What's the most inexplicable experience you've ever had, whether supernatural, paranormal, bizarre coincidence, mysterious intuition, prophetic dream, or unexpected lab result?

I was a hard core non-believer of astrology and paranormal stuff. I would like to narrate 2 incidents here.This happened in 2003.I had a colleague who was also a friend and wanted to marry me. He was extremely caring, loving and a good friend. Everyone at work loved him. A few girls were jealous to an extent that

Can some animals (like cats and dogs) sense paranormal activity (like spirits)?

I have a cat and I've had him for about two years. He is an absolutely normal cat and with a super normal behavior but he has really freaked me two times.-Once, we were laying in bed resting and all of a sudden he jumped out of nothing, crisped his tail, bent his back, and started growling

Have you ever come across a ghost? What is the scariest paranormal activity you have experienced?

Multiple events, long post aheadI don't really believe in paranormal activities until couple of months back I sensed first hand experiences of negative energy or paranormal activities. I have a friend and she constantly tell me that she can feel someone's presence around her and disturbs her. I did believe her

Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity?

Hey there , I haven't interacted but yes I have had a paranormal experience back in 2007–08.DISCLAIMER: LONG ANSWER AHEAD. GRAB A BOWL OF POPCORNS AND SOME COKE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. THIS ANSWER DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY PICTURES.The audience laughs at you or

In the anime Black Clover, do you think Asta will turn into a demon demon through will or what?

I think the demon would take full control of Asta for a little bit if Asta loses his mind if a drastic event happens (like if Sister lily dies and he witnesses it OR someone like Noelle is at the verge

Unintentionally, why do some people attract a lot of paranormal activity, others a bit and most none? Are there certain characteristics in people that dictates that?

This is a very good question, and I wish I had some easily explained answer. I have always been a magnet for the paranormal. It seems that different people have different events that they attract. For example, I am terrible at getting photos of anything inexplicable, but an old friend of mine was

Has anyone had an encounter with a ghost in real life?

I don't know whether it is a ghost or my mind tricked me.In 2016 suddenly my co sister passed a way. She is a very nice lady. Very pure and innocent. No ill health.Around 8.30 I spoke to her that night before she slept. By 10.30 she is no more. My brother in law and mother in

What is the scariest supernatural experience, or encounter, that you have ever had?

There is no scariest experience. As noted on my header I am epileptic psychic. Profound perhaps. I keep these to myself mostly. I do not encourage panic. The ocean floor ripped up and the tidal took over 20 thousand lives of living human beings.I get my own news feeds

Do ghosts really exist?

YES!!I was having drinks with my friends at my place; I got a call from my girl friend (now ex) that she can't sleep as she is alone (scared of ghosts even if there is nothing paranormal); her both flatmates went to their hometown. I

Has a ghost ever affected a relationship you were in?

Has a ghost ever affected a relationship you were in?Just the Holy Ghost and the influence has been positive. In my opinion earthly relationships that include God in them work out better than they would have otherwise.Which is not saying they are a bed of roses, but differences can be

Is voodoo real?

Voodoo is a mashup of a variety of African shamanistic rituals and the local Caribbean beliefs. Much of it is what Abrahamic beliefs and cultures with supernatural beliefs and attitudes based in Abrahamic beliefs would refer to as magic. I find that this categorization lacks nuance.It's my understanding that space is porous to energy and intent,