An ex-wife stole money from her husband after the divorce. What should he do?

In western countries theft is obviously a crime, so the woman would be interviewed and if found guilty charged. She would have to pay the money back and also face a term of probation or even jail time. In Asian countries, where the women don't often work, or if they do don't have the high paid jobs

A few apples fell from my neighbor's tree branch which hangs over onto my property. I picked them up and kept them. He called the police on me for 'stealing food' and threatened to sue me. Will the police do anything? Does he have a case?

First, don't get aggressive with your neighbor. That's how formerly peaceful neighbors end up behind bars for assault or other charges.Second, call the city in a pleasant, professional manner, not whining, and ask for information about the regulations regarding fruit that falls on your property from your

A homeless lady at my gym uses the gym's lockers as a place to store her belongings. She has kept her things in there for a year and overnight and hasn't been caught. She doesn't put a lock so it wouldn't be obvious. Is she violating the gym's rules?

Personally, I would mind that this was happening. We have an ever expanding homeless population in the beach city I live. The residents are made very aware of the disease (Hepatitis, AIDS, etc) illness (ecoli, norovirus, etc), pathogen/bacterial infections (MRSA-Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, parasites, lice, etc). I would never be confident showering in the

Have you ever scammed someone?

Yes, not just one person but many.Now I should say that this isn't something I'm proud of but it is nonetheless something that I've done and a proper answer to the question.In late 2008 when I had just turned 18 I stumbled onto a website that caught my eye. I

Is it possible to install a hidden tracking device on a rifle in case it is stolen?

Is it possible to install a hidden tracking device on a rifle in case it is stolen?You could do this and it would not even need to be recharged.We have systems that we put on Wild Animals that are used to tack them for years

What's the best legal way to get revenge on someone who stole your parking space?

I have devised a method for you to kill the parking spot thief in a completely legal way, hear me out...Invite the perp to an all expenses paid trip to Yellowstone National Park, specifically, the section of Yellowstone that overlaps

When a bicycle thief steals a bike, do they generally resell the whole bike or its parts?

If someone is stealing the bike for quick (think drug) money they're going to unload it quickly, usually for a fraction of its worth. The thieves who specialize in high-end equipment often won't even steal the whole bike, but will cut the cables, loosen the pinch bolts on the headset and lift the handlebars off the bike (this would

Have you ever been ripped off for repairs by an auto mechanic? Did you confront them after you realized you were robbed?

Yes I have!Our local Honda dealer told us that we had over $2000 due in repairs - including a $200 engine light diagnostic fee. I pressed them and discovered their diagnosis consisted of plugging in a code reader and then telling me what that code meant!I

Is China putting itself at a disadvantage in the long-run by conducting technology theft like it did on Micron to gain designs that will inevitably become obsolete but causes all other American companies to tighten their security?

Question: Is China putting itself at a disadvantage in the long-run by conducting technology theft like it did on Micron to gain designs that will inevitably become obsolete but causes all other companies to tighten their security?Answer: It's an interesting question that includes an interesting way of looking

My mom works for a woman I don't trust. During travel, they shared a hotel room. In the morning, my mom found her wallet stolen. Her boss said someone broke-in but, after security came, she found it on the floor. Should I tell her to quit this job?

I'm looking this that follows. Your mom works for the lady she with. She is your mothers boss. If her boss is the one paying her, owner or representative, so boss is probably paying the hotel rate. I'm thinking this could be her supervisor and that would be another story was a

What are some tips to stop your partner from stealing the covers every night in their sleep?

Tuck the blankets under the mattress on your side.Try tucking the blankets under you.Roll with the blankets. You may end up side by side, but you'll stay warm.Use smaller blankets and each person gets their own.Steal them back. It might seem a little

What's the most valuable thing you have stolen in your life?

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Has someone ever stolen something from you for their wedding?

Yeah, $1500 and a week of backbreaking work.I've told the story before, but an ex-friend of mine called in a panic 10 days before her wedding, telling me the caterer had cancelled. I was the only one she knew with catering experience and could I figure something out for the wedding?We worked out a deal. If

Should I stop stealing my parent's money?

Your parents are unaware of your breakfast and dinner skipping ?. 25/Rs a day is not a big deal, thing is your stealing. Your siblings are too having the same breakfast & dinner. There comes such a time for everyone, that tests his patience and persistence, you just need