Do doctors ever do surgery on themselves?

Jerri FitzGerald, 57, Dies; Treated Own Cancer at South Pole (New York Times)By DENNIS HEVESIJUNE 24, 2009Jerri Nielsen FitzGerald, a doctor who treated herself for breast cancer for months while stationed at the South Pole in 1999 and then when

As a surgeon, when you operate a suspected appendicitis case and found that it wasn't, do you still remove the appendix?

Absolutely! 1) Appendicitis can be a very bad disease & the appendix serves no critical purpose (as far as we know), so removing a healthy one poses no risk other than extremely tiny risk of wound infection. 2) It would be irresponsible to send someone off with an appendectomy scar whose appendix was still

As doctors, do you ever find surgery to be disturbing?

As part of our training, starting with anatomy in medical school we learn to look at the human body.  We emotionally distance ourselves.  You quickly learn that the surgery is necessary.  The first time I saw an arterial line being put in I was in college.  I nearly

Can a surgeon be very successful even with essential tremor, or can a surgeon take a beta blocker to reduce hand tremor and be very successful?

It might be surprising to most lay people, but as long as you (the surgeon) are not doing extremely fine and precise work you don't actually have to have legendary, virtuoso, rock steady hands to be an amazing surgeon. Examples where you need above average steadiness and technical ability would be neurosurgery,

Can internal medicine doctors perform surgery?

The answer hinges on your definition of two words: "allowed" and "surgery".The concept of being "allowed" has 5 aspects: legal before, legal after (malpractice), institutional, ethical, and practical.Legal "before": Legally, in the US, a physician's license to practice is unrestricted, meaning that he or she can do

Do doctors ever do surgery on themselves?

Jerri FitzGerald, 57, Dies; Treated Own Cancer at South Pole (New York Times)By DENNIS HEVESIJUNE 24, 2009Jerri Nielsen FitzGerald, a doctor who treated herself for breast cancer for months while stationed at the South Pole in 1999 and then when the weather thawed a

Do surgeons ever accidentally cut themselves or another surgeon during surgery?

In my opinion , sharp safety hasn't gone far enough. Because sticks still happen.All knives with reusable handles but disposable blades should be eliminated immediately. I never use them. The scrubs can cut themselves every time they put a blade on. Instead, I only use fully disposable systems with the blade already on.The

How do doctors prevent themselves from getting sick?

I would have to imagine that this phenomenon is partly due to continual encounters with low doses of antigenic material that don't cause overwhelming infection that then teaches the body new directions for antibody production.  If you have a competent immune system and your body overcomes an infection, the next time you see that same pathogen (virus,

How do doctors (surgeons) stay cool and calm even after opening up body parts and performing operations?

I'm not so sure that I would agree that all surgeons are cool and calm while operating. Of course, we all try to project an image of calmness even when things are going badly but everyone feels the stress at some point in time. It is

Should I go for a limb lengthening operation to increase my height? How risky is it, and what are the chances that such a surgery would succeed/fail? What could the complications be?

Hell No!In medical school when I first learnt of Ilizarov's limb lengthening surgery, I was fascinated but was equally shocked by the apparatus - an external fixator - that was used for this procedure which looked something like this:

What is Dr. Nowzaradan's diet plan before he performs a surgery?

It is 1200 calories a day, low carb, low fat and high protein. No snacking, no soda, no fruit or sugar or bread or grains. Within those parameters you can eat what you like, it will be basically vegetables and salads with lean

Which is the best country to work in as a doctor?

Very difficult to answer, since all those parameters vary quite a lot from country to country.These are just a few thought where people say it's difficult or good to work as a doc:The not so good stories are from:-eastern Europe: for most the pay is low, so

Is it worth it being a surgeon?

Yes. I appreciate that many answers are about the financial ramifications of becoming a doctor. It costs a lot of both time and investment. At the end of the long training process, you will be learning the best techniques to save lives.I save lives for a living. That's my job.I save lives and

What are the bad parts of being a surgeon?

User-13171149483059267751 already hit on most on them, but I'd also like to add that unlike most other specialties, there's a fairly high failure rate even once you've finished college, medical school, internship, and residency. That's right - it's still possible that you won't make

What are the good parts of being a surgeon?

Well, there's the instant (almost) gratification when everything goes well; you see the patient the next day and they are so relieved and happy, they sometimes gush about how grateful they are, family members will thank you so much, it gives one a great feeling

What is it like being a surgeon?

My parents are surgeons. My mom is an OB-GYN and my father is an ORTHOPAEDIC surgeon.Writing prescriptions and consultancies during the OPD are some of the other things they are required to do apart from surgery. They live extremely busy lives. Which often means, going

What is the surgeon's personality like?

That is like asking what is the personality of everyone? Better question is what is the average personality of surgeon's you know. And I would answer the same way. I knew one surgeon who was so people shy that he'd look at his feet