How does acting in TV commercial work pay in comparison to other TV acting work?

I have done about 20 TVCs and maybe 50 eps of TV. TV, unless you are a star is a daily rate for the work - lets say about $1k for arguments sake. Look it up on the SAG AFTRA website if you are in the USA.

What American television series are most popular in China?

Most of the answers just list a bunch of shows. I want to answer this question a little bit differently. First, I think most Chinese are not familiar with the major networks. Many people cannot even name the five networks. For example, many Chinese may watch Big Bang Theory for years and do not know which network

Why are there always a bunch of super long infomercials on TV only at hours when no one would be watching TV?

I remember when we only used to have four channels on the television. Although I am appreciative of the fact that we even had a TV to begin with, it became quite tedious, especially during the day.During my schools holidays, I would literally sit through all these TV commercials and watch them

In movie and/or TV credits, what is the difference between producer, executive producer and co-producer?

Producing it is very the title as the people who receive it. Executive producer can be the person who arranges financing. However executive producer can also be the person who takes the project from pitch to completion and somewhere along the line guess the film financed with the help

What are the biggest misconceptions about film and television producers?

HahaI am a producer although my primary role as Director of Photography I work for a lot more Producers than I produce myself.The role of producer is kind of a nebulous one, they are the ones that are usually on board a movie long before the director, cast and crew.  They literally

How do television channels calculate TRP ratings?

Target rating points are a measurement of the percentage of your target audience who view or hear an advertisement. When buying advertising, focus your spending on markets that will allow you to reach more of your target audience -- markets in which you'll achieve a higher TRP. This is especially important for a small

How is television/audience viewership measured?

In fact, those numbers are exactly what Nielsen does. Nielsen does something called population sampling - They record what a few thousand people watch on any given night and extrapolate to the population at large. They choose a representative subset of people, typically filtered to represent population averages for age,

What is the impact of television on kids? What are the things that kids can learn by watching TV?

We stopped watching TV when my kids were quite little. TV teaches instant gratification, and often values you wouldn't want for your child. It shortens attention span, and decreases time to learn skills, interpersonal and otherwise. Certain targeted programs chosen by you can be educational. Otherwise, keep it out of your house. You have to

Who is the highest paid television star?

You did not say which country, so I selected the United States. I pulled these off the internet so maybe they will help. Maybe you'll get a

Why are TV shows/movies so different from real life?

Because they begin and end. All stories can only be told by starting to tell them, and then stopping. But in real life, nothing begins and ends. So stories are inherently artificial by deciding what to leave out and what to leave