Along with 45 minutes of swimming for 3 days a week, what other exercises should one do to get rid of belly fat and be in good shape?

Don't get fixated on 'one-activity.' It's great that you're swimming 3 times a week, but if you're going to the pool and doing the same thing 3x a week and your objective is to lose belly fat you might be

Can guinea pigs swim?

They can but that does not mean you should force one to do so. If you put a guinea pig in deep enough water it will swim simply to avoid drowning. It does it out of the instinct to survive, not because it finds it enjoyable. Human infants hold their breath when

Can horses swim?

Hi Natasha, thanks for asking! Yes, horses can swim, and they already know how to do it without being taught!   When a horse enters deep water its body is so large (with most of its barrel filled with lungs and loops of intestine

Can I get fit just by swimming?

Yes, swimming is actually amazing for you. Since it's a blend of resistance and cardiovascular training, it's actually a calorie torcher. Not knowing where your body is currently, you could probably add a full day or two of swimming a week. You could even end your workout session with 20–30 min worth of laps in the pool.Now,

Can swimmers eat whatever they want without getting fat?

In my experience, competitive swimmers, who are in hard training, can eat whatever they want and are the terror of the buffets!  The people who ran the all-you-can eat pizza night at the local bar hated us!Also in my experience, competitive swimmers

Can swimming make you taller?

Your height is determined by your genetics. But you can provide good environment for the genes to express. Assuming that you do not have any medical conditions that would prevent you from growing, exercises along with good nutrition helps you grow provided that you are at an age where you

Can swimming make your body perfect?

I will answer this question by quoting some events which occured in reality to convince those who think everyone on Quora is preaching using facts from Wiki or google..!!When I started swimming, at the age of 6, I was a fat kid who had troubles in finding right pair of pants because his

Can tortoises swim?

Most tortoise species are capable of floating, though it varies by species (actually, I don't know of a specific species that can't float, but I'm hedging.) To my knowledge, none are good at swimming, they just sort of avoid sinking. It's a tenuous affair for most. The ability

Can you get abs by just swimming?

I used to swim one hour 6 times a week and I actually believe swimming caused me a lot of cortisol elevation and I was lean everywhere else but I got a bit of lower belly pooch after I started going from lifting to swimming. I would say no not at all if you are only using swimming

Do all fish know how to swim?

The male angler fish swims when young. It then finds a female to latch onto and she does all the swimming then. He can just forget about it.This is an exception, though. In the main even hitch-hikers like remora can swim very well on their own, they just get their kicks and food by riding sharks and turtles.Then you

Do competitive swimmers get injured?

Off the top of my head:Shoulders- happens from

Do you have any special experiences while swimming?

I was newly single and on vacation at Club Med in Cancun. I thought it would be an opportunity to get away for awhile and perhaps meet some eligible single women. (I realize that eligible and single are redundant but I think appropriate here.)It was working out pretty well. I struck up a

Do you know how to swim? Why, and why not?

Yes. My mother swam her whole life and was, and is, a swim coach, so she started me at

Do you need to know how to swim for snorkeling?

Not really, though it would help. While snorkeling, you are swimming with fins with your head in the water, wearing a mask and breathing through the snorkel. So you don't need to know the crawl arm strokes, or how to

Do you need to know how to swim in order to participate in water aerobics?

Aquatic Therapy is used as a water based therapeutic tool for many conditions. Occupational Therapists are increasingly tuning into the benefits of treatment within the water. It is different to Hydrotherapy as Hydrotherapy uses water to maintain and restore health. Hydrotherapy is more physically based and iswidely used by childrens Therapy practitioners all over the world.

Do you sweat when you swim?

Sweating during swimming is very dependant on the environment that one is in. So keeping that in mind we should first find out just what sweating is and the role the environment takes.Sweating is the primary means for the body to cool during exercise. Skin blood flow increases significantly during exercise. Blood flowing near the surface results

Do you swim everyday?

I used to. I had three months vacation.I used to swim either from 8 till 11 am, and/or from 3 till 5 pm.There were a lot of physical changes that happened.My shoulders broadened (and became bigger). My posture improved. I

Does everyone need to know how to swim?

Two incidents I can tell:I was about to die because one of my friends didn't know how to swim.I was about to die because I didn't know how to swim.7 years ago, I with bunch of my friends went to the river to have fun. It was close to our hall

Does swimming gain muscle and lose weight?

Competitive swimmers do tend to be quite lean and muscular.....however...that's probably a function of the time spent training. They swim A LOT.Muscle growth occurs as a result of high mechanical load which recruits the majority of muscle units within a muscle - and metabolic stress. Continued growth requires continued, progressive overload

Does swimming help in curing diabetes? Does it help in insulin formation?

Like any physical exercise, using your muscles lowers blood sugar by consuming it, and in type 2 diabetics lowers insulin resistance which will also lower your blood sugar, so is good, but won't cure your diabetes, and nothing will make you produce more insulin if you're a

Does swimming help men get taller after the age of 21?

There has been a long standing myth that you cant grow taller after 21. Dont believe them. You can absolutely add inches to your height after the age of 21. the following tips will help you grow taller and maximize your stature:Video guide: How to

Does swimming in a chlorinated pool count as showering/bathing?

I think pools do better than showers, and sometimes baths too. Immersion cleans a lot more thoroughly, and then you have the disinfectant of chlorine. You should not use a swimming pool as your sole source of hygiene if you have

Does swimming pool water cause white hair?

Yes, I experienced the same. This is because chlorine and bromine, react with the sebum and oils that protect your hair, leaving the hair's cuticle exposed. This allows other chemicals to react with your hair, such as copper compounds, which turn your hair light or faded. Your hair also becomes more susceptible to damage

Does swimming reduce fat?

It will reduce fat only as part of a diet. You don't burn any significant fat until you have emptied your glycogen stores. And swimming can help with that.The glycogen store is refilled by you eating more carbohydrates than you burn at a given time.The advantage

Gyms and Workout Facilities: Is swimming a good way to lose weight?

There are several good activities and sports available for losing your excess weight. Swimming is one of them. It has been proven that an hour of swimming burns 500 calories. What are the benefits of swimming to aid weight loss?Swimming burns calories, so helps you lose weight and swimming for weight loss

How can adults learn to swim?

There are as many ways for an adult to learn to swim as there are adults who have learned.  Any adult will have to find a way that works for them.  In general, there are three approaches: self-teaching, group lessons and private instruction. 

How to learn swimming in shortest time

The best that I could tell you is that get a good and best swimming teacher for you and do all the other physical exercises that are required to learning swimming.You chose from these 7 best swimming training centers to learn swimming the fast and better as possible.Perfect sports academy

How to make my swimming pool

A swimming pool can be a great addition to your back yard but before installing one here are a few things you need to think upon:Which type of pool do you want- There are three types of pool - traditional swimming pool, readymade swimming pool and fountain swimming

How to stop feeling cold during swimming

First off, 70F is pretty cold for swimming. The pool I trained in was 86F and although it felt warm enough when you entered, small people -uh, I mean kids or not heavy - and inactive people would soon feel cold in it.The toughest thing about cold

How to swim better

Swimming is not about strength, it is all about technique. Strength will come with increased practice, but good swimming can only be achieved by applied perfect practice. Seek a coach to start but first study and understand the theory.Swim Theory – B S R Q  Balance - make your body level with the surface of the water.

How to choose swimming pool builders

I've been fortunate or perhaps stupid enough to have put in five pools of my own and a few more for homes I renovated. At first like most others I did my homework, met with a bunch of pool builders,

How to swim

If you cannot swim, do not go on your own to the water. Only go to water with people who can swim - ask them if they can be in deep water ? do they know how to rescue someone? are they fit for swimming? Do you trust them to keep you safe ? If

How to train for swimming when I have Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Two part answer:DOMS comes from working hard. Recovery will relieve DOMS (so sleep proper, eat proper, hydrate proper).(tough love part) DOMS is most common for out of shape people. A very easy way to eliminate DOMS from your life is to improve your conditioning, especially in swimming. If you want more DOMS

How do swimmers get such ripped bodies?

I swam competitively for six years. I've definitely seen what you're talking about in other swimmers and in myself as well. A lot of devoted swimmers (you can usually tell they are intense swimmers by the end of high school/ college swim)

How do swimmers get their abs to show?

Agree with the answers on here its not just unique to swimmers and is not isolated to any one type of physical activity. Abs are more about the right combination of training and effective nutrition. Having a calorie deficit to the required calories is a good place to

How to breathe while swimming in streamline position (on the surface of the water and with a flutter kick)

Suppose you breathe on your left side. The timing of the stroke should be that you can see your right arm enter the water and extend before you roll to the left to breathe.The common mistake is trying to breathe before the right arm enters the water. If you do that, you have to pick your head up.The

How to know if a lake/pond/reservoir/channel/some shore is safe for swimming

There are two types of danger that we are talking about here. One is the water being too deep. This can be quite easily avoided by tying something to the back of your body. If you tie a tire to your body with a

How to swim for kilometers from knowing nothing about swimming in the shortest possible time

Jack pretty much nailed it. I'm just going to tack on answers to a couple of your other concerns.Simply swimming will burn fat and train the muscles that need to be trained. It will also build your endurance very quickly.Swimming will also

How fast can I lose 50 pounds if I swim an hour every day?

Well first of all, hopefully you really really love swimming! Because 5 months from now you need to know that you'll still be hitting that swimming pool. In my humble opinion, it's always best mix up your routine a little so you don't find yourself getting fed up halfway through.As for swimming

How hygienic are public swimming pools?

Well, most are regulated and monitored closely both in house and by governing authorities to maintain healthy levels of sanitizer (chlorine) as well as making sure the pH is correct, and the water has little or no turbidity. For the most part, this means that

How is a swimming pool kept clean?

Pool maintenance doesn't have to be a chore - but it DOES have to be done. Regular care keeps the water clean and balanced, and your equipment functioning properly. With today's technology, pool maintenance is easier than ever, and should take about 10 minutes a week.The first and most basic

How is swimming fun?

Here are ten reasons why swimming is fun. Enjoy!Swimming is fun because the people on the team are hilarious and super supportiveSwimming is fun because swimmers can play exciting games such as Marco PoloSwimming is fun because you can relax and float on the surface of the waterSwimming is fun

How much do swimmers swim a day?

That really depends. Who are you talking about? Distance swimmers and college swimmers tend to swim way more yards than sprinters or club swimmers. Right now, I'm a mid distance swimmer about to go swim D1 my freshman year. This past year I swam 8 practices a week, so I doubled (morning and afternoon

How much should I swim each day to get fit?

Depends on your definition of fit. What swimming will do is help you become better at swimming. Have a swimmer and a long distance runner switch and complete the other's training session and they'd likely be too tired. This type of conditioning is very specific to the

I am a man who eats healthy and just wants to have a little fat and average muscles. How much should I work out on the gym and swim per week for a minimum ideal amount of time to stay fit and lean?

It depends on your body and what you expect.Exercise is not going to keep you lean; you will have to remain on a diet that keeps calories low. I recommend no sugar and little starch in your diet and eating mostly seafood and poultry and salad. Read about the MIND

I do not know how to swim. Can I still attempt scuba diving?

You can dive without swimming.Diving is the kind of traveling diving equipped with oxygen bottle. It is ok to go to sea as long as you have simple training. The premise is that there are some diseases without restrictions, such as heart disease and hypertension.Before diving, there will be a coach to teach you,

I need to know how to swim? But I hate swimsuits?

So you plan on swimming *somewhere* (where?) naked, so you want someone that will give you lessons, also while naked?If you really *need* to learn to swim (and everyone should learn), just put on a suit. There are plenty of styles, certainly one will

If you have an external hemorrhoid, is it safe to swim in a lake?

Yes. A hemorrhoid is a collection of veins, arteries and nerves, which are located beneath the lining of the anus. Other than placing soap on a hemorrhoid, there is nothing external to the hemorrhoid that will hurt the hemorrhoid. But be aware, salt water

Is a swimming pool worth the money?

Yes and no! I live in the Chicago area where summers are a bit of a crapshoot. Five years ago I inherited an above ground pool with the house we bought.Of those five years I'd say two were worth the money, two were probably not, and one was a draw.2014: I had to replace the pump but I

Is doing 1 hour of swimming every day and an hour and half soccer practice twice a week good exercise to get fit?

That all depends on your definition of fit and what the quality of activity is! If you're performing 25M laps in the pool for a full hour and playing soccer at a club level- hell yeah you'll get fit! You can eat complete garbage all day just as long as you meat

Is it better to swim 15 min daily or 30 minutes every two days and why?

The exercise of swimming has two components; skills and fitness. We'll leave out ‘skills' in this answer, but if an exercise period includes a warm up and warm down, 15 minutes wouldn't give you much time to work on differing skills.Fitness also has two (maybe three) components; aerobic

Is it better to swim after or before going to the gym?

First things first, it is very important to 'aptly' warm your body up before hitting one of the two! It is as important as washing your hands before a meal. Free hand exercises, a good jog or stretching out your

Is it better to take a hot shower or a cold shower after swimming (training)?

Your question taps into a long history of discussion of hot or cold water. There used to be a movement called ‘the water cure' in the 19 and 20th C. Some countries used cold water, some warm to hot water. Scandinavians have a culture of ice swimming and cold water bathing with sauna afterwards. The turkish bath was

Is it better when swimming underwater to breathe as long as you can or holding it from the start?

We usually go to Egypt once a year, to enjoy the weather, and the coral - and we do a lot of snorkelling. In order to stay under for as long as possible you need a lot of breath - especially deeper reefs.

Is it important to swim?

The benefits of swimming are endless, and your child should learn to swim as early as possible. Here's why:1. It's essential to their safety.According to the National Safe Kids Campaign, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death to

Is it necessary to know how to swim in a swimming pool?

The best answer is: It depends. This is all up to you. If you're content with not swimming {not ever} then no. Swimming is a vital life skill. When around any body of water, you may end up in over your head (falling in, car accident, a boat sinking, getting thrown out of a boat

Is it safe to swim every day (laps), or will it cause muscle fatigue?

A qualified yes.First of all, yes, swimming hard will make you tired.  That's kind of the point.  You stress the muscles so that they get can stronger and gain more endurance. Fatigue isn't really what you should be worried about if you're ordinarily healthy

Is it true that it's dangerous to swim right after eating?

I wouldn't go as far as to call it dangerous. But, like with other forms of exercises postprandium, one must practice caution.By and large, swimming is dangerous right after eating, is a myth.The myth has its base in the contorted understanding of basics of science.It is common knowledge that the blood flow

Is it worth getting a swimming pool in the UK?

This depends on the house. Swimming pools have very high running costs for maintinance and heating*. If your house is in the category where running costs will be of any concern at all to potential owners then a swimming pool typically reduces the values

Is running better for my heart and body's healthy as opposed to if I go swimming a few times a week?

I'd say they're about the same. In terms of exercising your heart and also for your overall health. Ive done both for a while now, and I can tell you that choosing what you enjoy more will make you stick to it. The only difference I can think

Is swimming a good way to build up muscles?

Speaking from experience, I found swimming DID slightly increase my muscle mass when I started using it as my main source of exercise, however it DIDN'T help me build my muscle mass to the same degree as weight training. 

Is swimming a good way to tone up?

Swimming is fun, relaxing and exercises the full body. What more could you ask for! Swimming can tone up every major muscle group in the body, helping you develop muscle strength, stamina and endurance. There are many strokes, each of which focuses on different muscles:Breaststroke emphasizes the legs and coreButterfly

Is swimming a sport?

Yes. The definition of

Is swimming inefficiently a better workout than swimming efficiently?

Is Swimming Inefficiently A Better Workout Than Swimming EfficientlyIf you have a poor technique or a poor condition, swimming will become quite heavy to sustain at a decent speed very quickly. The poor technique causes you to swim inefficient, because having a wrong posture creates a lot of unnecessary drag and inefficient breathing. The poor condition means fatigue

Is swimming laps (front crawl) a good way to gain muscle?

Yes and it'll give you a certain body type that ladies (or gentleman, whatever you're into) really like. I still have big muscles from being a strong swimmer and I haven't worked out in a pool except for fun in years. Master butterfly and you'll get some rest

Is swimming or gym better For gaining fitness and weight for skinny people like me?

For gaining muscle (weight) then the gym would obviously be the better option. However there is no harm in a little swimming too, as this will help to increase your fitness and endurance levels.Swimming is also a low-impact exercise so there is

Is swimming the best exercise?

Hi, well I wouldn't say, one of the best, there is others or different exercises out there that work also great. But swimming, is def a great work out. Swimming strengthens your muscles from top to bottom quiet quickly. You work your core, legs as well as

Is swimming the best sport for our health?

'Best' is very subjective. Different people have different definitions of 'best'.Anyway, swimming is beneficial to your health. Swimming regularly may help reduce the risk of chronic illnesses in some people. [1] Swimming is also a relatively safe exercise. Swimming can support up to 90% of

Motion (physics): How does a person move forward during swimming?

According to Newton's third law, forces always come in equal and opposite pairs. For example, when you stand on the ground there is a force on it due to your weight, since you do not fall through the ground there is an equal and opposite force acting on you to keep you

Should everyone learn swimming? Why, and why not?

Yes, everyone should learn swimming.I had aqua-phobia till the age of 31. Till then, I really believed that only some people are meant to be swimmers, that it is a skill one naturally has - or hasn't. In my previous attempt at learning swimming, I would see kids splashing around in the

Should swimming be compulsory for everyone?

I have been swimming since I was 5 years old. That said, I still say that swimming shouldn't be compulsory for everyone.The moment you make something compulsory, you take away the magic in doing it for its own sake. If Sachin had been forced to play

Should you shower after swimming in a salt water ocean?

That depends ...The salt that will be left on your body when the water evaporates isn't harmfull. It might feel dusty or irritate a scratch, especially if you are in areas with high salt concentration (like the dead sea). Sometimes it can irritate your

Swimming or Running? Which is better as a physical exercise?

Both are good form of cardio exercise in their own league.But running only works out your legs and also it causes repeated impacts on knees, and foot. So repeated running long distance without sufficient stretching and other muscle strengthening

Swimming: What are some common attitudes Olympic swimmers have about the strokes?

Disclaimer:  I am not an Olympic athlete, and I'll defer to subsequent answerers that are.  But I was a swimmer in both high school and college, and have been on swim teams since my youth.Every type of race has its specialists, and yes, each race seems to have slightly different

Swimming: What is the best way to learn the butterfly stroke?

I'm not going to add a lot here since most people have already covered it but here's several pointers that everyone seemed to struggle with at some point. Rhythm: it's 2 kicks for every pull which means you should kick at these two points: when your arms are

Swimming: Why do people drown?

If only it were that simple. To understand why most people drown even though they could easily float, look at how SCUBA divers drown: It's not from sinking. Most SCUBA divers the surface...with plenty of air in their tanks...with a buoyant life jacket (BC) on. A Novice panicked SCUBA divers can lose their mouth piece, then get

What are custom swimming pools?

Some homes appreciate with some of the amenities they have. And a customized swimming pool can be one.Custom swimming pools is very popular among home owners. Custom swimming pool consist of beautifying features. There is great craze for features like waterfall, illumination and landscaping. These decorative aspects enhance the appeal of the pool and add to the beauty of

What are some benefits of having your own swimming pool?

There are both side,Pros: Swimming pools are an awesome approach to get exercise for grown-ups and youngsters. The included advantage of no effect practicing on the body is an or more over effect filled exercises. Children and grown-ups alike, appreciate playing and unwinding

What are some good exercises to do in the swimming pool?

Fitness and swimming pool somehow can be pronounced in one breath. The workout is fun and relaxing too, working out in summers gets you all hot and bothered, not so much though when you are working it out in the water. Let's get down to the

What are the best swimming routines for building muscle?

Here is a great article on how to build muscle swimming How to Build Muscle Swimming | LIVESTRONG.COMStep 1Tread water in the deep end for five minutes to warm up. This is an easy way to warm up

What are the fitness and health benefits of swimming?

Here are some health benefits of swimming:Full body workout. Swimming uses all the muscles in the body so whether you swim a gentle breaststroke or hammer butterfly, you will get a full body workout. Plus, exercising in water makes your body work harder so 30 minutes in a

What are the four main swimming strokes?

Front crawl - often called ‘freestyle', as that is the event it comes under in the Olympics and other swimming competitions. ‘Freestyle' actually means ‘do any stroke you want', but to be frank you'd be a bit of an idiot to do any stroke other than front crawl in a competitive setting when told

What do I do after diving in a swimming pool?

Firstly, as long as you weren't given specific instructions about what to do, anything that let's you not drown is correct. As long as you get to the surface eventually, you can get there any way you want.Here's how I personally do it:As a general rule, I like to start by doing absolutely

What do people who do olympic swimming competitively know about swimming that others do not?

I was a speed swimmer and for some time had dreams of making it to the Olympics although I was never all that close to qualifying. Is that what you mean by ‘do olympic swimming'?A general point that speed swimming has taught me is to

What do you consider as "knowing how to swim"?

Tough question. To be safe, if you have mastered the breathing technique & at least 1 stroke, you can swim for as long as you're endurance will keep you up. The Crawl stroke is the most powerful but takes energy. The Breast stroke takes the least energy, but you don't go as far per stroke. So f you're being

What does it feel like to swim?

Swimming is one of the best feelings in the world that I can imagine.When I am in the water, nothing else really matters anymore. Not the test I failed, not the argument I had with someone, not the everyday struggles of life, nothing matters, it is just

What does 'survival strokes' in swimming mean?

Survival stroke is a means to keeping breathing at the lowest exertion while in open water.It turns out that a typical relaxed human body with a moderate lungful of air floats almost vertically, feet down, slight incline forward, face under water, tip of head above the

What happens if I swim 1 hour a day for 1 month?

Assuming that you do not have any unusual health condition(s), Your overall physical health and mental health will improve. Swimming is like a combination of cardio, endurance, resistance (like weight lifting) and yoga. But it also depends on how far and how fast you swim in that one hour

What is a good workout at the gym to develop useful muscles for swimming?

Hi Giulio,because a lot of the strokes, generates most of the swimmer's locomotion. i would suggest the person builds /develops his /her upper back Latissmus { rowing, Lat pull downs, dips, pull-overs }; Deltoids or shoulder griddle { lateral raises, up-right rows, }; arm muscles { Biceps & Triceps }, a lot of pulling { curls, extensions, cable extensions,

What is it like to swim in Lake Vouliagmeni?

Nice! It's a lake so warmer than the ocean -- Wikipedia says it's a constant 24°C year round. The lake is clean, the water clear.Most importantly, the lake has a lot of "Doctor fish" -- if you stay still, the little fish will come and nibble your dead

What is the best exercise other than swimming which affects both upper and lower body muscles?

i would say if you choose one exercise that can affect both lower and upper body would be

What is the best sport for a full body workout?

Depends on the desired outcome from the training. It also depends on what you intend to measure as this question is really a matter of context. You'd be hard pressed to find a cross-country skiier with a decent vertical jump or olympic

What is the best swim workout for strength?

You have over 700 muscles in your body. Depending on which muscles you most want stronger, your optimal workout would be different. You can also add various kinds of modified

What is the best way to learn to swim?

This might come as a surprise, but you don't really have to learn swimming.All you have to do is overcome your fear of drowning. Once you have done that, all you need to do is know and learn some techniques which allow you to move in the desired direction in water and keep your

What is the best way to start swimming?

GET IN!No, but seriously the best way is to just getting comfortable with the water. Start off with swimming lesson at a local facility. They have adult private classes, child classes, private child classes, group classes. All sorts. A lot of swimmers started swimming because their parents forcefully put them in classes due to them almost drowning,

What is the easiest swimming stroke to learn for beginners?

it depends whether the person is entering the pool fr the first time or he comfortable playing, walking in the pool and age of personI have seen two set of people, who first learn free style, breast stroke, back stroke and then butterfly other set is, they first learn

What muscles does one exercise while swimming?

Swimming works your whole body to varying degrees.First, the effect it has on your cardiovascular system cannot be overstated.  The combination between aerobic and anaerobic exercise and the fact that both your arms and legs are putting out a significant effort that most sports can't claim to do.As

What safety precautions are required when owning a swimming pool?

Having a swimming pool is not an easy thing. It is big responsiblity because u have to maintain it on the regular basis to prevent aquatic facility from damaged and getting hazards. Following are some important safety precautions are required when owning

What should everyone know about owning a swimming pool?

I own a home with a pool so I think I'm qualified enough to answer it. I lived in the pool house for 3 yrs and UPGRADED to a bigger house with NO pool. Now I rent that property out.

What should everyone know about swimming?

Swimming is one of the best sports to take part in, especially when you are looking to burn a ton of calories.Or even, to lose weight.Swimming can be tiring when you first start out, but after doing it for some time, it gets better.People are always afraid of learning how to swim. But to get