What companies are best at growth hacking?

You might have read about all the fortune 500 Companies and their growth hack. But one startup caught my attention is CLICKFUNNELS. Within 3 years they went from 0 to $360 million valuation without any kind of investor's money.Clickfunnels is a SAAS company that provides services

Why did you leave your job at Google?

Because I was watched constantly, harassed and insulted everyday, treated like shit, singled out due to and constantly reminded of my ethnicity (you're expected to accept with a smile the shit hand they deal to you, and it's so nice of them to give even that

What are some interesting facts about IBM?

IBM was not IBM from the very beginning. Its actual name was "Tabulating Machine Company" and was founded by Entrepreneur Herman Hollerith is 1888.IBM (International Business Machines) was founded on June 15, 1911 as a corporation Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation (CTR). "Bellsouth

What are the Top Technology forums?

STADIVM - Tech Forum - Make Money with Cryptocurrency, AI, VR and Blockchain: StadivmIt's awesome for sharing and discovering emerging technologies and ways to monetize them or to simply learn about them and/or educate others. It's an evolving and exciting

What are the best tech skills and/or certifications to pursue at age 21?

Well, it depends upon your academic background. Some certifications do not require prerequisite whereas others do. If you are sure what domain you want to be certified then it will become easy for you to select the best certification in that domain for you. I highly recommend you to visit Certifind (

What do companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook do to prevent hacking?What security do they use? How do they secure there servers?

Good question. These mega giants (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc) aren't heard in the media for being rendered to cyberattacks. Their multi-billion dollar businesses rely on their tech innovations, so if any of that information is ever leaked, we're talking about losing hundreds of millions of dollars.

What hours do most software engineers work?

On PaperThe official working hours of the company I work are between 9.00 am - 5.30pm. We have a one-hour lunch break, and our daily working time is 7.5 hours. Weekly is 37.5.In FactI usually go to work at 10.00 am or 11.00 am and leave at 9.00 pm. Also, sometimes it can be 2.00 pm. There is a

Which companies are developing the best Android apps right now?

Android has been used across more than a billion devices across the globe. Presence on Android provides you with access to not only smart phones, but a lot of tablets and watches.AppClues Studio is a Award-winning company specializing in Android App development. Based in India, USA, UK and

Which companies have the best tech blogs?

This are the corporate engineering / tech blogs I follow:BadooSpotifyPayPalGitHubAirbnbMediumSquareLinkedInWalmartFacebookTwitterUberPinterestClouderaDropboxNetflixYou

Which technology company is most likely to end up as the next Nokia?

Just a suggestion : Samsung phones. Reason: its lower end market is being eaten up by many new smartphone manufacturers like gionne, xiaome, one plus one, vivo... And many more. Coming to its high end phones S series, latest models of which have been

Why is Wall Street considered to be so powerful?

In common use Wall Street refers to the American banking industry the term is used because Wall Street in New York City is the location of significant financial markets including the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange these two

Will Oracle ever run at a loss?

Will any company run at a loss? Never say never especially when you're in technology. WRT Oracle, here's something to think about. In the mid 90s, as techies in Silicon Valley were getting excited about the internet, they began predicting that Oracle's best days were behind them.

What companies are best at catching hackers?

Catching hackers is very expensive and time consuming, so it's done (in my experience) when the organization is impactful enough to meet the financial threshold of action.It is done in concert with the FBI and International law enforcement and involves several companies, each contributing a part of the puzzle.All that I can say about the process is that there

What tech companies are based in the greater Seattle area?

These are the top employers in Seattle as of 2017:AmazonMicrosoftFacebookGoogleTableauThese are just the tech giants, and main employer of software engineers.In HackerLife we do lots of analysis on tech companies