As a teacher, have you ever witnessed a student get bullied in the middle of your class?

Greetings,Yes, and it proved to be a pivotal moment of my career.Near Christmas, 1988, my students were discussing their wish lists just before the bell rang.One obese boy whom we will call

Do high school teachers love their students?

Most of us, here in Switzerland, do.But as far as I am concerned, it comes in easier to like some than others...The ones who are curious, ask serious questions, or can show a bit of "assumed foolishness" in the way they act, dress or speak - those are the ones I

How hard is it to be a school teacher?

Teaching is one of the hardest professions there is (sorry haters) We deal with children from such diverse backgrounds and are expected to produce uniform results.  In many cases our "effectiveness" as teachers is determined by how well we do this.  Teaching is not industry.  If someone sends us sub-par materials, we don't get to send them back...

If you were a teacher and could teach your students any way you wanted, what method would you use to teach them?

A few people in this answer have suggested letting the students learn from home, I for one don't agree with this. Learning can happen anywhere, but the home is place full of distractions, and I want to keep home and school life separate.One concept I will implement heavily is one that has

What is the difference between a good high school teacher and a bad one?

The difference between a good and a bad highschool teacher is... One teaches you, and one tells you.Let us compare what a bad teacher would do with what a good teacher would do.Bad Teacher:Tells the students information without discussion. They might make you read it in a