman really beat Superman?

I have been reading comics since the 70's as a kid. I have been a Superman fan longer than a Batman fan but Frank Miller's Dark Knight changed Batman. Also DCs decision to weaken Superman in 1984 (or 86?) so he wasn't a god character made me start following Batman more.

Can Firestorm defeat Superman?

The Firestorm Matrix bestows upon the

Can Molecule Man defeat Superman?

I don't understand the reason behind the answers for this question. All of them talk about Molecule Man who was imbued with Beyonder's power or the entire power of Beyonder realm.Question is just about Molecule Man vs Superman.If we are to consider enhancements, we should allow

Can the Hulk kill Superman?

All of the other answers here say Superman would win in a fight, which I agree with. As much as I love the big green goliath, he just isn't fast enough to fight Superman.I however, am going to play devils advocate, and take the question a bit more literally. The question is,

Can Wonder Woman defeat Superman?

No. Superman and Wonder Woman have matched up 5 times, in canon, with the result being while Wonder Woman will give a good fight, she's not going to take the win. This is one of the few match-ups that actually intrigues me,

Could Dr. Strange defeat Superman?

Superman loses before he realizes that the fight has begun. In combat he rarely exceeds 8.7 c, and even when travelling in a straight line for months never even hit 3 digit billions c. Strange, on the other hand, has physically moved "faster than any living thing has moved before", which, given that

Could Hulk defeat Superman?

Yes. DC fanboys: After u read this, read my Goku vs Superman answer were Superman wins to cheer you up. Now the hulk would defeat Superman. And it's not because

Could Magneto defeat Superman?

Wow. This would be a lot closer than most people realize. The obvious answer is no. Superman is too fast and durable, and would just fry Magneto with his heat vision or knock his head off. In the movies I would say definitely not because Magneto can only control metal.But Magneto in the comics has control of

Could Saitama beat Superman?

He could beat most versions of superman, as they are in different stories and almost completely different in power. However, some versions of Superman are massively OP, able to destroy solar systems, galaxies, and even universes. The strongest version of Superman, Strange Visitor Superman, is

Could Superman defeat Galactus?

I think Galactus is on a completely different power level than Superman - Galactus is almost a capital

Could Superman pick up Thor's hammer?

Yes he can, Or I should say *surprise* he had actually lifted and wielded Thor's hammer i.e Mjolnir.Lifting and wielding Thor's Hammer are two different things.according to enchantment by Odin: "Whosoever holds this hammer, if (s)he be worthy, shall possess

Has Batman ever killed Superman?

There was a really messed up and depressing Elseworlds short where Kal-El's rocket hits Gotham, and kills Thomas and Martha Wayne. Bruce is horribly scarred (think, Two-Face, if someone took a blowtorch to his

How to convince someone that Batman is better than Superman

You can't or you shouldn't try. Not if the person is purposely and without any reason already aggressive towards the character.Trust me. Some people simply don't like because they love to hate.You can use all the arguments in the world as

How can Superman be defeated if he is so strong?

Superman is one of the weaker characters in comics, to be honest. He was WAY more weaknesses than other comparable heroes/villains. He can be killed and he can be hurt, permanently with Kryptonite (and there are 5 types), Red Sun technology will hurt him, anyone who uses magic

How did Batman defeat Superman and how could he possibly defeat Thor, Quicksilver or Hulk?

Every time Batman has beaten Superman, it has been using Kryptonite (obviously). Here are the major instances:The Dark Knight Returns - Beats up a nuclear-weakened Superman while wearing an armoured suit while Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) shoots him with a Kryptonite arrow.Hush - Punches a

How to get compensation for a bad experience watching Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Its easy. Just wait for the DCEU to become a thing on its own. Wait for the Justice League movie and trust me even if you did not fully enjoy BVS, you will find it worth your money and time.That being said

How is it possible that Batman can defeat Superman?

Its easy really. Superman has only one weakness its kryptonite. And that's all that Batman needs.I'm going to explain the fight between Batman and superman from an animated movie 'dark knight returns 2'.Batman has finally killed Joker and the US government orders superman to take down the vigilante. In this

How is Superman better than Batman?

If you mean the battle record, Batman has never beaten Superman in a canon book. A friend of mine presents this allegedly

How would Superman react if Batman died?

Superman would KILL!!In Superman/ Batman Absolute Power, the Legion of Super-Villians from the 31st century; Lightning Lord, Saturn Queen and Cosmic King traveled back in time and changed history. They eliminated the Justice League before they were even formed, and raised young Superman & Batman as their own

If Christian Bale's Batman was in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice instead of Ben Affleck's version, how would he do?

Bale's Batman probably wouldn't have let the plot escalate into a fight with Superman. Bale's Batman was smart and saw the good in people. Bale was brutal, but not the same way Affleck was. Superman probably would not have had any problem with Bale's means of taking down

In a fight between Superman and The Sentry, who would win, and how would the fight play out?

The Sentry would handily defeat Superman if they were in the same universe and both at maximum strength.The Sentry appears to have no limits to his powers. Among other feats, he has shattered the axe of Terrax (a Herald of Galactus) with his bare hands, showing that his power

Iron Man vs. Superman -- who would win?

Superman has all the advantages minus versatility. Iron has at most pulled a fleet of battleships so his punches would certainly hurt Superman, but Superman has moved PLANETS! Speed wise Superman is also faster but not by as much as you would think. Superman has gone around 200 times the speed of light while Iron Man has

Is Superman intimidated by Batman?

Who's not intimidated by Batman? Everyone in the Justice League is, as far as I know. Some may pretend not to be- but they really are. Batman is essentially a good version of a villain, who is madly obsessive, determined, and crazy like a fox- but above all, still able to keep his center. If

Is Superman overpowered?

If you talk about the standard version of Supes in the current DC Rebirth: NO.In the current Action Comics, a normal Superman got an ass whooping from Doomsday and took help from Wonder Woman. That too, he couldn't beat Doomsday in the end and instead used Wonder Woman's help to keep him distracted maintaining distance and caution

Is Superman real?

Yeah, all the Superman characters are artistic prophecies of real people in mythical form and here is who they are in real life:Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman is Justin Massler/Cloud Starchaser.Bruce Wayne/Batman is Elon Musk.Barry Allen/The Flash is Justin Bieber.Diana Prince/Wonder Woman is Kim Kardashian.

Is there any superhero that can defeat Superman?

Using ONLY Superheroes here. No cosmic beings, all-fathers, abstract entities.Superman as he currently is a la New 52? In DC, Wonder Woman on a good day, Martian Manhunter, maybe Apollo or Majestic. Zatanna. Maybe Shazam. Possibly Orion. Most of the Green Lanterns. There currently is no New 52 version of Doctor Fate, and this Spectre is vague

Superheroes: Who is stronger, Superman or the Hulk?

This is a very difficult question to answer. This is for numerous reasons that deal with comics and retcons but also the way each character's powers manifest.

What happened to Wayne Manor in Batman v Superman?

The reason for Wayne Manor lying in ruins is never explicitly stated in the movie itself, we're only treated to the sight of Bruce in it before he goes to kill Superman and at the end of the movie as a

Which 5 people can defeat Superman and how?

Superman has been defeated by quite a few people with kryptonite like the Batman and Doomsday with only brute force. So is there anyone who could defeat him without kryptonite? Yes. I am going to consider Superman Prime one million of the future in this case who is immune to kryptonite and is

Which Green Lantern would be most likely to beat Superman in a fight?

While I agree Sodam Yat, I would say most Green Lantern would defeat Superman in a fight. When I say most I mean of over 15000 green Lanterns through out the universe, well over 10,000 could take him down, and every one of them would be equipped to defeat him, whether they do it or not remains to

Which superhero is respected more: Superman or Batman? Why?

I originally intended to write this as a comment in response to Ariel Williams's answer but it got a bit long so thought of making it as a separate answer. While I agree Superman must be respected for his integrity and great restrain he exercises in wielding his

Who are the top five Superman rip offs in the Superhero comics?

While not what I consider the top nor necessarily rip offs, five I think of immediately:1. Hyperion (Marvel) -Mark Milton of Earth-712 was the last Eternal of his planet, raised by good folk and working for a newspaper with a co-worker with the initials L.L.

Who can defeat Superman?

I have answered this question so many times so I will list this time in order of who and how badly. I will limit myself to Marvel as I have read some DC but am by no means an expert so will steer clear from comments.Beat and Kill

Who could defeat Superman when he stops holding back?

in the DC omniverse? off the top of my head...AdaraAppa Ali ApsaAquamanArcaneBlack HandThe ButcherCaptain AtomCh'pCoronaDesperoDjinnDoomsdayDr. FateDr. ManhattanElaine BellocThe EnchantressThe EntityEquinoxFirestormThe Flash (Barry/Wally/Bart)GanthetGorilla GroddIonJohn ConstantineLarfleezeManchester BlackMartian ManhunterMazikeen MorningstarMeraMerlinMona DoyleMxyzptlkNaiadNekronOmenOphidionOrionParallaxPhantom StrangerPower GirlPredatorProselyteRac ShadeRavenSaint WalkerSaydScarSebastian FaustSetheTempestThe Shaggy ManShazamSodam YatThe SpectreStarroSuperboySwamp ThingTakehiko MorningstarTempestTimothy HunterTitusTrigonoh, and...

Who is Marvel's Superman?

Aside from the Superman knockoffs, like Hyperion and Gladiator, I'd say there are three characters that fill the Superman role in the Marvel universe.One is Captain America. Both characters were created during WWII, and both started off fighting for "truth,

Who is more badass Hulk or Superman?

Badass??? Let's see, to be a badass one has to be GREAT at what they do. Superman is great at saving the universe and galaxies and worlds and people. Hulk is Great at smashing and beating teams of people's asses. Check in both columnsTo be a badass, you have

Who is more powerful: Thor or Superman?

When it comes to these two heroes skills and abilities, they're alike in a lot of ways, and also insanely different in a few. To start, they're both at about the same levels of strength. Now, most people believe that Superman is stronger than Thor, but

Who is the better person, Batman or Superman?

Who is better, Superman or Batman?This is completely subjective; who do you like better, or at all .... that's the correct answer. And, so is my answer and every other answer; it's all opinion, not empirical.Now for my two-cents, I prefer Batman over Superman, but truthfully I find both of them obnoxious ... and I

Who will win between Superman, Batman & Goku?

IF we consider that batman and superman team up against goku then there won't be much for batman to do because he can only make strategies  and exploit possible weakness but goku does not have any silly weakness like superman therefore batman will sit this one outso the fight will mainly be between superman and goku

Who wins in a fight between Batman, Spider-Man and a kryptonite stick vs. Superman?

We have to base this off of the movies, because comics are too uncertain. Power sets and skills always change in comics and there's a version of any of these heroes in the comics that could beat any version of the other. So let's start with Christopher Reeve Superman vs Michael Keaton Batman and Tobey Maguire Spider-Man.

Who would win a fight between Captain Marvel and Superman?

Truthfully it's either a draw or slight edge to superman against carol danvers in her normal state.In space superman speed blitzes her.On earth though she's mid tier so is superman. Until doomsday came around superman didn't even use mach 1 punches. Superman holds back so severely on earth that carol, whose

Who would win: Batman or Superman if Superman didn't hold back?

As others have said, Superman wins every time. In fact, essentially every Kryptonian, if they aren't holding back, would win every time. If General Zod, say, truly isn't holding back, then he can vaporize Batman from 10,000 feet away or land in Gotham city with enough

Who would win in a fight between Superman and Thanos?

This answer is a controversy bomb! You answer against Superman, his fandom starts abusing you. You answer against Thanos, you get abuses from his fans.So, what to do?I'll answer right away. My answer may not please some readers. If you think my answer is wrong, write your own answer instead of commenting

Who would win in a hot dog eating contest, the Hulk or Superman?

Hulk wins both rounds.Hulk is, to the limits of our ability to calculate, faster than the Flash, and fights at least on the order of 3.6 septillion times faster than Superman. Just because Hulk isn't hyped as one of the fastest beings in fiction doesn't mean he lacks the feats.Both characters have super inhaling powers, for all

Who would win, Superman Prime vs Wonder Woman?

Definitely Superman prime, (apologies to all feminists I did not make it like this), based off of the powers given to the both of them, Superman is supreamly stronger especially when you bring him to the peak of his power. If they were to fight Superman would definitely win. Just

Who would win, World Breaker Hulk or Superman?

I'm gonna say you mean normal superman. As you weren't specific with which version. But in a fight between world breaker hulk and normal superman. World breaker hulk would win. Here's all the reasons why. Technically speaking hulk and superman have very similar powers. In the fact that both of their powers

Who's actually stronger, Superman or Wonder Woman?

Superman no doubt, better feats and almost trashed Wonder Woman when he thought he was fighting Doomsday. So he almost trashed Wonder Woman while being handicapped by the fact he didn't know who he was fighting. There is a huge difference if you are fighting a mindless beast

Who's better: Batman or Superman, and why?

Depends on your perspective. Here are the merits of both heroes.SupermanSuperman is the trend-setter, the father of all superheroes. The creators of Batman started working on him only after Superman became a runaway success.He's the

Who's better; Batman, Spider-Man or Superman?

I will try to put forward facts about all of these super characters before I conclude who is the best. Who is Batman | BatmanEveryone knows how influential and popular he is, he is not a

Why did Christian Bale not take interest in 'Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice'?

"When i heard there was someone else doing it, there was a moment where i just stopped and stared into nothing for half an hour....But I'm 40. The fact that I'm jealous of someone else playing Batman. I think i should have gotten over it by now" - Christain BaleRumors are that Bale

Why is Batman cooler than Superman?

1. Batman spent almost a billion dollars on all of his tech, including his gear, weapons, vehicles, etc.2. Batman looks much cooler. He is more credibly incredible.3. He actually has a believable way of hiding his identity, rather than the slouching and glasses that Kal-El uses.4. Batman has a cave.

Why is DC making Superman easy to defeat?

My guess would be that it's their attempt to make him less god-like and more relatable. More's the pity; it just shows... in my opinion... how little that the writers at DC understand one of their own flagship characters.Superman isn't about his powers. He's not about how strong that he is, or

Why is he called Superman if he can die from kryptonite?

Why is he called Superman if he can die from kryptonite?Why are men called men when they can die from something as simple as an allergy?Have you ever heard of anaphylactic shock? This can be caused by the most simple of things.So men and women in all of their

How did Ben Affleck build his body for Batman Vs Superman?

If you look closely, you'll notice that Ben himself is not much bigger or muscular than he usually is. A lot of what you see in the suit is actually padding from within the suit itself.

Which superhero comics would you recommend to a total newbie?

Hmm.. Well if Batman interests you definitely check out:A Court of Owls (Story Arc) - 1st story arc of the Batman New 52 series.Batman: The Killing Joke #1 - One of the best and most iconic

Who designed Superman's costume?

Jerome Siegel wrote for the student newspaper, and Joe Shuster was one of its cartoonists. They were both sons of Jewish immigrants who worked in the garment trade. They met in high school during the great depression, while Siegel couldn't draw, but Shuster was amenable. For the student paper, they collaborated on a Tarzan takeoff called

Who is a better ambassador for superhero comics, Batman or Superman?

Superman by far. For one thing, he has actual superpowers. For another, he embodies our best selves, our hopes and aspirations, our ideal of what a good person should do. Batman is a traumatized rich guy who most goes around beating up street thugs and mentally and emotionally disturbed villains.While Batman is heroic

Why is Superman the best superhero?

The question asks for reasons why Superman could be considered the