Why are women's bodies overrated?

Probably a couple reasons...From a biological perspective, a male partner can be shared among females; they can all reproduce, no competition required. On the other hand, a female cannot be shared among males; one and only one can reproduce with her (every gestation period, anyway). Thus, an attractive female naturally inspires more competition than does an attractive male.

How does it feel to have a 'perfect' female body?

It doesn't feel right, like there should be something wrong or all my measureing tapes or off. I don't think I belive it yet. It's kind of nice through, looking for flaws and not finding any. On my body at least. Now I just hate my face. I used

How many holes are in the female body?

I much prefer the word orifice as the more accurate and communicative word to describe the entry and exit places for the human body. Women have 12 orifices (holes) while Men have 10.I am not counting the skin pores as orifices, even though they are micro openings for the

When does a girl's body stop developing?

It takes time. Let's just put it that way.From the other answers you probably know that there is no specified age that maturity reveals itself. It's different for everyone. Usually girls begin to change during their

Why is the female body over sexualised, exponentially more than that of a male?

After exercising and getting a good body, the equation is crystal clear to me. It is mutual. So we should stop thinking on those lines. When I was 21 years old a very senior colleague of mine during one of those spiritual discussions of