What is your least favorite reality show?

I don't like any of them other than shows like 16 & Pregnant and Super Nanny because you can learn from those shows. But shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and all those housewives shows...ugh. Whats the point of videotaping someone else's life to show the world?

What are the best TV shows to watch right now?

There are many shows which one can watch like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things and many more. But these are quite common among people so in my opinion you should try something different. I will recommend two shows:-Money Heist-

Do we ever see any Catian characters on live action Star Trek shows or movies?

Not specifically pointed out as Caitians, but ST IV: The Voyage Home has a being that is likely Caitian (and listed as such in Memory Alpha website,) and they apparently made an appearance in Into Darkness, but I don't remember them.

What TV shows only advertise negative Donald Trump?

President Trump doesn't get much positive coverage from the media or from advertisements (there's a rich Democrat fellow who buys lots of impeachment ads), but I don't know if any major outlet covers him negatively 100% of the time.One thing that you and all

Why are reality shows called 'Reality' shows when there is nothing real about them?

Simple- to differentiate them from scripted shows.If you call them scripted, then you're talking about sitcoms, dramas, etc. Shows with actors and a script. Reality shows don't have that.And you can't call them documentaries or news shows or game shows (even if they can overlap from all three

What are some of the best movies and TV shows on Netflix?

Disclaimer - I will here write about Netflix Original Contents only.There are many good tv shows and movies on Netflix but I will mention only 3 tv shows and movies which are the best Netflix have produced.TV SHOWSStranger Things

What is your least favorite episode of your favorite show?

Phineas and Ferb - "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted"I can't even stand hearing the name and everything about it in it! THEY RUINED MY LOVE FOR THIS SHOW!! Dan and Jeff Swampy Marsh had a terrible idea that time. The school was nothing

Is Bigg Boss a reality show?

Bigg Boss is a reality show based on the original Dutch Big Brother format developed by John de Mol. A number of contestants (known as "housemates") live in a purpose-built house and are isolated from the rest of the world find more about bigg boss Hindi, Tamil and Bigg

What are some must-watch food shows?

OMG. Listen1. Jamie at Home2. Masterchef Australia3. Eat Street4. Nigella Express5. The Little Paris Kitchen6. Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course7. Lorraine's fast, fresh, easy food8. Luke Nguyen's Vietnam9. From Spain with Love10. Man vs FoodYou NEED to watch these. I'd also like to mention The

What is the best sci-fi television series?

Well there is really only one answer. Star Trek. Nothing else comes close.The original series has 50 year old special effects, but it's all about the characters and the stories. If the effects don't annoy you, and they're not all that bad, go with that. Almost every episode has a

What is a talk show?

A talk show is a show that has everything to do with talking. I'll explain this in three ways. Talk shows are a place for people to come talk. Celebrities come on to talk about themselves, or their projects. Regular people come on to share their stories. Talk shows are also a place to talk about

Should I study with the TV turned on?

Probably not it's a huge distraction potential and maybe information overload to do both.I find when I am studying or reading on the web my comprehension and retention is significantly better without the TV on in here but probably not as important to have it off with casual web surfing

What are your favorite shows right now?

Madame Secretary jumps to the top of the list. Blue Bloods is not far behind (both on CBS). Odd, even to me, that they're both standard, network TV offerings, because those types of shows generally need to pander to advertising pressure; to keep things light, generally (though not always) non-controversial, appealing to

What would be George Washington's favorite TV show?

U.S. Farm ReportOn the air for nearly 40 years,

What is the most realistic portrayal of special forces in movies?

Act of Valor used real operational SEALs and live ammo. The movie makers created a fictional narrative through 5 operational scenarios that were based on real SEAL missions in terms of action, if not context.You cant get more realistic than that and it

What is your favorite series of all time?

"NIGHT COURT". Although I have many favorite series Night Court to me is my all-time favorite. The setting was the night shift of a Manhattan municipal court and was presided over by a 30ish year old judge, Harold T. "Harry" Stone (played by Harry Anderson). The series was created by comedy writer Reinhold

How to get on a reality show

Big Brother has auditions every year I believe as well as all the other competitive reality TV shows. Idk how they choose but go in with lots of energy (it helps get you noticed and I heard that's how they choose contestants on The Price is Right TV show) and a sad story doesn't hurt... and

What is your favorite binge show?

Firefly, Dexter and Game of Thrones.

Who is your favorite TV show character? Why?

Mackenzie McHale from newsroom. It was played by Emily Mortimer. Principled, highly opinionated, doesn't care about conventions or profits, witty, a clear example of a leader and she is very beautiful.

Why did American TV shows in Britain fail to rid the British of their regional accents? Is it a sign most British people are so poor they can't afford a TV licence?

According to the TV licensing body, about 95% of households have a TV license.As for regional accents, why should they disappear, and what does it have to do with TV licensing? The reason show US TV shows region accents in London, Manchester, Birmingham

What are some must watch Netflix original series?

1- House of CardsA drama about a ruthless congressman and his equally ambitious wife who navigate the corridors of power in Washington, D.C.

Which comedy TV shows do conservatives watch?

South Park is by far the least cringe-worthy, and I continue to catch episodes of Family Guy even if Seth MacFarland's best work was about 10 years ago with the Stewie/Brian reboots of the Crosby/Hope road movies.But I don't think Leftists either realize how preachy and boring most of their shows

What is the reality of 'reality shows' (singing)?

Look, every TV show has it own format. Singing Reality Show has also its own format. You said,

Why do people watch food shows?

I love to watch food shows.Australian Masterchef and Great British Bake Off are my current favourites!I watch them for the crazy dishes I could never make at home and to get recipes to try at home. Of course, I also love to see the disasters and mistakes.With these two programmes

What's your dog's favorite TV show?

My Belgian Tervuren likes Swat and Seal Team, though he definitely seems to like Seal Team the best (I think he has a crush on the Belgian Malinois war dog). Most other shows he's more keen on the commercials than the action.Swat

What are some not-yet-adapted science fiction stories that would make great movies or TV shows?

Of late, I am enthralled with The Expanse, based on the book series of the same title. Using that as an example, I would very much like to Peter F. Hamilton's The Night's Dawn Trilogy adapted into a 6(ish) season epic scale television series.I would prefer that to Hamilton's Confederation universe,

What are some of your favorite US TV shows?

A few of my favourite American tv shows include:Malcolm in the middleModern familySmallvilleVampire diaries Breaking badWalking dead90210

What are your favorite UK and US TV shows?

Shameless (US)How to get away with murderSouth ParkLuciferGothamLimitlessEmpireYou're the worstCSI CyberMr RobotThe MagiciansMozart in the JungleOrange is the new black2 Broke GirlsMy favourite TV shows of all time however, discontinued now, are:Da Vinci's Demons - 3 Seasons - The most amazing series ever IMOWeeds - 8 SeasonsHow I met your mother - 19 Seasons I think, but you've

What is the best anime show right now?

That really depends on the genre and the length.Looking for an action anime? Go for Fairy Tail if you want 300-ish episodes or go for One Piece (Still Ongoing) for more than 800 episodes.Looking for a harem story? Go for High School DxD. You wont be disappointed in this one. Or you can also go

What is the best Sci-Fi series out there?

I do the think there's a BEST. But I certainly have a number of favorites.Glitch. Netflix original about the dead returning to life like it was just yesterday for them. Drama. I love it.Magicians. A surprisingly refreshing TV show. Magic is real.

What is your 'comfort food' TV show?

The Golden Girls (1985–1992)

What is your favorite 90's TV and why?

Thanks for the A2A, actually I was a lil kid in 90's so mostly series from my home country Pakistan. Most famous were Tanhaiyaan and Dhuwan. These shows were on air before I was even born, 1985 and 1992 respectively but

What is your favorite Canadian TV show?

It's been a little while since its initial release on Syfy, but I really enjoyed Continuum. It's a sci-fi, time traveling, crime drama procedural set in Vancouver, British Columbia. It didn't hurt that I had a little bit of a thing for Rachel Nichols, who played a time traveling cop who is

What TV-show had your favorite ending?

Californication. I loved the main character despite his flaws. His wit and easygoing nature were so relatable.It did not have a perfect ending. The main character had a decision to make, each having consequences.Slight spoiler alertOn the one hand, he can choose

Which military movie shows most realistic combat or Battle?

Most people overlook one underrated movie, on an underrated topic, and that is the movie Waterloo, which was filmed in 1970. Starring Rod Steiger, it created the atmosphere of the last period of Napoleon during the Napoleonic Wars. After he was

Why are so many television shows getting reboots right now?

I think a lot of it can be attributed to network execs being desperate for a hit show to anchor an evening on to compete with the premium channels and online competition (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu). Some of them may be thinking back to their formative years and what shows they

What shows did not need a second season but got one anyways?

13 Reasons Why. It was based off a book and the first season was great but we heard all 13 reasons. The second season was just an attempt to profit off the hit of the first.Hannah's story was told, her last request honored, yet she's lurking around

Which is the best TV series currently?

Not getting into anime, I will suggest a few personal favourites based on the writing, characters and execution; you can judge the rest for yourself:Drama:1. Breaking Bad2. True Detective [1st season]3. Luther4. Twin Peaks [1st season]5. Forbrydelsen [1st Series; Danish]6. The Wire7. Orphan Black [ongoing]8. Fargo9. The

Will there ever be a sitcom as good as friends?

The success of FRIENDS lies in its characters. Ten seasons showed us their development.Chandler went from one who's scared of relationships to one of the best husbands ever on televisionMonica went from obnoxious to the ever lovable huggable hostess.Phoebe went from her weird self to Mike's wife.Ross