How to replace the grip on a Regenyei Messer

It's not particularly hard, but it's also not exactly easy, assuming you want to keep the original pommel cap.There are 2 main ways to do this:Remove the pommel cap and existing grip, replace it with the grip you want, and then replace the pommel cap.Remove the wrapping, cut away the

What animals can be hunted with swords?

This may not be legal in all countries but it is a recognized way of hunting in many parts of the world including Australia. These days: Hogs (wild pigs) may still legally be taken this way, but many a deer, goat or wild

Who supplies swords to the U.S. Marine Corps?

Nobody supplies swords to the Marine Corps or any other branch of the US military. Individuals authorized to wear swords purchase them at their own expense from any reputable purveyor. Marlow White is a popular one. The image below is from their website. The swords they sell are made by WKC in Solingen, Germany.