What was the American perception of Japan's rise as an economic powerhouse from 1963-1995?

The following is from my personal experience from living in the US during this period. In the 1960's there was an influx of Japanese imports into the US. There was a widespread stereotype of Japanese products being cheap, inferior alternatives to American goods. As time wore on, Japan began to dominate

What are the biggest misconceptions about Japan?

I've answered this question in detail, but I think it's worth reiterating some things.Claim: Eating Lunch on the School Roof is normalVerdict: Mostly FalseExplanation: Eating lunch on the school roof is actually banned in most schools. Generally, students will either eat in the cafeteria

Does Japan have a high emigration rate?

In this day and age the emigration rate FROM Japan is extremely small, when not including Japanese students going abroad for study, work study, employees sent on work assignment, etc.Hidesato Sakakibara's answer to Why have Japanese people started to