What makes you feel important?

You.Its youIts only youYou can make urself feel importantBy being positive all the tjmeBy making happy people around youBy supporting your lov onesBy enjoying moments with ur friendsBy having amazing time in aloneBy remembering GodBy keep thanking HIM for having such a wonderful lifeAnd last but not least...your parents. They make u not only happy

Would you prefer a Tesla Model 3 or a Toyota Mirai?

Neither one would be an option for me but I'll tell you what would work for me.I have a farm and I normally drive a 3/4 ton pickup specifically a 1998 Dodge 2500 4X4 with a Cummins Diesel. This truck get worked pulling heavily loaded trailers (17 5X6 round bales of hay, farm

Would you buy a driver-less car?

A number of studies have asked this question, and the percentage saying yes tends to run about 20% to 40%.However, the studies are flawed, in large part because the people don't really understand what it is they would be buying, as no product is yet on the roads, and many different forms of the vehicles

Which do you think has a better ecosystem Google or Apple?

There Are Both Pros And Cons On the Both EcosystemGoogle - IT gives You The Best Experience in terms of Features And Compatibility and It is for some HackerApple - IT give You The Safest And Smoothest experience which I think If Any Use To It It's maybe The impossible

Do you know any app or site that could track the location of a mobile number?

Yes, way2sms . com allows you to see the loaction of the number provided.or i have seen an app relating to the same, you can visit a linkedin group : iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet & Mobile Application Development

Do you enjoy being a school teacher?

Everyday (almost) when I pull into my parking space I have a great big grin on my face.The honor and privilege of getting to be an influence on so many young lives. So many people point back to a teacher for life decisions they made. WOW! I try

What do you think about Tesla Motors?

The vision, to make the best car in the world that happens to be electric.The conviction, to call on celebrities and the likes to the unveil event of the first car of a company and insist they bring their cheque books along. And, to take

Do you think the world will see a nuclear exchange somewhere within the next 5 years?

No, not even if North Korea successfully launches a nuke and attacks someplace we care about.The reason is that we have nothing to gain by

What are you happy for?

I am happy for myself as I have become more stronger to pass through any hardest situation by analysing myself being calm and patient through tackling the worse .To control ur mind when ur heart doesn't want to...Just believe god have faith and patience with him and move ahead .Be courageous..

What are some things most people don't know about you?

I know nothing.Tore pages of an encyclopedia in a library. Reason being I hated the librarian.I observe people when they don't notice.Most of my friends have no idea about Quora. Hence they don't know that i write.Coarse Slanger.I used to pee in my pants upto my 5th standard.I am a

If you could pick the happiest time of your life, what age would you pick?

I am 58. Truly, I would say the happiest time of my life is now.It seems strange to me to search the past to try and find a time where I have been happiest. A person can only be happy now.I think about what I refer to as

What are some underhanded business tactics do you employ everyday?

None!Why?There is a fine line between right and wrong, many people believe they have to do illegal things to succeed, what they don't realize, is that if they only used the same intelligence and effort to achieve good things, then they would succeed far beyond their

Do you think Microsoft Excel is worth purchasing?

I would not buy Excel as a stand-alone application. However, I would definitely encourage you to subscribe to Office 365 that includes Excel, Word, and PowerPoint among other applications. I have an Office Pro subscription that also includes Microsoft Access.You can

What do you predict for Comcast for the next 20 years?

Comcast's revenue has been moving towards being an ISP over the past 5+ years.5G networks will be available over the next 2–3 years.5G networks will be faster than most internet service currently delivered by cable.Elon Musk's StarLink will be competing with terrestrial ISP/Mobile

What makes you feel respected?

When someone listens to me and trusts me. When someone trusts my judgment (for example, asking me for advice) or shows that they value my thoughts and opinions, then I feel particularly respected.

What do you think the next technological age will be?

The Age of Abundance. All of the means necessary to create sustainable abundance on a planetary scale now exist. Unless we screw up horribly-which we certainly could-it's almost inevitable that we will move in that direction. The question then becomes: how smooth and how fast is the path?My proposal

What makes you feel content?

I would like to talk about myself.Because of my parents' work, when I was a child the most happy thing must be a rainning day. there is nothing special but can look forward to my parents came back home at the work time. In retrospect , it was

What is your opinion on a good age to get married?

There isn't one. In my opinion marriage as a legal institution serves one of two goals:To prove your love is valid. Which is a silly thing for a legal procedure to do.To allow your assets to easily pass to your spouse or children. Again there isn't a set age that is

Why would you go for a high school teacher/Why are you a high school teacher?

I am a teacher. Ah, well - instructor. Back in the AirForce I was teaching electronics, circuits, instruments etc.Nowadays I train 50 people in the use of iPad at our activity center.I enjoy reaching out to people and grow with them. It

What do you think technology will look like in ten years?

I tell my students that very shortly there will be:-much better batteries-lower powered devices-almost everything will br wireless-quantum computing will be a BIG thing-superconductors will be making impossible things possible-we will be making electricity with nuclear fussion machines-open source projects will be mainstream-poverty

What do you expect will be absolutely unchanged in 20 years?

There are manual tasks that relatively few people do that would require substantial automation. There are still of these jobs around barrel coopers, farriers, cake decorators etc.

Would you say that life is hard?

Yes. But for most people it's also balanced with good things too.But then there are those that are less fortunate...For people who had the misfortune to live during a war or live with the impact of genocide, or torture, yes life can be very hard.For people who are victims or are surviving members of individuals that have been impacted

What do you see changing in the movie industry in the next 50 years?

The film industry content produced in any given year has a lot to do with what technologies have been developed at the time. Sound wasn't a common thing in movies until the "Jazz Singer" film came along in 1927. Color was prevalent in the 30s on film, but

Does anyone regret buying a Tesla?

I do not own a Tesla, but I have once rented one for a week while owning another electric car. I have also borrowed one over a few weekends. The point was to see if I would fall for the Tesla.Although I'm convinced that renting/borrowing one is not at all the same as owning one, I do

Would you use a Surface Pro 2 to learn programming?

Nope.Then again, I prefer the use of a desktop computer with a powerful video card and a dual-monitor setup to study. No Wifi but internet over a cable. No wireless keyboard and mouse but wired through USB. And a huge hard disk. Preferably two.Now, if you need something portable then get a tablet. An iPod or Android

Do you have any experience with Babbel? Did you learn an entirely new language with it?

I don't have experience with Babbel, but I do have experience with Duolingo. With Duolingo I've begun the language learning process for quite a few languages such asGerman (third language)RussianVietnameseJapaneseNorwegian (my great-gradparents were from Norway, so I thought it was be a homage to them to try and pick up the language)Spanish*I don't

What are you cheapest and quickest tips and tricks for covering your acne?

Start with a freshly cleansed face. First, neutralize any redness. Try a

What is it like to regret having children?

Going anonymous on this one, for reasons that are, or should soon be, obvious.Although I've always loved being around kids (I was the guy playing with all the kids at any party) and they seemed to take to me, I knew I never wanted to have any of my own. Fortunately, my wife felt similarly... until she

Where do you see Outsourcing to India in next 10 years?

We enable outsourcing to India (and the Philippines) with http://Staff.com and are seeing some of these trends already. 1. Greater specializatino of outsourcing organizations2. Moving up the value chain. Performing tasks that were previously not outsourced3. Increased focus on quality and service

Will you ever buy a product like the Apple Watch?

I did, and I find its not as bad as people say it is.I'm a swimmer, and there truly aren't many great waterproof fitness trackers, and although there is a FitBit that can track swimming, the $100–200 difference in price didn't make it worth sacrificing all of the other functions of the Apple Watch.

How did you learn to cook?

I don't remember exactly from where..My mother was a teacher working and managing home and school..so I started off as a helping hand to her,..Somedays I wanted to eat different and she didn't make it..then started the inventions..I give the credit to my nessicities and

How did you get an internship at Tesla Motors?

Tesla looks for unique skill sets related to the field your applying.Your academic background is important but not as much as your technical skills. They need people who can think out of the box.How good are you at implementing your theoretical knowledge for a practical cause.Even if you have an excellent

What is the best life advice you would give?

Me: Mom can we talk for ten minutes?Mom: Is it important? Because I am in office right now.Me: If you have ten minutes to spare that would be enough.Mom: Ok, tell me.Me: Mom, tomorrow is my physics semester exam and I am not able to concentrate. I am not able to

Are you allowed to have a cell phone in a mental hospital?

It probably depends on the hospital and the type of ward you're on, but yes, cell phones are allowed in the psych hospital I know of. What isn't allowed is a charging cable. Patients must bring their phones to the

Have you ever hacked a Facebook account?

Let's plot this like a story. You're engaged in a titanic battle with your good friend and mortal enemy, over that girl you both met during your college techfest. Last week he went too far, and did something which literally gained some extra hand over her. And you don't wanna talk

Did you have to pass the IELTS exam?

You only need to pass this if you don't have English as your first language (or sometimes even if you do) and need to prove your ability to use it well enough to work or study in a foreign country where English is the language used, and IELTS is

As progressives/leftists, how will you survive for the next 4 - 6 years?

Organizing, getting out the vote, taking back elective offices.

Do you think middle/high school students should be able to have a cell phone at school?

I have taught middle & high school since 1993. No. Completely unnecessary, and only adds to the drama, anxiety, and social issues already in play in middle/high schools in the U.S.

Do you like cooking? Have you ever learned how to cook? Who does most of the cooking in your family? What kind of dishes can you cook?

As with most who will answer this I too love to cookMy first dish was scrambled eggs under the watchful eye of my Mom at the age of 8. I was on a step stool, terrified.I can honestly say that this experience led me to culinary school. Seeing the

What are some useful Indian cooking tips?

Basic cooking tips and tricks for Indian recipes, helpful in daily cooking. why should be Complementary food rich in nutrients? I will provide you with a list of tips and tricks in Indian style.To make softer chapattis, take the flour, add warm water and

What is it like to have your bank account hacked?

I'm in the Philippines. My ATM card was probably skimmed. I got a withdrawal that matched a round figure in euros. My bank restored the funds within a few hours, probably because this is a common problem. Later on they disabled international ATM access unless requested.

What's the compass you used?

I've used simple plastic compasses at camp as a kid and I keep a military lensatic compass for land navigation.

Would you buy a Tesla Model 3 after seeing the launch?

Yes. I wanted to see the car at least before I put the money do. I think the car looks beautiful. A great combination of all the 3 cars before it. The price is attractive, the base package attractive and