How to find a website that teaches me about hacking

Hacking is about exploring different things. You can't just find everything on a website that tells you yes this is how you can hack this and that. You have to learn it yourself by trying different things. First of all you have to learn the basics of Operating System and Networking for hacking. After you do that then

How to teach myself to become very flexible

There are lots of guides online on how to improve flexibility. You can become flexible at any age (of course once you're older I imagine you have to be careful). My dad didn't start stretching until his 30s and now at almost 60 he can do the splits in every position

If I were to teach a stranger some funny German words, which one would you choose?

Have you ever seen "Schottenfreude", the NYTimes article on how it describes the joy one experiences at the deftness of the German language in capturing the full value and meaning in very specific feelings? It's quite an amusing article, with words like Schmutzwortsuche, literally meaning to look

If you could teach a skill to a person in five minutes, what would that be?

If you could teach a skill to a person in five minutes, what would that be?Honestly, whichever of the following the listener(s) most wanted to learn:How to love themselves morebecause unfortunately, too many people hate too much of themselves, self-harm, self-sabotage, or even all of the aboveHow to want more in lifethis

If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

I would teach themDon't Take life seriouslyIf you Beginning to think that what you are doing is very important then you need to take a holiday and holiday does not mean go out for traveling , Holiday is everyday in those 24 hours you must take a holiday from your seriousness ~ Bertrend RussellSeriousness comes when you start

In today's world, is teaching an underrated profession?

Depends on who's doing the rating!I have found mostly that teachers are highly respected, especially in kindergarten through high school - not much so in college, where there are some excellent teachers mixed in with crowds of career researchers who don't have the faintest idea of how to communicate the information they

Is teaching a profession and why?

Profession (n) - paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification.Yes, teaching is a profession. It is an occupation for which people are paid (modestly). It involves prolonged training and a formal qualification. It is a very

My daughter is in 3rd grade, a straight A student and no disciplinary issues. She came home with wet panties. She said she told the teacher she had to go but the teacher wouldn't let her. How do I handle this without alienating the teacher?

One day in first grade, we were having story time. We were all seated on the floor listening to the teacher read to us. It occurred to me that I needed to go to the bathroom really bad. I raised my hand to

What are the biggest frustrations of being a high school teacher that ordinary people do not understand?

Every classroom situation is different. One day it is calm and passive and the next day it can get boisterous.No two kids are the same. Each one has a different learning style and most students between the age of 10–13 are volatile. Any minute your best lesson can become your worst. The unpredictability

What are the five most frustrating tasks for teachers?

I'll share the frustrations of both my wife and I. Entrepreneurs... you're going to want to read this through point 3.Grading. Technology still hasn't created the means for a teacher to create an assignment which can assess their students' skills instantly, have it reported to the teacher, have

What are the legal ramifications for teachers touching students?

Assuming that you are referring to minor children, the consequences can be diverse and severe:Depending on how far the student wants to

What can a physical education teacher do to improve the fitness of primary school pupils?

Given the small amount of time you have those children each week, if you can instill in them the sense that playing active sports/activities is fun, so that they walk, and run and play kick ball and dance, and not just sit around and vegetate in front of a computer screen.   That it is

What frustrates teachers?

Students harassing other students. Everyone has a right to be safe at school.Students who refuse help because they don't want to appear weak, even though they're struggling. There's no pride in being the ‘dumb' kid, and you're probably not, you just need some help to get started.Other

What is the teaching profession?

‘The teaching profession' is an ambiguous term, so let's clear that up first.Teachers can be divided into 3 basic categories:Primary school.Primary school teachers teach grades prep-year 6 all subjects at a low level. You can teach maths, science, English, et cetera.2. Higher secondary.Higher secondary teachers often teach grades 10+. They specialise in a subject and often

What is your biggest frustration as a teacher?

There's two, both frustrating for different reasons.The first frustration, which is more frustrating than the other thing, but happens less frequently:Parents whose total lack of concern for discipline problems is reflected in their child's attitude towards disciplinary problems. I've had parents who, when hearing that

What strategies keep children behaved?

As a  mother of two (adults, now) a grandmother (ouch!) of two, a former Preschool and Pre Kindergarten teacher, I have always relied on positive discipline. I like it because:1- It works!2- It does not require always dwelling on the negative.Positive discipline is based upon pointing out, and

Which is the most misunderstood and underrated profession?

Which is the most misunderstood and underrated profession?A2A.The job of a Safai Karmchari or so called Sweeper. We all will live in stink but for them. Though it may be termed as a political stunt, our PM washing their feet is, in fact, well deserved by them.Let's not underrate or misunderstand any profession, other than begging!

Why is teaching considered the best profession?

First of all, Teaching is one of the career which can directly impact the life of an individual and therefore people have a lot of respect for this profession. In India, becoming a teacher is an easy thing but in countries like USA it is very difficult. Now a

Why is teaching not considered a profession?

I would say that it is a profession. It may not have the best income and it may require a lot of hard work, but it is a respectable profession. This whole idea that being a teacher is not a job or is a bad job is very

Why is the teaching profession underrated in Pakistan?

The answer to this question reflects my personal observation and opinion. It could differ from anyone else's.Pakistan suffers from severe status consciousnesses. To me, it seems as if most of our society's decisions about love, marriage, education and socializing is primarily based upon a good status.Our society has been a victim of post colonialism, and that has resulted

Why won't my teacher let me explain myself?

Welcome to life in the world of NTs. I wish I could tell you this will change. Hopefully it will to an extent, but the basic feeling you're having? You should probably accept that it'll be part of life for you.What will change is you'll learn to adapt, to work around it. Be cautious; while

As a teacher, have you ever witnessed a student get bullied in the middle of your class?

Greetings,Yes, and it proved to be a pivotal moment of my career.Near Christmas, 1988, my students were discussing their wish lists just before the bell rang.One obese boy whom we will call

As a teacher, what is the most shocking thing you have ever seen a student do?

There's a student at our school who speaks his mind openly, to anyone he can, and is downright inspiring. Maybe I was naïve when I started teaching, but I worried that he'd be bullied a little, as he spoke with an excitement, haste, and he amazingly, in a sport's broadcaster's voice at

Can graduate students teach classes?

YesI did an introductory session on OOP in MATLAB and solving differential equations for all first year bioengineering graduate students.I also prepared and taught 5 lectures in thermodynamics and one in transport processes for bio and chemical engineers (sophomores/juniors).I have had plenty of other opportunities (including teaching fellowships) that I have had to pass

Can you teach creativity?

Before you embark on teaching creativity, you may want to read what I have written earlier about creativity on Quora, in response to the thrust of quite a similar question posted by someone:"I am bemused by the question.After  having  spent more than

Do high school teachers matchmake their students?

Not sure how related this is, but I remember a moment, while I was having a discussion with some teachers, when a girl (say, Girl A) was mentioned.Teacher A:

Have you ever seen a student roast a mean teacher?

Not in high school but in 8th grade. We had a seriously strict teacher called Mrs Umra. She was extremely old and very very mean.I was in class one day as my buddy Shamyl raises his hand.A little background on Shamyl.He was disruptive , undisciplined and no

Have you ever seen a teacher roasted by another teacher?

My department in particular indulges in

How to become a primary school teacher after 12

to become a primary school teacher you need to pursue nptt or ntt.nptt is nursery primary teacher training and ntt is nursery teacher trainingYou can join teacher training institute to become a teacher.Indoss is a highly esteemed teacher training institute which any one can approach to fulfill there career dreams to become a skillful and successful teacher.

How to teach my capable 20-something friend to ride a bike

Here is my fail safe method of bike riding instruction. But first: Why is this so hard? Bike riding is difficult because when you most want to put your feet on the ground for just a little support, guess what happens? The peddles come along and sweep your feet out from under you and down you go with a

How to teach an adult to ride a bike'll begin with the pedals removed and the seat lowered so you can put both feet on the ground. You'll first learn"gliding" by walking the bike while sitting on it, taking longer and longer steps as your body discovers what it's like to balance and steer. I'll show you how to stop smoothly without falling.

I'm a teacher of a primary school. How can I improve my skills of teaching?

Professional development! Try to recognize any weak areas you have, take note of any emerging and important topics in education and make it a priority to educate yourself in these subject areas.For example, Culturally responsive teaching or culturally responsive pedagogy recognizes the importance of including and understanding your students culture in the

In a class of 20 students the average of all the students is 18 years. If the age of their teacher is added then the average becomes 19 years. Find the age of teacher after 5 year?

Average of 20 students = 18Assume teacher's age is also 18. This means average of new group of 21 people remain unchanged at 18.But we know average of new group becomes 19.=> Teacher should bring in 21 years more.=> Teacher's current age = 18 + 21 = 39.Her age after 5 years would be 39 + 5 =

Is your yoga teacher not supposed to be fat?

Well, I'll take a stab at this one...First off, there are many reasons a person's weight may be more than it should be.  Pregnancy.  One of my favorite yoga teachers temporarily was a little large because she had a baby and it took some time for the weight to come off.  Nonetheless, she was, and

Physical Education teachers/ Gym Teachers: Do you dislike the students who aren't fit?

I have taught Health/PE for 17 years and think it is an amazing opportunity to motivate, encourage and inspire change in the lives of young people. As is true in all areas of life there are people who provide very little effort and those that provide much. I am sure

Students: When have you ever proved a teacher wrong, and how did they react?

I had a lovely summer class with a professor at a big scary university (that will go unnamed, but big, scary) while I was in high school. During that class, the professor was demonstrating that you can't split the numbers 1 through 9 into two groups without having an arithmetic progression of length 3 all in

What are some good tricks to teach my new dog?

12 Very Useful Dog Training Tips1. Understand that a puppy is an infant dog – not a miniature adult. Adjust your expectations accordingly, considering his physical and mental limitations. Before you know it, he will be grown up!2. Puppy-proof your house with

What are some unknown historical facts about the US that they don't teach you in school?

I've been listening to some American history podcasts recently and they have brought up some interesting points. Such as when the declaration of independence was written all men who signed it were committing treason. For that matter the breakdown of colonial relationship with England was

What can a physical education teacher do to improve the fitness of primary school pupils?

Given the small amount of time you have those children each week, if you can instill in them the sense that playing active sports/activities is fun, so that they walk, and run and play kick ball and dance, and not just sit around and vegetate in front of a computer screen.   That

What do teachers think of shy students?

First of all, I appreciate them like I do all my kiddos. But I also hurt for them when I see the pain on their faces because they hate to answer questions or talk in class. I had one little girl who would turn red whenever I

What do you do when a teacher tries to shame a child into behaving when the problematic behaviors are really more the result of a chemical inbalance? The child may not have much, if any, control over the behaviors.

Shame is never a good strategy for any student because it doesn't work. However behaviour that neither the child nor the teacher can control in a crowded classroom may drive a teacher... who is responsible for 20–30 more children... to unsuccessful strategies out of desperation or exhaustion. Or maybe they are just not that great.

What is the best exercise habit you've formed that is easy to teach to others who find exercise difficult?

Most people don't form habits and when they do they shatter on the rocks of life.I'm totally the same.What I have found works is to never commit to doing anything every day. Instead commit to doing something for a specific number of times.At the moment I am doing 1,000 days of running. I want to

What is the best roast from a student or teacher you have heard so far?

Saw this one a few min ago...In 8th grade, I had a teacher - let's call her Ms. H. - who was morbidly obese. I mean morbidly. It was disgusting. However, she always denied this, claiming to be ‘healthy'.One day, the students were tasked

What is the role of a school teacher in a student's life?

Teachers play a very important role in student's life. A teachers is a role model person in student's life who bring out the best in them and encourage them to strive for greatness. Teachers know that students are the future of the country, So they share the knowledge

Why can't teachers equip tasers to protect themselves and their students?

And why can't parents use capital punishment like it says in the Bible?The answer is that all this talk about school shootings and protecting yourself in case of robbery and mugging and unruly children is hype. Statistically, you are far less likely to be hurt by that kind of thing than by car accidents, yet I am guessing that

Why can't humans teach other animals how to cook food?

Full disclaimer -- I am not a zoologist. I just happen to read a lot and pick up bits of info here and there.If we leave primates out of it for a moment, the main reasons most animals can't cook is A) lack of intelligence

Are group projects a good way to teach students what the real world is like?

Depends... most group projects in the real world are multidisciplinary. Chances are, you are not going to have 5 mathematicians, 5 HR people, or 5 marketing people.. etc, etc, etc.So if you do group projects to

Are you satisfied being a teacher?

This a very simple, yet great question with a not so simple answer. Yes, I am DEFINITELY satisfied being a teacher. The most rewarding part of this calling (I use the word calling purposely, I definitely don't call it a job) is seeing your students

As a teacher, have you ever felt frustrated with parents of the students?

Yes!The frustration usually revolves around two types of behaviors:Trying to be their child's friend instead of parent. Everyone knows this type of parent. The

As a teacher or a teachers aid, what's the most bizarre thing you have encountered?

I drove to work last May and wondered why I saw the traffic stopped in the distance. As I approached the school, I noticed a policeman turning a line of cars back. I found my Mercury surrounded by police cars-they weren't after me, though. The force's undercover officer drove

As a teacher, what is the most shocking thing you've heard a student say?

Currently a Maths and Biology teacher for 7th graders. Just today, we were in Bio discussing reproduction when the following conversation started:Girl 1: Is it true that you can get pregnant when you kiss someone?Me: *looking in disbelief* No... Pregnancy happens when you have coitus, also known as sexual intercourse, or when you undergo an

Can anybody teach me German?

It depends on what exactly you are looking for.If you are looking for people who are qualified to teach German, then I can. But I charge £30 per hour.Now you probably say that you want lessons for free or cheap. That is also possible. But you need to bear one thing in mind, the cheaper it gets

Can you teach me a weird psychology trick?

Thanks for the A2A Aishah Hannan :)I have big love for weird psychology tricks, though I wouldn't term them ‘weird' per se. I'd rather call them interesting.Here are some that I use often and can recall from the top of my mind.When someone is angry and yelling at you, stay quiet : In this case,

Do high school teachers love their students?

Most of us, here in Switzerland, do.But as far as I am concerned, it comes in easier to like some than others...The ones who are curious, ask serious questions, or can show a bit of "assumed foolishness" in the way they act, dress or speak - those are the ones I

Do teachers actually enjoy teaching students?

I was teacher in China and U.S. I want compare what is like to be a teacher in China, and to be in U.S.If you are a teacher in China, students and parents will respect you very much. Chinese proverb says:

Do you teach programming?

Yes, we do. We provide training in C, C++, Java and Python. To know more, please go to :C Programming Training Institute , for C.Software Development Training - Livewire for C++.Python Software Training Course for Python.Java Programming Training Course for Java.

Do you want to be a teacher? Why or why not?

I do want want to be a teacher. I've wanted to be a teacher since the 4th grade, 6 years passing and I still want to be. I've had some really amazing teachers, who inspire me. The idea that I could make a good difference in someone's life, I really like that. My heart in set on

Does belittling a student's abilities really work for motivating them to work harder?

There is a theory of life that most people are (to borrow a chess analogy) meant to be pawns, then there might be a couple of rooks, a couple of knights & a couple of bishops with special skills (professionals, clergy & business people, perhaps), and only one King

How to become a joyful and effective Autodidact

Hello,It seems to me that the autodidact part should become a tool to overcome a problem in your life. Being an autodidact has nothing to do with being joyful. I suppose not in the sense that you hope it would be. I also chose this as a way to overcome difficult moments. When I couldn't sleep, I

How to deal with frustration when teaching someone

Manage your expectations.Remember the times when you were frustrated because someone else understood something you didn't and they were trying to explain it to you. Gaining empathy with the person you are trying to teach helps you to better avoid this frustration.Think back to what helped you

How to get my 2.5-year-old son interested in studying

2.5 years old is a bit too young to get him interested in academics. What's important at this point is that he meets developmental milestones for his age (like running, talking, eating on his own, potty training, etc.)However, you may start getting him interested in books, or shapes and colors (if you want him to

How to make other people smarter

Foster curiosity through new experiences, or challenging ideas, laws, beliefs, norms, and conventions. Expressing curiosity yourself can be contagiousEncourage questioning without being judgmental (usually requires genuine personal trust/respect with that person)Make answers/knowledge/discussion/expression availableRegarding points 3 and 4:in both my education and personal life, I've

How to teach myself to become very flexible

There are lots of guides online on how to improve flexibility. You can become flexible at any age (of course once you're older I imagine you have to be careful). My dad didn't start stretching until his 30s and now at almost 60 he can do the splits in

How to improve teaching at college

Teaching at college could be improved by improving the content knowledge.  A teacher should have the love to the content and internal wish to convey that content or the knowledge to the student.  Not only just telling them the content, but make sure that majority of the students get clear about the concept. Being strict to students will not

How to teach children to be fearless

Simply telling your child to not be afraid, or to stop being silly, isn't an effective way to help them deal with it. You need to acknowledge it properly. Whatever you might think about the fear, it's very real to them and they need to know that you get that. Give them the opportunity to talk about

How to teach myself to learn on my own

Learning is the most important thing in the life yet we were never taught about how to learn. Many students because of this get into the very less efficient study methods which takes a lot of time and energy from them. There are many researches being done on how the

How to teach the German language

I have just set up a website for teachers of beginners German. It is actually aimed at Primary School Children but I have found that older children and even adults can use the free resources and are making really good progress. Just go to and click on lesson

How do swimming instructors teach an adult to swim?

You need to have a series of lessons over a period of of time in order to learn to swim. You need water that you feel comfortable in, such as a shallow warm swimming pool. Often lessons are in 10 lesson blocks over 2 - 5 weeks. You can learn a lot in 10 lessons but then you

How do teachers balance work with life?

Down Time? What's that? I catch up on all of my stuff once I have a vacation. Winter break, Spring break, summer break, That's when I get personal stuff done. Monday through Friday, Regardless of Gretchen Carlson says, I work a good 12 hours a day. There is a lot

How do top teachers teach?

Teaching is not easy for everyone. A degree is not a enough to become a good teacher, one you have that kind of skill which makes you a top grade teacher. A teacher must have passions, care, good observer and kind. He/she should be able to understand the student nature, problems and how

How to catch a student cheating in college

Have to admit that I haven't seen huge numbers of students cheating in college/university.A couple got nailed for plagiarism - not the full blown

How hard is it to be a school teacher?

Teaching is one of the hardest professions there is (sorry haters) We deal with children from such diverse backgrounds and are expected to produce uniform results.  In many cases our "effectiveness" as teachers is determined by how well we do this.  Teaching is not industry.  If someone sends us sub-par materials, we don't get to send them back...

How should I teach myself German?

Teaching yourself! Self study! Self Learning!First thing - when you, yourself is involved in the process then nothing can stop you from succeeding! So, very good decision indeed! I have been through this process and still continuing, hence, I can share with you exactly what it needs.First step would be to invest in a

If one day you were forced to teach, what subject would you teach?

For the course they would need I think High School Economics.For the course I would want to teach, perhaps

If you are a classroom teacher would you choose a different career if you had it to do over?

Wow. Thanks for the A2A.I have been a classroom teacher for more than 25 years. I've taught in big schools and small, rich schools and poor. I've seen a lot of changes in my profession, some good, some bad, and

If you had thirty days to teach another person something that would improve their life, what would you teach?

The concept of opportunity cost!Likely the most important concept in economics, but often overlooked when people regard economics as being primarily about money or financial markets. Opportunity cost is simply what you have to give up to get something else. It's not always (and maybe only seldom) measured in

If you had three minutes to teach somebody anything, what would you teach them?

How to properly wash their hands, when hands should be washed, and how to correctly cover their mouth when they sneeze (use elbow, not hands).  This could save millions of lives, and tens of billions of dollars each year.Handwashing: Clean Hands Save

If you have an hour to teach something, what would you teach?

        This is an easy one to answer, Reading. I have recently began to teach children of a young age the English Language. This includes speaking and writing it in general terms. Through this skill anyone can go forwards in the world. There is no limit to what is possible for you when you know

If you only had 10 minutes to teach me something, what would you teach?

A car ahead was moving like a turtle and not giving me way inspite of my continuous honking! I was on brink of losing my cool when I noticed the small sticker on the car's rear!

If you were a teacher and could teach your students any way you wanted, what method would you use to teach them?

A few people in this answer have suggested letting the students learn from home, I for one don't agree with this. Learning can happen anywhere, but the home is place full of distractions, and I want to keep home and school life separate.One concept I will implement heavily is one that has

If you were to teach the world one thing, what would it be?

We should understand that Kindness towards others irrespective of their caste, creed, race and most importantly looks is more divine than worship.It is so much sad that even today we see honor killing. In some societies doing intercaste marriage or even love marriage within same caste seems to be an unpardonable offense.

In my school when I was younger, we had this rule where if the teacher was 15 minutes late we were allowed to leave the class. Did anyone else have this rule and actually follow it? Where did it come from?

I have heard that rule on a college level--and I had a number of profs who advised us to ignore it, because they did not honor it. And on the college level, they didn't really have to.I cannot imagine a K-12 school allowing students to just leave if the

In which country do teachers have the highest standard of living?

South Korea's educational transformation has been no less impressive. Indeed, the latest Pisa rankings saw it finish second, fourth and sixth in reading, mathematics and science.In 2011, OECD research revealed that some 98 per cent of 25- to 34-year- olds in South Korea had completed an upper-secondary

Is being a professional teacher a fulfilling job?

Yes & No.I felt more satisfaction working as a system administrator. The work I did immediately impacted the lives of 200 people. As a teacher students generally don't appreciate what you do till years later if they ever bother to tell you.Teaching is complex because you are

Is being a teacher horrible?

An older teacher who taught in some rough neighborhoods said to me

Is being a teacher worth it?

Male middle school teacher here.As with many professions, a lot of the pros and cons depend on where you work. It's been my experience that the public schools pay better than private schools, but the public schools also have a

Is it acceptable for a high school teacher to take a break from the subject that he or she teaches in order to lecture her students about her (unrelated to what she teaches) political opinions?

IT depends. If the students come from a class where politics is being discussed and they are continuing the conversation and there are some confusions and other students aren't clear about the political process, then yes the teacher has a right to continue and clear up those issues that are confusing. The teacher can

Is math a hard subject or are most math teachers simply poor teachers?

HeyyaNeither is maths a hard subject nor are d teachers poor.There are some students who tend to find maths difficult. But this is only 5% of the total students studying.The other 65% find it difficult because it is a myth in all d places that maths is difficult. Many children hear others saying it and start falling

Is sink or swim a viable way to teach someone to swim?

The auto credentialling came up as a computer instructor. I am, so I guess it's going with the teaching part. Yes, I do teach for part of my living.I am also a pretty enthusiastic swimmer.I'm... viscerally against the idea, to be honest. So much so that when I

Is there a project teaching AI how to program? What languages are they teaching it?

there are not only projects teaching AI how to program, there is actually AI that can program coarse there are very specific domains, that this works in, and the programs cant be easily read by humans to verify correctness, and someone still needs to describe

Should teachers be more flexible?

Ideally the perfect teacher would be one who could completely focus on each child's specific needs for as much time as they need. This is obviously impossible and (in the UK at least) made more difficult because of integration.Pedogogists like to talk

Teachers: What are the most frustrating activities involved in working as a schoolteacher?

The massive amount of non-teaching activities involved.I have been teaching math for 10 years. I am very old school, meaning the students must first master the algorithms for each new skill BEFORE they can effectively THINK about how

Teachers: What did a substitute teacher do to make you not want them back?

I had jury duty in a capital murder case. I expected to be gone for two weeks, so I left a packet of work for the first week with a note saying to give it to the kids and explaining what was to be done. The

Teachers, what is your greatest frustration with parents?

As a teacher, we are expected to see a child misbehaving, and figure out why. We can always refer the child for testing and special outside resources, but that scares parents. So as teachers, we do not diagnose, but we try

What are some common misconceptions that many students have about their professors?

I teach mainly undergrads, freshpersons and sophomores. They tend to be somewhat unsophisticated. So...That we are paid very large salaries, that are financed exclusively from student tuition payments.That all we do is teach 12 hours per week and... I dunno, play video games the

What are some of the biggest challenges and rewards of being a teacher?

I was at a lunch on Boxing Day last year.The daughter of the household, now in her late thirties said: there was something you said to me when I was in high school that changed my whole outlook on life

What are some of the biggest problems with public education in America?

I've worked with thousands of U.S. High School graduates over the last 20+ years and because of that experience, not a theory or some intellectual analysis, but because of my personal experience I can tell you that public school has become a social arena, merely, and not an educational one.  I

What are some of the most amazing things your high school teacher did?

I had to think about this for a minute because nothing was coming to me-but then I remembered Ms. Rita Johnson, my senior English teacher. She wanted to record a TV presentation of Hamlet for us, I think it was the one with Richard Chamberlain. This was in the day before

What are the biggest challenges that American teachers face in managing their classrooms?

I teach third grade, and eight-year-olds are, in general, excited about learning. I like my classroom how I like it, and I would say I am fair but firm. My students learn early on in the year when it is appropriate to talk and when

What are the biggest frustrations of being a high school teacher that ordinary people do not understand?

Every classroom situation is different. One day it is calm and passive and the next day it can get boisterous.No two kids are the same. Each one has a different learning style and most students between the age of 10–13 are volatile. Any minute your best lesson can become your worst. The unpredictability is what makes the whole thing