Does India have ecosystem to support Tesla cars?

Tesla will build the charging infrastructure when they begin selling in India. In every country they sold their cars, the supercharger network was installed as well. All that govt of India should do is to provide more incentives for people to buy electric vehicles.

Can Tesla ever make a car below $20k?

No. Which is not surprising since no one else, including all the major manufacturers with R & D budgets orders of magnitude greater than Tesla, are equally unable to do so. Tesla itself is only profitable thanks to the money they take in

Which company is defining the future of electric cars, Tesla or Faraday Future?

I feel Tesla is well ahead of Faraday future in terms of commercializing their products.Faraday future is keeping stuff in the beta prototype stage or not starting a full scale production like TeslaFor the public to accept the car for the price the company claims, the car should be reasonable

Why aren't all cars sold like Tesla's, where the price is always the same?

Generally, the manufacturer isn't the problem. It's dealers. Dealers make all their money from parts and services and a little from car sales. EVs offer very little to dealers in terms of parts or services. There's no oil to change. Brakes last a WAY longer because of regenerative braking. The only fluid that need to be

Was Elon Musk's 'punishment' good for Tesla?

Who knows for real. I personally think that no, as this was mostly a political move and Musk is for Tesla what Steve Jobs was for Apple. It is possible that the history will repeat itself and Tesla will ask Musk to come back when they will loose the market.

Who will be the next non-automotive company after Tesla and Dyson to make electric cars?

Excuse me. Tesla is foremost an automotive company. It was first named Tesla Motors.Apple's been the subject of speculation for a long time. It would be a hoot if GE made an electric car.

Can gas car companies put updatable firmware into their cars as Tesla does?

Yes they can put updatable firmware in cars and they have for many years.The ECU's have flash memory and the programming can easily be updated with the manufacturer's scan tool.  The updates are downloaded from the internet and installed in the vehicles.  They are for specific problems with the functioning of the component involved.

What do Tesla Model 3 owners need to know?

I have a series of blog posts for new EV owners that covers the typical things new EV owners need to know like charging, planning road trips, driving dynamics. Its part of a program our Tesla Owners Club has for new owners: Co-Pilot Manual - Electric Moose

How can the proposed Tesla pickup truck have 300,000 pound towing capacity?

Because the Tesla Model X was did this Watch: Tesla Model X tows plane, breaks record - CNN Video tow a 287,000 pounds. Obviously the two hitch had to be reinforced but the motor is just the normal X's

How did Tesla manage to sell cars directly without dealers?

The answer is very simple: If you run a new company, you have to decide at one point how you want to sell your product. If you decide to set up a dealers network, you demand something from your dealers. They have to set up a show room, train mechanics, maybe put spare parts on stock and so

What's Tesla Motors next vehicle? (2011)

The Model X - more info and a video of Elon Musk unveiling the car can be seen here on their website: should also be noted that Tesla is taking reservations for the Model X with deliveries planned for early 2014. For a mere $40k you

What is the difference between an electric car (Tesla) and a hybrid car?

There is little left to add from all of the other answers, except that certain terms tend to broaden in meaning as technologies evolve.

What is it like to own a Tesla Model S?

As others have said, it's amazing. It has exceeded my expectations and I can't imagine going back to a regular car.OverallIt does a shocking number of things very well. It's fast and handles well. Yet it's a big sedan that is a

Who owns Tesla Motors?

Tesla is a publicly traded company that is traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange (Tesla Motors Inc).  This means that the owners of the company are the collective shareholders who have purchased stock in the company.  You could be a partial

Why did Tesla decide to send a car in space?

The goal of the whole launch was to test the Falcon Heavy rocket and demonstrate to potential customers that SpaceX could successfully launch heavy payloads into space. Musk admited there was a greater than 50% chance that FH would explode at some point, so

What do you think Tesla's next greatest challenge is?

Even though there are now over half a million Tesla cars on the road, Tesla is still small for a car company. Look at any established car company and you will see a broad product line covering every market niche. Tesla has just 3 models. Yes there is more coming, but it

Is the price of a Tesla negotiable?

Nope. You can't negotiate with a web shop, and that's the only way to buy a new Tesla. The Tesla stores aren't actually stores, they're showrooms where you can get help with ordering in the web shop if you need it.With regards to buying "certified pre owned" or demo cars, Tesla

Does everybody at Tesla drive a Tesla?

Here's two answers.The first includes deductive reasoning using publically listed numbers. In 2014, the second full year of production of the Model S, they built 32,000 cars for the entire global market. In 2014, the factory alone employed over 8000 people. They also have a

Where can I buy a cheapest Tesla Model 3?

There is only one way to buy a spanking brand new Model 3 and that is from Tesla itself. Since Quora is an internet service and you posted the question here using the internet then you already possess the ability to initiate a brand new Model 3 purchase.If you

Will Tesla make a profit this decade?

Tesla is really a difficult company to attempt financial analysis on. You have to consider how much they are investing in things like a network of charging stations, a giga factory, autonomous driving capabilities, home solar power storage solutions, and how little time they've had to fully leverage

What is a specific example of Tesla cars lacking build quality?

Here's the list from my Model X:Code: X = SC Fixed, Y = SC fixing & Z = something to be lived withWindowsSquealing windows (on opening and closing) (X)Windows rattling in frame on door close (Y)Front window leaving runners at speed and flapping

Why doesn't India have companies like Tesla?

India has companies like tesla !!India is going through unprecedented transformation as a nation. It's turning into a product economy from a service economy. We are no longer looked upon as an outsourcing destination for availability of inexpensive software talentIf

What is the conversion efficiency of Tesla's roof top solar panels?

We don't know yet.From a Fortune article on the announcement:Here Are Important New Details About Tesla's Solar RoofSolarCity's Rive also said that the company thinks it can get to a solar cell cost of 40 cents per watt over time at large scale, which is competitive with current commodity solar panels. But Rive said

What car competes most closely with a Tesla Model 3?

Chevy Bolt has a 60kwh battery does 0–60 in 6.5 seconds and starts at $37k with a fully loaded model for $41k. Sure this is above the opening price point of $35k for a Model 3 but Tesla won't be shipping entry level cars for a while as their cash flow issue continue. Tesla is

Why do people leave Tesla or SpaceX?

Its all because of the crazy billionaire CEO of both companies. He's the hardest person on this planet to work for and is seen as a replacement of Jobs atleast to some extent.P. S. I don't despise him, but I look

Will the Tesla Model 3 be able to charge on the Tesla supercharger network for free, forever? If so, how will Tesla deal with the increase in demand?

Having almost two years and Tesla's official announcement pass since this question was posed, we can make a better answer. Tesla has said the Model 3 will have hardware for supercharging. Enabling the function may be an uncharge.

How do Tesla dealerships work?

Tesla has no dealerships. That is, honestly, the biggest reason that buying a car from them is so pleasant.They do have showrooms where you can look at a car and arrange a test drive. There are people there to answer your questions. But all sales are made via the web site.

Is buying a Tesla car a good investment in Denmark?

As an investment it does not make much sense. It is unlikely you will sell your car at a higher price in 3–4 years, even if its market price suddenly doubles.Unless maybe if you keep it as an investment only and don't use the car. A used car loses value, and an eletric

If I buy a Tesla Model X now, will I not need to buy a self-driving car in the next 5-10 years?

You don't need an SUV and the Model X is hardly an SUV. If you need an SUV because you need ground clearance to get to your cabin in the woods, fine, but look elsewhere, the Model X is not

Is the Tesla model X worth the price?

No one can answer this accurately, for you. You have to answer that for yourself. You should not base your opinion of value on what anyone else says.Do your own analysis. Always. I don't care if you are buying cutlery or a car. Get educated on the product and make your pros/cons

Do you think Waymo would be able to compete with Tesla?

Waymo is not a direct competitor with Tesla's main line of business, manufacturing electric vehicles. Waymo is rather a technology company for self-driving cars.Both Waymo and Tesla are developing self-driving technology. Waymo's technology is advanced and credible. So far as I am aware, Tesla has

Is it cheaper to buy a used Tesla from or from other sites?

Try googling different websites and checking for vehicle warranties. You can save plenty that way. Also try reading other people's stories on how they have made it more cost effective. Don't buy a car from a random website do your research and always make sure

I need to create a Simulink model of Tesla Model S. How could I do that?

An entire Model S? I think you need to model it subsystem by subsystem. Pick one function, like the braking function, and see if you can get all the interactions up and running in Simulink. Don't be surprised if you have to wait overnight for some of the calculations to complete.This is how modern automobile

Did Tesla Model 3 outsell all other car models?

At the moment, pre-orders are closing in on 300K.If Tesla manages to build 300K in its first model year (which is unlikely), it will have a chance at breaking into the top ten for US auto sales. In 2015, #10, the Toyota RAV4, moved 315K units. The #1 seller, the Ford F-Series, sold 780K examples.

Why are so many people against Tesla or electric vehicles?

I don't know anyone who's against them as such.But Tesla in particular is expensive, they generally have a limited range, access to charge stations is equally limited, charging takes longer than refueling, what'll happen to them on the used market is anybody's guess.

Which upcoming electric cars are most like to challenge Tesla in 2019/2020?

As unconventional as this may be, I'd like to propose that you ask a different question?When you buy a Tesla, you get the Tesla AND a network of charging stations that, in the US alone, looks like this.

Which Tesla cars are self-driving?

None. Its systems at present are limited to driver assistance and convenience features.

What is the story of Tesla Model 3?

The future... This is the car that has been and is moving humanity away from fossil fuels. While there have been a lot of other cars that have shown the concepts viable (most notably Tesla's other offerings of Model S and X and of course the original roadster), the enormous pre-demand

Are Tesla's solar roof tiles the best deal for a homeowner in California?

It depends on your homes orientation to the Sun. If you want to most energy you can produce in a day one face of your roof should face South and have no shade from tree's or other shade. Also if it's a new home and these will be lifetime roof tiles it's really

How much of a threat to Tesla is Leshi?

Zero. Tesla's threat is BMW and VW making better and cheaper EVs in much larger numbers. But that is exactly what Elon wants to spur. For him, it is a win-win situation, since his goal is not personal dominance or wealth, but rather to help a more swift change to non-polluting vehicles.

Which company do you think will catch up and be able to compete with Tesla?

Most major manufacturers, in Europe anyway, are committed to introducing electric models, and cars like the Jaguar e-Pace have arguably caught up with Tesla already.

Is Tesla in decline?

Instead of looking at that story, it would be best to look at stories about Tesla on Seeking Alpha going back many years. Their predictions have been just as dire all along, and consistently wrong.You can go back to 2014 and

Which graduates (which engineers) do companies like Apple and Tesla hire for their electric car projects?

Historically, companies like Tesla and Apple want talent. A degree is nice but they want to see passion and knowledge about what you are going to be working on.An example of this is Brian Bjelde, an aerospace engineer who joined SpaceX in 2003 and became VP of Human Resources. Growth