Is Kerala so backward when compared to the other South Indian states?

This perception of Kerala being backward is understandable(while it is bullshit, of course) and people mostly from north Indian cities develop that mindset once they visit Kerala.Take any of the Kerala cities and juxtapose with the metros in India and one can see that Kerala cities are nowhere near the kind of development cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata

What are some unknown facts about India, its constitution, its politicians, and its economy?

Talking in layman terms, the Indian Constitution is the supreme rule-book that lays down the instructions to be followed for the governance of India. Before India was independent, the Britishers made rules which were known as Acts, the last one being the Government of India Act 1935.1. The

What are Unknown facts about India economy?

Only GOD can tell you those unknown facts, they are unknown to all of us.Some lesser known facts or oft-ignored facts areIt can be safely assumed that size of India's real GDP is actually 1.5 - 2 times the stated GDP. This can be easily observed considering the huge number of cash transactions, presence of unorganized

Why do different states of India have different tax rates?

There are five major factors that affect tax rates, and that's why there are different rates in different states -1] Promoting goods of local importanceConsider the following examples -Thaalis are exempt from tax in Tamil NaduUttar Pradesh is famous for Banarasi Saree, which

What are some of the facts about the Indian economy that I should know?

We can quote a lot of numbers of GDP, growth, and distribution. But that is all fragile - pretty soon, old numbers give way to newer ones. SO that is all meaningless. I think some of the things one should be aware of

India: What are the 40 major problems India is facing today and why?

As many have answered, the problems they have stated (most of them) is to be solved by the Govt. So let me point out some problems to be solved by us, The People.Racism: People from manipur and such places are not even recognized

Can gays/lesbians be good for the economy after all?

Who said homosexuals can't procreate? A group of Gays and Lesbians can well procreate within themselves by artificial means.Real question between homosexuals and economy lies if Gay rights affect economy positively or negatively. To know the answer do read my blog LGBT Rights vs Poverty, Crime, Healthcare, Education, etc by Kapil Rananaware on

Why has India still not become a developed country?

Mostly because of the corruption in our country and lack of good use of human resources. Despite being a densely populated country, our human resources are not well used. Our people are trying to get settled abroad rather than in our country. This mindset should be changed first and help in the development of our country!