What qualities does the perfect woman possess? Why are these qualities needed for her to be considered the perfect woman?

This is to me and my standards only, you may or may not agree but perfection , like beauty , is in the eye of the beholder.My interpretation of a perfect woman is geared towards having a long term relationship.She should be moral in her actions, she should be able to know what action is right and

What does the perfect woman look like?

In all honesty, it depends on what impact I'm going for. I'm not trying to be wishy washy, but

What makes the perfect woman?

You get what your vibration matches. It's not about perfect, nothing in this life is perfect, perfect could mean different things to different people. Your thinking has everything to do with who your around.If you think negative thoughts like

Who is the perfect woman?

In the view of Qur'an, the perfect women who have been decorated with ethics:Indeed the Muslim men and the Muslim women, the faithful men and the faithful women, the obedient men and the obedient women, the truthful men and the truthful women, the patient men and the patient women, the humble men and the