What is riding a bicycle like in the Netherlands (compared to other countries)?

I can only compare the experience between America and the Netherlands on a non-competitive regular person level. In America bikes seem to be considered something which is either sports equipment or for children. Everything in America is centered around cars. All of the infrastructure is for cars and the culture

Why don't the Dutch wear bicycle helmets, despite riding bikes everywhere and all the time?

Environment. Cycling is not the same everywhere.If you perform an activity in a dangerous environment, you are more likely to take precautions to avoid accidents, and to reduce the consequences of accidents than if the same activity is performed in a safe environment.If you are an engineer, you are likely to wear a helmet on a building site

What are some things the outside world would be shocked or surprised to learn about Amsterdam?

I'm an Australian living in Amsterdam, these things - all small - really stand out for me (I'll update this as I think of more):School finishes at midday on Wednesdays. This is so parents can spend more time with their kids, and many employers allow parents to go home at midday on Wednesdays.Amsterdam really

Why cycle in Amsterdam but not in London?

Amsterdam is a cycling paradise. There is no reason *not* to cycle. No hills, cycle lanes, loads of options for parking the things. Amsterdam's canal network makes car driving basically nonsensical as urban transport. Amsterdam also has pretty cool trams.London is 600 or so

Which place is known as the Netherlands of Kerala?

Alleppey and Kuttanad together can certainly be compared to Netherlands {Holland}. In most of peoples opinion it should be known as the Holland of the East.Both Netherlands {Holland} and Kuttanad are miracles. While Holland is a miracle of human