What is your action in the first day of classroom when you are appointed as a teacher?

What is your action in the first day of classroom when you are appointed as a teacher?Your first day in the classroom should be a week or two before the students arrive. You have to set up the classroom. Depending on the age range of the students you teach, this can

If I am being 'taken', what is the best way to survive?

Use every trick that nature has ever given any creature that has even lived. Bite, scratch, scream, claw, pee yourself, kick, crap yourself, spit, smear that crap on your assailant, jump up and down, attack them. If you think it is disgusting foul and dangerous or just bat-shit

Which company is defining the future of electric cars, Tesla or Faraday Future?

I feel Tesla is well ahead of Faraday future in terms of commercializing their products.Faraday future is keeping stuff in the beta prototype stage or not starting a full scale production like TeslaFor the public to accept the car for the price the company claims, the car should be reasonable

Do you feel the next 20-30 years will be amazing or terrible for the world?

It's too soon to tell, but it's going to be one hell of a ride. First the increase in robotics and tech will take a huge slice of jobs:

What are 10 life lessons that you have learned in your life?

I read this letter at three sites first on Facebook then buzzfeed and then on bustle and think everyone should read this so here is that letter.This is a note from a woman who dying of bone cancer at the age of 27 may make you totally reevaluate it. Holly Butcher, a woman

Do you put down the toilet seat?

Only when I need to sit on it... or when I'm in someone else's home and found it that way.At home, the bathroom door will not open fully unless the toilet seat is up. One of the modifications Grandma made to the house's standard plan was to make all doorways 36

Have you ever seen a teacher roasted by another teacher?

Various teachers at my school would roast me about my terrible dress sense. It is usually in good fun and I'm always in on the joke, except when the principal does it at staff meetings. She has a way of excluding me from the joke while everyone nervously laughs

Do you ever use cracked Microsoft Windows systems? If yes, do you fear that you will be sued some day in the future?

A few years ago, I bought, from Microsoft, a copy of Office 2010 (it was on special offer so I got it cheap). It was the download version, I stupidly didn't bother to pay the (small) extra for the discs. More stupidly , I lost the email with the licence key in.When I came to install it, I found

As a programmer, what tasks have you automated to make your everyday life easier? How can one expect to improve life through automated programming?

Text messages! I got tired of hearing "You never message me" from friends and family alike so I wrote a bash script which later on turned into an apple script that sends random messages to random group members at random times on random days. Its pretty random.The messages constructs themselves twice a

What was your biggest failure in the classroom?

I wish that I had taken high school a little more seriously academically. I got great grades in those subjects that interested me such as physics, music, English, and just barely passed History (funny, I now teach it but make sure

How to blow your mind

By gifting me a- Canon 5D mark IIICanon EF 50mm f/1.2L ll USMCanon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS ll USM

What do you think of the premise of changing school hours to match teenagers' sleep habits?

Part of the goal for teenagers is to teach them to adapt to the world, rather then for them to expect the world will adapt to them. However, there are people who seem genetically predisposed to be active at night

Do you think Waymo would be able to compete with Tesla?

Waymo is not a direct competitor with Tesla's main line of business, manufacturing electric vehicles. Waymo is rather a technology company for self-driving cars.Both Waymo and Tesla are developing self-driving technology. Waymo's technology is advanced and credible. So far as I am aware, Tesla has

Would you trust a self-driving car that drives like you?

Autonomous driving vehicles are able to drive way better and safer than the average driver.. These engineers benchmark is not to pass a drivers test, its to change the world. They paving the way for all cars to eventually be autonomous and be able

Do you think Amazon will catch Apple in total revenue to become the next trillion dollar company?

I think we can count on Amazon not only meeting the trillion dollar mark, but soon leaving Apple in their dust. Apple doesn't have a product pipeline. Nothing new at all. They're counting on revenues from their old products breaking to make their numbers. Does that sound sustainable to you?

Do you remember the name of your favorite teacher in middle school?

Do you remember the name of your favorite teacher in middle school?We didn't have middle schools back then. Kindergarten through sixth grades were

When will artificial intelligence replace lawyers?

There was a time when Conveyancing was only done by lawyers, but now it can be done by anyone using available search methodsThe same for Will making, where now you can purchase basic Will forms, and even record your wishes on cameraMany contracts come in a standard form such as those issued by Publishers to Authors. These

What are some of your best hacks at using Facebook?

How to have two profile pictures at same time Step 1: The first thing you need to know is that there will be two profile pics 1 on your timeline and the other for public posts and comments. So set a profile picture in a normal way which you want to

Which company do you think will catch up and be able to compete with Tesla?

Most major manufacturers, in Europe anyway, are committed to introducing electric models, and cars like the Jaguar e-Pace have arguably caught up with Tesla already.

What do you think is the future of internet ads with all those ad blockers?

I think the advertising industry is starting to shift towards paying influencers on social media and content marketing.Social media posts obviously can't be adblocked, so it avoids the problem of adblockers. Also, since the person posting it has gotten people to follow them and like their content, by posting your advertisement through them, you get a more responsive

What is happiness for you?

Kisi ki muskurahaton pe ho nisarKisi ka dard mil sake to le udhaar......Jeena isi ka naam hai !Interestingly this was the first question that I was asked in Civil Services Ethics Paper (CSE 2014) !Happiness for me is when due to my efforts

Do you think that SEO will be that important 5 years from now?

Traditional link building is sinking and will die after a year only. Change your field if you are unable to do content markting

Do you think a Tesla Model 3 or a Toyota Camry would go for more miles?

Most any car can go 1M miles if you keep repairing it. Whether to do so is a question of cost. Too many people give up on cars early because of false logic, figuring why spend $$ when the car is

What were you doing at age 15?

At 15, I was in my first year of high school, a Muslim in Catholic school. In a culture where everyone's grades were known and the best students were the most respected, I thrived.At 15, I fell in love for the first time with a work of literature: Le Cid by Pierre Corneille.

Will you buy a Tesla Model 3?

As I see it Tesla's priorities in approximate order are:-1) Survive Financially.2) Make products.3) Design new and improved products.4) Fund and deploy expansion.5) Keep customers happy....It is not that customer happiness isn't on the list, just that some things in particular 1)

Would you buy a 2-year-old used car or a brand new car that is 15% or more expensive?

Well, don't know if I'm rich, but I do almost always buy low mileage used cars. The only new cars we've bought over the years are maybe the family hauler, that were almost exclusively leases.15% more expensive is an arbitrary amount I understand. But late

Why did you stop being a classroom teacher?

A2AI will always be a teacher. It is part of my nature.I retired when they sent

What do you think is the worst thing(s) about the internet?

It's not necessarily the worst thing but it's bad. What I really don't like about the internet is that it keeps actual face to face interactions to the minimum.I love meeting and talking to people in person instead of over the internet(and I'm an introvert). One of the things that make me laugh really

Teachers: What is your favorite tech tool to use in the classroom?

One can never go wrong with an ipad. It has a screen recording tool, so tough topics like chemistry mechanism reaction could be posted pnline for easy access. Also, Prezi for presentations, because PowerPoint can be bland sometimes :)

Do you think that in 2027 technology will be jaw dropping?

Thanks for your request.I think technology will continue to astound us and it willcontinue to disrupt society. I think society will be completely different10 years from now. The cars will be driverless and we will have to beprotected from cyber criminals. Some people will probably

Do you think the Internet will still exist 100 years from now?

Do you think the Internet will still exist 100 years from now?No, it will go the way of telegraph wires. In 1916, with World War I raging in Europe, who could have imagined the Internet? Or computers? Or Tetris?But something will keep people connected to other people and to sources of information. What it

Do you enjoy living where you live?

Yes I do !!!I enjoy fresh breeze and sun rise in the morning from my balcony.I enjoy seeing old couple holding hands and going for morning walk.I enjoy the place where I live. Every shop is accessible, groceries, restaurants, bank, temple and most important, a juice shop.I enjoy my evening walk with my

Do you think Microsoft will be the next Apple (after almost killing it)?

I love Microsoft (as an ex-employee). But, I don't think Microsoft will ever come closer to what Steve Jobs achieved (2000-12). Steve Jobs is a phenomenon and Microsoft has no such leader. Ballmer is a good executive, but not a leader (leave alone a charismatic leader). Microsoft is also sometimes too democratic

What do you think the average size of a home TV will be in 20 years?

Modern homes will not have a separate TV....each wall will be smart and will show the picture as needed when you move and face that wall and say aloud or in your mind that you want to see such and such programme or channel....

Do you think learning is happy?

Not always.Learning is a beautiful process and you are all the more richer for it but it can be terribly traumatic if you cannot learn in the traditional ways or fit into that framework.For example, you could be a visual, tactile, kinaesthetic or auditory

What do you think will be the biggest inventions of the next 5-10 years?

While artificial intelligence is bandied about as a term all the time, it does not exist as of today. There is no computerized system that meets the Turing Test nor have consciousness , self awareness, or sentience.I predict real life AI will be invented in the lifetimes of many living, but probably not within a

What did you spend your allowance on when you were a kid?

I never expected a allowance cause I felt that one way I can show my appreciation, and love to my family was by pitching in and help maintain the house chores.The other reason was I was unable to leave my yard,

What is the biggest mind blow ever?

It's not always easy to love your body. In fact, sometimes it feels like a chore.Our bodies are these amazing entities. While it's easy to get caught up on our imperfections, there are so many processes going on inside our bodies

What do you believe will be the next big technological innovation in gaming?

Considering VR is picking up steam, we have eye and body tracking... I think the next major change will be with tactile input. Keyboards and controllers are not the most realistic thing to use for control.Ace that, and then tie it all together and things are going to get very immersive.

High school teachers: How much time per week do you spend outside the classroom making lesson plans and grading homework?

I have a low prep job, because I mostly deal with student's who have behavioral issues. But that prep time is replaced with other duties some of which I get paid for.Overall I would say I spend 10–15 hours per week outside