What do Tesla Model 3 owners need to know?

I have a series of blog posts for new EV owners that covers the typical things new EV owners need to know like charging, planning road trips, driving dynamics. Its part of a program our Tesla Owners Club has for new owners: Co-Pilot Manual - Electric Moose

Where can I buy a cheapest Tesla Model 3?

There is only one way to buy a spanking brand new Model 3 and that is from Tesla itself. Since Quora is an internet service and you posted the question here using the internet then you already possess the ability to initiate a brand new Model 3 purchase.If you

What car competes most closely with a Tesla Model 3?

Chevy Bolt has a 60kwh battery does 0–60 in 6.5 seconds and starts at $37k with a fully loaded model for $41k. Sure this is above the opening price point of $35k for a Model 3 but Tesla won't be shipping entry level cars for a while as their cash flow issue continue. Tesla is

Will the Tesla Model 3 be able to charge on the Tesla supercharger network for free, forever? If so, how will Tesla deal with the increase in demand?

Having almost two years and Tesla's official announcement pass since this question was posed, we can make a better answer. Tesla has said the Model 3 will have hardware for supercharging. Enabling the function may be an uncharge.

Did Tesla Model 3 outsell all other car models?

At the moment, pre-orders are closing in on 300K.If Tesla manages to build 300K in its first model year (which is unlikely), it will have a chance at breaking into the top ten for US auto sales. In 2015, #10, the Toyota RAV4, moved 315K units. The #1 seller, the Ford F-Series, sold 780K examples.

Will it be cheaper overtime to own a Tesla Model 3 over a gas powered car of a similar price?

It has,already proven to be much cheaper to own and drive any electric car. The,savings in fuEl ,oil changes, transmission brakes and exhast all add up.Not having to get smog testing and tune up ate,also important. No having to stop at gas,stations but being able to charge,at home,while

What is the story of Tesla Model 3?

The future... This is the car that has been and is moving humanity away from fossil fuels. While there have been a lot of other cars that have shown the concepts viable (most notably Tesla's other offerings of Model S and X and of course the original roadster), the enormous pre-demand

What are the major downsides of the Tesla Model 3?

It is impossible to say yet, but I'll play devil's advocate.As described, it does look very appealing, but there is some question as to how exactly (and if) Tesla is going to deliver what they are promising. Merely the combination of 215 mile range and $35k starting price requires them to

How will the Tesla Model 3 be delivered?

Delivery varies state by state right now. Some people choose to travel to the factory ("the Mother Ship") in Fremont, sometimes from across the country, to take the factory tour and absorb a little "essence of Tesla" during the experience.

Why is the Tesla Model 3 so much better than the new BMW 3 Series?

It's electric. Especially for children, gasoline cars are annoying because of the fumes, which also smell terrible, which is a plus for the Model 3.Also, they save you money. In one of my earlier posts, I showed that the Model 3 saves you about 6,000 USD, considering that you keep your car for 80 months like the average American.

How to buy a new or used Tesla Model 3

To buy a new Tesla Model 3, you go to Electric Cars, Solar Panels & Clean Energy Storage | Tesla and configure your car.You can custom order a new Tesla Model 3 at: https://3.tesla.com/model3/desig...Eventually, you will also be able to buy a used Model 3 from the Tesla Certified Pro

Do you think a Tesla Model 3 or a Toyota Camry would go for more miles?

Most any car can go 1M miles if you keep repairing it. Whether to do so is a question of cost. Too many people give up on cars early because of false logic, figuring why spend $$ when the car is

How much does it cost to insure Tesla Model 3?

I don't have a Model 3, but I spend about $1,000 per year to insure my 2014 Tesla Model S P85. It has about the same value as a Model 3. That's in Idaho which is a lower cost area than many.

What salary do I need to buy a Tesla Model S?

I purchased a Tesla model S in 2013 for $70K. Paid $7500 down, and took a 72 month loan at 2.9%. Monthly payment was around $950, but since there was no gasoline bill, no maintenance cost, virtually no registration fees in my state,

Does the new feature 'Dog Mode' in Tesla Model 3 mean that dogs can now drive?

The official position of Tesla is that dogs cannot drive. But sales people and Musk's own PR statements frequently contradict this official position. As long as the dog keeps at least two paws on the steering wheel, the car will continue to navigate autonomously even as the dog is distractedly humping your leg. This allows you to relax

Will you buy a Tesla Model 3?

As I see it Tesla's priorities in approximate order are:-1) Survive Financially.2) Make products.3) Design new and improved products.4) Fund and deploy expansion.5) Keep customers happy....It is not that customer happiness isn't on the list, just that some things in particular 1)

Will Tesla be able to create the Model 3 for its advertised price?

Yes, they will absolutely do it because that is what they committed to. What will happen, though, is it will be after the 200,000th car has been sold and the federal tax credit is reduced.

Is the Tesla model 3 really a good value?

If you have the money to buy the performance version, YES.If you have the money to buy the premium model, YES.If you have the patience and the money to buy the standard model, YES.I have an Altima 2017 and was going to change for a Land Rover Discovery Sport

What new features does the Tesla model 3 showcase?

From a tech standpoint there is a bunch of impressive stuff going on.But from a user feature standpoint, the only thing I'd say is REALLY new, is the full dashboard air vents. It's an awesome advancement that is clearly superior and will shortly be standard on every car...oh wait, you can't do it on a car with a

How many Indians have reserved Tesla model 3?

Officially Elon musk have not declared any individual number. Only total number of preorder declared yet.Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed Sunday that the Model 3, which was officially unveiled March 31, racked up 276,000 preorders in less than 72 hours. But as

Should I get the Tesla Model S 75D or the Model 3 Performance?

For me, I think the decision would pivot on size and handling. The Model S is a much larger car, which can cut both ways-might need the space or might be more can than you need or can fit in your garage. The other is handling. While the S has remarkable handling, its still a 6000

Why is there no Tesla Model 3 review on YouTube despite its launch?

This is as close as there is (so far, only employees have had their Model 3 orders filled): Exclusive: Tesla Model 3 First Drive Review - Motor Trend

Why isn't Tesla going to produce a cheaper car than the Model 3?

One must understand that just getting to the Model 3 and making it is an incredible challenge. They are basically trying to go as fast as they can without breaking things.There is a place for a less expensive model, but Tesla must walk before it runs.

Why is reserving a Tesla Model 3 a good idea? It takes a $1000 refundable deposit.

My answer assumes this is being asked by someone today (4/5/2016) that has not yet pre-ordered.  I'm going to go against the flow and say No.  Here's why:It's going to be a long, long time until you actually get your car.They predict to ship in

For ~$45K today - a used Tesla Model S or a new Tesla Model 3?

At one point I thought about trading my S for a 3. In fact, I put down a deposit, but cancelled the order.Why I didn't trade:After 50k miles, I still have 95% of my original range, but I would be losing half the car's value on

Would you prefer a Tesla Model 3 or a Toyota Mirai?

Neither one would be an option for me but I'll tell you what would work for me.I have a farm and I normally drive a 3/4 ton pickup specifically a 1998 Dodge 2500 4X4 with a Cummins Diesel. This truck get worked pulling heavily loaded trailers (17 5X6 round bales of hay, farm

Why is the Tesla Model S so much more expensive than the Model 3? Would I be wasting money to buy the Model S now?

The reason that the Model S is much more expensive than the Model 3 is because the MS is a premium, luxury sedan, while the M3 is a more affordable one.The Model S has many more features and a higher performance than the Model 3. Here's a comparison:Model S

Is buying a Tesla Model 3 a smart decision compared to alternatives?

If you have the money, it's a great car.If you don't, you can still get the benifits of an electric car with a cheaper one. They are not as nice, but not as expensive. And you can always trade up later to a used Model 3.Though before you

Is pre-ordering Tesla Model 3 a good investment?

It's not an investment - it is the first step of purchasing the car.Aside from some collector cars, a car is not an investment - it is a depreciating asset. You buy it for what you get out of it, not because it is a good investment.Personally, I do not intend to have a non-EV

If Chevy can't offer as much as Tesla (supercharging network, autopilot, safety, luxury) then why did they price their base model higher than Tesla's model 3?

My mom used to always tell me never answer a question with a question, but in this case, it just seemed the right thing to do.Since when has the price of a car had any direct relation to what the car company can offer?I once bought a Mazda B2300 pickup truck (in 2001) for about $10

Should I buy a new Tesla 3 or wait and buy the VW electric wagon?

Buy the Tesla - or more to the point - get on the waiting list.The Tesla batteries are known to be good.They have already encountered and resolved alot of the ptoential issues, which VW have yet to address.You get access (although have to

How much will the Tesla Model 3 cost in India?

Cost of the US-spec variant of Tesla MOdel 3 is USD 35,000, while the India-based model could be more costly because of GST imposed on fully developed units (CBUs). As of now, the luxury segment cars are drawing in 28% GST and a cess of 15%, accordingly making a sum of 43%. This may turn the

Will the standard battery Tesla Model 3 sell better than the more expensive version?

Definitely.The only difference between the LR and the standard is a longer range and better seats, meaning the car experience that everyone loves is still there.Then in the investor conference, Elon said

If Tesla isn't able to get their Model 3 into mass production, will they go out of business?

Tesla must achieve its Model 3 production goals to be profitable in 2018 but a particular level of Model 3 production is not necessary for the business to succeed.Tesla is already mass producing the Model 3, S and X at the Fremont, CA

What are the differences between the Tesla Model S and Model X?

The two vehicles are very similar-they share a common platform, common drivetrain technologies, common UI, similar options and design cues. The difference really comes down to one being a sedan (really a hatchback) and the other being an SUV so the vehicles really have two different

What's it like to drive a Tesla Model 3?

Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky, but a great guy and Autobloggreen journalist Sebastion Blanco did: Check out: "I rode in the Tesla Model 3 tonight"- I rode in the Tesla Model 3 tonight

How has Tesla Model 3 treated you so far, pros and cons?

Model 3 has been very good to me.As far as I am concerned, the only con to a Tesla Model 3 is how much it costs, and for some people who live in a setting where they can't charge their car at home or at work, an electric vehicle

When will the first customers get their Tesla Model 3?

Nobody has ever suggested that Model 3 production would start in June, 2017. Volume by late 2017 is Tesla's best guess at the moment. There are some indications that they currently believe this to be possible.However, unlike previous models, top of the queue this time

Is tire wear as bad on the Tesla Model 3 as on the Model S?

The Tesla Model 3 weighs roughly 1,000 pounds less than a Model S, so you can certainly expect greater range out of a set of tires.

Would you buy a Tesla Model 3 after seeing the launch?

Yes. I wanted to see the car at least before I put the money do. I think the car looks beautiful. A great combination of all the 3 cars before it. The price is attractive, the base package attractive and

Could leasing give Tesla Model 3 a big boost?

This is like telling a guy with three apples and ten interested customers that he should let me borrow his apples. That way he would have 11 interested customers and get some money from the interests as well.Great advice, wrong audience.

Is Tesla Model 3 the electric version of what Model T was to petrol cars?

We'll see.If they make 14,689,525 of them and they wind up costing $5,014 each then yes.Calculate the value of $360 in 1927. How much was inflation of $360 in 1927?Ford Model T

Should I buy a second hand Tesla or wait for the Model 3?

As of today (August 2017), it can be a tough call! The major differences between a brand new Model 3 and a used, in-the-same-price range ($50k–60k) Model S are these (IMO):Size - the Model S is a larger car and has much more trunk space.Age

Is it good to buy a Tesla car?

That is a very broad question. It can be answered better by what particular aspect would be good.Here are some things that you can interpret how you see fit.Tesla is a zero emissions vehicle. There are enough sources for producing clean electricity, and no matter how you look at

Why does the Tesla 3 have no model marking in the back? The Tesla Model 3 only has a Tesla logo.

It's consistent with Tesla's minimalist design strategy but a big reason was that Tesla felt that it would be confusing to continue with the way things were done on previous models.On the Model S and Model X, there are designations that indicate battery size, as well as whether the vehicle is a performance model,

Will news of the Tesla saboteur bury news of Tesla missing Model 3 production targets?

No, because the details won't be known until long after Model 3 production is running smoothly. It will take that long for the perpetrator to be brought to trial.