How to track someone's cell phone through GPS

Spoto Locator can be used as a GPS tracking System in India or across the globe.Spoto Locator (GPS Tracking) - Android Apps on Google PlaySpoto Locator simplifies life by making it easy to stay connected to the people who matter the most.With

Can your phone be hacked just by someone having your phone number?

No, or telephone directories would be extremely dangerous :)More seriously though; scammers have been known to take fake ID to the store of a mobile phone company and get a

I have a serious aversion to speaking on the phone due to a year of phone triage while getting chemo. It holds negative feelings and makes me anxious. How do I get past that? (This is a real problem for me, I delay making important phone calls etc..)

My advice would be of course to seek professional help. When you have an issue like this it can be truly crippling which of course is not healthy. I am not a therapist, nor a Doctor. I would imagine anyone

If you are riding in the quiet car on the MBTA and somebody is talking on their cell phone, would you say anything to them or just hope that somebody else does?

Why would you have an issue with somebody having a conversation with somebody else ?Does it make a difference if that person is using a phone to have this conversation ?It does actually. Typically you will hear only one person talking instead of two. So the person

How to call someone with a fake phone number

while your question is a little confusing to me, I'll try to answer both possible versions of it:1. you received a call from some random "fake" number, and want to call them back - maybe to tell them to stop calling you. If that is your

How would you know if your phone has been tapped or linked to someone else's phone and computer?

If it has been done by law enforcement: you would not.It's done at the exchange or network hub. There is no change at all to your devices, and nothing for you to detect. They just take a copy of all the data.Well, actually, you will know when a bunch of people in

If my phone gets hacked what shall I do with my sim card and phone number? Can a hacker hack my new phone also if I use the same phone number in new phone?

Having two-factor authentication (2FA) in place is a good way to keep your accounts safe, but if it's over text, it's not foolproof. SIM hijacking, or SIM swapping, has been around for a while, but as our financial identities exist increasingly online, it's becoming a lot more popular to steal phone numbers and use them to gain

Which is the best smartphone to buy under 20k to 25k?

You would need to consider different aspects before taking a final call on what you would like to go with. Going by user reviews, here are the Best Mobiles under Rs 25000#1 Honor 7 (5.2 inch, Single Sim, 20.0 megapixels Rear Cam, 8.0 megapixels Front Cam, 2.20 GHz,