Did theory become obsolete?

This is simple way a theory can become obsolete:The scientific method is composed of this basic steps, explained in simple terms. 1) formulate your hypothesis. 2) Make your experiment(s) to prove your hypothesis and 3) compare the results with the results of a control group. 4) write your conclusions and formulate a theory. 5)

Has Tim Cook proven to be Steve Jobs' heir in products and courage?

I don't own anything Apple except an iPhone 4. I'm just an observer. I think Tim Cook will prove to be legendary, in his own distinctive manner. The 'made elsewhere' has not damaged him nor his company. His challenge will be to

Is Tim Cook selling sugar water?

I pre-ordered one of the first Macs. I got it the first couple weeks in Jan. 1984. I also got Mulitplan the precursor to Excel and used it to create fuzzy logic plating control over PC Board plating baths.  It was one of the best investments I've ever made even though the lot cost me almost $5,000.

What are major fitness trends of 2017?

The major fitness trends for 2017 are things we already knew about, but are getting much bigger now.In some cases, like the funny long bar that you shake backwards and forwards (Bodyblade), it's way old tech but has been steadily gaining popularity.In others, like Animal Flow, where you do

What are some lesser known Google Chrome tips and hacks?

This is a short list of chrome short cuts and some of them you might know but there are some new ones too.Do however visit the links below(not related to the answer)1. Create desktop and Start menu shortcuts to web apps such

What are the current bracelet trends?

Jewelry is treated as a beautifying tool that can uplift one's personality. Now days, bracelets are the most trendy jewelry people like to wear. Wooden beaded bracelets, leather bracelets, brass bracelets, beaded bracelets, metallic bracelets are the most trendy styles of bracelets for men that are available in the market.Check out more of

What are the latest B2B trends?

1. Inbound leadsDigital marketingA. Internet Marketing – Web, SEM (search engine marketing – includes SEO and Pay per click advertising), smartphones, mobile markets (i.e. Google Play, Apple Store), email marketing, online banner advertising and Social Media.B. Non-Internet digital channels – Television, Radio, SMS,

What are the latest trends in fitness and technology?

Thank you Oliver Mason for requesting me this question.Technology makes fitness more engaging. Today's people consider technology as a helper in doing sports, 'cause technology helps to optimize workouts, makes them more effective.Apps help to count calories, select the proper workouts. And furthermore, technologies help to pay for this fitness apps easily and conveniently.

What are the latest trends in global automotive HVAC market?

Global Automotive HVAC Industry size is expected to increase significantly over the next seven years on account of growing middle-class population and per capita income levels. Increasing awareness towards comfort is leading to the growth of this industry.Moreover, car rental companies including Ola, Uber, Meru and Taxi for sure provide air conditioning

What employable manual/physical skill will never become obsolete?

The only manual skills that will never become obsolete are performing arts and human to human contact.Performing arts like dance cannot be replace, because there is a pleasure that comes from watching other humans excel in motion. Even the most

What is the best suited Wearable Fitness band?

Best fitness trackers : -Fitbit Charge 3: Best fitness tracker overallSamsung Gear Fit2 Pro: Best for Android usersApple Watch Series 4: Best for iPhone ownersWithings Steel HR Sport: Best hybrid watchGarmin Vivosport: Best for runners, outdoorsFitbit Flex 2: Best budget fitness bandBuy MEVOFIT Bold

What is underrated about technology?

Its ability to undermine our humanity.We depend on technology for EVERYTHING.... almost EVERYTHING.If we keep allowing technology to do everything for us, what will be the purpose of US?Yes, tech has its undeniable benefits. However, overuse and complete reliance is very dangerous. We may get to a point where we cannot survive without electrical technology... all things end in

Which profession will be adding the most value to society in the foreseeable future?

Teachers.We need knowledge. True knowledge, that recognises its shortcomings, that can immediately throw away yesterday's

Which professions are most likely to disappear in near future?

HiThanks for the A2AWe have to look at this from a very fundamental perspective. As you know jobs are broken down into tasks, competencies and knowledge. Out of which robotics and automation can replicate a lot of this to a very large extent. We have seen how legal advice was automated and the AI's response has been

Aside from tracking fitness progress, what do people use wearable technology for?

Some other wearable technology than fitness tracking are:Google GlassGoogle Glass is a pioneer in the wearable industry. It is the perfect example of wearable technology as well! Google Glass displays information in a hands-free format. Users can interact with the Internet through natural voice command and

How to stay updated with the latest advancements and trends in engineering and technology

Here's a briefing on latest technology trends that you might find useful:Technology Trends & Innovation - Anders PinkIt updates every few hours with latest and most popular content from around the web, so you don't need to check multiple sites every day.Here's on one Mobile

The internet, probably the most important technological innovation in the last century, has triggered great social innovations. What kind of technologies will trigger the next social innovations?

To my mind there are generally four main categories of innovation: 1) Connections between people (i.e. silk road, ocean travel, printing press, telephone, railroads, automobiles, internet) 2) Food (i.e hunting, farming, preserving) 3) Sensing (i.e. navigation by stars, telescope, microscope, synthetic aperture radar) and

What are latest trends in enterprise applications?

The use of different technologies to develop the enterprise application is necessary to ensure that the businesses stay ahead of their competition. In the year 2018, many of them remained in trend. IoT, automation, cloud, user experience were some of them. Given below are

What Are Next Year's biggest Fitness Trends?

Next year's biggest fitness trends?? Why follow any fitness trends at all? Those fitness trends are not for everyone. They won't work for everyone. All those fitness companies are not in it for you or your health. They care more about the monopoly. It's

What are some of the latest technology trends of 2016?

Flagship smart phones : Note 7Middle range :one plus 3Cheaper segment : Red mi note 3Red mi 3sLaptop :Mi laptop thinner then Mac book proApps :prismaPokemon goInstagram (latest update )Websites :closing of torrent website .one of theBiggest shock to peopleCars : Maruti Suzuki balleno (under budget)Audi q4New upcoming techs are : VR (virtual reality)Tesla electric carSpaceXSource internet and news

What are some of the major design trends we will see emerge in 2017?

Designing for Bigger ScreensAs always in life, opinions vary: some praise the new generation of phablets and smartphones, some call them

What are some tech trends for 2018?

Here are Top 7 Technologies Predictions That Will Dominate 20181. Artificial Intelligence (IoT)2017 witnessed the marvel of AlphaGo Zero when it taught itself the game of Go became its best player ever in just 40 days. And it did all that without any human data or interference. With the Hanson Robotics Company creating Sophia,

What are the current technology trends?

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine LearningApplied AI and machine learning are composed of many technologies and techniques (such as deep learning, neural networks and natural-language processing [NLP]). These technologies, which are different from traditional algorithms and programs, make the machines intelligent. Gartner predicts that the applied AI advanced machine

What are the latest construction technologies?

Construction is an impactful industry and like everything impactful, it has to evolve with the needs and demands of the modern day consumers. For decades, building materials have been at the forefront of innovation in construction.As soon as steel was introduced, the heights of new buildings started rising. As soon as elevators were introduced, skyscrapers became possible and the

What are the latest IT technologies and trends?

A digital network is emerging to support the upcoming digital business and its underlying technology platforms and IT practices. It focuses on people and the Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints. The digital business evolution is exploiting new digital models to align more closely to the physical and digital world for employees, partners and customers.

What are the latest startup trends in B2B tech starups?

We are well into 2017 now and in the dynamic world of B2B tech startups, being updated to the latest trend is a must. Keeping up with the news encourages flexibility in this ever-changing field.Tech trends for the year, like the one released by Gartner, have been primarily focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine

What are the latest trending gadgets?

There are many trending Tech gadgets to name i'll name a few, which I think , are the latest and best one's or my personal favorites....DRONESAlso known as UAV's (Unmanned Aerial vehicle) , are aircraft either controlled by ‘pilots' from the ground or increasingly, autonomously following a pre-programmed mission. While there are dozens of different types of drones, they

What are the latest trends in computer science?

1 - Quantum computing: Moore's law is failing. Both physically and economically we are at the end of our silicon rope. We are almost at the physical limit of how many transistors we can cram into a chip. This is why over the last few years it has been all about adding cores and better

What are the Latest Trends in Construction industry?

Construction industry often needs devices that work in harsh environment and need handheld Rugged Devices that can work under extreme conditions. Since the devices are deployed at different locations, the industries use a cloud-based device management solution that can lockdown devices to certain apps, websites & content from a simplified dashboard.With a

What are the latest trends in content writing?

Content is a powerful tool and can help in generate leads, drive in traffic, attract followers to your page, blog, account, or website. Dynamic is the word that best describes the current online market. The type of content that was used to make things go viral a few years back are outdated and using them would just make

What are the major fitness technology trends of 2017?

1. Wearable TechnologyTopping the list is wearable technology like fitness trackers, pedometers and heart rate monitors. The market for these products is booming and shows no signs of slowing down; in fact, sales are expected to hit over $4 billion

What are the Top Technology forums?

STADIVM - Tech Forum - Make Money with Cryptocurrency, AI, VR and Blockchain: StadivmIt's awesome for sharing and discovering emerging technologies and ways to monetize them or to simply learn about them and/or educate others. It's an evolving and exciting

What do you think is the next big leap in technology?

When you ask what the next innovation will be you could mean:what's the next innovation that the public will likely see (even though it already exists):5G will begin happening later this yearWe'll begin seeing self driving cars in urban areas over the next 2–3 yearswhat's the

What do you think will be the next big innovation coming from Google?

Google's competitive advantage is in networking, big data and software. They are challenging Microsoft in Operating Systems (OS) with Chrome and Android vs. Windows. They are moving into cloud-based automation with Google Home and home automation. But I think these will become the baseline income producers so that they can venture into new areas. Specifically - Hardware:Robotics

What is the best suited Wearable Fitness band?

Best fitness trackers : -Fitbit Charge 3: Best fitness tracker overallSamsung Gear Fit2 Pro: Best for Android usersApple Watch Series 4: Best for iPhone ownersWithings Steel HR Sport: Best hybrid watchGarmin Vivosport: Best

What is the biggest fitness trend for 2019?

Hi Ralph:Trend?Respectfully, many years ago, I disconnected myself from the

What is the latest tech trend to transform B2B marketing?

B2B SEO and organic rankings in Google are still one of the best ways to increase traffic and market your site or business online.SEO is all about the content you create and how you promote it.No matter what niche market you are in, it's extremely important

What is the latest technology that is trending?

Hi the best kitchen tools you have usedThis is a list I found at the famous site of best 8 alternativesIf you would like to buy products, you have placed the article link where you find product links in Amazon >>>> coolest kitchen gadgets50 the coolest kitchen gadgets that many people don't know about 2018I

What is the latest technology trend?

Here are some of the examples of the latest technology trend:5G Technology: 5th generation wireless systems, or widely known as 5G, indicate the next stage mobile telecommunication standards beyond the 4G standards. It offers faster internet access as against 4G. With

What is the next big innovation in advertising technology?

It could be blockchain. Why? I'll post some excerpts from the article but in order to understand the value of blockchain in business and marketing, you should understand how this technology works. Therefore, please read my step-by-step explanation of how blockchain works first.Challenges that await digital marketing and advertisementTechnological development

What is the next big innovation with cellphone technology after smartphones?

This would only be out of my mere imagination, few ideas that will make us more lazy and most probably more strangers to each other:Soon smartphones might be foldable and transparent, making them even more easier to carry, fun to be with even more with newer features, probably cooled or so (if they can fit it in somehow).I assume

What was the worst trend of your generation?

Smoking. Everyone did it. If you didn't you were weird or considered a little kid. Now, everyone's trying to get clean or they're addicted and can't stop. If I could go back to 8th grade I'd slap myself. Nowadays, I see the same trend among the

What will be some trends in 2017?

1. The Internet of ThingsIn 2017, we'll continue to see advancements in sensors, software and technology that will allow our devices to be interconnected and speak to one another.2. Personalized productsCompanies are going out of their way to touch each consumer and make products tailored to

What will be the next big advancement in cellphone technology?

I reckon when cellphone or smartphone technology merges with augmented reality things will change quite fundamentally. At the moment the phone is clunky, more or less contained within a single unit and needs to be shifted left, right and centre - pocket to hand to ear to pocket

What's one thing you wish had never been invented?

If I could wish for 2 things instead, it would be single-use plastic and cigarettes. I can't decide which is worst so yea.So many people fell prey to cigarettes which caused them to lose their life and money.So many used single-use plastic used which cannot be recycled even though they are

What's the latest trend in social media?

Social Media is the life and soul of today's human populace. Obviously, with the amount of interest it holds in an average human's life, the trends involved with it affects every individual who is in business or otherwise. The impact an Online Presence can have

Which is the cheapest wearable fitness device?

Hello,If you are looking for best wearable fitness device in cheap price then i suggest Fitness Smart Bracelet S06 is the best option for you.S06 is a sport smart Bluetooth bracelet which helps you build scientific exercise planIt can test your heart rate, steps taken, calories burned

Will technology ever advance to the point where animals will be able to talk?

Original Question:"Will technology ever advance to the point where animals will be able to talk?"Define "talk"...If you mean use English, parrots already do.Some highly trained parrots can even use the phrases they have learnt in a meaningful way.If you mean carry on a conversation, do you count sign language?Because there have been numerous

Could smartphones become obsolete in the near future?

Everything becomes obsolete.Laptops for the most have surcome to tablets.Pagers surcame to Textable cell phones.Blackberry is still a very strong company albeit misunderstood by the masses about its security that even the NSA has difficulty hacking today.People want the next best GAME

How has technology changed our lives?

Technology is very powerful and nothing is as good as technology at improving life. Even though this is both good on paper and on the surface there are drawbacks to this. Technology can affect life both positively and negatively. New technology always changes our life very much and takes it to a new level. It

Is Apple going downhill in 2016?

I think the answer to this question somewhat depends on who's asking.It often amazes me how little weight is given to a company's history and known assets as well as the long term (beyond 2-4 quarters) prospects of a company. With a slight change in direction or sign of (possibly temporary) bumps in a company's

Is China putting itself at a disadvantage in the long-run by conducting technology theft like it did on Micron to gain designs that will inevitably become obsolete but causes all other American companies to tighten their security?

Question: Is China putting itself at a disadvantage in the long-run by conducting technology theft like it did on Micron to gain designs that will inevitably become obsolete but causes all other companies to tighten their security?Answer: It's an interesting question that includes an interesting way of looking

Renewable Energy Technology Is Growing Old - What's Next?

Question: Renewable Energy Technology Is Growing Old - What's Next?You have conventional fossil fuel energy sources like coal powered electricity production that has been around for more than a hundred years. That's an old technology. The technologies of coal power kept on improving and today's power production

What are some cool unknown tech blogs around the world?

For a blog to be unknown it means that most people would not know about it.To find it, it means someone has had to put the effort in to search out and find a tech blog that interests them.  If someone

What employable manual/physical skill will never become obsolete?

The only manual skills that will never become obsolete are performing arts and human to human contact.Performing arts like dance cannot be replace, because there is a pleasure that comes from watching other humans excel in motion. Even the most perfect eye-deceiving robot will not satisfy that need.Human to human contact can't also be replaced. whether we

What is the biggest technology frustration in healthcare right now?

Without a doubt it is interoperability. Healthcare systems are large, sprawling beasts that have tons of different software solutions. My organization made a choice early on to try and stay with a single vendor and that choice quickly broke down under the realities that no vendor can possibly come close to meeting all the technokogy needs of

What is the future of advertising?

They say that marketing is effective when it helps marketers to achieve the famous three R's meaning coming up with the right message to the right person at the right time. In theory, it all sounds logical and true, but the challenge is achieve these

What is the next big thing in Python?

I teach the world's largest Python course (Python for Everybody) with over a million students so far. I know and have programmed professionally in >10 programming languages and have taught about 10 programming languages at various universities over my career.I am not a fan of Python per se - I love programming in Python

What will be the biggest web design trends this year?

There are some really good answers here already. What I'll try to do is not just present you with what is cool in web design. I'm going to take you past the obvious to make some real predictions.1. Gestures are the new clicksWe forget how hard scrolling webpages used to be.

What's a technological advancement that would actually scare you?

Angelisa, thanks for your A2A.What scares me most about technology is that it is supposed to enhance our lives; however, in many ways, technology is detrimental to the overall emotional wellness of society. Technological advances which tend to isolate people are not going to remedy one of society's

Which technology company is most likely to end up as the next Nokia?

Just a suggestion : Samsung phones. Reason: its lower end market is being eaten up by many new smartphone manufacturers like gionne, xiaome, one plus one, vivo... And many more. Coming to its high end phones S series, latest models of which have been

Which technology frustrates you?

Now my answer is weird for this question and a lot of people will disagree but still here's what I think.For me millitary technology is the worst kinda! Yes you heard me right. I just can't believe nations spend hundreds of billions

Why don't more people work as programmers?

Becoming a good programmer is incredibly difficult and it doesn't happen quickly.We can't expect to plant some trees and have 2000-year-old redwoods grow overnight, regardless of the demand for them.Personality traitsOne basically has to be an autodidact to learn programming. It takes years of practice to learn everything necessary to get

Will Apple eventually die out?

Thanks for the A2A.It's really hard to say what might eventually kill Apple. It has such huge cash reserves that it could easily sustain some pretty substantial losses before the board (with the interest of the shareholders in mind) endeavored to turn the ship around.The problem

Will books ever become obsolete?

Interesting question! A best seller is what - 2 Million Sold. There are what?, 300 Million Americans. Books are barely viable as is. My friend proudly states he NEVER read one and my brother wrote book reports on Bell for Adano all thru school.The majority

Will doctors become obsolete as technology takes over?

Like other complex professions, this one will have holes drilled into it like a swiss cheese. More and more holes over time, until what remains will be unrecognizable by current standards.Every time such a hole is drilled, those displaced will

Will paper money and coins ever become obsolete?

Physical money is RAPIDLY becoming obsolete as we speak. The vast majority of USD, Euro, Yen and Yuan only exist online now, and the physical money & coins are something that both governments and the users want to do away with but has been technically impossible to do

Will plastic ever become obsolete?

Yes and no. No! To the extent that owners of former landfill sites are sitting on a goldmine of discarded plastic that will one day be mined for  exotic plastics like PBT, PTFE, PC, PA etc. when and if  the oil to make these plastics runs out!  Although by then

Will programming become obsolete as a profession?

Everyone washes dishes too.  Did that ever become obsolete?  Even after the invention of the dishwasher?Did the profession of Cook/Chef disappear with the invention of prepackaged, precooked, individually portioned food products that were freely available just about everywhere on the globe?

Will technology ever make Microsoft Excel obsolete?

Ever use Quattro? Lotus 1–2–3? Visi-Calc?( i miss using quattro, Then again I miss Excel 2003, Oh well)Have you ever used a ledger book or balanced a check book with the little blue note pad that come with your cheques? (my what? you asked, sigh im old) How about doing your basic stats course and having to

Do you agree that the institution of marriage will become obsolete in the next 20 to 50 years?

First, most likely it will become obsolete within the next 50 years by majority. This discussion from me will be short. When I was in my 40's -I met a guy that i wanted to mess around with and he was so fine, polite, Business/realtor- i went on his job and

What makes a cellphone vibrate? Is it a central mechanism, or are there parts located throughout the phone?

Among the many components inside the phone is a small motor. The motor is built in such a way that it is partially off-balanced.In other words, a mass of improper weight distribution is attached to the motor's shaft/axis. So when the motor rotates, the irregular weight causes

Will more people become atheists in the US in the next 50 years?

This is based on nothing other than personal observation, but I'm going to presume hell yes.Many, many churches in my city, independent of denomination, are being transformed into high end condos.Seeing this, one could conclude that church attendance, and it's importance and use in the community has dwindled to the degree that these incredible feats of architecture can