What is it like to own a Tesla Model S?

As others have said, it's amazing. It has exceeded my expectations and I can't imagine going back to a regular car.OverallIt does a shocking number of things very well. It's fast and handles well. Yet it's a big sedan that is a

Does everybody at Tesla drive a Tesla?

Here's two answers.The first includes deductive reasoning using publically listed numbers. In 2014, the second full year of production of the Model S, they built 32,000 cars for the entire global market. In 2014, the factory alone employed over 8000 people. They also have a

Where can I buy a cheapest Tesla Model 3?

There is only one way to buy a spanking brand new Model 3 and that is from Tesla itself. Since Quora is an internet service and you posted the question here using the internet then you already possess the ability to initiate a brand new Model 3 purchase.If you

What car competes most closely with a Tesla Model 3?

Chevy Bolt has a 60kwh battery does 0–60 in 6.5 seconds and starts at $37k with a fully loaded model for $41k. Sure this is above the opening price point of $35k for a Model 3 but Tesla won't be shipping entry level cars for a while as their cash flow issue continue. Tesla is

Is the Tesla model X worth the price?

No one can answer this accurately, for you. You have to answer that for yourself. You should not base your opinion of value on what anyone else says.Do your own analysis. Always. I don't care if you are buying cutlery or a car. Get educated on the product and make your pros/cons

I need to create a Simulink model of Tesla Model S. How could I do that?

An entire Model S? I think you need to model it subsystem by subsystem. Pick one function, like the braking function, and see if you can get all the interactions up and running in Simulink. Don't be surprised if you have to wait overnight for some of the calculations to complete.This is how modern automobile

Did Tesla Model 3 outsell all other car models?

At the moment, pre-orders are closing in on 300K.If Tesla manages to build 300K in its first model year (which is unlikely), it will have a chance at breaking into the top ten for US auto sales. In 2015, #10, the Toyota RAV4, moved 315K units. The #1 seller, the Ford F-Series, sold 780K examples.

How much would be the running cost per km for a Tesla Model S in India?

The cost would vary in different states and would also depend on your electricity company and your billing plan.Some states have cheaper power, some are more expensive. Also it depends on other factors, like which kind of billing plan you are under, agro, residential single

How will the Tesla Model 3 be delivered?

Delivery varies state by state right now. Some people choose to travel to the factory ("the Mother Ship") in Fremont, sometimes from across the country, to take the factory tour and absorb a little "essence of Tesla" during the experience.

How is a Tesla car powered?

Tesla cars contain a battery pack, which is made of a combination of series and parallel common 18650 cells that you can also find in a laptop battery for example.This does not power the car's electric motor directly, however. An inverter is used to convert the DC output of the battery into the required AC current for the AC

Why shouldn't I buy a Tesla Model S?

I won't dwell on the ear-flattening acceleration, nor the magic-carpet ride and handling, nor the mesmerizing 17-inch touch screen controls.

Why is the Tesla Model 3 so much better than the new BMW 3 Series?

It's electric. Especially for children, gasoline cars are annoying because of the fumes, which also smell terrible, which is a plus for the Model 3.Also, they save you money. In one of my earlier posts, I showed that the Model 3 saves you about 6,000 USD, considering that you keep your car for 80 months like the average American.

A Tesla caused less pollution than a normal car when its on the road. But do we know how much energy is spent in making a Tesla? When does the environment cost break even? After how many miles?

This is a common question regarding Electric Vehicles. Does the manufacture of a large lithium-ion battery pack negate the environmental benefits of an EV? But to be fair, one must also consider the environmental impact of producing a lifetime of gasoline for an internal combustion car. Both of

How comfortable is the Tesla Model S?

I have a 2017 Model S, and a 2016 Volvo XC90.I'm 6′1, and

How much does it cost to insure Tesla Model 3?

I don't have a Model 3, but I spend about $1,000 per year to insure my 2014 Tesla Model S P85. It has about the same value as a Model 3. That's in Idaho which is a lower cost area than many.

What salary do I need to buy a Tesla Model S?

I purchased a Tesla model S in 2013 for $70K. Paid $7500 down, and took a 72 month loan at 2.9%. Monthly payment was around $950, but since there was no gasoline bill, no maintenance cost, virtually no registration fees in my state,

Does the new feature 'Dog Mode' in Tesla Model 3 mean that dogs can now drive?

The official position of Tesla is that dogs cannot drive. But sales people and Musk's own PR statements frequently contradict this official position. As long as the dog keeps at least two paws on the steering wheel, the car will continue to navigate autonomously even as the dog is distractedly humping your leg. This allows you to relax

Why should I buy a Tesla Model S?

You should by a Tesla S if: You are in the richest 0.5% of the world's populationYou like high quality saloon cars You live in California, or somewhere else with a good charging infrastructureYou like cool technologyYou want to have a somewhat lower carbon footprint than someone driving another luxury car

Will Tesla be able to create the Model 3 for its advertised price?

Yes, they will absolutely do it because that is what they committed to. What will happen, though, is it will be after the 200,000th car has been sold and the federal tax credit is reduced.

Is the Tesla model 3 really a good value?

If you have the money to buy the performance version, YES.If you have the money to buy the premium model, YES.If you have the patience and the money to buy the standard model, YES.I have an Altima 2017 and was going to change for a Land Rover Discovery Sport

What new features does the Tesla model 3 showcase?

From a tech standpoint there is a bunch of impressive stuff going on.But from a user feature standpoint, the only thing I'd say is REALLY new, is the full dashboard air vents. It's an awesome advancement that is clearly superior and will shortly be standard on every car...oh wait, you can't do it on a car with a

Which Tesla Model S should I buy: 85D or 90D?

As an owner of a P85 for the past 2 years, I can tell you that the instant acceleration even of a single motor is addictive and you never get bored of it. If you have the cash, go ahead.  But even a barebones 70S at half the price of a P90D is a helluva car.

How to identify a car's model as the top model or a second class model

Research on internet about the features present in top model exclusively. Example in cars below 10 lakhs touch screen music system is exclusive to top model. Rear wiper may also be included. Sunroof is also exclusive to top models of many cars. Find out for these features.

What will happen to Tesla employees when they close?

A more appropriate question would be, what happens to oil and gas employees after the world breaks its reliance on fossil fuels? Like employees of steel manufacturing in the US, they'll probably have to re-train and get a different job, most likely in the clean energy industry because that's

How much does a Tesla car cost in Europe today?

As you read in other thread's, you forget one big factor in your calculation and that is TAX ! The 67.400$ you mention is without any form of TAX. The reason why they never include tax in pricing in the U.S. is because it's not the same in the

How many Indians have reserved Tesla model 3?

Officially Elon musk have not declared any individual number. Only total number of preorder declared yet.Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed Sunday that the Model 3, which was officially unveiled March 31, racked up 276,000 preorders in less than 72 hours. But as

How powerful is Tesla Model S/X AC compressor motor?

I don't know if you're asking about specs or just how well it works. The specs you can look up but I can tell you about my experience.In Northern California summers, temperatures do hit 100+ for about a week or two total, my S's compressor can cool down the car

Tesla Model S: Given Tesla's policy of continuous significant enhancements, what is the 'right time' to buy a Model S?

I own a Model S, and I love it. I bought it before the announcement of the D, and yes, I did have an incredibly powerful urge to upgrade to get the new features. Then I remembered why I bought the car: I wanted a zero emission vehicle that could

Should I get the Tesla Model S 75D or the Model 3 Performance?

For me, I think the decision would pivot on size and handling. The Model S is a much larger car, which can cut both ways-might need the space or might be more can than you need or can fit in your garage. The other is handling. While the S has remarkable handling, its still a 6000

Is a Tesla model S 75D worth the money?

I think so, but I'm partial. The D is what I tell all my friends to buy because it's my personal favorite.Obviously I can't say anything that violates my NDA, but at the end of the day, owning any car is really about the experience. It doesn't really

Is Jaguar I-PACE better than Tesla's electric cars?

Based on six years of production starting with Model S we have a lot of information on the performance of Tesla.The Jaguar I-Pace is not on the road in a way that can give us a fair comparison other than the posted information.The posted information indicates the

Why are there no importers of tesla model s/model x in India?

So far Tesla hasn't tapped Indian market but Elon Musk, Tesla CEO announced at the unveiling of model 3 that Tesla will enter the Indian market before the model 3 production begins. Customers for all the markets including India,

Are Teslas fun to drive?

I've driven a Tesla and while the acceleration rush was cool the overall driving experience wasn't nearly as much fun as driving something like a Porsche or any good high-end car. The main reason (for me) is that I love driving a manual shift. I like feeling like I'm engaged

How hackable are Teslas?

Not very. You either need physical access to the car or to get the car on a compromised WiFi network (and the last reported such exploit has been shut out) to have a chance. And then the mothership detects the problem when the car

Are Tesla car owners satisfied with their purchase?

Mr. Casters has the factual answer, that Tesla leads all other manufacturers in customer satisfaction. I just wanted to add come context.While Tesla has the highest customer satisfaction, that doesn't mean that Tesla makes the highest quality cars. Their reliability is average. Tesla owners are satisfied with their cars partly from the

How does the driving experience of the Tesla Model 3 compare to the Tesla Model S?

I drove a Tesla Model S 75 (RWD, air suspension) for almost 2 years and I drive a Model 3 now.Model S is a very quick and powerful car. It's a very smooth ride. It handles well. It's quiet. I really enjoyed

How to get a free Tesla

Tesla has a referral program running this summer. Every time someone orders a Model S or Model X, the person providing the referral gets an entry into a drawing for a Model X. They can also get other rewards. However, you have to already own a Tesla to qualify.The person ordering the car gets a $1000 discount. See:

For ~$45K today - a used Tesla Model S or a new Tesla Model 3?

At one point I thought about trading my S for a 3. In fact, I put down a deposit, but cancelled the order.Why I didn't trade:After 50k miles, I still have 95% of my original range, but I would be losing half the car's value on

Why did you sell your Tesla?

I didn't sell my Tesla which is a model S P85 from 2014. I bought it second hand from a friend who upgraded to a P85D in late 2015. So I have had the P85 now for 2.5 years and used it

Is it possible/economical to use a Tesla Model S and the Supercharger Network to charge a home battery system?

Theoretically yes, but I am sure that this wasn't a foreseen application. Say you live next door to a supercharger. You could drive daily to get a recharge, drive back home and use the energy in your Model S to recharge your home battery system. This would probably work, but you

How wise is it to buy a Tesla Model 3?

Today you can't. As a rational buying decision for the future, it is definitely a gamble that the benefits will be greater than the risks, which are substantial.I am on the list, but am well aware it could turn into a fiasco. They could easily go bankrupt, or not deliver

Why is the Tesla Model S so much more expensive than the Model 3? Would I be wasting money to buy the Model S now?

The reason that the Model S is much more expensive than the Model 3 is because the MS is a premium, luxury sedan, while the M3 is a more affordable one.The Model S has many more features and a higher performance than the Model 3. Here's a comparison:Model S