Do cell phone signal boosters really work?

Yes, but it depends on the type you have.There are two basic types:- RF repeaters which transmit and receive your cell's signal. You locate the device in an area that has good cell reception, and it "repeats" the signal to your cell phone. Some devices have an external antenna so the antenna can be located to

How can your GPS track a cell phone number for free?

A very good site to visit is Its both public and private information. It goes beyond what one source can do for you or what search engines can give you. You'll have access to public records, social media overview, a overall web search, court records,

What is the best Phone to Phone Transfer Software?

Here are 5 for you, just choose the one you prefer:1. Syncios Data Transfer2. Wondershare Mobile Trans3. Jihosoft Phone Transfer4. Mobiledit Phone Copier5. iSkysoft Phone Transfer5 Top Phone to Phone Transfer Software

Can one phone number go to two phones?

Yes, but actually one number can be sent to as many phones as you want.Check out VoiceRules - Global Phone SystemWe have a web app that enables users to do exactly this and a lot more.You can add new numbers or use

Why is calling faster than texting?

I agree, because you can give your precise meaning over a phone call when you can only get a the most basic thought in a text. You can convey so much more in a simple phone by things: emotion, understanding and urgency. Plus, you have instantaneous feedback from the other party. You call

Can I have my lost phone, phone calls come to a different number like call forwarding?

Yes, and no. If your carrier has an option from within their online portal that you use to manage your account, then yes. Otherwise it's no. One of my carriers has an option from within their online portal that allows me to forward any line

Why are cell phone accessories so popular in the world?

At Wholesale Phones & Accessories ,China Wholesale Suppliers you can choose from a wide range of accessories including wireless chargers, cases and covers ,headphones ,power banks ,mobile phone lenses and more all at one place. Their products are of excellent quality having affordable prices.I have bought from them many times and i would definitely recommend buying from

How to get a China virtual phone number for calls and verification

Chinese virtual numbers are easy to come by. However, the thing with most of them is that none of them can be used for verification. Generally, you need a mobile number to use to register, right? Well, most of these virtual numbers offered by various providers are

Which cell phone service will allow me to pick my own phone number online?

Ed Povall makes an important point: many times it depends on the jurisdiction where the phone is sold, registered, or operated. UK law may be different than laws elsewhere. Local Number Portability is the rule in the US, which allows a (landline) subscriber to keep his old phone number when moving residence to a new location. 

How to find cell phone number by name

Finding a phone number by only name it will take a lot time .If you know the following info then it will be very easy to get the number.The person is on social networking sites.The person lives in which state or the number issued from which state.The telecom company of that number.The person

How to check another person's call on my phone

There are lots of telltale signs, but sadly, there's no one set of behaviors. People are as diverse as snowflakes. We all have different motivators and reasons for doing things. You're the only one who can tell whether your husband is behaving strangely.Generally speaking though,

How to find someone with only their cell phone number for free

Use Truecaller. It is an app in android which tell you the person calling you even when the contact isn't saved. The App is Freemium which it has both free and paid versions of the app. The free one access your contact list to increase it number data base. The premium doesn't collect your address book data.

Why does the app on my phone that is used to make calls called 'phone'?

I'm not sure if you're joking, but ok.Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, when I was a little girl, there were these things called telephones.They were wired into the wall with

Can my cell phone have two phone numbers?

Sure there are several ways this can be achieved.The easiest and most common way is to get a multi-sim phone. You can get dual SIM up to quad SIM phones. Each SIM is active simultaneously and can be from different network operators. Your phone will

Why do we hate making phone calls?

It is more of a millennial thing I think. As a kid, I'd spend hours on the phone every day that I wasn't outside playing. We love to communicate as people, but we found an easier, less stressful or invasive way

Which phone brand is the best?

Samsung is the best phone brand.The best Samsung smartphone of 2018:Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: the best smartphone.Samsung Galaxy Note 9.Samsung Galaxy S9.Are you looking for the best Samsung service center in Mohali from where you can get the best service of your Samsung product? Get in touch with Ace Care,

How can i track my android phone if i lost it somewhere?

please read,pardon me for this may not be the direct answer but i am sure it would help.

Can I use two phones with the same number?

I've been in this industry (as a business-owner and Network Engineer) for almost two decades - and I believe the answers are technically correct; and, clearly more than

How to block the phone number tracking my phone

How are they tracking you? I'm not aware of any service that allows members of the general public to arbitrarily type in a phone number and

How to forward calls from a cell phone to another cell phone

This has to be one of the most overly-broad questions I have ever read...Who's your service provider? What kind of phone do you have? Does your service provider offer call forwarding? If they do, do they charge for it? If your phone doesn't have

What do I do if all I have is a cell phone number to find out if I'm being scammed?

did you buy something?all you have is a phone number? is it a landline number or a mobile? (mobile worse)no email address or physical address?.mobile numbers are notoriously hard to pinpoint due to the avail. and ease to throw away. never buy anything from anyone unwilling to give you the landline number, and

How and where can I find all my old cell phone numbers?

If you stored them on SIM card you can easily find them there. If you stored them on the mobile storage section and you suddenly formatted your phone, then you can't find the number you are looking for.

Why are prison phone calls so expensive?

Because the phone companies pay the state for the privilege of providing phone calls to prisoners. What this means is that the families of prisoners are paying part of the cost of their loved ones being locked up. This is in effect an extremely regressive tax levied onmsome of the poorest people in the US.The

Someone called their own cell phone number from my phone number. Is it possible that they hacked my phone?

It is not possible to hack someone only by calling,It is really impossible sim card is only hacked by coping your sim is that given to anyone If you are satisfied with my answer please subscribe me on youtube channel Top 10 future Technology by Apple.Must Watch.

Is it possible to get someone's name from their phone number?

One way is Truecaller. Just search the number in the app. Here you go: Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS, spam block & payments – Apps on Google PlayIf you have some groups in common in WhatsApp, then you May be able to open the persons info from there and the

Can I have two phones one number?

By using Google Voice you can cause two phones to ring by calling a single number. Outgoing calls can use either the actual number of the calling phone or the phone number from Google Voice.

How do prepaid mobile phones work?

The SIM card contains a number called the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity). When the phone turns on, uses the radio network to register with a database called the HLR (Home Location Register). Activities such as making calls, sending SMS or connecting to data services are checked against this database. Topping up the account also connects to this database.

Is there a way to track the location of a cell phone by its phone number?

As a user you can't. Only network providers can do it. All cellphones when ON are registered to the nearest BTS(Base transceiver station). So by knowing the BTS to which it is registered the network operator can know the area where the cell phone is right now.

Has someone else tried iPlum app? Does the iPlum phone number really work everywhere in the world?

This is one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with. Issue after issue and bad customer service. There is no phone number to reach anyone; even though they are a telecommunications company , unfortunately.I recently downgraded my plan and was given a message that said I will be

Is there a directory of individual landline and cell phone telephone numbers?

If you want to search anybody Phone number online then totallookup is the best site where you can people search by just entering the name of that person. It is the very easy way to search anybody number.

Which cell phone provider is the best in America?

Edited and Updated Answer;I understand you want the best coverage for you and your family. It is important to stay connected to the internet and with text/voice services also. As I previously mentioned it more or less depends on where you live. Each wireless

How do cellular phone calls work versus land line phone calls?

In a paragraph, the main difference is that land line phone calls cannot move from where they are, so the route from one user to the other is fixed, while cellular users move, so the phones are regularly telling the cellular phone network central database where

How do US phone numbers differ from European phone numbers?

In general all phone numbers are just sequences of numbers, so from the pure math perspective they all belong to the same class. :-) The most common numbering format is E.164, which basically says a phone number should start with a country code, optionally followed by

How to call a cell phone number in Korea

North K or South K...? North Korea:As of November 2011, no mobile phones can dial into or out of the country, and there's also no Internet connection. 3G network covers 94 percent of the population, but only covers 14 percent of the territory.  Past restrictions included a ban on cell phones from 2004–2008

How to trace a cell phone to its owner

You don't have to.If the phone is branded with the logo of the cell company, you need only bring the phone to the nearest store for that company.  They will get the phone back to its owner.  If

How to start my own cell phone business

Just do it...  If you really have interest,  find out what it takes,  capital involved,  SWOT analysis...  And just do it

How to make a phone call from my phone with a different phone number

If your phone is a smartphone, you could use a VoIP app.But first you'll need to find a VoIP provider that suits your needs (numbers available, location, quality of service, price), register with it, pay for your new number, and enter provider's data (like gateway address, username/password, etc.) into that app. Some providers may have

How to find out who a phone or cell phone number belongs to

Well, theoretically you can find out who's the owner of any particular number, but in this case you will only able to get information from Cellular Service Provider to which belongs the number.But if personally I want to find somebody I am starting with simple saving number to phone and then going to Whats App, Viber or

How do cheap international calls work?

With the increasing trend of people working and living abroad, it is the phone calls that keep people connected to their loved ones back home. Moreover, with the help of cheap international calls, remaining in touch with your family, friends and colleagues is now easily affordable.The Internet has played a major role in making

How can an 'unavailable' phone number/call be traced?

Having worked in the telecommunication industry i can suggest the phone company has record of all the calls with numbers that are originating from and terminating to your phone however privacy guidelines require each telephone company to follow protocols. In many cases if it's not made available to

How to build a cell phone signal booster

Play around with GNU Radio with build a simple repeater. In some jurisdictions like ours, this is not authorized without proper type approval. The frequencies are also licensed and need permission.

How to block a number on an Android cell phone

There are many ways to block numbers on an Android mobile phone. I'm using CallApp, which is a super advanced Caller ID & Block app that is working like a magic. The app can identify spam and unwanted calls and automatically block these calls.

Is tracing a phone call legal?

Depends on who you are and which country you are in, etc.In general, law enforcement authorities and intelligence agencies can trace calls. In some countries, they have to get a judge and court order to do so legally.Some authorized people at the phone company (landline or cellular) can also do so. But,

How to figure out a restricted number that calls your cell phone

My network (Airtel Zambia) sends you a text message when you miss calls while your phone is off. If a restricted number calls, I quickly end the call so they call back...and switch my phone off before they can. Then simply wait a couple minutes, turn the phone back on, and wait for the text message!