Why do humans want to live?

we have to survive because we have been born in this world.Only when we try to survive we will come to know how beautiful the life is.Meanwhile, if you go for other option You will miss a lot. Care of parents,experience of strangers turning best

Do you believe that alien abductions were done to make hybrid humans?

Assuming alien abductions are real, I think it would be quite hard to make any kind of hybrids with Earthly life since the most probable case is that life evolved separately on different planets will use a rather different chemical and genetic setup.We humans can't hibridize

If aliens land on earth and say people 5000 years back were much more advanced than people today, how will the current human race react?

Its just my imagination,and has nothing close to reality.If we are 5000 years ahead of the technology we would have definitely found out the 5th dimension and if that happens the aliens have no necessity to reach us we would have already started trade with them.....and even if the aliens are dangerous we have the possibility of time travel!

What kind of animals could grow if humans disappear?

There'd be chaos for years. A lot of animals would become extinct and millions of carcasses would be left to rot. Scavengers and insects might flourish.Many dogs would die but if they were quick enough to form packs then I don't think they'd have to adapt much.Ants might thrive. They

How long would it take 160 humans to repopulate Earth?

In the absence of food-supply constraints (abundant land, etc.) and child mortality, it comes down to how many children each woman can have in her lifetime. 7 is a typical third-world figure. Humans can manage up to 10 with relative ease. Going beyond 10 is

Will humanity find a way to live with climate change?

The people who just love change will find a way to live with climate change. You know the ones:- they started programming computers in 1963; they bought personal computers when they had cassette tapes for memory; they had jobs that paid for Blackberries before iPhones came out. These are the people who

What would happen if a human acquired the knowledge of all humanity?

There simply would not be enough room in your brain for them. As remarkable as it is the human brain really does have a physical limitation to the amount of information it can store. No one is sure but the current high estimate is about 1

Will humans ever evolve to use telepathy?

Will humans ever evolve to use telepathy?I have a feeling that if telepathy evolved, it would be very similar to hearing.Information would have to be transmitted using a physical medium, perhaps radio waves.There would be an organ (or coordinated organs) to transmit information.There would be an organ to receive information.There would be

What would you show of humanity to aliens if you could only show one thing?

We're talking the fact that our entire race's survival rests on this show and tell, right?First, and most important, I'd learn a bit about the alien society: what do they value, what do the aliens hold up as an ideal?Then whatever that

How to describe the human evolution within time

This is oversimplified just to provide an approximate timeline.Primates (6o million years ago) looked like larger rats or today's lemurs. Some of these survived what killed the dinosaurs, along with other small species.Catarrhines (30 million years ago) - tree climbersApes diverged

Does ritual human sacrifice actually produce something out of absolute nothingness, like harvest, better health, or sudden knowledge to better humanity? Or is it all just insane murder and that's it?

The problem with your question is that ritual human sacrifice's function was never to try to produce something out of absolute nothingness in the first place. The purpose of the ritual is to try to convince supernatural entities to intervene on behalf of the community (or at

Could an alien race actually plausibly come to Earth with the purpose of conquering it?

Any civilization that can solve the problems inherent in crossing those interstellar distances would have a mastery of matter and energy that would eliminate all problems of scarcity. There is no mineral they could gain from earth that they could not obtain elsewhere. They would have a level of

What can I read to better understand the human condition?

The book Sapiens: A brief history of humankind, by Yuval Noah Harari.

What are humans going to do when the sun turns into a red giant and eat/burn our polluted planet?

From what I've read, jury is still out on whether or not the Earth itself will be completely destroyed when the sun becomes a red giant. First, the Earth will be farther away from the sun by then (5 or so billion years from now), second, red giant stars can be pretty nebulous so it's

Will religion be able to survive next hundred years in the face of fast technological advancement?

Every person doesn't have the best combination of genetics,life circumstances and wisdom.And there is no mandatory wisdom head for every ten people ,like a consultant or mandatory coach  to help with each person's life since ten years old.So things will keep going wrong for most people especially when born in disadvantaged countries and circumstances.Religion is the only

What is the next species going to dominate the earth after Humans?

The next dominant species without a doubt will be the Feline Species. They have been having a ball while evolving and have been through quite an extreme level of evolution.It won't be a surprise if they would be walking on their hind legs within a time of ten

Will humans domesticate other animals over time?

I'd like to add to Cyrus' answer about the Russian foxes that, as a result of that interesting experiment, many of the specially bred foxes became house pets and their numbers have grown as they have been subsequently bred by their owners, just like cats or dogs.

If every human disappeared from Earth, would the animals suffer from depression?

I briefI'm the first who is to admit that there would be the problems in a post-animal world. Sure, there might be green algal blooms would cover the entire face of the planet – most of the land and sea – and all plants would remain uncropped

Will humanity survive?

No. All things come to an end."In some remote corner of the universe, poured out and glittering in innumerable solar systems, there once was a star on which clever animals invented knowledge. That was the highest and most mendacious minute of 'world history' - yet only a minute. After nature had drawn a few breaths the star grew

If aliens visited Earth, would that help or hurt humanity?

If aliens visited Earth, humanity would benefit a great deal- assuming we survived it. We can imagine all of the alien invasion scenarios where we are exterminated- even the War of the Worlds/Independence Day scenarios where we are on the brink of extermination but miraculously saved. But let's set aside all of that and imagine a

How would the world react if we had genetically modified humans that were superior to regular humans in every way?

Nothing would happen. We already have, brilliant scientists, world athletes, etc. Some are celebrated, some do great things and get hardly any recognition for it. The general public doesn't feel the need to be, super smart or super athletic, they just like being average. And, as average will always remain the norm, there won't change much.

How long will/might humanity last?

Humanity has always had it's ups and downs. Seriously, that's just true. And our survival at any level is a matter of probabilities.About the global warming thing: it's now completely contaminated by dishonesty on both sides. When someone who's taking part in anything resorts to dishonesty

How will humans look 10,000-100,000 years from now? Do we have any scientific models on how our body, brain, mobility, etc. will change over the next 10,000-100,000 years?

Based on the evidence we have, you could make a case for head size going in either direction. Most of the other predictions are equally shaky. Sexual selection will probably have a stronger effect on future human faces than natural selection will.First, we should note that average human head

How long until humans evolve?

Evolution is a process that involves generations. Evolution goes as fast as the follow up of generations. Humans need many years between generations. Some bacteria in the right environment 20 minutes. Mice can produce in a favorable environment ten generations in one year. Perhaps it is possible to

Do you believe humans are special?

All animals have special qualities that enable them to survive. Will Bond outlines several human specialties, but does that make us special? Only to ourselves, I suggest. Birds can fly unaided. I've read that rats make better parents than us on average. Many animals can run faster, have greater endurance, have more acute

How would you describe human nature in 2018 to an alien visitor to Earth?

Upright walking apes evolving toward abstract thought, equality and monogamy, though we are still fighting instincts for emotion based decision making, hierarchy and polygamy.It is actually possible that rationality is unnecessary for survival and can be counter-productive to it.

How long would humans survive if all fossil fuels disappeared?

This wouldn't be a matter of survival as much as it would mean an extreme shift in civilization, especially if alternative sources of energy haven't been improved.I guarantee you that people would not be just throwing away those plastic storage containers anymore, and we will need

Why didn't all monkeys continue evolving into humans?

Questions like this show why there needs to be better education in science. If you understood the concept of how Evolution works, you would understand that evolution is not a linear process where species metamorphosize from one to another, but rather a process

What will happen if everyone stops working?

If everyone was to stop working, the whole of the nation would collapseYou take it, everyone from Power station staff, sewage managers, food outlets, would have no one to help monitor their activity. They would malfunction, they would make errors, they would do all sorts without someone where to moitor them.

What will happen if the entire human race is suddenly wiped out?

There is a documentary series called LIFE AFTER PEOPLE that explores this in depth. In a nutshell, the planet takes a short-medium term hit as infrastructure like Power Plants (nuclear, coal, hydro-electric dams) fail, then recovers as it gradually devours all trace of human activity. Usually, after about a thousand years, there isn't much

How long can humans live without DNA?

You cannot be a human without DNA. That is the original egg would not develop. There is not way to remove the DNA from a human. You could damage the DNA by various means and then the human would die.

Is it possible that we Humans are robots made by aliens?

Yes.It's also possible that the universe was created 5 minutes ago in its actual state, with us having memories of years and decades of our own history that has never happenedIt's also possible that we're all dreaming and death is just waking up into an entirely different reality.Does it matter, though?Your problems are

In the actual event of an alien invasion, how long would humanity last?

Here we go.As far as motives are concerned, that's not as easy as it may seem. It can't be natural resources, since these are abundant throughout solar systems. Asteroid mining is a completely reasonable perspective, even from our own standpoint.The logical conclusion would be that it has

I hate the human species. Is that bad? Explain.

I had a very good friend who was from a very poor background, but he was brilliant in his studies achieving first on the class every single year of his studies. He was very helpful and went out of his way (a long way) to help people some

If alien life contacted our planet and asked us to send 5 people to prove the worth of the human race, who would you send?

If alien life contacted our planet and asked us to send 5 people to prove the worth of the human race, who would you send?Our purpose should be to send those who best understand morality and the possible moral aspirations of our species. If the aliens are morally mature, then that

Is humanity going to last much longer?

I think so. Life force is stronger than we know. Life survives, life prevails. Maybe it won't be in the same setting, i.e. cities or above ground, but it will continue.

If extraterrestrial aliens do exist, what might they want from us human beings?

Consider the relationship between human beings and ants. What do humans want from ants? Mostly, we want scientific knowledge. There is a small but significant scientific community devoted to the study of ants. A quick google scholar search shows that there have been over 5,000 scientific papers

Do you like humans or animals better?

Animals... They don't go around giving their opinion about everything.. They don't nag, insult or degrade you. They don't steal, cheat, and lie to you. They don't have malice intent. All they want, is your love and attention. They will love you with everything they have in them. Some would die, just to protect you. They have pure innocent

What makes a human successful?

Successful person is the one who knows he cannot take anything when he dies. He who knows helping others with out expecting anything from them. He who knows there are even plants and animals on earth that are alive

How would an alien race exterminate humanity?

Get humanity addicted to technology, have it replace normal social interaction and slowly take over what they are exposed to through it so they can be directed to do the aliens bidding. Get them to the point where they merge with the technology, losing most of their innate, individual humanity. Open the back door that

Do you think that InSight on Mars shows that science is greater than religion and human is better than 'God'?

You put a tiny weeny vehicle on Mars, which was put in its place ages ago by God and you say human is better than God.Religion was never supposed to put a robot on mars. And religion is not something which helps in putting a robot on mars. You are comparing apple and oranges here.

Would you rather be reincarnated as a human or another life form?

A2A: Mankind, regardless of its subspecies or particular religious persuasion, is the highest physical expression of THE INTELLECT OF GOD in nature. All life has the ability to perceive AND to react; however, only man has a higher moral sense with which to choose and discriminate among more readily perceived alternatives.Look at