Do cell phone signal boosters really work?

Yes, but it depends on the type you have.There are two basic types:- RF repeaters which transmit and receive your cell's signal. You locate the device in an area that has good cell reception, and it "repeats" the signal to your cell phone. Some devices have an external antenna so the antenna can be located to

How are cell phones sold?

New cell phones are manufactured and packaged in a factory and sent to various locations. Some are sold directly from a store or website owned by the maker (for example, Apple Store). Some are shipped to big name stores like Best Buy or Walmart or their warehouses

When, in your opinion, did Apple become a better company than Microsoft?

It is like asking when did human become better species than dinosaurs. Obviously that question is nonsense, as you can't compare species and who's better.It is the same for Apple and Microsoft. Apple was always way better consumer company than Microsoft.

How to prevent your cell phone battery from overcharging

All cellphones have a charge regulator circuit inside them that manages correct charging of the battery.  You don't need to prevent your phone battery from overcharging if it's inside your phone, and while your phone is working correctly.

Would africa always lag in technological advancements?

Though we certainly can't know how the future will unfold, I think there's clear evidence that Africa can be on the forefront of some technological advances. Let's look at a few examples.1. Given Africa's poor infrastructure, in some cases there is a chance to leapfrog outdated infrastructure used in the developed world and jump straight

Which smart phone is better to buy?

You haven't mentioned any price range. So I am mentioning the usual price ranges.If your budget is Rs. 10,000; then go for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 2GB RAM Price in India on 24 February 2017, Redmi Note 4 2GB RAM specifications, features, offers & reviews | 91mobiles.comIf your budget is Rs. 15,000;

Who will be the next non-automotive company after Tesla and Dyson to make electric cars?

Excuse me. Tesla is foremost an automotive company. It was first named Tesla Motors.Apple's been the subject of speculation for a long time. It would be a hoot if GE made an electric car.

Do you feel the next 20-30 years will be amazing or terrible for the world?

It's too soon to tell, but it's going to be one hell of a ride. First the increase in robotics and tech will take a huge slice of jobs:

How to see people using smartphones in the next 20 years? What improvement can be made in smartphones in the next 20 years

20 years is a long long shot! The best I can even try to have an intelligent guess is like 5–10 years.In 5 years time, Smartphones will match the utility of laptops. While desktop PCs have a special utility in that it is highly modular and upgradeable, laptops are neither as compact as smartphones, nor are

What's the best smart phone with keyboard?

The only phone I can think of is BlackBerry Priv.It has Snapdragon 808 processor.3GB RAMIt runs on BlackBerry's secure Android.It has a slide out keyboard.Otherwise you can wait for the upcoming Snapdragon 820 powered BlackBerry Mercury.

Are cell phones bad for society in general?

There are clearly good and bad points. Most of the "bad" are individual things, like a leading to implications that you are always available for a chat, no matter what time or subject.Good points, especially from a societal point of view is that with everyone having

Is it possible for a cellular phone to be cloned?

Did you mean the content of your phone? For this, the answer is yes. For iPhone all I have to do is make a backup of my phone to a PC/ iCloud, and just restore it to another iPhone. I will have

How to use my cell phone so I don't lose my things

I just purchased tile and it is amazing. You have one on something you don't want to lose and the app on your phone. From your phone you can ring the tile and from the item you can ring your phone. Even if on silent.

How can technology help us?

Technology helps us in so many ways that I do not have the time or space here to provide a comlete answer.Technology is anything that we do or use or make that improves our circumstances, makes life easier, helps us in our daily lives.Our prehistoric progentitors were using technology when they chipped rocks to get a sharp edge

What kind of cell phone does Bill Gates own/use?

We all are familiar with the Android vs iOS battle, both the platforms have their own set of advantages as well as disadvantages and yet, we haven't had a winner yet.

How is mobile tracked using IMEI?

Mobile tracking using IMEI is done via location service and mobile data service. This technique uses GPS to locate your phone.If location service is turned OFF after losing your phone then tracking by IMEI will be hard. In such scenario, you will only get the last known location

Is technology alienating us?

Is technology alienating us?No, technology is bringing millions of people from divergent cultures and countries in touch with one another. The majority of these people would never have interacted with one another if it was not for technology.The problem is the bad etiquette and blatant

What is the best cell phone carrier in the Netherlands?

I would recommend a KPN or KPN-based carrier. KPN tends to have the best coverage, which becomes especially true if you live close to the border like me.For example: I use T-Mobile, and because coverage is somewhat worse then with

When was the first mobile phone invented?

This question had been asked & answered waaaay 2 many times. But I'll answer this again for the last time!Answer

If you were asked to predict where the world would be in the next 20 years, how would you answer?

AI would be flourishing. The world would have much more advanced technology. Think, 20 years ago, computers looked like this:

Are cell phones allowed for active duty soldiers?

Yes.Actually it was generally considered strange and a pain in the ass when your soldiers didn't have a cell phone.This is the most common way the leadership teams would communicate with their soldiers during my term, as a matter of fact.I remember we were preparing for a field training exercise (FTX), and my team was supposed to link up

How does technology make our society alive?

See, it depends on one's own perspective to see the things. Let us not be biased and consider both points of view:Yes, technology is making society alive is somewhat correct. Earlier, we were living in the world where business, sharing thoughts, ideas were quiet difficult. The curiosity of learning new things,communicating beyond the boundary gives wings to the

Why is technology the future of thinking?

OMG, I just had an aneurism. Technology is the epochal limitation of thinking, as the technologization of the individual reduces the possibilities of that human for authentic modes of expression. Instead, the technology demands a certain mode of expression from us, and if we think that a computer thinks just because it can outwardly fool people into thinking

What's the best cell phone signal booster App?

I tried some couple of this kind of Apps, but none works as expected. Check thisDo signal booster apps work? How?

What are some careers that will be coming out over the next 20 years that nobody has heard of yet?

3D copyright Clerks, and lawyers.People say we have to any lawyers now, but they haven't seen the pile of law suits that will be filed against selfie driving cars yet..! A great place to reconcile men's rights over robotics instead of the other way around..! But 3D copyright and patent will be

Where can I see a graph of computing power growth for the next 38 years (2050)?

Moore's law seems to be continued at least till 2020. However, due to power wall the performance of computers do not grow exponentially, unless we find ways to better harness parallel computing. Here is a great book about this:The Berkeley Par Lab: Progress in the Parallel Computing Landscape

Why do some people collect old cell phones?

Nostalgia. Now if I had one of these babies I'd be rocking it 4 ways through Friday! This is the DynaTAC 8000X and back in the day I was selling these for $3,000.00. Cash money! These were the bomb! Handheld cellular phones. If you had one

Why did Microsoft buy Yammer?

My analysis:Yammer is Microsoft's investment in the growing sphere of enterprise social software. There are a number of specific ways in which it could use it:- As a stand alone product, to serve the demand for enterprise collaboration

Why don't Microsoft and Apple join together?

It's impossible and it's not good for growth. Good and innovative products only take birth due to competition between Giants.

Which cell phones do high profile celebrities use?

There are plenty of celebrities. So,If you would have asked with specific name,it would be easier to answer.However, Most of them uses Apple including our Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.One reason is better security that Apple provides and

Why do people look at their cell phones while walking?

Because they don't think it is dangerous, maybe from past experience of doing it and surviving (normally with no harm to themselves what so ever). They may cause harm or inconviennce to others, but that may go unnoticed and thus not change future

What type of cell phone do we love the most?

According to sales, Samsung sold 93.26 million units in Q1 2014, whereas Apple sold 36.30 million units in Q1 2014. As these two companies are the most popular in mobile devices, you could presume that it is a phone sold by one of these two companies. In 2014, Apple sold 20 million

Why are cell phone accessories so popular in the world?

At Wholesale Phones & Accessories ,China Wholesale Suppliers you can choose from a wide range of accessories including wireless chargers, cases and covers ,headphones ,power banks ,mobile phone lenses and more all at one place. Their products are of excellent quality having affordable prices.I have bought from them many times and i would definitely recommend buying from

What is the best cell phone plan for a 5 month stay in Berlin?

All the major players (and plenty minor ones) offer prepaid plans. There's anything from bare minimum, everything costs extra at five Euros a month to 'full national telephony Flatrate with 3GB of data' for roughly 30€, sans phone.Options to check out: Vodafone or T-Mobile (the big boys. If almost ubiquitous coverage is

What are some mind-blowing wallets gadgets that exist that most people don't know about?

I would say WeTheWolves Smartwallet. Although mindblowing might be an over statement it does look pretty cool.

How will the internet change over the years?

What a good question.The internet changes according to what the users want it to do. Social media started with email and has now gone through friends reunited to myspace and various others until Facebook eclipsed them all.At the moment the

How to track someone with their cell phone

Yes, you can. IMEI acts as an unique identifier for a cell phone. Tracking by online tool or IMEI is especially helpful when the SIM card has been replaced and it is possible to track by phone number.How can you track someone cell phone?IMEI makes use of

Does the Pope have a smart phone?

If he does, I have yet to see a picture of him with one. He has spoken against cell phone use at Mass (of course), but also even encouraging folks to put down the cell phones and engaging with live human beings.That said, it would not surprise me if an aide or secretary carried one, if he needed to

Is Microsoft more successful than Apple?

It depends on your perspective. Both are incredibly successful.In terms of net worth, Microsoft is under $300 billion dollars whereas Apple is nearly triple that in value.However in terms of market saturation, about 20% of the world uses a Mac and the market saturation for

How to track mobile phone

As far back as cell phones have existed, people have needed to know how to follow a cell phone area. The reasons for the change. A few people need to keep a nearby watch on their kids or a companion. Others need to

Do mobile phones explode?

Yes. It is possible for a mobile phone to explode.Reasons are very simple. We either use Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer batteries in our phones. And these batteries are capable of lighting fire.Just open the Lithium Ion battery completely and as soon as the Lithium Ion within the battery comes

What are some mind blowing small Inventions that most people don't know about?

Run Flat Tires Are an Important Part of Armored Vehicle SafetyCommercial vehicle run-flat tire inserts market takes into account the revenue generated from the sale of commercial vehicle run-flat tire inserts and provides the volume in terms of units sold covers sales to both automobile OEM and replacement. The study provides the details about factors aiding the