What is your action in the first day of classroom when you are appointed as a teacher?

What is your action in the first day of classroom when you are appointed as a teacher?Your first day in the classroom should be a week or two before the students arrive. You have to set up the classroom. Depending on the age range of the students you teach, this can

Is being a school teacher worth it?

Yes. As a retired NYC teacher after 35 years, I can say unequivocally that it was worth it. Sometimes the laws were rigid and wrong-hearted; sometimes I didn't have the right (or enough) tools, and sometimes it was too hot in the room

I'm 34, rich, and looking for something new. Should I become a high school teacher?

Depending on where you live, you may be able to get teaching credentials through a lateral entry program in a year or less.  You could definitely get a job teaching math, physics, or computer programming.  There's a shortage of teachers in those fields.  However, here is a

How to become a full time teacher from a substitute teacher in a Public School

I did that. I decided to take the teaching tests in Massachusetts. (MTEL). I had an engineering background so I decided to take the Technology/Engineering test.  My license after passing the test was a "preliminary" license. I got into a program at Fitchburg State University that enable me to make that license into an Initial license.

What are some issues that highschool/middleschool teachers encounter in a classroom?

Grouping students by skill levels would be very helpful - in Language Arts and Math. Language Arts should be broken into two classes - reading and writing glasses- separate from each other. Getting rid of textbooks. Science, social studies especially. The textbooks for those subjects more often kill student interest rather than serve it.

Which job is easier, professor or high school teacher?

A lot of colleges expect professors to write books that are published to keep their position as professor. A high school teacher can do research and better their standing with other high school teachers in leadership roles. Also, a high

What makes a teacher likable to their students, resulting in better classroom motivation and participation?

I believe that treating students with respect, and letting them know that you really care about their success in your class and school in general is very important; however, don't cross over the line and become their

How do teachers handle difficult high school students?

The most useful piece of advice given to me about teaching was to always find one thing I liked or could appreciate about every student. When I find it hard to remain calm with a student, I remind myself of that thing I like as

How to manage my kid's homework-obsessed teacher

Be careful not to influence your child badly towards school and the teacher. Teach your child to work smarter in any way you can. Use a stopwatch and a reward system if necessary. Focus on the joy of achievement. If your child is not up to it, you will need to see the teacher, and principal to move

Is a teacher allowed to teach a subject he has not studied?

Allowed - yes. Is it wise? Depends on the individual. If a teacher is comfortable taking a subject they have no qualification in, I say - go for it. I had a friend who is a gifted musician. Could play anything. He was a music teacher - but didn't like it.

Have you ever seen a teacher roasted by another teacher?

Various teachers at my school would roast me about my terrible dress sense. It is usually in good fun and I'm always in on the joke, except when the principal does it at staff meetings. She has a way of excluding me from the joke while everyone nervously laughs

Is it more challenging to be a college professor, a high school teacher, or an elementary school teacher?

As a college professor, it's either high school or elementary school from my perspective. I can treat my students as adults to an extent, and I don't have to deal with parents. The arguments made here that elementary is tougher than high school... high school students seem

What is the salary of a math primary school teacher?

It depends on whether the school is government or private. and also there is a huge variation in salary in different states.Government schools in UP offer about Rs. 29,000 to a primary teacher.

As a teacher, how do I convince my school leaders that having teachers teach several subjects is a terrible idea?

In California, being assigned to teach outside your credential is illegal. Simply inform them that your credential does not allow you to be given the assignment the administrator wishes you to take. Then have the Association file suit in its own name on this issue. We did!There are many studies about this issue,

Can anyone be a teacher?

Yes. Anyone can be a teacher.Can anyone be an effective teacher? NO! Not even all teachers with teaching credentials are effective teachers. That has more to do with a gift, or a bit of voodoo, than with what might or might not be taught in most education programs on the

Do we need a digital content organiser for teachers to teach in classroom?

The answer is yes.We are in a century where we are able to control nanoparticles and of course Mega, giga particles. Everything is coming under just a fingertip control.So, it is very much essential to have practical knowledge rather than having only theoretical knowledge. By classroom verbal teaching we may understand the concepts, but coming

Can a teacher teach in two schools?

Yes why not.... Let me tell you my teacher's story. He use to teach 2 school at a time . No one can believe that he also take double salary compairtively whatever but yess a teacher can do this....

What are classroom problems?

As a teacher, I feel kids are demotivated because they're supposed to learn stuff they often don't want to. They have to memorise stuff that's really unnecessary - all this info is easily accessible on the net or in books.We're all so scared to say things that may offend

How teacher can facilitate transfer of learning to students in classroom?

You can't. Think about it. Whatever you have learned, is yours. No one transferred it to you, nor can you transfer it to anyone else.I don't mean to split hairs, but it is probably the single most important concept to get.

Can computers ever fully replace teachers in aiding students to learn?

Short answer - yesLong answer -You are a computer of sorts so in effect there would be no replacement of human teachers by computer teachers, it would simply be a replacement of one form of computer with another.

If a teacher can't teach one subject, then how will a student study more than 5 or 6 subjects?

Teaching is far more than knowing the content area. Each content area requires different methods. Teaching math is very, very different from teaching science and social studies. Learning something new is a similar process all around and is something we

Why do teachers at private schools in the United States get paid less than teachers at public schools?

In aggregate, this is likely true. However, there will be plenty of exceptions to the rule.  In general, tuition-based schools will have more budgetary constraints than larger school districts and the employees are less likely to have union representation.  My first job offer when seeking work as a teacher was from a small religious school

Should a teacher ever teach a class his or her child is taking in public school?

It happens.  Sometimes it can be a problem and sometimes it's not problem at all.I know in my school we have a series of policies in place in order to ensure this kind of situation has the best possible outcome.Such as - generally teachers aren't timetabled

What teacher in your life had the most effective teaching style for your own learning style? Do you feel you learned more from them than other teachers?

Mrs. Page taught me in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades, in a one room school. She had studied John Dewey and did what she could to emulate him. I was in process of a long term rejection by my mother, and Mrs. Page took me under her wing. I was a difficult student, but she was a patient teacher.

How much power should school teachers have?

You'll need to be more specific. What kind of 'power' are you talking about? Authority to make decisions? Armed guards to command? Spyware to ensure that students are doing their homework? Union rights to negotiate salaries?

What is the role of a teacher to intelligent students?

A challenger, mostly. The Teacher is the content expert, and the intelligent student catches the material easier than those in the

Should teachers display students failed projects in the classroom?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! Nothing is gained by that, unless the teacher thinks humiliation is a teaching tool.

Why did you stop being a classroom teacher?

A2AI will always be a teacher. It is part of my nature.I retired when they sent

Teachers: What is your favorite tech tool to use in the classroom?

One can never go wrong with an ipad. It has a screen recording tool, so tough topics like chemistry mechanism reaction could be posted pnline for easy access. Also, Prezi for presentations, because PowerPoint can be bland sometimes :)

How do public schools hire teachers?

I can't speak for every school, but I can speak for interviews in which I've been a participant or organizer. Here's what we normally do:We advertise through our website and on various job platforms.Candidates are selected by either Human Resources or a building administrator. I take a quick look to see whether they currently hold a

Why do young high school teachers make me uncomfortable?

Young teachers are so close to the age of their students that they could almost see each other as peers. That does not work in a school environment. It is easier to see an 18 year old student becoming involved with a 23 year old teacher than with a 50 year old one.

Do teachers show favoritism during grading?

Here's a secret: No grading is 100% objective. Even when grading something seemingly concrete, like a math test or a language-class verb test, my grades could look different from someone else's for the same exact test. How? Maybe I count 2 points per verb, but another teacher counts 3. Maybe a math teacher takes off points

Can I become a teacher without schooling in education?

If you are talking about U.S. public schools, some states have emergency certifications in areas of need, like math. You want to think long and hard, though, about going into a classroom without traditional teacher prep. People often say that they didn't learn much in ed courses, but I've had the

What are the best degrees to become a primary school teacher?

She/he needs to get 5 GCSEs at grades C or above including English and maths (possibly also science in the future). Without English and maths GCSEs you can't teach in the UK, BTECs are no good for teaching qualifications.  She/he then needs to study 3

Is it easier to become a primary school teacher than a high school teacher?

Yes, in the United States, but not because one discipline is more rigorous than the other. As there are more primary grades and grade schools than there are high schools, there are therefore more employment opportunities at primary grade schools than at high

Does a teacher have to look like a teacher in order to be a good teacher?

The first task of a teacher is something like crowd control - everyone's safety requires a certain amount of order And if they're going to learn anything a certain amount of focused attention is necessary as well.How is that achieved? In part by the appearance of the teacher. Every community

What can the teacher learn in the classroom?

PsychologyFeedback (use Swift Polling for more sincere results)Soft skills (interpersonal skills)The meaning of true and pure loveCreativityStudents' personal problems reflected in their behavior

What is the importance of statistics to a teacher?

I am not a teacher. Despite that fact, I think I can contribute to this question because of things teachers have said.There are many college teachers that will consider the mean and standard deviation of grades on a test when making decisions

Can technology replace classroom teachers?

No. There are people who think it can, but I have not met a teacher who says yes.People who are not teachers focus on an important part of teaching but think that it is all that teachers do: supply information.People who are not teachers do not understand what teaching is. Sometimes they even go

I was told that a teacher teaches different subjects and an instructor teaches only one subject, is this correct?

No, it is not true. My Teaching Certificate certifies me to teach Spanish. In the past I was an instructor in the Air Force. I went to specialized classes for that but did not have a Teaching Certificate.The real truth behind all this that synonyms of teach are educate, instruct, school, tutor, coach, train; enlighten, illuminate,

Are high school teachers in the US highly paid?

Hell no.High school teachers (and teachers in general) are responsible for raising the next generation of youth. They'll become the workforce, decide who our representatives are - the future of the country. It logically follows that teachers should be paid well, for having such a key role, right?This

What do top teachers know about how to control a classroom that many teachers never learn?

That you must never shout or appear to lose your temper as they adore that. You must quickly know the names of all your pupils and stand nearly all the time. Always speak firmly and clearly, without hesitation or ambiguity. Present your subject in a way the pupils will understand and

Are public school teachers generally worse than private school teachers in the US?

There are great teachers in both public and private schools. I teach in a public school, but I sent my own sons to a private school for religious reasons. There were mediocre teachers at that private school and I have seen mediocre teachers

What should primary school teachers wear?

At that age children's eyes pick up more on warm tone colors, so red, orange, yellow are good colors for them to look at and be cheered up. Please avoid somber colors no matter what your age. I remember looking around the faculty lunch room (middle school) on a rainy day

How to help my high school teachers

Ask the teacher if you can help them with anything but don't insist on helping if they say no. Some students ask to help because they just want to spend time with the teacher. Lots of teachers don't mind but it can create extra work if