Are Communists still banned from the USA?

It isn't banned--we just don't elect those type of people. Democracy works.OK, so here's the idea behind Stalinistic Communism:The rich will always exploit the poor and middle classes. If we have a revolution, we might be able to end much of this exploitation, but

Are tips mandatory service charges in the U.S.?

I'm not sure where you're from, but in the US, restaurants are allowed to pay servers as little as $2.30 an hour and the servers have to make it up in tips. It's an appalling situation, but it won't change as long as the restaurant lobby gives generously to politicians.And thanks to computerized record-keeping, the IRS taxes the servers

Can a U.S. state secede from the Union? Is there a clause in the Constitution which allows states to secede from the Union, or can this process be done by voting?

I come across questions like this periodically. I usually give a version of the same answer, and get a lot of people telling me that I cannot predict the future, or X, Y or Z could happen to make secession a realistic possibility. So let me try to be very clear and

Can a US citizen file for divorce in India?

From the comment on the other answer,

Can a US citizen vote in India using NRI?

No.As US Citizen he/she ceases to be an Indian citizen when he/she takes up US Citizenship. The person is not considered NRI, only as a PIO.For voting as an NRI you are supposed to show your Indian passport at the polling booth to prove that you are an Indian.(If you are having this doubt regarding ‘Sundar'

Can an employment contract bond an employee in California?

Although you're not clear what it means to "bond" an employee, I think I know what you're talking about.In California and every other state in the US, and in most countries, an employee remains free to quit their job at any

Can US citizens own property in India?

NRIs can get lot of advantages and opportunities to invest in property in India without much hassle.Primary requirements for NRI Property Investments in IndiaTo invest in any property in India, an NRI should possess an Indian passport.An NRI doesn't need to take permission from the RBI to invest, transfer, dispose or be

Do arranged marriages occur in America?

It is called blind dating. There's no interference (if you want to call it that) by parents and you have to find a spouse for yourself. This puts tremendous pressure on people after a certain age because nobody wants to be seen as a social leftover. In India,it is called arranged marriage. Arranged marriages are

Do people who live in California like California?

I love it! I've been around the country and there's no other place I'd rather be, with Seattle being a close second. It's got it's flaws but I think it's worth every cent of the price. Here's the reason:The East

Do White American girls like Chinese boys? I will be studying in the USA, but I don't know if the girls there like Chinese boys. I am a bit afraid.

I am Indian and I am married to an American woman. And, I think it is the wrong question, "Do American girls like Chinese boys?" Girls, most of them, like boys. So ask yourself what would make an American girl like any boy. It will help if you are exceptionally handsome

Do you know of any reliable interstate moving companies that are not too expensive in the US? How was your experience with a move?

Hi Mala,There are lots of great interstate movers in the US, but just make sure to do your research and get multiple quotes. You can do both of those things on our website - Movers, Reviews, Moving Company QuotesGood Luck!Jennifer with

Do you share the notion that Americans judge people more based on appearances than many other cultures, and that this general emphasis on appearance is what makes them vulnerable to fraud and deception? Why or why not?

Definitely. You see this in political life, Hollywood and American TV.I actually saw a comment from an American on the internet who was apparently baffled that British news readers weren't particularly good looking. He seemed to believe that this was a pre-requisite for being a news reader! In fact there seems to be a belief that

Do you think the divorce rate in the U.S is high? If so, why do you think that it is?

It takes serious research to really understand why the divorce rate is high.The commonly misunderstood statistic is that your marriage has a 50/50 chance of survival. Statistics alone suggest that, but they are very misleading.In short, certain things seem to stack the deck against a successful marriage like

Does the USA have any laws that limits how many times you can get married?

I have no idea about any restrictions in the USA but...I work in a church office and yesterday a couple of our members were married. I was doing the paperwork last week and had to ring the bride to clarify a couple of details. Well, I say paperwork but although the forms she

Has a first lady ever been of a different political party than the president?

Laura Bush grew up in a Democratic family. When asked if she was a Democrat she responded, "Yes , but most of Texas was at the time." Laura Bush may have provided this answer to throw people off the fact that she always had Democratic Party leanings ( so as not to embarrass her husband).In

How can the high divorce rates of USA be reduced?

We can educate couples about scientific findings on how to be a

How could the US be rid of the practice of tipping?

They could receive a set % of the bill. It would have to be weighted to be higher or lower amounts. Time could also be involved.Servers get a lowered minimum wage plus tips. Their minimum is about 1/3 of the regular minimum.Time should be involved. Ever notice how:1 you get greeted immediately,2 seated immediately,3 get

How did Asian countries end up becoming more collectivist and Western countries (more specifically the USA) more individualist?

One hypothesis I have heard is that this phenomenon arose as a result of cultural patterns from the earliest days of agriculture.In Europe, they grew wheat.In East Asia, they grew rice.A single family with a plow and an ox can plant, raise, and harvest a field of wheat large enough to

How do Americans cope with 10 vacation days compared to many Europeans, who tend to have much more vacation time?

I just finished a 35 year career with a US company that ranked at about 445 or so on the Fortune 500 list.I was a mid level

How do divorce rates in other countries compare to the U.S.?

There are different measurements of divorce rate:Crude divorce rate - number of divorces per 1000 people of population. By this parameter USA is in top ten countries in the world, together with Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Denmark etc.The other measurement is divorce-marriage ratio, which compares number

How to recognize an American abroad

I lived in a place overseas where there were LOTS of tourists, including Americans. Unfortunately, many of the stereotypes do hold true (though what follows should not be construed to portray 100% of US citizens who travel overseas):Americans speak loudly and expect everyone else to

How does tipping work in the USA?

Tipping is entirely a social expectation, not any kind of legal one. There are no consequences for leaving a bad tip, unless you plan on returning to the place where you decide to

How famous is Priyanka Chopra in America?

Priyanka is widely known in the USA now....Quantico is a hit show and is watched by millions of people..She was a presenter at the oscars,at Billboard music awards..She has appeared on some of the most watched shows in the usa...Jimmy fallon sjow,jimmy kimmel show ,GMA, KElly

How hard is it to find a physically fit person in the US?

I'm not American but I lived in the States for 6 months (Tampa Florida). The people there were very fitness conscious. There was a lovely trail along the waterfront and daily I would see people running, walking, roller blading and bicycling. I also was a member of a gym and every day I was witness

How long will it take us to get a PCC from India?

Hi ,Today on 18 Aug'17, me and my wife went for pcc in Sai Arcade Bangalore. They handed over me & my wife pcc in just 30 minutes which was a great surprise for me.I had few complications:-1.My address in Passport is of Patna and

How many pull ups can the average American do?

I don't know if that has been researched, but the average for ALL Americans is probably very low.Clearly, there are plenty of Americans who can do pull-ups, so the average will be above zero.Pull-ups are probably the hardest exercise to do if you are obese,

How might a Chinese boy meet an American girl?

Ah.. Let's assume you are already in the US:1. Learn English and make sure it's fluent enough to engage a conversation. Light accent is not a problem. Try to initiate a conversation with girls you are interested. Most of the american

How much do Americans exercise?

I did a quick search and found these results of a survey published in May 2013 (of data gathered in 2011) by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed survey data collected from more than 450,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older

I understand that wait staff in the US need tips to survive but why does nobody call out restaurant owners for not paying a living wage?

To be clear, restaurant owners don't pay their employees. Customers pay the employees. Just like in every other business. It's just that with tipping customers gets to choose which employees make less and which employees make more.Great servers who provide great service to many patrons make

If California were to split into the 3 states as proposed, how would each state vote?

We'd basically end up with two very Democratic states and one

If it is essentially obligatory to pay a "tip" to a waiter when eating a meal in a restaurant in the US, why do Americans refer to such payments as a "tip" and not simply a "service charge" since that is effectively what it is?

So it would make you feel better to call it a service charge? Then by all means call it a service charge. But the usage of Tips more or less has been around for a long, long time.

If you married in the US can you divorce in Europe (US citizens)?

Likely, yes. You would have to qualify for whatever requirements are necessary for a divorce.  For example, if you must live in the country for a certain period, and have not done so, just as in U.S. States with residency requirements, you would not be able to get a divorce until you satisfy those

I'm a US citizen. What is it like to live in a country that doesn't have the same level of freedom as the United States does? Are you aware of the disparity between your country and the USA?

I'm a US citizen. What is it like to live in a country that doesn't have the same level of freedom as the United States does? Are you aware of the disparity between your country and the USA?I was born a US citizen who isn't living

In the United States, how many first marriages do not ever end in divorce?

I daresay it's not two out of three. A widely cited (and possibly somewhat inaccurate) statistic when I was growing up was that

Is American divorce rate higher than Europe?

Well, Europe is a very diverse place, with countries with a mix of cultures, traditions and of course varying degrees of religiousness and types of Christianity - for example Ireland is strongly Catholic with very low divorce rates.So if you look at the

Is Australia culturally closer to the EU or the US?

The US.First, let's look at the history:The United States, originally inhabited by various tribes of Native Americans, was colonized by Spanish, French, Dutch, and British forces. As English dominance ultimately prevailed, the United States adopted the English language, an English-influenced constitution and representative government, and a white,

Is California an overrated state?

No. I have lived in California all my life except for a few years here and there in the Midwest and the East Coast. There really is no place on earth as great as California. I am one of the rare 5th generation Californians. We are

Is extreme sycophancy a North American business trait?

I'd almost like to say that anything extreme in business is North_American but that would not be provable, not be made likely, so i not do that. Oh, i did it anyway, didn't I? :-) What i meant to

Is interracial dating, especially where the male is non-white and the woman is white, frowned upon more in the USA than in other western countries like in most of Europe, Canada, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand?

Well in most interracial relationships involving a person of full European origins, it tends to be a white woman anyway. You see this commonly, very few times is a white man seen with a woman from another race, but a white woman can be seen in public often with

Is it a must to pay at least 15% tips in US restaurants?

Here is what i think about tipping - as a tourist / traveller in the us.Note that my whole point is that restaurants should include service in the price, and pay appropriate taxes.I keep reading and reading how horribly hard

Is it alright if you don't tip in USA?

While it should be perfectly fine to, in an ideal world, it absolutely isn't in present-day America. Servers don't make a livable income more often than not, because gratuity is assumed. Therefore, employers just don't have to pay their employees proper wages, because "they'll make lots more money if they're good at their job!" Then there are

Is it necessary to tip in the US?

Two reasons:You can't move a mountain overnight and the service staff that

Is modern America a dystopian society?

No, modern America is not a dystopia.  Utopia actually means "not a place" as it is an imagined setting where everything is perfect.  "Dys" means "bad, ill, abnormal", so dystopia means a place where everything is unpleasant or bad.Mention dystopia, and my mind thinks of the world of "Mad Max",

Is settling in the USA worth it for an Indian?

First things first. I am answering this question anonymously because I have no interest in engaging in pointless arguments. These are my opinions and experiences only and you can disagree but you don't need to tell me that. I am just stating what's on my mind.Alright then! A bit about me. I grew up in Jammu. I have lived

Is socialism a bad thing in the U.S.?

DISCLAIMER: I myself am a left-leaning person who could be considered a socialist based on my standing on many issues. However, in this post I am trying to explain in a fair and balanced way why socialists are viewed in a negative light based on

Is the fitness industry experiencing a cultural shift in the US?

With regard to sales, yes.Having been an observer and participant in the industry over the last 40 odd years I see a shift in marketing today.In body building noting has changed. If anything mass is still king. The winners of the big contests are still the largest and most extreme for

Is the United States of America a failed state?

I think it is. Big business has squelched private enterprise to an alarming degree. It's only the true pioneers in new tech fields that can make money.The cost of living has increased, but salaries have not kept pace. A good

Is the USA still fighting global communism?

Yes and no. While the soviet union has collapsed which ended the

Mechanical vs industrial engineering, which is better in the USA?

Look at it like this, Mechanical Engineering is a core branch of engineering and IE is a specialized branch like mechatronics or biotechnology.In USA, you have universities that offer faboulous programmed in both streams. Question therefore would be what you would like to do

Most jobs in America tend to give employees two weeks of vacation time, do you think that two weeks is enough? If you wanted to go out of the country you might need more time than that.

Depends on who you ask, most jobs in America are for entry level non-skilled workers. Most of these jobs don't pay much and the benefits aren't great, they're usually for people between the ages of 16–30. Once you've got a

Should California be split into more than one state?

Should it? Yes and no. Will it? Absolutely not.Why should it be split?A lot of it comes to water issues. Half of LA's water comes from Northern California and the Colorado River. In other words, LA would be built in an awful place if it weren't for the fact that LA is connected to

Should we remove tipping in the U.S.?

Absolutley. Tipping is only supposed to supplement low wages. In fact, minimum wage should've already replaced tipping. Tipping benefits the restaurant owner more than the wait staff. It allows the staff to be legally paid under minimum wage and causes the customers to

To anyone living in America, Europe or Canada etc, would you ever consider an arranged marriage? Why or why not?

A2AI think that I mentioned this before, but I 100% would if I were not engaged.When you're in school and in the early days of building your career, it should be spent focusing to improve your foundation for a successful life later.But in western countries, we spend that

To discuss common misconceptions, what do you think a first world country like the US has that a country like India doesn't?

except for equal opportunity employment, knowledge,advance in technology, and earnings that are at least 5 times that of india, u s a has nothing more to offer to india,dating, divorce rates, crime, drug menace, illegal immigrant problems, creating a strifed world through big brother attitude and partiality to white

To permanent American expats: why did you decide to move abroad and stay abroad?

Thank you for A2A.I went abroad because I spent my whole childhood in America as a total misfit in the public schools, being called

Under US divorce law, can someone divorce their spouse against their will?

In the US, divorce is a matter for state law, not national; so there is no such thing as "US divorce law"Every state is (or can be) different.But in general, yes.Certainly in states with "no fault" divorce, the presumption is that if a couple cannot even agree on this, whether

What are some common misconceptions about Americans?

The misconception that ‘Americans are less superstitious'.Being an Indian, I come from a land of traditions and beliefs ( also rituals and superstitions). Before coming to US, I used to think, as a developed nation, US must be free from

What are some cultural differences between Australia and the United States?

On the surface, walking through Australian cities, and American cities, it seems so similar, but the countries have different as, cultures, and many subtle differences. Australia became the penal colony for England when the US broke away from England, and many Australian's are proud of their

What are some of the crazy laws in the US?

There are a few. For example, in Pacific Grove, CA, molesting a butterfly can result in a $500 fine. Molesting Key Deer in Big Pine Key, FL can result in jail time. It's also illegal to molest a trash can in Cape Coral, FL. And finally, in Clinton,

What are some things foreigners believe about the United States but aren't actually true?

Why the poor in America are so fat? -common question I've encountered in Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and England. This is an extremely complex issue, and I'm no social scientist. There apparently may be a connection between obesity and low income households among children and white women, but no such correlation has been found

What are some things only done in the United States?

Thanksgiving is the most obvious one but there are others... I'm fairly sure you guys are the only ones who think Peanut butter and chocolate are a good combination. The rest of us find it deeply unappetizing. I don't think anyone else has sororities.Your political system and the way in which you

What are some things that Americans believe about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution that aren't true?

Today, we consider the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights (right to free speech, right to a jury trial, etc.) to be universally protected from revocation by the "government," meaning both state and federal, but until the early twentieth century, that idea only applied to the federal government. The Constitution clearly distinguishes between the

What are some things the United States doesn't understand about the United Kingdom?

A few random things that have come up in conversation either in real life or on the internet or from watching the frequently bizarre ways the UK is portrayed in Hollywood (not saying all Americans believe or even care about these, of course):The Queen is not important The monarchy

What are some things tourists were surprised to learn about America?

The portions.I was a teen when I visited America. I was eating normal compared to my friends,I was enjoying the life and was happy...Until I discovered ‘Murica.In my country I could eat a large McDonald's or a Burger King menu easily. This is actually pretty normal if you're a teen because the normal

What are some top matrimonial sites in the USA?

Checkout Gowedlock. The very first matrimony with social networking and organized matchmaking features.GoWedLock is the best website, where you can Sign-up for free at NRI Matrimony | Indian Matrimony USA | Marriage Bureau USA and you can select your religion, educational qualification, profession and other preferences to find a

What are the biggest misconceptions Indians have about USA?

That your career is automatically settled and will be the best!What people don't seem to understand is the tough life and stress behind a visa lottery, search for jobs when market is down or up or that every graduate will get a dream job. Not true.Most of us are stuck with a job that satisfies a

What are the main cultural differences between China and the USA?

A bit of background for context: I'm a dual citizen of Hong Kong (a SAR of China) and USA that can read, write, and speak Chinese proficiently. I've been to tier 1 cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen/Guangzhou (frequently) and do business there. I

What are the main cultural differences between Japan and the USA?

I have been associated with a couple of Japanese companies over the years, and have traveled to Japan as their guest. I have also worked with several Japanese workers and managers in various circumstances and count several as friends. My perspective and experience is based mostly on business so I'll focus on that aspect of cultural differences.In

What are the most underrated American dishes?

Which is(are) the most underrated American dish(es)?America is a country of immigrants, so even dishes invented here have influences and often predecessors from other countries, so when I give you some New Orleans classics like Jambalaya , Gumbo  and Yaka mein you can easily see where they

What are the 'over 1000 rights' that married gay couples in America do not enjoy?

The video you saw may have been exaggerating but there are well over a thousand pieces of federal legislation that pertain to married couples in the US Code. Some of the biggest problems faced by gays and lesbians include:Inability to file joint federal and state income taxes;Inability to claim survivor's benefits;Inability to adopt

What are the top 10 things non-Americans don't know about the USA?

From my experiences (born and raised in America, but I've lived and worked abroad in Asia and Europe for the last 12 years):Because America has long been associated with

What are the top three reasons people in America, divorce?

How Common is Divorce and What are the Reasons?10 Most Common Reasons for Divorce | Marriage.ComConsidering that the highest divorce rate in the USA is in the under 25 group, it's not surprising that the top reasons

What are the United States' best kept secrets?

The states were always intended to be separate, sovereign nations. This can be shown from a simple, non-prejudiced reading of American history.  From the Declaration of Independence:"We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our

What are things that foreigners love about the U.S.?

As an Indian, what I love about USA.Welcoming Smile: Most of the Americans will greet you with a warm smile and asks

What are three reasons why the divorce rate is so high in the United States?

#1 - Honor killings are outlawed. In most situations, a spouse can leave an abusive relationship without fear of death. When the abuse is severe, there are legal remedies and the right to carry protection.#2 - We live in a society

What do Asians think about Asian Americans?

We Japanese seem to have a difficult time with them.At the International Christian University in Mitaka Tokyo, There was a class called

What do foreigners like about the United States?

I love the size of America, the wide open spaces and its natural beauty (of which I have only seen a tiny fraction).I love that kids are allowed to drive at 16. Most other countries it is 18.I love that you can enjoy the sun on the beach in the Florida Keys

What do other countries think of the American political system?

Here in Australia we find aspects of it admirable and other aspects entirely baffling.I'm typing this on January 19 2016 which is two years after the Republican party started actively seeking nominations for their Presidential candidate and a full year before the next President will be sworn in. Ted Cruz announced on March

What do people want the Republican Party to improve upon?

I was a Republican for 50 years. from my first vote in 1956 until the summer of 2006, when I no longer felt comfortable with the party, its platform, or its candidates. I have not voted for a Republican since then. If the

What do you think is the most underrated state in the U.S.?

FOODTRAVELDESIGNCULTURE27 underrated US destinations everyone should visit in their lifetimeMadeline Diamond and Sophie-Claire HoellerSep. 10, 2018, 8:47 AM

What does the United States do right? What are the best examples of what the United States does right, politically, culturally, militarily, charitably etc.? Past or present?

Its capacity for redemption and reinvention - Soon after America declared its independence, Europeans scoffed at its supposed lack of history. Little did they realise what an elastic history this strange and wonderful country would have. I can think of no

What ethnic cuisine has the most restaurants in the US compared to the ethnic population?

I will go with "Mexican"  since there are huge numbers of  Taco Bells, Del Tacos, El Polo Loco, etc. as chain restaurants, and huge numbers of non-chain Mexican restaurants also.38,747 according to this article...

What has been the most frustrating part of the application process for a USA visa?

The waitThe application itself sure is painfully bureaucratic, expensive and stressful, but it's not that bad if you have a good lawyer / petitioner.Once you apply, there's nothing else for you to do except wait. The processing period is lengthy

What is it like to go through a divorce in the US?

The book Divorce For Dummies covers this.  I started by reading such a book, to realize it was going to be painful, but there is a process.  If getting a divorce seems less painful than your current arrangement... then you

What is one thing everyone gets wrong about America?

America. We live in a country riddled with arguments and sides, movements and opinions, people who disagree and people who just want love. The thing that people, both Americans and foreigners, are getting wrong about this place is that this back and forth

What is something about the USA most foreigners don't know about?

Well, there's a Lord Brahma shrine right in the heart of Las Vegas!I recently chanced upon visiting Las Vegas, and the rumors were every bit true. It is infact a patch of (un)civilization on a perpetual adrenaline rush, rejoicing in a drunken stupor of some

What is the actual divorce rate in the U.S.? Is it really 50%? If the statistic is skewed upwards by marriages due to accidental pregnancies and those are removed, what is the remaining percentage of divorces?

There's a great deal of fog today about what the actual divorce rate is in the United States. Some say it's around 50 percent, others-including some notable authors-say it's nowhere close to that. Some incorrectly believe that the 50 percent number comes from a simple comparison of the number of

What is the best law school in the U.S.?

As of 2016, there is a legitimate and contentious debate about what "best law schools" means. The traditional school of thought has been that "best" means "most prestigious," which loosely translates as "ranked highest by U.S. News." That list is pretty easy to summarize for the very top few

What is the best plan to start fixing the aging infrastructure of the United States?

In terms of a strategic plan, such a plan has to consider the future of societal transportation needs and demands. This requires foresight, it's an unfortunate aspect of governmental process that lacks consideration of foresight.Trains brought Western Society a solution to transportation demands 200 years ago. The automobile brought a solution to society's

What is the Cause of Divorce in the US and why is the rate increasing?

Here are six reasons why the divorce rate is so high:1. Independence Is Crippling Marriages:People end up in divorce court because they wait too long to find solutions to the problems in their marriage. We are a nation of highly independent people and

What is the most overrated tourist attraction in the United States?

20 Of The Most Overrated USA Tourist Attractions (That Are A Waste Of Time)Maybe you're exploring the US as a citizen, or you're holidaying in the country hoping to capture a glimpse of the American Dream up close - either way, there's no denying that the USA is one of the most exciting and diverse countries on the

What is the origin of the often-quoted stat that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce?

It seems like it's based on looking at marriage rates and divorce rates in a given year, and seeing that the divorce rate is half the marriage rate. This is a somewhat misleading statistic, because the married and divorced populations in that statistic are not the same. Looking at actual married couples who subsequently

What is the protocol for American astronauts at the International Space Station if a war breaks out with Russia?

On the ground, the United States and Russia might have conflicting interests, but in space, 250 miles above Earth, they get along nicely, mostly. There was some tension after the discovery of the leak in the Soyuz escape vehicle, but that played out in the media of both

What is the rate of interracial marriages in the UK as compared to the US?

What I'm seeing a lot of in these comments are opinions based largely on perception or personal experience.According to the 2011 British census,

What is the worst thing about the U.S. politics?

Hmmm, I think there are a few bad things:1)  That you can essentially buy American politicians thanks to legislation which gives corporations free reign to make enormous political donations.  Doing so means you can basically set your own agenda for legislation/no legislation

What is tipping, and why is it a thing in the U.S.?

Tipping is the part of the bill for the service. It may seem optional, but if you are a decent human being who believes that people who work should be paid for their labour, you must tip. If you are the sort of person who believes a person should not

What makes the US healthcare system so expensive? Why is the US so expensive compared to Canada?

There are a long list of reasons but here's a start.1. Americans won't permit or accept healthcare rationing. America spends much more for care in the last 6 months of life than any other country. By a lot.Walk through any ICU and you'll routinely see some people in vegetative conditions with virtually no