Do you think anything will replace computers in the near future?

It's safe to say that the gap between smartphones and low-end PCs has now closed. I personally think that the future will be a place where all devices are connected in some way and if something has a display, it'll

Are you afraid to put your child in public school?

Yes I believe I'm afraid to put my daughter in public school, there is so many different things I don't want her to get involve in. My daughter is only 2 years old, but this question comes to my mind quite often because the dangers in public schools has become a big issue. Public schools have changed so much

If you could tell me 10 tips going forward in life, what would they be?

Not to care what people think about you and your actionsKnowing yourself...(your nature and characteristics etc.)Knowing your interestsFolowwing your interestsFind out your meaning of ‘success'Trust no one but yourselfProblems which you face are just in your mind...changing the way you think will get you the solutionLearn to live and be aloneEnjoy've got only oneAnd lastly...True love is an

Did you ever make money from a smartphone? If yes, then how?

Yes, you can make money from your cellphone there are alot of options available. Like if you're a photographer then you can sell your pics online and earn money in dollars.If you are a good editor then you can edit pics for people and can also earn from it simultaneously you can participate in competitions which helds on

Who see's the written review you leave about an Uber driver?

It is so simple. Open the driver app. Click on Feedback. Click on comments. Obviously I cannot see who inputs the messages but it does give me an idea how I am travelling in the ratings. 

What is your best college life-hack?

When selecting classes, look at the campus map while you narrow down the times you want to go to class. If you are lucky enough (and early enough) to get the classes and schedule of your choosing, you can create a schedule where you literally run

Would you increase teachers pay when you know they use their own money to buy supplies for their classroom?

In a normal world.. of course, yes! I would be embarrassed that my employee has to use her/his money to bridge the budget gap for the schools when she herself is not paid enough. My priority would be to first keep them happy, so I don't loose such marvelous human beings

What do you think the world will look like in 1000 years?

In 1 millennium?In 10 centuries?In 100 decades?In 1000 years?In 365000 days?In 8760000 hours?In 3............. ok sorry got off track there. But my point is, that's a long time.Light would travel 16 lightyears(and a lightyear is a unit of distance=distance light would travel in a year)In 1000 years, it would be 3018. By then I believe

What are your tips and hacks for a person who wants to learn to cook?

well, TBH this is a mystery for me too because I'm also obsessed with wanting to be a good cook but I definitely suck at it. So ditto, we're on the same page buddy and as far as I know I really don't know

What do you predict for Comcast for the next 20 years?

Comcast's revenue has been moving towards being an ISP over the past 5+ years.5G networks will be available over the next 2–3 years.5G networks will be faster than most internet service currently delivered by cable.Elon Musk's StarLink will be competing with terrestrial ISP/Mobile

Are you currently dating your former high school teacher?

A2ANo, I have never dated a former teacher of mine. However, I did at one time date a guy who had married his high school band teacher when he was about 20 and she was around 30. They had gotten involved when he was still in high school.

What is your vision for the next 20 years?

Greetings. I am in Class XII.And I do not have a plan for the next 20 years, but for the whole life.Listen. Ohh !! Scroll :)2018Getting good grades in Class XII (I don't know if I ever need them later.)Prepare hard for IIT-JEE (Whether this would help)2019Get an awesome rank in IIT-JEE and enroll in IIT-B

What is your best fishing tip or tips?

This first tip applies MORE to freshwater fishing from a boat but the essential principals apply equally.When you climb into your boat at the beginning of the day, do NOT, by default, motor off to the opposite end of the lake. If you do, you will probably

What are some things most people don't know about you?

I know nothing.Tore pages of an encyclopedia in a library. Reason being I hated the librarian.I observe people when they don't notice.Most of my friends have no idea about Quora. Hence they don't know that i write.Coarse Slanger.I used to pee in my pants upto my 5th standard.I am a

What dish are you best at cooking/baking?

In the past few years, with the help of my mother, I have realized that I have a gift for cooking!There was a time in my life where I didn't even know how to cook a grilled cheese sandwich. My ex-husband had to show me how to make one.

What is the best thing to do with your life?

Abhimanyu's teacher gave him and his fellow classmates a kit of clay to create something with.Everyone was very excited to make beautiful things through their imagination and art. They were given two hours.

Do you still want to buy a Tesla if Elon Musk is no longer running Tesla?

He will remain as CEO and nothing will change. Major changes can not occur without 2/3 majority and a vote of 2/3 has never even come up.Business as usual, building great cars and pushing us into the future while the unwilling are kicking and

Is your life basically over once you go to prison?

This is rather generalized. In some ways though, it is correct. Regardless of lifestyle beforehand, it is over. Aside from the additional restrictions (which you may choose to obey, or violate) that probation/supervised release entail (for the duration of such), you are a felon for life. That felony prohibits you from many activities that are perfectly allowable for

What's it like to have your car stolen?

It becomes an horrible assault on the psyche, particularly when one's own so-called well-respected American insurance company did it.I still have the pink slip, yet they spirited the car away from a collision center, their intentions were to sell the car at auction

What do you think will be the biggest changes to SEO in the next 5 years?

absolutely yes, Google continue changes their search algorithm as well as their Seo strategy. Everyday we hear New, so need to updates and need to aware about seo changes.Google has made some big changes and they are all part of a longer term strategy that has many components. In

Do you have any code used to check if your phone is tapped?

If your phone is being tapped by law enforcement agencies, they typically have the telco make a digital copy in their own system of all traffic going to and from your phone. Thus there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary going on in your phone, and nothing you can do on your phone will reveal this copying.

What are your relevant predictions for artificial intelligence in the next 50 years?

The world is changing at a rapid pace and it is difficult to forecast or predict the future of Artificial Intelligence in the next 50 years.However, here's an interesting Blog that takes a tour across the three top accelerators that are fuelling the

If you could force everyone to learn how to cook one dish, what would that dish be?

Mejadra, a mid-east lentils and rice dish. Easy to make, inexpensive- delicious and highly nutritious. Rice (white or brown), lentils, onion, garlic and a few spices...But who could choose just ONE?! I really like my macaroni (egg pastas please) with one of a multitude

Are you afraid to own a Tesla?

Not at all. They are amazing and extremely safe cars. Every crash they have ever been in the people have walked away with just minor injuries. Even the one that flipped several times while going 70 mph.First Tesla Model 3 rollover crash: ‘only minor injuries, car performed exceptionally well', says ownerI'm

Do you have anything to hide on your phone?

The answer to this question is concise and boring - no. However, I don't mind sharing a story which explains why I always keep my phone locked, outside of my IT background and slightly paranoid tendencies.My husband and I don't have anything to hide from one another. We have always shared security codes and passwords for simplicity's

Are you happy with your life?

Am I happy? No I'm not. I want to become the centre of attention when I'm standing in a crowd but I can't.I want to score better than anyone in the examinations but I can't.I want to have a girlfriend who loves me

What makes your heart happiest?

I feel happiness every time I win over myself.. When I am able to discipline myself well. Because I fully understand that the biggest hindrance in my full growth is my own indiscipline, my own lack of will power . So when ever I accomplish everything I wanted in my day, that becomes my happy day.

If you were to shoot someone to stop them from killing you, where would be the most merciful place to shoot?

This is a nonsensical question.You must fear death or grave bodily harm to be justified in shooting an attacker. In that case, you are not shooting to be merciful, you are shooting to STOP THE THREAT. Mercy is a luxury enjoyed by those in a superior tactical position, not those who are fighting

Do you know how to cook?

I always cook by just using my intuition xDYou only need a good tastebuds to taste your cooking, a good eyes to observe whether your food is overcook or not, and a good nose to sniff the food haha :pand don't forget to bring

How did your high school crush end up in life?

Around 10th or 11th grade, I was struggling to come to terms with my sexuality (or lack thereof). One day after lunch, I was crossing the halls to my next class when T and his friend suddenly called my name. T then shouted, in the middle of the crowded hallway, if I'd go to homecoming with

What do you think about teachers? What is a teacher?

Teachers are one of the best creations of this world.Once I said to my mother ,

Why are you living your life?

If you understand this poem you will understand lifeA Psalm of LifeBY HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOWWhat The Heart Of The Young Man Said To The Psalmist.Tell me not, in mournful numbers,Life is but an empty dream!For the soul is dead that slumbers,And things are not what they seem.Life is real! Life is earnest!And

What has been your best learning experience in a school classroom?

However well a text book has been researched,written and exercises planned,it cannot prepare you for certain situations that may arise.There was this exercise in an envt science text for class five,where a certain question is to collect a certain information from the father.Such questions are found in many places.When a

What do you feel about weekends?

Being in retail, I have worked weekends all my working life. So to me it's just another 2 days of the week, no different from the other 5. If I ever did have a weekend off, it was happy Friday night, joyous Saturday and dreadful Sunday, knowing Monday meant back to work, ugh!!

What are some underhanded business tactics do you employ everyday?

None!Why?There is a fine line between right and wrong, many people believe they have to do illegal things to succeed, what they don't realize, is that if they only used the same intelligence and effort to achieve good things, then they would succeed far beyond their

Why did you quit working at Starbucks?

When I was hired at Starbucks, I worked under an excellent store manager. He was compassionate, friendly, and always kept the baristas engaged and upbeat. Customers loved him, his baristas loved him, and our store performed well. He likened hiring baristas to casting a play,

Have you seen teachers punish their own children in school?

It was my turn to be the playground monitor during lunch recess.As luck would have it, it was the day that my son and his friend got in a fight over who owned a basketball.Per protocol for a fight, I took them both to the principal and reported objectively what happened.Both boys ended up losing a lunch

Would you date anyone who does not know how to cook?

No. Any self-respecting adult should be self sufficient and should know how to cook a meal, even if it's something very simple like grilling chicken or making some ravioli. No, you certainly don't need to be a master chef, but, you shouldn't be that lazy person who either relies on someone else to cook, or

Do you think Microsoft Excel is worth purchasing?

I would not buy Excel as a stand-alone application. However, I would definitely encourage you to subscribe to Office 365 that includes Excel, Word, and PowerPoint among other applications. I have an Office Pro subscription that also includes Microsoft Access.You can

Do you think Tesla should partner up with another automobile company why or why not?

I don't think Tesla should partner with a traditional auto company.Main reason is traditional auto companies just don't get it yet. It's not who they are.For example, traditional auto companies will never think to create a tent city to increase

What is your prediction about the Indian economy for the next ten years?

India may grow with average rate of 7% without any disruption. The GDP (nominal) of India may cross 4 trillion US Dollar by 2030. India may be the fourth largest economy of the world. There will be growth and development in all parts of

What are your first impressions of the Tesla Model 3?

I count among those who are disappointed.I could see myself buying the car, ticked the right boxes.Then they shown the exterior, which was fine. Not a fan of the nose design, the snout there, it just looks extraneous. If there was a grilll under it, kinda like on Mitshubishis, it would be OK,

Do you need a cell phone in the business world?

Definitely. A cell phone can help you stay connected with your work even when you are not physically there. You can help sort out issues that otherwise might have not been done unless you came about to it the next time you were in office.Helps you complete your work on your

Is it just me or Microsoft is becoming cooler?

A2A and IMHO!!!  Watch out, you may be hit with a lot of Apples!  I'm a Microsofty from way back (how far? I beta tested Visual Basic 1.0!), and there was such a time when they were absolutely arrogant and