What are top fashion tips for guys to look stylish in tropical regions?

You want to dress better, but most style advice revolves around suiting up or just around whatever trendy this season.But that's not what you're looking for.You just want to make a better first impression on people you meet in everyday life.

Do locations within the tropics have two longest days each year?

No. I'd thought the same for many years. The longest day of the year in the tropics is not when the sun is directly overhead. The trick to working this out, I've found, is in working out what happens at the equator.On the Equinoxes, the sun is directly over the

Do tropical fish sleep? If so, how?

What might be nice to know that scientists have studied the sleep of fish. They are still not completely out but researchers have found that most fish go into a sleep mode when the light goes out. The fish then go on to consume energy-efficient device. This is different than what we do while sleeping.

What does it feel like to swim in tropical waters?

I spent 2 days on the beaches of Seychelles in 2006 (during my time with the Navy) and it is without a doubt, some of the best swimming I've ever experienced. The othe side of that coin is a swim call that our captain held ot in the Indian ocean Ocean