Do you feel the next 20-30 years will be amazing or terrible for the world?

It's too soon to tell, but it's going to be one hell of a ride. First the increase in robotics and tech will take a huge slice of jobs:

How to see people using smartphones in the next 20 years? What improvement can be made in smartphones in the next 20 years

20 years is a long long shot! The best I can even try to have an intelligent guess is like 5–10 years.In 5 years time, Smartphones will match the utility of laptops. While desktop PCs have a special utility in that it is highly modular and upgradeable, laptops are neither as compact as smartphones, nor are

How can technology help us?

Technology helps us in so many ways that I do not have the time or space here to provide a comlete answer.Technology is anything that we do or use or make that improves our circumstances, makes life easier, helps us in our daily lives.Our prehistoric progentitors were using technology when they chipped rocks to get a sharp edge

How well will Apple AirPods sell?

I've came across a website that gives a lot of information about the apple airpods, well besides the official webiste of apple you can see Apple removes "Finder for AirPods" app from its App Store; refunds are available | EdutaimentApple's New Airpods is now Available for iPhone users | Edutaiment

When was the first mobile phone invented?

This question had been asked & answered waaaay 2 many times. But I'll answer this again for the last time!Answer

Why is technology the future of thinking?

OMG, I just had an aneurism. Technology is the epochal limitation of thinking, as the technologization of the individual reduces the possibilities of that human for authentic modes of expression. Instead, the technology demands a certain mode of expression from us, and if we think that a computer thinks just because it can outwardly fool people into thinking

What are some careers that will be coming out over the next 20 years that nobody has heard of yet?

3D copyright Clerks, and lawyers.People say we have to any lawyers now, but they haven't seen the pile of law suits that will be filed against selfie driving cars yet..! A great place to reconcile men's rights over robotics instead of the other way around..! But 3D copyright and patent will be

Where can I see a graph of computing power growth for the next 38 years (2050)?

Moore's law seems to be continued at least till 2020. However, due to power wall the performance of computers do not grow exponentially, unless we find ways to better harness parallel computing. Here is a great book about this:The Berkeley Par Lab: Progress in the Parallel Computing Landscape

What are future trends of high performance computing?

Over the past twenty years, there has been a steady progression in the high-performance computing (HPC) industry, as companies constantly seek to increase the performance of their data center. Traditionally, the paradigm for building a high-performance compute cluster has been to maximize the performance from a single-node CPU and

Will cable be replaced by streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) in the next 10 years?

It already had in my home (Well, bachelors' pad to be more precise). A Hulu+Netflix connection is slightly more pricey than a standard cable connection but its worth the premium. We do have a premium cable connection at our place but's rarely used. We

Will accountants be replaced by AI in the next 20 years?

Sure, why not?The technology we have is capable enough to do so, but the question is more about whether or not society will allow accountants to be replaced. I think it's more of a question about the progression of society - moving toward automation or not - than one of the progression of technology.

How big is the Internet of Things going to be in the next few decades?

"Internet of Things" is a marketing or social term, not a technical term. It describes a scenario in which electronic devices communicate with each other via the internet to perform their tasks. It's supposedly "different" from the scenario in which humans use electronic devices to communicate with each other and to

Who is the best: Microsoft, Google or Apple?

Every word in answer is arguable.As per my view, real fight between Microsoft And Google. As Apple's has currently limited range as compare to both of them.Lets first See area in which Microsoft deals:1. Operating System  (It consist rage from Home or office use

What kinds of technology will we see emerge in the next 15 years?

There is a lot of speculation on how technology will evolve. What new tools will we use?. From drones to hyperloop trains, driverless cars to interplanetary travel maybe even more so than most people think. Driverless cars are going to go from legal to compulsory

Do you think that in 2027 technology will be jaw dropping?

Thanks for your request.I think technology will continue to astound us and it willcontinue to disrupt society. I think society will be completely different10 years from now. The cars will be driverless and we will have to beprotected from cyber criminals. Some people will probably

What will be the most important contribution to our civilization within the next 100 years?

I think the most important contribution to our civilization in the next 100 years will be to end as many wars as possible and to learn to share the resources we have as a planet and not as individual states. We somehow seem to forget that religion and

How to think the farmland prices are going to change in India for the next 10 years

depending upon the current pollution rate i don't think we should worry about such a long termfarms will not be so fertile anymore if we don't do anythinggetting back to your question prices will be rocket high in south and western region of india but in north india farmlands will be converted to

What is the most advanced technology used in elevators?

Serial link communication controllerAdvance weight senseConnected with elevator companies server which send alert in case of fault.Connected with Building management systemPassword protected specific floorAdvance encoder for accurate position and perfect floor levelAutomatic cancellation of nuisance calls.Diagonal infrared beam which can detect a passenger who is about to enter in elevator.Advance installation for high rise in which lift can be

How to think that digital communication will change in the next 50 years

Yeah it sure digital communication will change in the next 50 years .as you know that digital communication is a fast way of communication .technology need day by day and its need to change the lifestyle .in future its more faster then today due digital teachnlogy

What are the seven technologies that will dominate the next 30 years?

Honestly, looking back 30 years, could you have picked many of the technologies that did dominate?Cell phones went from being very rare and and expensive to being very common. Who would have predicted that the most expensive way of making a phone call would be so critical to the developing world? It

How to change my life in the next 5 years

In what ways do you want to change your life? There is how you interact with family, the people you choose as friends, the way you handle romantic situations, how healthy you are, the career you choose.....etc. Whatever the case, here

What do you think the average size of a home TV will be in 20 years?

Modern homes will not have a separate TV....each wall will be smart and will show the picture as needed when you move and face that wall and say aloud or in your mind that you want to see such and such programme or channel....

What do you think will be the biggest inventions of the next 5-10 years?

While artificial intelligence is bandied about as a term all the time, it does not exist as of today. There is no computerized system that meets the Turing Test nor have consciousness , self awareness, or sentience.I predict real life AI will be invented in the lifetimes of many living, but probably not within a

What are the most disruptive changes you think will happen in the next 7 years?

Self driving vehicles and drone delivery is going to disrupt real estate, jobs, oil, the automotive industry and the delivery industry. That's probably the biggest change in this timeframe.Baby boomers are reaching their expiration date, they've controlled US politics since the mid 1970's (for the last 40+

What will be the next big technological breakthrough which will help humanity?

Thanks for the A2A.The other answers I see now are great in emphasizing the Breakthough facet of the question, but aren't as relevant regarding the Next facet of the question. So I'll focus on the

What do you believe will be the next big technological innovation in gaming?

Considering VR is picking up steam, we have eye and body tracking... I think the next major change will be with tactile input. Keyboards and controllers are not the most realistic thing to use for control.Ace that, and then tie it all together and things are going to get very immersive.

If Isaac Asimov was alive today, what predictions would he make for the next 50 years from 2016 onwards?

The Good Doctor was a molecular biologist among his many other disciplines and I'm inclined to think he would have focused his predictions on the many possibilities inherent in our discoveries in genetic research. (After all, this was the man who wrote Fantastic Voyage

Which are the most promising future technologies?

Here, we look at some technologies should be studying right now. One (or more) of these may well be the next big trend in the industry.These are technologies you need to know about right now.1. Robotics and Drones2. 3DPrinting3. Artificial Intelligence

What techniques do you think marketers will use in the next 5-10 years to attract consumers?

Did you see Minority Report?...with the customized adds directly targeting people via augmented reality? It won't happen exactly that way, but the ideas implicit in that world will happen in the next 5–10 years.

What do you think the future will be like 30 years from now?

Oh I have some pretty high hopes for it. But I would first like to establish that this is a highly opinionated and extremely hopeful take on what the world will look like in 30 years.First off, we have my personal favorite science topic, Genetics. In my opinion the leap forward with CRISPR

Do you think the world will see a nuclear exchange somewhere within the next 5 years?

No, not even if North Korea successfully launches a nuke and attacks someplace we care about.The reason is that we have nothing to gain by

Will the Apple HomePod be a success?

I am doubtful about the first generation of this product.Apple is thinking differently again, and is pitching the HomePod as a quality music delivery device. A successor to the iPod, which plays out loud instead of to headphones. This differentiates it from the Google and Amazon speakers which are bargain

Will religion be able to survive next hundred years in the face of fast technological advancement?

Every person doesn't have the best combination of genetics,life circumstances and wisdom.And there is no mandatory wisdom head for every ten people ,like a consultant or mandatory coach  to help with each person's life since ten years old.So things will keep going wrong for most people especially when born in disadvantaged countries and circumstances.Religion is the only

Will the Internet replace the role of school in the future?

Super interesting question.So, around 2000 or so, I read a scifi book which I'm tempted to think was Cyber Way by Alan Dean Foster but on further reflection might have been one of the other books I purchased on that trip (and absent the ability to quickly thumb through it, do not rely on this

What are businesses that could go away in the next 10 years?

Data entry - Better data servers equipped with AI can totally remove this jobComputer science - AI will take away that job because as we innovate in the world we are doing nothing but improvising on previous or competitors products. Like your phones, cars, softwares. They all a re basically the

Why does technology advance rapidly?

Actually, in comprising with our ancestors, we are not evolving to be more smarter. Our advances in technology or other fields are largely based on precedessors' ideas. They have laid the foundation of modern science and technology. What we are doing

Is wearable technology a (future) trend?

A bit obvious , Yes, Wearable is going to rule in technologies future. According to a research firm, In 2015, 39.5 million U.S. adults 18 and over used wearable devices, including smartwatches and fitness trackers - an increase of 57.7 percent over 2014. That growth is going to be continued this year and beyond, with 81.7 million adults

How do doctors keep up with the latest medical equipment and technologies?

Constant research.The same question can be asked of several fields, not just the medical field (e.g. computer science, engineering). When people leave their educational phase (i.e. school), they don't leave education behind. People keep up to date by reading magazines, articles, research papers, etc. In some cases, equipment and technology updates

What do you think about a career as a pilot in the next 10 to 20 years?

Go for it!We are all committed to air travel so make the investment and train to be a pilot.Flying is, and will remain a very important means of travel. It will change, as hydrocarbon fuels become scarce, but it will still be the major way to travel.

What technologies will be possible to invent in 2026?

AIQuantum computers3D printingAutonomous teaching devicesFlying

What do you predict for Comcast for the next 20 years?

Comcast's revenue has been moving towards being an ISP over the past 5+ years.5G networks will be available over the next 2–3 years.5G networks will be faster than most internet service currently delivered by cable.Elon Musk's StarLink will be competing with terrestrial ISP/Mobile

What's the next big change in the music industry?

Well, my hope is that music goes back into the hands of artists who write and play their own instruments. This awful over polished and overproduced garbage all sounds the same and they have taken the creativity out of it. Music is supposed to be dangerous and sexy and risqué and well outside the norm. I

How can anyone have a sustainable career in rapidly advancing technology?

To be frank, it's the High Tech or IT sector which is spearheading all efforts in process automation and thereby making jobs redundant. There is even a highly specialised field called Business Process Management ( BPM ) which focuses on optimizing processes and automating them.

Where can I see the Tirunelveli in the next 10 years?

Surely you can see the city in highly developed level. It is one of the Smart City given by the Govt. of India..

What do you think the next technological age will be?

The Age of Abundance. All of the means necessary to create sustainable abundance on a planetary scale now exist. Unless we screw up horribly-which we certainly could-it's almost inevitable that we will move in that direction. The question then becomes: how smooth and how fast is the path?My proposal

How much technological and scientific change will we witness in the next decade?

AI will really take a flight once we have quantum computers with say 100 qubits at least, that have stable enough quantum coherence to do lots of useful computations. This will take more than a decade. So the coming decade will be kind