Can the U.S. Government destroy a city in the U.S?

The exact details are probably classified.From a capability standpoint, definitely. A nuclear gravity bomb would kill a city.Whether ballistic missiles are locked to prevent them from engaging US cities, that's harder to say. I'm not intimately familiar with the US nuclear triad.SSBN's would have the technical capabilities, but there could be lockouts to prevent

Will Tesla ever become the largest car company in the United States?

It depends what you mean by largest. In terms of market capitalization, Tesla has pulled ahead of GM before to get there. In terms of the number of vehicles produced, it will be a long time before that can be determined.

What type of government does the U.S. have?

The us has a constitutional democratic federal republic. It has a constitution which separates and limits the government. Authority is given to the federal government which is composed of representatives that make public decisions. Those head officials are appointed via the democratic process.

What's life like in U.S.A?

Well... This is a complicated question to answer because America is a very complicated country. I live in the country on a farm and life is pretty laid back, people are usually pretty friendly and most families own at least one vehicle. In Colorado where I live, our food is largely a mix of Mexican food, American stuff

Why aren't dual-SIM cell phones sold in the USA? Why doesn't iPhone has dual-SIM capability ?

Syed had given a great answer. I'll add a further perspective that may or may not be accurate.When mobile phones first came on the scene they were sold through exclusive contracts by carriers. The carriers had no incentive to implement dual sim roam. This is pre iPhone and Android, so the phone manufacturers

Is the US government giving out free cell phones?

Yes, below is but one example of the advertising for Federally (tax payer) funded cell phones. It would seem that such phones are also referred to as "Obama phones" in many areas, with more then one phone being given out to the eligible party. "Assurance Wireless is a federal Lifeline Assistance program brought

Why is 3D printing controversial?

I can go to my library and design and print a complex plastic component in a few hours for about $5.The only way of doing this in the past took weeks and cost many thousands of dollars and could not

What's wrong with the US healthcare system?

Your insurance company has an army of lawyers and accountants trying to maximize their profits while minimizing payouts, which means getting as much as they can from you, and paying out as little as possible when you use services.The hospital you go to (likely) has a department of specialists and

What is middle school?

In India, Middle School handles Class VI to Class VIII. Students who have cleared Primary education gets admitted to Middle School.

Will America survive Trump?

America will survive, but she had already been weakened. Hundreds of experience years have alteady been purged from the State Department for example. It will take a generation to replace that intellectual capital.Were these career foreign service officers purged out of ignorance or does the Trump administration have a good reason? These are no politicians, they

Where are Trump's policies going to take America in the next 5 years?

Hey there Sibteali,In the next five years the US will be:Economically stronger and more stable.A place that finally has begun uplifting the poor and disadvantaged to new prosperity byEducationTrainingMeaningful jobsFair taxationStrengthening familiesRevitalization of their culturesSupporting and growing the middle classGovernment will

What one language would you encourage Americans to learn, and why?

The language that they want to learn and would find the most useful to them.Let's face it, English is the most-learned second language around the world because it is useful to just about everyone. There is no one comparable second language for English-speakers.I think it would be ideal if some Americans learned Spanish, others

Will America survive Trump?

America will survive, but she had already been weakened. Hundreds of experience years have alteady been purged from the State Department for example. It will take a generation to replace that intellectual capital.Were these career foreign service officers purged out of ignorance or does the Trump administration have a good reason? These are no politicians, they

What is life like in a U.S. college?

In a word: Amazing.I'm not a partier, but I love it for the academics. The library is enormous, people and professors are (almost entirely) friendly, people come from ALL over the globe, so nobody judges anybody based on appearance, and best of all: the classes are wonderfully challenging and specific

Has any U.S. President stolen from the U.S. government?

This certainly qualifies, I think: Warren Harding and the Teapot DomeTeapot Dome scandal - Wikipedia

Will electric cars be successful in USA or will they be just in style?

Electric cars will remain in use in the USA for as long as cars remain in use. Their market share will grow because the energy costs per mile are lower --currently 30% lower in California, they don't pollute the air (really important in densely populated areas), and they have a much smaller carbon footprint than comparable internal combustion vehicles.

Can anyone enter the U.S legally?

Sure. You want to visit? Get a visa and fly over for a bit. Want to study? Apply for a program and a student visa. Want to immigrate? Apply for residence and/or work. The first one is reasonably easy to obtain. The other two require more work and

What reason did the U.S. government give interning U.S. citizens?

Do you mean in the 1940s, or since 2001?In either case, though, the answer is the same - it is for the safety of the country. Whether this answer is actually true, well, I don't think there was a single act of sabotage committed

Is it true that Apple has more physical dollars than the US government?

The world's most valuable company is holding more cash than the world's largest sovereign government and whats more amusing is that it's well over 3 times as much as UK's government.The United States is currently spending around $200bn more than it collects in revenue every month.Apple, on the other

Is 'smart car' the cheapest car in the USA?

Not by a long shot--and it's not really a smart car. The bottom of the line Smart Car starts at around $15,000 without any options, only gets 31 city/39 highway and requires preminum fuel. The Nissan Versa base model starts at $12,000, gets the same MPG but it can carry 4 people and has a decent-sized

How to feel about the U.S. military

I feel obliged to weigh in on this one.In my six years in the Navy I made a number of lifelong friends, more than one of whom had DREADFUL experiences with their military service. I did indeed see the USN beat people over the head with the

Why doesn't the U.S. and the world destroy ISIS? When will we wipe out ISIS? Why is it so hard to wipe out ISIS?

Isis/Daesh like AlQaeda is more of an idea which draw inspiration from - 1. supremacy of Islam and sharia over other religions/ways of life2. Notion of an Islamic state which is based on the quarnic/hadith traditions3. No involvement of west in their affairs etc.This idea has existed since the advent of Islam and

What is the relationship like between the U.S. and Panama?

Complicated, historically speaking. Here are the highlights.The US supported Panama in separating from Colombia in 1903 due to their strategic, military interests in building the Panama Canal. Leaders and statesmen in the government at the time, including Belisario Porras, were unequivocal about what they thought of the US, but they accepted the support because it

Is religion on the decline in the U.S.A?

Religion seems to be in decline. This is just a short-term measurement, however. Faith has a long history of going up and down quite a bit in the past, although we don't have statistics on it.It is suggested by one study that the country is increasingly becoming individualistic, and

What is the legacy of ancient Rome to modern civilization in the U.S.?

Rome's legacy is huge, including but not limited to our ideas of law, art, and warfare. (please comment more if you think of them).Law:The idea of a trial by jury is Roman in origin. It was not a jury of one's peers, but a jury of nobles.

What would happen if America declared war on Islam?

Ronald Reagan liked to say, "We fought the War on Poverty, and poverty won," but I'd simply point out that poverty is still with us fifty years later. The War on Drugs hasn't been a glowing success either.Before declaring war, make sure your opponent either is small enough to destroy entirely, or has a leadership that can usefully

When and why did the first states secede from the U.S.?

Gold and states' rights.By that, I mean California and John C. Calhoun.In 1850, shortly after finding gold in California, California petitioned Congress for entrance to the Union.  This would upset the balance of the Union (15 free states and 15 slave states). 

How much longer will fossil fuels be used in the United States?

Some things cannot be simply replaced. Aircraft jet fuel, for example. The weight and payload implications of battery vs fuel are much larger and presently insurmountable... there are some battery airplanes but none suited for long distance large capacity aircraft.I don't see

What would happen if Russia attacked the U.S.?

I'll assume for this question that you're talking about Russia attacking the continental US.Depends how Russia decides to attack.  If they use naval vessels, their surface ships would be sunk fairly quickly and then the cat and mouse game of subs hunting subs would start. At some point, Russia would withdraw as there is very little to

Can anyone hack the U.S government?

Sure. After all, the Russians did it and when there are some clever Russians out there that can do it, there surely will be some clever Chinese or other individuals that can do it as well. In fact, I hope they will hack the current administration or at least those systems that hold Trump's tax returns and then leak

Do I have to run for President of the United States and win before I will really learn the truth before I die about whether or not aliens exist?

Possibly .. though I doubt the ones in charge of the presummed cover-up would even tell you then . Presidents are basicly popularity contest winners .. many of whom likely would have never been security clearances except for having won the election ( or electorial college vote

Is the US ready to protect Planet Earth in case an alien invasion happens?

It is troubling to encounter the viewpoint that only the U.S. can (or should) attempt to

How can we objectively measure the performance of U.S. senators, U.S. congress, and the U.S. President?

This is a pretty hard problem. I think we can measure things likea) impact of their voting record(in the case of members of congress member or Executive orders, appointments, vetos in the case of POTUS.b) see just how their predictions of the future play out.There are for example metrics used to test

If Canada invaded and annexed the U.S., how would that differ from the U.S. invading and annexing Canada?

From a practical perspective it has been impossible since the cold war started.The Canadian Military has capable officers and we have a well trained army. But we don't have the capability to invade a large country.Common military wisdom suggests that to have a good chance of victory, the attacker has have

Why did the U.S. intervene after the Iraq invasion of Kuwait in 1990?

It was not a foregone conclusion that the US would intervene. Nor that virtually every Arab state from Syria to Morocco would join the coalition. The Kuwaiti government in exile and a huge majority of citizens joined in a massive lobbying effort,

Are there demons living among us?

There are indeed evil beings among us, both human, and alien. Are they evil by nature or by design? That is an unknown. For one to determine if demons exist, one must first define the word demon. If you mean from hell or associated with evil,

How did the failure of the Bay of Pigs Invasion change United States policies?

JFK's head decayed and American embarked to a significant degree in misadventures in  Southeast Asia into a quicksand that was compounded by LBJ's additional mistakes. We got out when the republicans were in office and America, for a while, stayed

What would happen if the world found out that the U.S. is hiding alien technology?

Nothing, It is quite evident that concealing the alien technology is common in most foreign governments.  With the many alien transports that crashes are acknowledged, there are some who are still have live occupants.  Those alien's are held in various locations around the world and used to extract advanced Alien

How are Japan's provinces governed compared to the governing method of U.S. states?

Japan's provincial system is much weaker, that is more centralized, than US states. While the provinces are in charge of administering police, fire and health care, things like transportation networks and such are all run out of the central government. I recall one governor who complained vociferously of not being able to move a bus stop 10 meters. Japanese

Will citizens of nations other than the U.S. begin suing the U.S. after every drone strike?

My interpretation was that President Obama's objections to opening the door to the Saudi lawsuits were based on the proposition that if Americans were permitted to sue foreign governments, then citizens of foreign countries might then feel emboldened to sue the USA.Perhaps the

What would happen if the U.S. attacked North Korea and the U.S. won?

Let me lay it out for youUS will never start a war which is not profitable NK doesn't​ have rich oil resources. Even than hypothetically US attcks and win between that time a lot of things have/had happened i.e Being allies south Korea and japan have to join US and China will

Why does the US support Israel? What benefit does the US get out of this alliance?

While there's wide spread conception that US always supported Israel even against their own interests (because of sympathy to Holocaust victims or because of mighty Jewish lobby influence or anything else...) it has no resemblance to historical facts whatsoever.Actually in 1947

Is US trying to take over Syria?

Some of those who ask on Quora about Syria make you feel they have been watching conspiracy films for their lives!Had the US have any interest in

Which part of the United States is the best place to live during an Apocalypse?

I am going to say the advantage happens to be exactly where I live, i.e. - the American Southwest, and in particular the states of Arizona and New Mexico.A Google search for