Have you ever seen a student get roasted by a teacher?

I remember I had a physics teacher a few years ago. She was generally shady, but people got used to it after a while. Now and then she roasts someone. Note: this was an all-girls school.We wrote a physics pop

How to get fit and skinny as a high schooler

well 66kg is quite skinny i wouldn't recommend getting more Skinner but well if you are really committed to get more Skinner than that who am i to stop you if you know what i mean :) whatever make you happywell

How to train to run 2.4 km in 10 minutes

That's 1:40 per lap, correct? And your current pace is 2:40–2:50 per lap? That's a big difference.You don't say how much time you have to train before your fitness exam- a week? A year? Also, how much training have you done so

How to approach my crush in highschool

1.Find something you guys have in common, like a certain club, classes or teachers, interests, or a sport.2.Think about his/her interests because no guy/girl wants to talk to a girl/guy who has nothing to talk about.3.Pick the right time to talk to him/her. You probably

How to improve my grades and get straight A's in high school

So you want straight A's, huh? Well here's how you do it, coming from a guy who's only been a straight-A student for a single semester in his life and spent the rest of the time messing around.Let's get started.Get ready to say goodbye to your social life because holy shit you

Is National Honor Society overrated?

By whom, and for what?The National Honor Society, and its equivalent the Beta Club, are organizations created to allow schools to congratulate and reward students for what students are supposed to be doing: studying and learning. Insofar as students see being a member of either organization as desirable, the organizations are doing their job.For a

Is the prettiest girl in your high school still pretty?

no.females are most attractive, generally, from 15–24, then after that they start to age poorly in most races and in most cases. not all, but most.when i think of the top say, 5 in our high school from way back, sure, there's still something there, it's not like they became another person, but...

Should a high school runner run 7 days a week?

Do you need to run 7 days a week? No.Can you run 7 days a week if you want to? Sure.But, if you are going to run every day of the week there are a few important things that you need to keep in mind.One of the

What are some exercises I can do while sitting in class?

Depending on how closely monitored you are, you can either make slight movements such as repeatedly tilting your chair back slightly to exercise your quads (please do not go back far enough to fall over!) or you can do isometrics; e.g., contract the muscles on the top of your thighs (quads)

What are some things that high school girls wish high school boys knew?

Let's see...F*ckgirls exist (Opposite of f*ckboys)Oh yeah, you guys aren't the only ones who keep a list.We are brutal when it comes to d*ck sizes.I heard a guy talking about how he was 7 inches, and a girl who he had hooked up with walked by and said

What are the biggest frustrations of being a high school teacher that ordinary people do not understand?

Every classroom situation is different. One day it is calm and passive and the next day it can get boisterous.No two kids are the same. Each one has a different learning style and most students between the age of 10–13 are volatile. Any minute your best lesson can become your worst. The unpredictability

What do high school girls think of high school boys?

I'm in a humorous mood today, so Jules Bee of Quora's High School Section presents to you: Every Type Of High School Boy**yes, not every high school boy fits into this category, your inner meninist can calm himself.The

What do high school girls think of other high school girls?

Well, we love how much we hate them, if that helps.Highschoolers, especially girls, are usually very self conscious of themselves and often have low self esteem weather they realize it or not.It tends to make a person easily jealous of another. Also girls in highschool can be

What do you learn about girls in high school?

I didn't learn about girls until after high school, but what I learned was illuminating.It's a good thing that girls like boys, because otherwise the human race would not have survived.Boys fart, scratch, belch, and are otherwise purely boys. Boys, though not simple, think

What is the best time during the day to do homework for a high schooler? I have time during my school day (free periods), right after classes and later in the evening.

When I get home from school, I've found that it is best to start my actual homework after I watch one episode of TV.I first begin with whatever the easiest homework is. I try and rank my actual books in front of me to visualize what homework will be the hardest to complete.Soon enough,

What is the divorce rate in people who marry their high school sweethearts?

This question cannot be answered with routinely collected statistics.It depends on:When they married (age). It matters statistically.I knew one couple who were high school sweethearts, she married and had a family with another man and when her first husband died, she and her never-married high school sweetheart got married. Their marriage lasted over 25 years until her death.Did

What is your best advice for college after graduating from high school?

Here are 10 Simple Tips for College FreshmenSpend Money wisely. Don't just start buying everything and anything you see in the stores.Class may seem to be optional, but if you plan on passing lecture is mandatory.Don't buy books until you have committed to the class. Lots

What was the craziest thing you ever did in high school?

I Took a Violin Case to School....with a machine gun inside.The reason I don't tell these stories, is that unless you have similar stories to tell, you will think I am a liar. For those of you who lived similar lives, here is a little memory you may

Why won't my teacher let me explain myself?

Welcome to life in the world of NTs. I wish I could tell you this will change. Hopefully it will to an extent, but the basic feeling you're having? You should probably accept that it'll be part of life for you.What will change is you'll learn to adapt, to work around it. Be cautious; while

As a teacher, have you ever witnessed a student get bullied in the middle of your class?

Greetings,Yes, and it proved to be a pivotal moment of my career.Near Christmas, 1988, my students were discussing their wish lists just before the bell rang.One obese boy whom we will call

Did gym class in high school have a positive affect on your education or health?

When i was 15, we had 8 weeks of weightlifting in gym. I approached it open-mined. I went in with the other skinny kids and did my best next to the football players and athletes. They were benching 180 and 200 pounds. I struggled with 120.But a funny thing happened. I tried. I

Does the high school I go to matter for college?

Yes, I think it does in the US, for a small subset of schools.Just how much is a difficult question to answer, and I suspect it varies quite a bit between different university admission committees.I used to think that the

Have you ever seen a teacher get completely roasted by a student in high school?

Yes, and it wasn't very pretty.Our old Computer Science teacher quit literally a week after the school year started, so they brought in a substitute until a new teacher was hired almost 2 months before the year ended.The teacher who quit is still packing his things for the last week and comes in during one of my class

How to manage my time effectively? I am a high school student in honors classes that enjoys kickboxing, skateboarding, soccer, weight lifting, video games, and having a social life. I also want to make music. What can I do

You need to shelve some of your activities. You really can't do everything and expect to be outstanding in any of them. School, one sport, music and weightlifting should keep you plenty busy. If you want to socialize a bit or ride your skateboard or play a video game, that's fine, but you really need to keep

How common is bullying in Canadian high schools?

I went to two different public schools in BC. Besides slight feeling of division on ethniticy, people generally respected each other. Yes someone in my first secondary school put a condom on my water bottle, but we ended up being friendly, because I knew

How did your high school crush end up in life?

I had to read a lot of these answers before I could figure out how to tell this story, and I may still not tell it the best way. But here goes ...I went to high school in a city near

How to approach a girl (in highschool) that has a boyfriend

There are a lot of people urging caution here. Some even suggest that approaching a girl who has a boyfriend is 'stealing' - as if the girl somehow belongs to her boyfriend - as if she is a piece of property! Well, in most civilised countries, we've now abandoned this idea that

How does high school Lincoln Douglas debate work? What are the rules?

Lincoln-Douglas debates (abbreviated LD) feature two debaters who alternate speaking in increments of 6-3-7-3-4-6-3 minutes to argue opposite sides about a given topic (usually foreign or domestic policy). Rounds are approximately 45 minutes. 6The first speaker (called the "pro" side) is always in favor of the resolution and gives

I had a 2370 SAT, 5's in 6 APs, 2 scientific publications, and Bronze in a country-wide Math Olympiad. Why was I rejected from all the top schools in the US?

Join the club...Did you actually apply to all of the top 25- or just specific ones?Just like admissions - which makes decisions based both on

I hate high school so much. Is that okay? The majority of the people are egotistical and narcissistic and I only have a couple of friends.

A lot of people have hated high school. I went to a high school in a small mountain town in Colorado and thought I was miserable and I couldn't graduate and get out of there fast enough. And I thought I hated most people too.Fast forward to my (years redacted to protect the vanity

I'm graduating high school this year without any plans for the future, what should I do? Should I go to college?

Currently in high school, my attitude at this point is (considering my finances) if I get substantial scholarships, I'll go to college.Plan B: 2yrs community college, transfer to a uniPlan C: go to a college back in my parent's home country (Pakistan).Plan D: 4yrs community college. -> at the same time continuing an internship I have with the school

Is bullying common in high schools in the US?

It is common all across the planet, not just the US. It is so common, it is basically considered normal, because think about it, everyone has been bullied at least once in their life.And before anyone says

Is high school bullying worse than it was 20 years ago or are teenagers just more sensitive today?

No, it's definitely worse today, and I'll tell you why.I'd like to preface this by saying I'm not trying to downplay the hardships of those bullied in high school 20+ years ago. I

Is High School in Korea, all about bullying and hierarchy?

I can only give the International Student perspective, but really, naw.Atleast not in schools like (footnotes for my opinions) DSS (Cringe Anarchy), SFS (Arrogant Elitist Pricks), KKFS (Overrated sports failures), Dulwich (Money grab attempt), SIS (Glotified Public School), KIS (No one loves you), Dalton (BLARG)I really hope none of these schools find me.I really hope so.Because they

Is it better to attend college soon after high school or should one wait a while before going?

You go when you are ready. No one cares if you go or not. No one cares if you are there or not. The only person that cares is you. I went when I was 18... failed the placement exam, got upset, and

Is it better to go college later in life or out of high school?

Go when you have the maturity, knowledge, energy, and the motivation to do your best.For some people, that's straight out of high school. For other people, it's later.Some people have no idea of how much difference a college education can make in their life employment: they need perspective. Some

Is there something you wish you Did or regret Not doing back in high school? If your in high school now, is there something you want to do before graduating but not sure how to go about it?

I regret not telling someone how I felt about her. I found out before I could say anything to her that she left this earth, and now it really weighs on me what I did not do, and what could have been if she got to know me. If she rejected me, well, then it was not meant to

What advice would you give me as a high school student dealing with depression? I feel like it got really bad starting in September, and I distanced myself from all of my friends. Now it feels like I have no one to turn to. No one really cares.

First you need to let your parents know.Second, know that a lot of people get depressed. And it happens for a lot of reasons.Third, you need to decide if this is winter blues (aka Seasonal Affective Disorder) or depression with the

What advice would you give to someone who is going to college several years after high school rather than immediately afterward?

Excellent Question! Now is the time to go explore possible careers for yourself.Rather than have to commit to a major in college with no real understanding of what you want to do - or what career possibilities existed - is what many of us had to do. I chose Chemistry, which was an almost total

What are some common mistakes high school students make?

High school is the time that determines your future to a large extent . I passed out of school last year and I think there are some mistakes students commit -Not studying seriously - Many take the course very lightly at first and don't study well. Later on , the

What are some exercises I can do while sitting in class?

Depending on how closely monitored you are, you can either make slight movements such as repeatedly tilting your chair back slightly to exercise your quads (please do not go back far enough to fall over!) or you can do isometrics; e.g., contract the muscles on the top of your thighs (quads)

What are some things I should know or do before going into high school?

Do band, sports, theatre, ANY SORT of club that you'd be interested in, do it.Don't use a locker. Waste of time. Get a nice backpack, and a nice 2″ binder to keep all your subjects in. Only keep current units in the binder and clean it out

What is some advice on transitioning from high school to college for students who graduated high school a year early, at 16/17 years old?

I graduated high school at 16, and started university just after I turned 17.I think that I would have been better off if I had taken a gap year between high school and university. IMHO 17 is very young to move away from home and be surrounded by

What is some good advice for a high school senior leaving for college soon?

Wait a semester before thinking about joining a fraternity. Many first semester freshman that joined my fraternity really struggled balancing being independent, forming study habits, adjusting to a new environment, and performing well academically. Students who joined during their second semester freshman

What is the best advice you could give a high school graduate who is not attending college?

It is possible for you to outwork those who choose to go to college, and perhaps even surpass them, earnings-wise, if you are determined to do so.There are many trades which are showing significantly more interest, as fewer young people are deciding to take that route

What is your best advice for a high school graduate contemplating college?

If it comes down to one piece of advice, it's aim high. Too many students settle for a weaker college than they might be able to get into. Truth is, the reputation of a college still matters, and some colleges will open doors for you career-wise that would otherwise stay

What is your best advice for college after graduating from high school?

Here are 10 Simple Tips for College FreshmenSpend Money wisely. Don't just start buying everything and anything you see in the stores.Class may seem to be optional, but if you plan on passing lecture is mandatory.Don't buy books until you have committed to the class. Lots of people forget that

What were you doing at age 17?

I was a junior in high school when I was 17, a typical reckless and rebellious teenager with unlimited angst and eccentricity.I studied 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.I was somehow capable of getting up at 5:45am every fucking day and spent 30 minutes

What's the worst gym class you've been to at school?

Hands down. Weightlifting.Not because we had to lift. I was actually one of the top three female weightlifters in my school. It was pretty fun but, dear god, the teacher was borderline pedophilic. Now keep in mind we're all immature Sophmores in high school. Most of us

Why is high school bullying such a popular theme in Japanese TV dramas, animes and mangas?

So far the answers have ignored the most important element of why this is a theme; its because it is mostly not dealt with in Japanese schools.Let me explain, as someone who was bullied in my time in American k-12 schools (to be fair I think most people experience some

Why is no one looking into why students hate school?

They are looking and they do know many of the reasons why kids hate school. The problem is that what educators believe is essential for learning is what kids dislike most.First, the system is heavily invested in memorization and testing. Most are convinced that pushing in knowledge is the best approach to

Are high school graduates ready for life?

       Simply put ;No they are not ready for life, in a way no one is ever ready for life and what it may hold for you. Within the boundaries of life there are people whom are better prepared for what life

As a college student, do you find high school harder?

I found college to be harder than high school. The reason? Because in college as a general rule you can do what you want. Don't want to go to class? Nobody cares. Don't want to do your homework? Nobody cares

As a gay person, what was your experience like showering after gym class?

About as nervous and frustrating as it is for most teenage kids.  We're all judgmental of our bodies.  We're all worried that our equipment won't "stack up" to the guys around us.  We are awkward and painfully disarmed. See, I'm not

As a teenager, what is your biggest fear?

A teenager's greatest fear becomes their reality whenever they lose all their friends. This happens sometimes even after they have tried very hard to fit in, by wearing the trendy clothes, disobeying their parents, going to all the parties, movies etc. and having all the cool gadgets.

College students, how does your high school experience differ from college?

As a Chinese kid who grew up in a predominantly Latino community, I quickly became aware of my place on the ethnic spectrum. Not a bad thing, really. Conversely though, I remained ignorant of my rung on the socioeconomic ladder. Like most of the kids

Did anyone ever use the showers after high school gym class?

It was mandatory that we showered in High School, we had one boy who peeded in the shower's until the gym coach caught him. Then he received the punishment paddle, that's what this gym coach called it. And if their was any horseplay in his gym class, we each would receive, five hit's with the paddle I will never

Do high school teachers love their students?

Most of us, here in Switzerland, do.But as far as I am concerned, it comes in easier to like some than others...The ones who are curious, ask serious questions, or can show a bit of "assumed foolishness" in the way they act, dress or speak - those are the ones I

Do high school teachers often develop crushes on their students?

Yes, and anybody who contends otherwise is being dishonest with themselves and you. I've had many students I found attractive over the years. They may have women's bodies, but they had girls' minds. In addition, it's grossly unethical to exploit your position of authority. I've devoted my

For those who have graduated from high school early, how was it and why did you do it?

I was always a little "ahead" of my peers in school. Not like one of those geniuses who graduates college at 13, but ahead of most kids. Honors classes from 4th grade to 9th grade, always scored well on standardized tests, etc. I was not an especially diligent student

Girls, what do you look for in a guy?

A2AEvery woman is different and they want different qualities or traits in a man and one woman's choice might not be another woman's requirement! There isn't even one common thing that all women of this planet (around 3.5 billion ladies), might like in a man! If one woman likes short men, another one might want

Have you ever seen a student get roasted by a teacher?

I remember I had a physics teacher a few years ago. She was generally shady, but people got used to it after a while. Now and then she roasts someone. Note: this was an all-girls school.We wrote a physics pop quiz and were about to receive our results. It was a generally easy test, it just

How to avoid having to shower after gym class

If it is required, I'm not sure how you'll find any way around this. I suppose you could possibly wrap a towel around yourself and only wash the upper body. You'd still have to strip but you could keep your genitalia covered. I've seen guys at my school do this but we aren't forced to

How to get enough sleep in high school

I'm going to put on my granny panties here and give you youngins some advice.Three words.Don't dick around.Get your work done on time and in advance. Don't wait until midnight the night before something is due to start on it. Don't put off your work until late at night because you're playing games or

How to make my high school UNICEF club different from other UNICEF clubs around the country

I'm glad to hear that you're starting a club! If you want to be a club that stands out, you should try to come up with different types of events. Don't go with the plain old bake sale or any

How to manage to become an athlete in high school and get fit

Personally, I have seen a lot of success with the paleo diet. It helped me to lose weight and once I had done so, I added in more carbohydrates to my diet since I was active enough to justify

How to stay energized and motivated

Its AprilSenior in high school, means only two more months until you graduate, start your Summer Job and then head off to college or the military or some full time job.Relax. Enjoy the last several weeks with your high school mates.PE class is fun: Mind and Body: You can't improve one without improving the other.You are nervous about being

How did you motivate yourself through high school?

You watched Finding Nemo, right?Remember that one scene?You know what I'm talking about.The part when all of those fish were caught in the net, and Nemo and Dory and all of them helped them escape?At first, it was as if they all have just given up. As if they just accepted their inevitable death, passively counting down the

How to deal with depression in high school

Hello, just want to say hi and that I went through depression in high school too. I'm much older now, been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but back then it was ‘just' depression and some emotional dysregulation. I had the ‘gifted' label too, not that anyone cared.This depression is very serious and I'm glad

How to find my high school GPA? Do I have to contact the high school, or is it easily found online

That probably depends on what sort of electronic availability your school provides. The school I am associated with has student and parent portals for communication; the GPA is posted there. The teachers also have electronic availability to the schedules, grades, GPA, etc. of their particular students, so one of my students can

How to start a successful club in high school

Beyond the technical and practical steps in forming the club, it's important to understand the interests of your school. For a club to be successful, it should be engaging and offer value to the students involved. All clubs by definition are social and

How to start up a club in high school

So, in order to gain some experience (and something to show colleges), I would like to start a club at my high school. The couple of problems I am facing, however, are lack of self confidence (which only I can deal with),

How to do schoolwork when you really really don't want to

Many people find school less than fun. The purpose of school is to prepare you to be a capable citizen of your society. Assuming that you won't be in high school forever, look at these assignments as base knowledge for life. You

How to start a glee club in high school

glee club include academic organizations such as a book reading club, math club or writing group, or activity-based clubs such as a chess club, computer club or Habitat for Humanity chapter.High school club ideas may also include a pep club to rally at athletic

How does someone in their 30s who dropped out of high school become smarter? What can I do to learn more and be more intelligent?

First off you cannot become more intelligent since intelligence is ability you are born with and not something that you learn. You can become more educated though. I dropped out of college and yet held jobs that required college education. I simply

How hard is it to not graduate from high school?

Extremely hard.I once heard from a high school teacher here in Pakistan that the education department instructs them to make around 30 or so marks easily attainable so that the overall passing percentage would look good. In Pakistan, you only need 33% marks to pass an exam. If

How many hours should a high school senior in advanced classes sleep per night?

I think it depends a lot on the person. Last year I started off going to sleep around 10, but as the semester progressed I pushed bedtime back closer and closer to midnight. At the latest I'd get to sleep around 1*. I have friends who get anywhere from 3 or 4 to 9 or

How was your grad school experience like?

The fear of failing and the insecurity put me in the hospital and took a toll. What followed led to having to quit a teaching job because wage theft, which I thought universities were above allowing department chairs to commit, was putting me into debt. I am prejudice against all employers now because they have it rigged to make

I am a high school senior. I make > $8000 a month. Should I go to college?

Have you ever heard of the Social Capital, Cultural Capital and Economic Capital?I would say the answer to your question depends on the current balance between these different kinds of Capitals. It also depends if you're contemplating going to college just for the sake of getting a degree or with some specific plan in mind. If you don't feel

I am going to change high schools. Any advice?

I am a little surprised that a high school is arranged around these specific disciplines.  This suggests a very dense city setting that makes possible a slicing and dicing of the population into distinct niches.The traditional broad tracks are trades, fine arts, science and engineering and general college preparation.  Sometimes business and finance are separate. 

I am starting a startup club at my high school. What are some tips for this?

This is one of the best things you can do to demonstrate leadership and initiative on your application.I mentioned it briefly in this workshop, but when it comes to your activities list, admissions committees absolutely have preferences in the types of activities and leadership they prefer to see.Nearly every student has

I attended a large high school and often run into people I honestly don't remember. Why do I always feel so good to see them when they recognize me and make small talk?

Let's be real... you like it because they remember you and you don't remember them. If it weren't the case, you wouldn't have mentioned it. I feel the exact same way. I despised high school despite (tw: annoying humble brag) being

I'm 15. I have 2 anxiety disorders, ADHD, & depression. My problems always came from school, but I still had A's. Now, I'm failing 1 class & have C's in others. I can't bring up my grades & my parents will hate me if they see them. What do I do?

The very first and most important thing I want to say is this: Your parents will never hate you. What you're feeling is the output of your anxiety about failure, school, and whatever else it is in your life that produces that response. And so to the question:What do you do?I typically reply with a

I'm a senior in high school with mediocre grades. How do I go about getting into a good college?

You can do it, but it will take a while. Let me provide a little context first.

I'm a high school senior who has done miserably in high school due to struggles with depression and anxiety, what can I do to get into college?

Wait a year or two. Work then apply to college as an adult of 20/21. It's what I did. I got my GED due to having to do one more semester of classes past graduation if I stayed. I scored high but I wasn't a very good student. Instead I worked for about two years and

I'm about to go to high school senior. Are there any tips for me beforehand?

Congratulations! You've finally made it to the last ladder of the high school climb.Remember to stay focused.

I'm depressed, socially awkward, and going to high school next year. What should I do?

Attend classes, do your homework, try to grasp that most of the other kids are also socially awkward, and see your MD ASAP about getting help for your depression-it's a brain illness, and your doc may be able to prescribe meds and also refer you to a therapist, who can

In my school when I was younger, we had this rule where if the teacher was 15 minutes late we were allowed to leave the class. Did anyone else have this rule and actually follow it? Where did it come from?

I have heard that rule on a college level--and I had a number of profs who advised us to ignore it, because they did not honor it. And on the college level, they didn't really have to.I cannot imagine a K-12 school allowing students to just leave if the

Is it acceptable for a high school teacher to take a break from the subject that he or she teaches in order to lecture her students about her (unrelated to what she teaches) political opinions?

IT depends. If the students come from a class where politics is being discussed and they are continuing the conversation and there are some confusions and other students aren't clear about the political process, then yes the teacher has a right to continue and clear up those issues that are confusing. The teacher can

Is it best to go to college or get a job after high school?

You have to weight the pros and cons of going to college but ultimately the choice is up to you.College is a choice that many students make because it allows them to receive higher education in a particular area of study that they are interested in. Many

Is taking AP tests without taking the class a bad idea because it won't help your GPA?

No its not a bad idea.My HS did not have AP classes for some courses I didnt want to take in college (would have been electives). I took the regular class and bought AP study guides. (Nowadays same info can be had for free

Is there a word or phrase describing the anxiety and depression high school seniors go through?

There's no word or phrase that can describe what you're going through when you're Anoxeric. You just need to calm yourself down and believe that everything shall pass. Once you have passed over that phase you'll realise that you've just

Is there any possible way to study AP Euro 24 hours before the AP test and pass?

I sure hope not.If the exam is worth anything - if it measures a student's comprehension of the themes through European history that underpin current conditions and issues in Europe - then you should not be able to

Should I go to college if I hate high school?

Let me approach the answer a little differently. There are three basic economies in the developed world. One relies on resource extraction such as mining for ore, drilling for oil, harvesting timber or planting crops. There are opportunities for people without an education in this economy but you will probably never become rich unless you hire people with

Should I keep working or go to a university?

Oh boy, uni is definitely different that HS. If you dont want a class before noon, you tell the adviser and they'll try to make it happen (unless you are scheduling late, classes may already be filled to the brim) If you dont like a certain teacher,

Should I skip high school senior year and go straight to college instead?

I went to a friends graduation recently at a community college. Along with the regular college students there were 38 students that completed associates degrees before completing high school I was pretty impressed. I got to thinking if I should have done that. I also

So apparently, I'm in high school and some of my friends were playing beside a group of boys and they said they heard a boy telling his friends that I'm cute. Is this a good thing? And does that boy like me? And what does 'cute' stand here?

Be extra careful when listening to other people rumors.Especially in highschool,when the favourite past time is to create rumours and then laugh.If you like the boy,just go say hi,don't just wait for a rumour to go around that he likes you.Bear in mind,normally when a highschool guy says he

This girl who used to bully me in high school just recently tried to ask me out on a date, how should I handle this situation?

You have two options here.Revenge or Reconciliation.RevengeAccept her offer. Find a romantic place to take her on a date. Order the crab cakes for your entree. Walk home in the soft moonlight. Tell her she's beautiful.After your date she will text you, make sure you text