If you were asked to predict where the world would be in the next 20 years, how would you answer?

AI would be flourishing. The world would have much more advanced technology. Think, 20 years ago, computers looked like this:

Why is technology the future of thinking?

OMG, I just had an aneurism. Technology is the epochal limitation of thinking, as the technologization of the individual reduces the possibilities of that human for authentic modes of expression. Instead, the technology demands a certain mode of expression from us, and if we think that a computer thinks just because it can outwardly fool people into thinking

Where can I see a graph of computing power growth for the next 38 years (2050)?

Moore's law seems to be continued at least till 2020. However, due to power wall the performance of computers do not grow exponentially, unless we find ways to better harness parallel computing. Here is a great book about this:The Berkeley Par Lab: Progress in the Parallel Computing Landscape

What are the most valuable skills of the future?

Chameleons use camouflage to survive.Camels are equipped with structural abilities for living in dry environments.Bears use hibernation to outlive the cold weather seasons.Like animals, we also have the skill of adaptation embedded in our human nature...But we have a HUGE DISADVANTAGE!Why?Because we behave like sheep.Sheep

Will cable be replaced by streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) in the next 10 years?

It already had in my home (Well, bachelors' pad to be more precise). A Hulu+Netflix connection is slightly more pricey than a standard cable connection but its worth the premium. We do have a premium cable connection at our place but's rarely used. We

Which company's precence is more important for the whole IT world, Apple, IBM, Microsoft or Google?

As of this moment I would say Google. First let me say why not the others.IBM: IBM is in a weird phase right now. Currently they are restructuring their business model to work specifically on Cloud computing as that is

What kinds of technology will we see emerge in the next 15 years?

There is a lot of speculation on how technology will evolve. What new tools will we use?. From drones to hyperloop trains, driverless cars to interplanetary travel maybe even more so than most people think. Driverless cars are going to go from legal to compulsory

By 2020, how will the IoT change the world? What are the major things to expect?

2020 is not that far away, and I'm afraid we'll not have solved the two major issues by then: incompatible standards, and security.Incompatible standards: this issue tends to be solved later in the adoption curve, presently the vendors are trying to figure out how to monetize IoTs and see no benefit

What is next for the Internet after social media?

I'm gonna throw out a buzzword: "Semantic Web"I think that once we get over trusting the people we know for all of our information and entertainment, we will get back to the business of using the internet for information and entertainment. Once we are able to develop definable patterns in information relationships, it should

What do you think will be the biggest inventions of the next 5-10 years?

While artificial intelligence is bandied about as a term all the time, it does not exist as of today. There is no computerized system that meets the Turing Test nor have consciousness , self awareness, or sentience.I predict real life AI will be invented in the lifetimes of many living, but probably not within a

What will be the next big technological breakthrough which will help humanity?

Thanks for the A2A.The other answers I see now are great in emphasizing the Breakthough facet of the question, but aren't as relevant regarding the Next facet of the question. So I'll focus on the

Will the Internet replace the role of school in the future?

Super interesting question.So, around 2000 or so, I read a scifi book which I'm tempted to think was Cyber Way by Alan Dean Foster but on further reflection might have been one of the other books I purchased on that trip (and absent the ability to quickly thumb through it, do not rely on this

What do you think the next technological age will be?

The Age of Abundance. All of the means necessary to create sustainable abundance on a planetary scale now exist. Unless we screw up horribly-which we certainly could-it's almost inevitable that we will move in that direction. The question then becomes: how smooth and how fast is the path?My proposal

What will be the best way to become rich in next 10-20 years?

The very best way to become rich, and there is no close second, is to choose the right parents. Failed on that one?Okay, the next best way to become rich is to marry a wealthy person. Now, you can actually work that one pretty much

What is the next generation of computing?

Interpret a Competitive outlook Analysis Report with FREE PDF sample: http://bit.ly/2BNXHbrLarge number of next generation memory technologies are under development which promise to meet the growing demand of consumer electronics and enterprise storage systems and applications. Smart phone and other

How will China's culture and influence affect the world over the coming decades?

It will take a similar trajectory to Japanese culture and influence in recent decades, both because of initial cultural similarity and China deliberately following a similar, proven development path and strategy. China is larger than Japan in absolute terms, but the non-China world it relates to will include India, Africa, etc., so

What will be the greatest non-tech/IT careers over the next 10-20 years?

The trade professions - carpenter, plumber, electrician, mechanic - because they can't be outsourced and sometime is always in need of repair, maintenance or installation.Healthcare - nurses, doctors, physician's assistant - people age and get sick.  In the US, the first batch of the huge Baby Boomer generation reached retirement age in 2011. 

What kind of technology will change our world completely in the following 20 years?

The next big consumer craze will be virtual reality headsets. I predict that within ten years they will be as ubiquitous as smartphones are now.We will all live substantial parts of our lives inside virtual worlds that look almost real. Want to meet your friends in

What jobs will be replaced by software or robots in the next 10 years?

Bank tellers, drivers and taxi drivers, welders, fighter pilots, paperboys, and perhaps, teachers

Will YouTube replace TV in 5-10 years in the US?

YouTube will most likely become the go to source for watching content, even more so than now. I know my generation in particular has a strong relation to the popular website. As it stands however, YouTube is not a friendly environment

What could be the most important technological/scientific discovery between now and 2050?

The end of death. We will, I'm fairly confident, find the end to non-traumatic death in a 30-50 year time span.  On this I agree with the head of engineering at Google, Ray Kurzweil.  When death ends, there will be a lot of big issues!Who gets

Over the next 30 years, what industries will not be fully taken over by technology and still be reliant on human decision making?

Here is my simple answer: technology itself. When all the other industries rely on technology, the choices and decisions of scientists and programmers will matter the most to push the technology industry forward. Of course, this assumes that we will not build a meta-machine that can infinitely improve itself in the next 30 years, but given

What are your relevant predictions for artificial intelligence in the next 50 years?

The world is changing at a rapid pace and it is difficult to forecast or predict the future of Artificial Intelligence in the next 50 years.However, here's an interesting Blog that takes a tour across the three top accelerators that are fuelling the

When will the next big technological breakthrough happen?

Cyborgs. 2025. Machines are able to handle an increasing number of complex environmental inputs. We require of them to make decisions of increasing importance. We need machines to do things in areas inhospitable to humans or other natural animals.

What will phones and other devices be like in 2035?

Well, I can speculate that there'll be a popularization of VR devices like the Oculus Rift, and similar stuff Microsoft and Sony are developing for their consoles. A while ago people thought that wearable tech like the apple watch would be the future, but it didn't really catch on.

Will the world be a safer place in 50 years?

Thanks for the A2A.At the rate we're headed, I would think that its a pretty decent assumption. Wars, and deaths from wars, have gone down dramtically over the last decade. Even Colombias 50yr old counterinsurgency against the FMLN is ending. Terrorism will continue unfortunately, but large conflicts are becoming rare.There is always

What will be the next Internet trend?

Next Big Thing for Tech: The Internet of EverythingRapid advancements in internet in which smart devices can communicate with each other by sending and receiving data through network connectivity have given rise to disruptive technology termed as

What does the career outlook look like for future physicians in the next 10 years?

Physicians fees are so highly regulated that they cannot just raise fees unless they start a concierge practice where patients pay a fixed fee per year (my brother's family does this).  There will be more PA's more Nurse practitioners and longer wait times.  If you make something free or less than its cost you will induce shortages.

Which are the next industries which are going to boom in India and having future for next 20 years?

As we all know about the Digital India mission,so according to my point of view, every business is expending on internet so in next 20 years digital world will boom.PS: if your business will not be on internet so there will be chances to get the downfall in the business.So start expending your business on internet.Thanks

What are some study hacks every student should know?

Whether you are an average student or a topper, it's you, but it's on me to guarantee you that the following

How will work and jobs change by 2035?

Several excellent answers here commented on inevitable rise of automation and robots displacing more and more of human labor. However there is also the other side of the medal which has not been mentioned and that is pervasive deflation.In the future, including next

Who is leading in AI research among big players like IBM, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft?

The global artificial intelligence systems spending market is estimated to be valued at US$ 11.7 Bn in the year 2017 and is slated to touch a value of US$ 516.2 Bn by the end of the year 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 46.1% over the period of assessment (2017-2027).Get Sample Report Brochure For More

What professions are likely to disappear over the next five years?

With so much advancement in internet speed and e-mail facilities, mails through post are becoming very minimal. It is nowadays used only for official purpose.Mobile phones have made land lines being less used. Who knows, this may go away in next 5 years, when mobile phones services has free calls throughout the country etc. for lower cost.

What is the future of lubricants (automotive)?

Lubricants is always been and will be important in automotive worldBasically problem with the existing lubricants is that the viscosity changes with change in temperature so when vehicle starts engine has to over come frictional loss due to lubricants.

What will be the next big tech company (like Apple is now) in 2035?

One great advantage I have driving in Silicon Valley is that I get to interact with founders of great companies way before anyone even knows who they are! Due to this unfair advantage I'll refrain from identifying specific company names, but let me share some thoughts:2035 is

How to think the technology industry will change in the next 20 years

People will be fluent in every language. With DARPA and Google racing to perfect instant translation, it won't be long until your cellphone speaks Swahili on your behalf.Nanoparticles will make chemotherapy far more effective. By delivering tiny doses of cisplatin and docetaxel right to cancerous cells,

Assume you can upload your consciousness to a computer. Would you?

Hell, I'd give it a go, with a couple of caveats.Firstly, I'd want to do it toward the end of my life.Secondly, I'd want to be able to wipe my own hard drive once I got bored.

Will Apple be the next Microsoft?

As much as I hate Apple, they've been one of the fastest growing companies in the last 5 years. Their numbers that were just released showed that the iPhone revenues (so this doesn't include computer sales, iPad sales, etc) alone

What technologies can we realistically expect to see by the early 22nd century?

I don't see humanlike AI as particularly likely. In particular we aren't working on robots with the massive amounts of sensors living things have.I do think AI will improve and have more applications but that it won't be as competitive with humans as it is fashionable to think.I think that synthetic biology may have more applications as will tissue

What are the current and future trends of computer vision?

using Machine learning techniques, specially artificial neural networks is one of the main trends in computer vision, which is helping to solve some of the hardest problems of the field.Other hot research areas are motion, 3D Reconstruction and behavior recognition to mention a few

How likely is it that Apple will go out of business by 2019?

I wont say its very likely, but at the same time you can never tell.They do have competition and they are holding up pretty good in both areas Computers and iPhones, but their customer base is upscale. If a new competitor develops for the same market area, for example say Tesla,

What is a more likely scenario in future, Apple buying Google or Google buying Apple? Why?

Lets see..If I answer this ‘query'  the most likely path to happen is all ‘mega' corps collapse into big one mega structure in the not so distant future.And this if Google shallowing Apple or Apple shallowing Google, is relevant to the forecaster collapse just said.As a factor is not a concern but

What will the legal profession look like in 20 years?

This is referring to the legal profession in the U.S., but I can see these trends spreading to other common law countries.The legal profession is loath to change. Just look at how slowly it adopts technology (online filing). Some of that is with good reason --

What kind of technology will we see in the next few decades?

What new technology will come in the next decade?A new technology that will come in the next decade, will be mechanical inventions based on

Will the Internet replace the role of school in the future?

Super interesting question.So, around 2000 or so, I read a scifi book which I'm tempted to think was Cyber Way by Alan Dean Foster but on further reflection might have been one of the other books I purchased on that trip (and absent the ability to quickly thumb through it, do not rely on this