What did humans look like 1000 years ago?

People were shorter and, on the average, smaller. If you look at armor from the plate armor age (even later than that), it's noteworthy how much smaller overall they were. Sometimes the armor of grown men was downright tiny.That said, there were six

Do we (humans) live on the Earth or inside the Earth?

We stay on earth and not in the earth(worms and marine creatures stay in the earth). Since earth is round in shape. we are on the earth with gravity current. If you dig deeper in the earth, you might find a other end.

If an alien looked and acted human and came to earth how would humans react?

If they did indeed look and act like humans (assuming they smelled normal, and so on), we wouldn't think twice about it. We'd react just like we react to any other human. To us, they would be humans.I'd of course have to note that this is impossible, unless they changed

Who was the longest living human in history? How did he/she live so long?

Maftei Pop, Romania, dead 1952 age 148, see Death Certificate.Povestea celui mai longeviv roman din istorie: Barbatul care a trait 148 de ani:Ilie Stamate, Romania, dead at 145, see British Pathe film when he was 138 years old in 1966138 Year-Old Man In RumaniaWith question

How long does the human race have left?

Very thought provoking question. The answer will depend on what you want to believe.An optimistic person may see things as being better in the future.A pessimist will succumb to Hollywood's scenarios of the future; unavoidable apocalypse.A realist will believe we can try to fix the damage humans have wreaked, but knows that NASA is searching for a

Why were humans created?

We are in this world because we committed a horrendous crime, and this life is our chance to redeem ourselves, denounce our crime, and rejoin God's kingdom.It all began a few billion years ago when "a feud arose in the Heavenly Society" (Quran 38:69). One of the high-ranking creatures, Satan, entertained supercilious thoughts that his God-given powers

Could humanity survive if we lost electricity?

This was the answer I gave for the question:

If humans disappeared, how long will it take for the pollution we left behind to dissipate?

Pretty much never.We are now in a geological age called the anthropocene. Human activity has permenantly reshaped the earth, and traces will be detectable for billions of years.On a simpler level, we could look at evidence of civilisation itself.Could an Industrial Prehuman Civilization Have Existed on Earth

Were Neanderthals humans?

Neanderthals were the first people that lived in the cold climates of ancient Europe.  Let us look at the climate of that time.  Glaciers covered much of the continent, the weather was generally cold and wet, and the diets of these people were not up to par with

If aliens do exist and are superior and more advanced in technology than humans, what's keeping them from interacting with us or even dominating us?

Dark ForestAny alien species who knows about us is certainly not going to tell us. They are afraid, and rightly so. We should be too. Both species will be suspicious of the other. Both would rightly consider the other to be an existential threat. Even if

Can humans survive 3 times earth's gravity?

I agree humans are a very adaptable species.But there can be 3 scenarios possible in this caseif there is sudden surge in gravity for a short while, humans will face some problems, but the human race will continue to survive.If there is a sudden and sustained surge in gravity, the whole ecosystem

What did the early humans do to survive until today?

Often they didn't! But while many other animals have better eyesight, are stronger, faster, have better natural armor they lack crucial features, especially culture. Culture provided them the ability to control fire, manufacture tools, defensive structures, and most importantly to accumulate that knowledge and pass that knowledge on to future generations.As an

Why do we humans let evil people be successful?

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.Read more at: Edmund Burke Quotes

How would human religions react to contact with an advanced alien race?

Religions, like nearly all phenomena, will adapt to this change. After all, religions evolved and are still evolving.I anticipate our first contact will have as many responses as there are religions on the globe. Some will refuse to accept that the aliens exist, others will ascribe them to God as a divine way to test us, still

How can mankind achieve Utopia on earth?

By striving to understand and appreciate ourselves for what and who we are, and by learning to improve ourselves in every sense. Realtime human germ line editing looks as risky now as Stephensons Rocket, Salks vaccine, voting rights for women, electric light and myriad other things

Are humans an extraterrestrial experiment?

The idea isn't very new and relatively popular amongst science-fiction authors. But, in all honesty, I'll stick to the Occam's razor - Wikipedia principle that the simplest solution is often the correct one.Very simply, humans exist on earth because ... it is

Are we lucky to live on planet Earth?

It's hard to say. It seems like a pretty nice planet with a fair amount of variety and interesting places. It has been stable enough, at least in the last 10,000 years or so, that you can more or less live out your life without being at risk of a huge catastrophe.

Did humans evolve from other species?

7 million years ago the ancestors of modern humans and the ancestors of modern chimpanzees diverged from a common ancestor. These were all

Can humans and animals together win a war against aliens?

Modern warfare is a recent invention of humanity and used by the Deep State to maintain their absolute power over the great mas of people by enforcing artificial scarcities of every type.In the novel 1984 by George Orwell (Eric Blair (yes that

Can humanity be placed on this planet for the food of an alien race?

Humans as food for extraterrestrial species? The great debunking in eight steps:Humanity has developed via the process of evolution here on Earth. The similarities between the DNA codes of every life form on Earth and Humans are the final proof after every paleontological findings of our ancestors bones.We, here on Earth already have started to sometimes even

What if monkeys did not evolve into humans?

What if monkeys did not evolve into humans?What if pigs couldn't fly? What if rocks weren't edible?Monkeys did not evolve into humans.

How would an Alien profile human beings?

Here is my attempt..-------------------------------------------------------------------------Mara,Tomorrow you will leave for your mission to reach planet Earth. You are one of our bravest commanders and have previously led a number of similar war missions. But before you start,

Will humans invade an alien planet and commit mass genocide of their species?

the answer is yes in a waysee now this might be the possibilitypossibility (1)100 years later humans discovered a planet and its just 4 lightyears away and and the humans then have interstellar travel speedsthey reach the planet in 10 years and before theve gone there we did some research and found out that the planet has abundent

Can bees kill humans?

Yes. Maybe not with a well placed headbutt. But if you get stung enough you will die. How much is enough depends on how sensitive you are to bee stings. One might do it. Or thousands. But yeah, it can happen.I recall a news story about a trucker hauling beehives who wrecked. He was stung

Could human-like aliens actually exist?

"Could human-like aliens actually exist?"I'm assuming that you are speaking of intelligent beings, so we'll theorize on that basis.Remember, if they are on their home planet they're not aliens- if we go there we're the aliens- but I get what you're saying. Of course it's possible for intelligent extraterrestrials to

What would an advanced alien civilization think of Humans who think the Earth is flat and space is fake?

If they have the equivalent of anthropologists... (Xenopologists?) I'm sure they'd be fascinated. A bit of study would show them that primitive people on Earth thought that the Earth was flat, and perhaps primitives on other planets might have as well.It's an entirely forgivable idea, for people living in a relatively-confined,

What other Earth species besides humans might extraterrestrial visitors initiate first contact with?

It is possible that extraterrestrial life would contact whatever life here is most similar to themselves, under the assumption that intellectual life on other planets would be like them. It is also likely that alien life from a comparable planet would look similar to the most common body type here on earth

Why haven't humans evolved to grow wings yet?

flight is the most energetically expensive form of travel, and needs the entire rest of the physiology to be tailored for flight. In particular, flight requires as little mass as possible with a large wingspan and ability to rapidly move muscles. This

What if humans were stuck on Earth?

Unless we invent some serious tech, we ARE stuck on Earth.The odds are pretty strong that global warming will put our species at risk within a hundred years or sooner.If we cannot control, or at least slow, global warming then we'll probably go extinct.The ‘fate' of humanity will be to watch the seas die in

Can humans really survive without eating?

the body can handle water fasts (when you drink only water quite well). i have done plenty of these, every few months apart or so, and they are in fact very good health benefits to them. i have done about 3 that have been 20 days long. you have to

What do aliens think of humans?

Humans must be crazy. They keep reproducing despite limited resources and destroy the living conditions on their own planet without having anywhere else to go. Highly illogical. Better keep them from spreading to other worlds.

How would humans react to meeting aliens?

Of course, it would depend greatly on the circumstance. I first encountered aliens as a child when I saw a UFO. I can't recall anything much more than seeing the disc over my head and watching it for a few minutes until it shot off.It was May of 1963. I

Why are human beings living only on Earth?

We haven't yet developed the means to travel to other planets, let alone terraform them so they'd be hospitable for human habitation.There have been a few planets discovered in far-off solar systems that may support human life, but we're nowhere close to being able to send a manned mission to them.Thus, humans are stuck on Earth

Did aliens engineer us from a mix of their races and earthly monkeys?

Wow! That's a new one on me! Where did you get that idea? I don't think they did, but even if they did, Why? Why mix with monkeys? Why not with elephants? Much more important question for me is why did the

You are an alien disguised as a human on earth. What are some things you do/say to convince everyone that you're definitely not an alien?

I'd be so crude and/or lewd that everyone would be 100% sure I'm human. I'd be sexist, racist, homophobic, yet entitled and self-righteous. I'd drive poorly, not use my signals, hog the left lane. I'd cut people in line in public venues and not say hi

Are humans evolving as we speak?

I'm not opposed believing we do evolve knowingly or not. There is no set pace. For those that feel they're

When will the human race leave earth?

If you mean space colonization, it's simple: when it's cheap enough to.Right now, lifting materials into space is expensive. It takes a lot of fuel, time, and technical expertise to get things into space, and all of that costs money. And while it's cheaper now than it once was, lift cost is

What would happen if humans stopped reproducing for 30 years?

Society would collapse.  Population would plummet and the ability to recover would also plummet.  Social security would be over without an entire generation in the workforce.  Anyone childless and over 20 would probably never have children.  Many more between the ages of 10-20 would never have children as they would all

What species would dominate the earth if human became extinct?

This answer is short. The same species that currently dominate the earth.We humans aren't the main coloniser of this planet. We don't even fit in the top 10.This planet has and always will be dominated by bacteria. It's not even close, bacteria species are on and in everything, everywhere.If you're thinking that bacteria don't count

Could there be humans on other planets. Not aliens but humans?

The twists and turns that lead to life, and us, evolving on this planet we're numerous and unique. Take for example the fact that we have plate tectonics, a characteristic unique to Earth in this solar system and perhaps essential for life

When sci-fi depicts violent alien invasions to Earth, are we as humans, reflecting on what we would do with an alien race if we met?

Although I think the question is too broad and makes too much of a generalization, I also think it contains a lot of truth.Humans are a unique peak predator species on our planet. If one looks very broadly at the history of our species and the different ways we have lived and the different forms of culture,

Would human beings become the most dominant species if dinosaurs weren't extinct?

Human beings wouldn't even be here if the dinosaurs weren't extinct, and neither would monkeys or wolves or elephants. Prior to the extinction of the dinosaurs, mammals had already been around for a very long time. In fact, the earliest mammal-like reptiles precede the dinosaurs by quite a long time. The earliest ancestors of

Can humanity or humans survive forever in underground bunkers?

It is possible for human beings to live forever underground.1) They clearly have no choice. Do it or die.2) They must be absolutely independent of anything (light, air, food etc) outside.3) They must have planned years to do this and constructed a hermetically sealed

Should I be scared of human extinction?

No. Really not. There isn't any plausible way that humans could go extinct any time soon, unless a comet half the size of the moon slams into our planet. And the odds against that happening in your lifetime are astronomical (literally). :)Disease never wipes out everyone - there are always a few resistant individuals. Nuclear war