Can a piles (hemorrhoid) surgery kill you?

You are more likely to be victim of a Commercial airline flight wreck, than to experience life ending hemorrhoid surgery.Spontaneous coincidence or random unrelated death is possible and more likely than bleeding to death during hemorrhoid surgery.An elderly patient, undergoing rectopexy

Can I do crunches, planks, squats and pushups 5 year after inguinal hernia surgery?

As long as you don't have inguinal pain anymore, you should be fine to do those things. Not every case is the same, but most surgeons only have you avoid strenuous activity for 4–6 weeks. My biggest piece of advice is to start slow! The first thing you want to do is strengthen

Do doctors ever do surgery on themselves?

Jerri FitzGerald, 57, Dies; Treated Own Cancer at South Pole (New York Times)By DENNIS HEVESIJUNE 24, 2009Jerri Nielsen FitzGerald, a doctor who treated herself for breast cancer for months while stationed at the South Pole in 1999 and then when

Has anyone had shoulder surgery to repair a SLAP tear within the last few years? The procedure I was supposed to get 10 years ago was reputed to be a painful one, and difficult to recover from. Any new procedures out there?

I haven't had the surgery, but have treated a hundred SLAP repairs in the last 10 years. I haved mixed news for you.If you needed a SLAP repair 10 years ago, and have not had any procedures, there is a good chance

Is surgery necessary in treating varicocele?

It's a really clever question to ask: Is surgery necessary in treating varicocele?I think it's even more clever to ask: which is better

Are there any surgeries available to widen shoulders?

Assuming you are the one on the left, you are to be commended for the work and attention to diet allowing you to achieve a torso far exceeding the norm. You are suffering from the male version of a neurosis that has led many a young female into life threatening loss of weight.

Are weight loss surgeries worth it?

Patients often want to know if the benefits make surgery worth it.Bariatric surgery is an operation that helps you lose weight by making changes to your digestive system. Some types of bariatric surgeries make your stomach smaller, allowing you to eat and drink less at one time and making you feel full sooner. Other bariatric surgeries also

As a doctor, did you ever have something go wrong during surgery? If so, how did you overcome it?

I will speak only in the most general terms about two of the problems that can occur in abdominal surgery. Dr. Corrent stated that he will not list his own complications; Dr. Corrent is very wise. I will merely be very vague, and let you know what might happen. To add further to

As a surgeon, when you operate a suspected appendicitis case and found that it wasn't, do you still remove the appendix?

Absolutely! 1) Appendicitis can be a very bad disease & the appendix serves no critical purpose (as far as we know), so removing a healthy one poses no risk other than extremely tiny risk of wound infection. 2) It would be irresponsible to send someone off with an appendectomy scar whose appendix was still

As doctors, do you ever find surgery to be disturbing?

As part of our training, starting with anatomy in medical school we learn to look at the human body.  We emotionally distance ourselves.  You quickly learn that the surgery is necessary.  The first time I saw an arterial line being put in I was in college.  I nearly

Can I do a workout after 6 months of gallbladder removal (laparoscopic surgery)?

General guidelines are that you can start to do heavy weights or core type workouts (that is - workouts where you will be maximally tensing your abdominal muscles) about two weeks after lapascopic surgery.You need to use common sense about this though. If there is any bulging

Can internal medicine doctors perform surgery?

The answer hinges on your definition of two words: "allowed" and "surgery".The concept of being "allowed" has 5 aspects: legal before, legal after (malpractice), institutional, ethical, and practical.Legal "before": Legally, in the US, a physician's license to practice is unrestricted, meaning that he or she can do

Can knocked knees be corrected without surgery?

Essentially no.Medicines are chemicals which alter or modify other chemical reactions. Therefore medicines are used for chemical diseases in which certain chemicals are deficient or in excess.Knock knees is a physical deformity in which both knees are angled inwards excessively(called as valgus deformity).Therefore medicines will not cure knock knee.

Do doctors ever do surgery on themselves?

Jerri FitzGerald, 57, Dies; Treated Own Cancer at South Pole (New York Times)By DENNIS HEVESIJUNE 24, 2009Jerri Nielsen FitzGerald, a doctor who treated herself for breast cancer for months while stationed at the South Pole in 1999 and then when the weather thawed a

Do surgeons ever accidentally cut themselves or another surgeon during surgery?

In my opinion , sharp safety hasn't gone far enough. Because sticks still happen.All knives with reusable handles but disposable blades should be eliminated immediately. I never use them. The scrubs can cut themselves every time they put a blade on. Instead, I only use fully disposable systems with the blade already on.The

Have you ever undergone surgery?

Yes. Six surgeries to be exact.I had my appendix removed in 2004. My left knee had torn cartilage removed in 2008. The other four were on my right arm with the most recent happening a little over a week ago.On December 6th, 2016 I was playing dodgeball in state

Have you experienced weight loss surgery?

No. Though my weight has gone up in the last few years, it has not become so much that I need such drastic steps....I prefer to go on drastic dieting to reduce my weight if needed....Any way, as of now, even though my BMI is almost 30, I am free from any major health issues, mainly because of

How to get rid of headache after surgery

Headaches after surgery are common and generally are Migraine attacks triggered by the stressors surrounding surgery (pain, disturbed sleep, anxiety, terror, etc.).In your situation, however, concern regarding a Post-dural-puncture headache is warranted. Epidural anesthesia procedures generally do not puncture the dura, but it happens frequently. If the dura is punctured, cerebrospinal fluid leaks out of

How to get rid of lower back pain after spinal fusion surgery

These days, almost everyone suffers from back pain. If you too have been facing frequent pain in the back, then don't worry. Back ache can be perfectly cured with regular practice of yoga.1. Pavanmuktasana:Lie down on the floor on your back.Keep both legs together on the groundKeep your hands on the floor and let them rest beside your body.Make

How to recover from this knee injury

3 Steps to Recovery After a Knee InjuryRead MoreAny time you injure your body you'll have to deal with some form of physical setback, which means more time spent sitting on the couch and less time on your feet, at the gym, or on your bike. A knee injury is no exception. Common

How effective is shoulder dislocation surgery?

It depends on your exact problem, the duration of the problem, your age, gender, your occupation, your lifestyle demands, etc.In general treatment techniques for @Shoulder Dislocation 1 have advanced a lot and provided the assessment and treatment method opted match, the results should be pretty good.Arthroscopy of the shoulder has developed very well

How long does it take to recover after a total knee replacement surgery?

The first thing that has to be thought about is how bad the pain in the knee has to be to get to the stage of considering a knee replacement. Not only is it very severe, you also have the knowledge that it

How long does it take to recover from a medial ligament injury?

An MCL injury is a sprain or tear to the medial collateral ligament, band of tissue on the inside of your knee. It connects your thighbone to the bone of your lower leg. The MCL keeps the knee from bending inward. May sustain MCL injury during activities that involve bending, twisting, or a quick change

I have snapped off my pinky toe right before the joint and have undergone a k-wire fixation surgery? How long will it take to start walking again considering I've haven't walked in 3 months and my calf muscle is smaller?

We never told the patient to not work instead we said patient to walk but they are different types of strategies to walk after effects in the lower leg fingers on the lower lege first month to walk with the Walker but

I just had the anterior cervical discectomy with fusion surgery three days ago. I went home 12 hours after the surgery. How long afterward should I have throat pain and difficulty swallowing?

If the surgeon has made contact with the vocal cords , you may also experience loss of speech. I witnessed this in a patient in 2003 , following them receiving C-5 disc surgery.Normally , post surgery side effects should clear up in a week, to 10 days.

Is bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery reversible?

Yes, technically most of these procedures except sleeve gastrectomy are reversible; however, it is not advisable to contemplate reversal as person can regain the lost weight, in addition, of morbidity of 2 surgeries.*Result may vary from person to personDr.Ramen GoelBariatric Surgeon , Mumbai

Is it bad to do an intense workout a few months after a hysterectomy?

Don't take these things in your own hands. Consult a doctor asap.Also, I think it depends from one individual to the other. When I had hysterectomy done in 2010, I returned to heavy strength training and powerlifting after 21 days. And I was bench pressing 105 kg!The afternoon when hysterectomy was carried out, that night I was in

Is it possible to make my butt bigger with certain foods or exercise?

Exercises is safe method to get bigger butt. For people who want to get bigger butt in short time, you can try Imodstyle Bigger Butt Fast (please search on google) . I have got great results with it. I've *gained an inch and half

Is the result of spinal surgery to the lumbar region (L4 and L5) generally negative or is that a myth?

1.most soine surgery for disc are done for severe pain disturbing activities of daily life.2. in past before our stichless surgery under local anesthesia .assessment of this was done on images alone like xrays and mri .3.we started doing pain assessment from lessons learnt

Is there any side effects of bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery?

Side effectsSome potential postoperative complications (common to all surgery) you will want to follow instructions given to you by your Dr about drinking water to avoid dehydration and healing to avoid infection.Some food intolerances, different for everyone and many are temporary. Just because a particular food is on a list to be reintroduced doesn't

Is there any way I can lengthen my legs without surgery?

HOW TO HAVE LONGER LEGS – EXERCISES TO MAKE LEGS LONGERWalking Jogging, and Running/ SprintingSprinting lengthens bones naturally in two ways first, it increases micro fractures in the legs which may lead to bone growth in the process of healing if stretching is done with ankle weights or cycling.Secondly, the entire body weight rests on

Is weight loss surgery safe?

All surgery comes with risk; this can vary anywhere from excessive bleeding or infection, adverse reactions to anesthesia, blood clots, breathing problems, even death. Weight loss surgery in particular carries additional risks and side effects: heart burn, dumping syndrome, perforations, ulcers, vomiting, hair loss and yes, even death. If you are considering surgery, these

Should I go for a limb lengthening operation to increase my height? How risky is it, and what are the chances that such a surgery would succeed/fail? What could the complications be?

Hell No!In medical school when I first learnt of Ilizarov's limb lengthening surgery, I was fascinated but was equally shocked by the apparatus - an external fixator - that was used for this procedure which looked something like this:

What are the essential requirements for weight loss surgery?

There are certain prerequisites that one has to follow in order to undergo weight reduction surgery.A higher than normal BMI is the first and foremost factor for considering a surgical remedy for obesity. For those who know very little of the same, Body Mass Index or more commonly known as BMI is the ratio of an individual's

What are ways to alleviate back pain if I have degenerative disc disease?

Unfortunately, degenerative disc disease is a progressive ailment and a person's chance of a full recovery is limited depending on the time of diagnosis.  While medicine has limited solutions beyond pain medications and surgical procedures, chiropractors have had a great deal of success helping people with DDD in a number of ways.

What foods should be eaten (or avoided) after gallbladder removal surgery?

I'm one year out from my gall bladder surgery & it's been a year of trial & error. I understand how you feel - it took me at least 6 months to figure out what I could eat & what I

What is an ACL injury and why is it so severe?

ACL is important ligament in knee joint. Whenever a person get sudden twisting force on the knee joint during playing or bike accident there is chances that ACL can be torn. ACL is one of the most common sports injury so it is very common. I have treated more than 4000

What is Dr. Nowzaradan's diet plan before he performs a surgery?

It is 1200 calories a day, low carb, low fat and high protein. No snacking, no soda, no fruit or sugar or bread or grains. Within those parameters you can eat what you like, it will be basically vegetables and salads with lean

What is side effect of knock knee surgery?

SurgeryIn rare cases, corrective surgery is used to treat severe cases of knock knee. It is usually only recommended when the gap between a child's ankles is greater than 10cm and their lower legs are severely curved, resulting in knee pain or difficulty walking.The surgical procedure used may

What is the best hip replacement procedure?

New Procedures for Hip SurgeryWhen an individual suffers from arthritis, broken hip or deteriorated hip joint, the orthopaedic surgeon generally suggests hip surgery. Hip replacement surgery is the most common way of treating the joint problems; however, new approaches are emerging where small incision, fast recovery and less pain are noticed.

What is the most popular form of weight loss surgery?

Weight Loss Surgery ProceduresGastric BypassGastric SleeveGastric BandingMini-Gastric BypassDuodenal SwitchRevision Bariatric SurgeryTo qualify for gastric bypass, you must:Be over age 18Patients with a BMI over 35 or a BMI over 30 with Metabolic Syndrome (Hypertension, diabetes, Dyslipidemia) are good candidates for Gastric Bypass.Have tried to lose

What is the pain level like for wrist surgery?

I had recently completely fractured my wrist. ( Radius & Ulna ) doing a 305 lb powerclean in school. My elbow hit my knee when i dropped which led the weight onto my one wrist a completely snapped it . This couldnt have happened at a worse time. I

What is your opinion of a second surgery on the L5-S1? It is a bulging disk that is effecting nerves. I had surgery in 2017 due to it being ruptured. I have tried everything else, but nothing helps the pain and discomfort.

Dear JohnI've got some more bad news for you.Your surgeon didn't realize the your herniated disc was the symptom of a pelvis and the bones above it being out of alignment.He cut off part of the disc but didn't give you the exercises

What was the longest surgery performed? What was its outcome?

I was a part of one a few years agoThe case was a glomus jugular tumor (the neurosurgeon nightmare) failed embolization and patient a 50 odd years lady starting to have symptomsThe procedure physically started by about 17:00 hours after securing a post-op bed in ICU

What would happen if a surgeon were to remove a person's pineal gland?

I had my pineal gland removed in July. I still have a conscience and I'm quite aware of the world around me. I am still recovering from brain surgery, so I'm a bit more dizzy and slightly more forgetful, however those are getting slightly better all the time.I no longer

When can I start exercising again after surgery?

The exercise after the surgery is very essential for quicker recovery. But the main thing is that the exercise should do with the precautions given by the Surgeon. By doing exercise, the recovery of the surgery becomes very fast. Exercise

When is it necessary to operate on a compressed/impinged S1 nerve root caused by a herniated/ruptured L5-S1?

More times than not, disc surgery is performed b/c of pain.  This, by definition, is elective.  The only time that disc surgery is "necessary" is in the presence of a neurologic deficit.  What this means is that we HIGHLY recommend surgery after an examination shows muscle weakness or bowel/bladder dysfunction.  Although numbness and tingelimg can be

Where can I get weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery is a noteworthy life change. What's more, it must be perpetual. You've depleted the majority of your different alternatives.Number of peoples look into weight loss surgery for quite a long time and never make a move. Why? All things considered, it's frightening. Yet, that is not

Which is the best country to work in as a doctor?

Very difficult to answer, since all those parameters vary quite a lot from country to country.These are just a few thought where people say it's difficult or good to work as a doc:The not so good stories are from:-eastern Europe: for most the pay is low, so

Which one is the most serious injury between partial ACL tear and partial MPFL tear? What are the treatment procedures for both of these without surgery?

Partial ACL tear: The anterior cruciate ligament (or ACL) is one of the primary ligaments in the knee joint. The ACL is important to allow for normal movement and mechanics of the knee joint. When the ACL is torn, people may notice problems in the way their knee functions. ACL injuries can either

Why can't I straighten up my elbow and rotate my wrist after surgery? My elbow shattered and got dislocated 15 years ago. I had a cast for a few months. I did all the exercises, but can it be corrected with surgery still?

The reasons can be many often there is more than one contributing factors as belowseverity of involvement of joint and malunion of fragmentsexcessive scar tissue formation and tightening of covering of joint- like ligaments, muscles which have healed in shortened positionOnset of arthritis of the jointprolonged

Why do knee muscles atrophy so quickly after knee surgery?

Don't forget that orthopedic surgery is essentially sophisticated carpentry. Surgeons are cutting, drilling, cauterizing, stitching, sometimes even hammering. Add that on top of the original injury that necessitated the surgery in the first place and you've got plenty of inflammation. The body's

Why do people think weight loss surgery is a quick fix when studies show only five percent of people are successful?

There are multiple weight loss surgeries. There is the gastric sleeve, the lap band, the roux en y, the duodenal switch. Each must be investigated in order to determine which surgery would be right for the individual. The effectiveness of the various surgeries also varies.I had the the Duodenal Switch surgery 12 years

Will having lumbar spinal fusion surgery prevent future problems in my upper spine?

With each disc that is fused, the stress point in your spine goes up to the next disc. This means the next disc may herniate and degenerate eventually. I only have one lumbar disc left because of this happening to me.

After having weight loss surgery what is the best way to get rid of extra skin hanging from the stomach?

Surgery is about your only option. If your skin was going to rebound, it would have happened as you were losing weight, not something that would occur when you're done.Insurance coverage for this is exceedingly rare, and usually requires open skin sores resistant to multiple forms of treatment, or even more rarely, that the

Are there any difference between hip replacement and total hip replacement?

Total hip replacement surgery is a type of hip replacement surgeryHip replacement has two types depending upon the components(ball and socket) of hip joint, that are being replaced .One of them is referred to as Total Hip Replacement Surgery.The other type is called Partial Hip Replacement Surgery or Hemiarthroplasty.Hip joint

Are there products that can fill up the hollows of a sunken eye without surgery?

Yes there are products which can act as fat substitutes in the face.They are called dermal fillers. This filler is made up of Hyaluronic acid which is a high molecular weight protein that is also naturally produced in the human body. They can be used to

Can external hemorrhoids go away without surgery?

I think so. Change your diet as per one of the other posts. Hemorrhoids are a synptom that your diet contains too much soft food - flour, sugar, cake, icecream etc and too little 'rough', unrefined cereals, fruit and vegetables.That is, the cause of the problem is at the opposite end of your alimentary

Do people generally do well after hip replacement surgery?

Many factors influence recovery from an operation; overall health, age, weight, preexisting health conditions and psychological variables such as having realistic expectations.Having said that, I LOVE my new body part!!!I had a right anterior hip replacement three years ago. I chose my doctor because he was the person in my area most

How painful is gender reassignment surgery?

Frankly, there's no way to provide you with a consistent answer. this is a subjective experience resulting from an unstandardized procedure. All I and anyone else can really share with you is our own experiences.Personally, I seem to have a very high pain tolerance compared to others. The nurses in the recovery center

Is there any way to make my face symmetrical without surgery?

Symmetry is desirable, but of course, impossible in nature unless you are a snowflake. Having said that, there are a number of safe and reliable temporary fillers that can be injected and adjusted if necessary to achieve your sense of balance between the sides of your face.

My boyfriend is having brain surgery to get glass out from scratching up his brain and his doctors are saying his chances of surviving are decreasing I'm so worried is there a chance his doctors could be wrong?

As with anything said by anyone EVER, there is a chance it could be wrong. While unlikely, it is possible, but the best way to help him is to work with the doctors and provide them with all the information they need without being in the way

What are the bad parts of being a surgeon?

User-13171149483059267751 already hit on most on them, but I'd also like to add that unlike most other specialties, there's a fairly high failure rate even once you've finished college, medical school, internship, and residency. That's right - it's still possible that you won't make

What is the average cost of nose surgery?

The shape of your nose plays a major role in the appearance of your face. A right shape nose can make your face look attractive. Rhinoplasty brings a satisfactory answer for those who are not satisfied with the shape or structure of their

What is the surgeon's personality like?

That is like asking what is the personality of everyone? Better question is what is the average personality of surgeon's you know. And I would answer the same way. I knew one surgeon who was so people shy that he'd look at his feet

Can I do pull-ups if I had shoulder surgery in the past?

Hey there!I will tell you my experience with shoulder injuries and training because a couple of years ago I had a complete shoulder dislocation and now I'm fully recovered experiencing no pain or discomfort at all.I had no surgery, yes, but recovery process isn't that different.First of all,

Can I undergo some kind of surgery to become a normal heterosexual man?

I am sorry you feel that being gay is perverted and stupid. I do not see it that way. I see it as a demographic, just as being Asian or middle aged is a demographic. There is nothing you can do to change your sexual orientation. You can change behavior and attitude, but that is it. I doubt

Can piles be treated without surgery?

Haemorrhoids (piles) often clear up by themselves after a few days. However, there are many treatments that can reduce itching and discomfort.Making simple dietary changes and not straining on the toilet are often recommended first.Creams, ointments and suppositories, which you insert into your bottom,

Does hemorrhoid have real cure?

Does haemorrhoid have real cure?Of course.Oh, look, there must be other answers to this question if you had bothered to look.Remember that the pharma business model depends upon ongoing and repeated treatment, since cure is unprofitable.Hemorrhoids result from high blood

How can a ligament tear heal without surgery?

It depends on a lot of parametersWhich joint is affected?Which ligament is affected?What is the location of the ligament (intra articular/ extra articular)?What is the grade of tear?What is the duration of the injury?Are there other ligaments that are also torn?What

How to cover up self-harm during surgery and after

During surgery, it may not be possible, depending upon how far the operative field will extend up.A surgeon will not really care of whether cuts are there or not. If they are fresher cuts and suspect of self-injurous origin, they may assess

How long does it take to recover from hemorrhoid surgery?

The two most common surgeries I perform for haemorrhoids are a conventional haemorrhoidectomy and a stapled haemorrhoidopexy. A conventional haemorrhoidectomy is almost always going to hurt more. I get asked this question a lot, and my answer is in partsYou shouldn't have much

How successful is piles surgery?

At Bengaluru Smiles - A Unit of SIICP, our success rate of piles surgery is almost 100%.Our team of highly qualified and experienced surgeons often perform the highest number of surgeries in a month in India in the field of colo-proctology. We

Is getting surgery to fix bowed legs worth it?

It's not worth it. The surgery is very expensive and it can further damage your legs. Instead, if you want to straighten your legs, you should try a safer approach.If you want to learn how to treat bow legs in a natural way, check here: Natural

What are some tips you can give me for shoulder surgery and my arm in a sling for 8 weeks?

What she said! My additional recommendations are to DO EXACTLY WHAT YOUR DOCTORS & PHYSICAL THERAPISTS TELL YOU! Don't take shortcuts or think you can get away with neglecting your exercises, because you may very well delay your healing process & full return of function. I know this from being a nurse who jumped the gun,

What is it like to undergo hemorrhoid surgery?

All the patients have to do is relax and let the medications put them to sleep. People can be sensitive when somebody is near their dairyare/butt so its best to just relax and lay down on the table laying on the back, once asleep the surgical team rotates the

Why can't I do sit ups after my several surgeries?

When was your last surgery done? What was that surgery? Was it an open surgery or a laproscopic one? Did any of the surgery involve your spine?When we say 'fully healed'.. The incision might be healed completely but your organs and internal staples (if any) might not be strong enough yet to take the pressure of