Have you ever sweat by thinking too much?

It happens everyday to me. I was talking to my mother about the same thing this morning.She knows I'm the kind of person who can tolerate hot weather. We've ACs in our house, but since last many years, I've always slept in a room which has only a fan, and it never bothered much to me.This season,

How to stop thinking unnecessarily while I am studying

I'm going to share a tip which helps me a lot when it is about getting rid of distraction when I'm studying.I consider myself an

How do we control our own thoughts?

Dear Friend, When you say ‘control', it is really important that we ask ourselves - -        Under whose control?-        Who is demanding this control? -        Who is the ‘person' who wants to control the mind?  -        Where does he live?-       

In one sentence, what makes life beautiful?

I asked my friend this question. He always talks philosophically. He pondered over this question and asked me why we are living.I stared at him with nothing in my mind. I didn't intend to answer this question.Then he again asked a question how

In one sentence, what makes you happy?

When I have a strong urge to watch porn and I open my laptop, plug in the charger and put the headphones on and start laughing like a child. Yes,Shinchan is that funny. I feel happy when I am able to practice self-control.When I hear the song

In one sentence, what makes you smile?

Your parents smiling or happy because of you will definitely make u smile.Seeing your life partner after a long time will make you smile.Recalling old incidents with your best friends will make you smile.Innocentness of a toddler/ playing with a toddler will

What are some amazing brain hacks?

Thanks Qoura User (whoever that is) for the A2A.I've got 2 hacks to share, one that is mostly mine, and a second one that is (far as I know) all mine that I haven't seen anywhere else.The first one, forward linking, I didn't originate, but when I first read about it,

What are some cool self-talk tricks?

The best tricks are to make a mantra and live by it, or be inspired by other's quotes.  I can give you a couple that I live by, the first two I created:- "Don't be a Bitch" - Me, said right before I life a heavy weight. - "Mama Ain't Raise

What are some tips and tricks to increase concentration power?

Please follow the following.Daily 15/20 minutes of meditation will do wonders in enhancing concentration, focus anf mental capacity.Keep curiosity & interest in the topic/ your work.Keep away from distractions like mobile, internet, tab, t.v etc.Exercise daily for a minimum of 45 minutes.Getup early, along with mother nature and enjoy the freshness of the calm

What do you think about while you exercise?

It depends on so many factors: the kind of exercise, the setting, the current mood, the presence or absence of music, the relative discomfort with the workout.RunningWhen I'm running, which I usually do without listening to music because I tend

What is the current scientific thinking on the cause of homosexuality?

I'm going to say that for human sexuality the science can be very difficult to make any conclusions because of the stigma associated with being gay.What I mean is, there's an answer here about identical twins, and the reality that while some identical twins are both

What should I do to think positive?

Trying to think positive and understanding how powerful it is in every walk of life, is something not everyone knows. Here are some practical ways to develop positive thinking:Start your day with positive thoughts :Instead of letting negative thinking dominate you, start your day with positive affirmations. Talk to yourself in the

Which game increases your productivity?

There according to me are two best mind games 1. Chess :- Chess is the no 1 game for  developing your brain. It teaches us many things. It increases 1. Planning skills:- In chess , you need to plan a lot. you need to have a diverse

Can non-human animals reason or think?

Yes. Dogs have shown the ability to problem-solve under test conditions. Solving problems requires the ability to think and reason, to plan and to project their thoughts to a possible future outcome.When I say ‘dogs', I mean ‘some dogs'. Some dogs are thicker than others, and don't figure out

Can we physically connect one brain to another brain and make them work as one?

Interestingly, our two hemispheres are largely disconnected. They're only connected by a rather small area in the middle, called the corpus callosum.Harvard neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor:

Do good people exist, or are they just bad people making good things?

Short answer: I believe genuinely good people exist. They're rare but they exist. The rest of us are slaves to neurotransmitters capable of causing seemingly

Does chess really improve thinking skills?

Chess improves the following:The ability to focus. To study chess properly you need to set aside 3-5 hours a day and focus on learning endgames, tactics, openings.The ability to develop real and virtual mentors. The best way to learn is

Does 'thinking' create brain cells?

Not exactly but thinking does create something else that is tremendous when you think about it (now how do you do that?) - it creates you. The self that is you is entirely generated from thought, and that comes from lots of subconscious processes that we still don't totally know

How to enhance the cognitive functions of my brain

Cognitive function is overrated.The real powerhouse is our subconscious mind. It records virtually everything we are exposed to. It remembers complex sequences and can repeat them precisely. The key to being smarter isn't to try to

How can we develop our critical thinking abilities?

The most important aspect of critical thinking is never assuming that your own perspective is the most correct.In his book Mastery, Robert Greene talks about the concept of negative capability. Negative capability is the ability to hold two opposing and conflicting thoughts at the same time.This

How to convince people to stop and think

Maybe your friend perceives this as your "party line"? Independently from that, there are many details to think about. Maybe your friend doesn't know or want to discuss politics. So maybe you have to chose a different person to discuss such subjects with.

How to think up fun facts about yourself

Thank you for A2A, Sean.I've had such a strange, full and diverse life, so far, that it is not difficult for me to find a topic to write about. I just think of a period in my life, and choose one of a bunch of things that come to

How does the process of thinking happen in our brains?

This is not an easy question to answer simply, and much is still not known.The brain is a multi-layered ecosystem of hierarchically organized neurons, circuits, networks, and brain areas. The neurons emit pulses called "spikes" that last about 1 millisecond. Each neuron fires (emits a spike) on the

How is thinking an exercise of the mind?

I have a counter-theory.Mind doesn't change much.Thinking trains the willpower into "believing" that making oneself consciously think about some specific topic is actually quite easy, straightforward and natural.If you want to pee, you

How many thoughts are generated by a human mind in an average day? Is there any measure of memory?

Actually, Question is very good as per just listening.But when you think logically we still don't have any prove about there is any device or some extra power humans, which has a ability of read throughs of others humans mind.So if

How much control do we really have over our thoughts?

The main job of the brain is to think, constantly, and all the time! Even when we sleep, the brain is busy dreaming. It is NOT our job to control all these thoughts. Most of them are totally random, disconnected, harmless, useless,

Humans tend to speak to themselves in their heads when deep in thought. How do animals 'think to themselves'?

They may not have words but I think animals can think about themselves, their lives and their situations. My cat is very sick and her expression and voice sound pained, distressed and concerned. Her face reflects what she's thinking. She can't come up with any of these words but knows she's in trouble. When its time to go to

Is creativity overrated or underrated?

Reasoning about glorification or devaluation of creativity effectiveness seams dependent to the contextualization of question asked.But inner-directed ability of individual to think, act and resolve on-going issues in a specific time frame and manner, is not subjected to the validation

Is positive thinking helpful?

Oh yes! Positive thinking not just gives you a fresh perspective to live in life, but helps you embrace every challenge sportingly. Here are 4 ways you could try to change your attitude and thinking positively:1)Don't settle and embrace every failure that comes your wayI'd like to quote Steve Jobs here:

Other than necessary workings of the brain required for life, why can't we stop thinking? Do we stop thinking when we are asleep? Is it possible for the brain to stop thinking?

Plenty of good biological answers here, centering on the fact that consciousness isn't under our conscious control, any more than we can decide to be sexually attracted to someone who isn't actually sexually attractive (given whatever our sexual orientation is).But philosophically

To what degree do we control our own thoughts? How is this even possible?

Our thoughts are electric impluses that flow according to the prior thought pathways we have created through Our routines or behaviors. CBT & DBT cognitive behavioral training in dialectical behavioral training are methods that are used to help individuals with PTSD depression and other mental health disorders restructure

What are some good tips on achieving and maintaining better control over one's own mind and body?

Mind control is complicated. You cannot achieve it alone. Fortunately you can have the free help of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams and works like a psychotherapist. You only have to learn the dream language according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung. His method is complicated, but I simplified it for

What are some ugly truths of life?

Looks do matter even if some people say they don't, they do, they are the starting point of every relationship (As well as personality)When, Where, How and to Whom you're born impacts your life a lot. It's nice to think the opposite though.Many people you thought were your

What are the best ways to keep oneself mentally fresh throughout the day?

I personally try these things in my daily routine:1) In morning,  I think very less, I talk very less I mean to say I don't recall my past day experience since its a new day, new life, new sunshine,  so I keep myself calm and composed.Try to make your mind free then fresh

What do animals think when we are talking to them?

The basic 3 things required to survive is food,shelter and sex(to continue the generation rule of nature). Animal and human being structures are same but humans are social animal or creatures which has a special feature that is voice modulation...Feelings are

What should I do to get rid of negative energy inside me?

You are talking about a psychological phenomena, and the physical corollary of how the feelings play out in the musculo-skeletal system. The "negative energy" has roots in your life, what has happened to you, and your reactions to it. Unless you understand the real causes of your state of feeling, it

What techniques are most helpful for thinking creatively?

Creativity is tied to enjoyment, love and passion which again can be linked to a genetic predisposition about your personality to a certain degree. I'm a songwriter and upcoming author and whenever people ask me how to be more creative my answer remains the

What was that one simple thought that changed your life forever?

Due to my difficult childhood, I grew up frustrated at almost everything. I was angry all the time until I read this somewhere:

What's the difference between positive thinking and wishful/fantasy thinking? Why do we need positive thinking? I think that we need rational thinking.

positive thinking is more a general  and mature mindset that helps an individual cope and deal with life more functionally by keeping a positive outlook; not succumbing to self-destructive behaviour. Wishful thinking is more an immature and spesific mindset that hinders growth, development by keeping the individual in

Why can't we control our thoughts?

Thanks for the A2AThis is indeed the holy grail of eastern philosophy and mysticism . A central question that dogs all living humans and something that seems unanswerable at first . First of all I believe that control of your thoughts is not entirely possible .

Why do I overthink so much? It feels like my brain will never shut off.

I always thought I had an attention disorder. I was the kid staring out the window in class. I wasn't able to listen to you if you were right in front of me telling me a story. I got through school.

Why do you say we can not control thoughts?

You can't control thoughts. You're not in control of your thoughts, your brain is. If you were in control, your thoughts would probably be equivalent to the thoughts of a toddler.The fact is, you're thinking all the time. You are thinking and collecting information subconsciously. For example, as you're reading this, you're subconsciously thinking and

Do girls check out guys in India? If so, how?

Oh you have no idea.Yes we do, in fact, check out guys. But we've mastered the art of being discreet.Some girls, like me, do it a lot. Some do it sometimes, and some rarely do it. What I mean is, we're all different and I can't give you

Do programmers and non-programmers think differently?

I think the answer is a little bit more complicated than a

Have you ever sweat by thinking too much?

It happens everyday to me. I was talking to my mother about the same thing this morning.She knows I'm the kind of person who can tolerate hot weather. We've ACs in our house, but since last many years, I've always slept in a room which has only a fan, and it never bothered much

How are programmers different from others?

Let's assume, the question is,How are programmers different from other people?They love code, like comments and hate talking.They always prefer else on otherwise:Normal : If its raining call Ahmed otherwise call John.Programmer : If its raining call Ahmed else call John.They

How are the Anglo-Saxon and European (Latin) way of thinking different?

Albert Gehring in 1908 wrote a book on the distinguishing traits of the Graeco-Latins and Teutons (when he says Germanic, he means the Germanic peoples, which includes the Anglo-Saxons).  His writing is highly unfashionable by modern standards, and for that reason it is quite intriguing.The most Germanic writer in

How to develop my intuition

Here are 7 ways to develop your intuition:1. Slow down enough to hear your inner voice.Before you can pay attention to your intuition, you first have to be able to hear it amid the cacophony of your busy life. You have to slow down and listen, which often requires solitude. Taking some time away from the everyday, even something

How to stop thinking about something

I will tell you something and that will help you.I, ll tell you the root course why do you thinking about that thing.

How to become more knowledgeable

Some say Intelligent people are born that way, but I disagree. Intelligence is a characteristic that you can achieve by following traits that intelligent people follow and keep doing it that way for a long term. There is no shortcut to being intelligent.What you need is multi-point approach. Of course you can't just read and

How to make sure that I am not overthinking

By spending at least a part of each day in an activity which shifts your attention away from thinking.1. The best such activity is meditation. The technique I have seen to be effective is Vipashyana. Please look up Vipassana Research Institute.2. Other helpful activities are: Vigorous exercise or sport, cooking,

How does a programmer think?

There is no one way that programmers think. Why else did you think there are so many different programming languages?Having had to look through a lot of bad code in my time, I know that some of them don't think at all.There might have been a time, back in the 60s or 70s, when the field was small

How does feeling feel?

Feeling feels, well...it's a difficult question. I don't know how I feel about it.Let me say that feeling is due to the nervous system interacting with itself and the environment. So it's an open-feedback loop by which I mean the environment can affect feeling, which can affect your environment. But with that complication aside, let me attempt to answer

If a genie grants you three wishes, what do you intend to wish for?

I'd trick him.I rub the genie lamp expectantly. It glows and the genie pops out.

Is money your only motivation to work?

The short answer - no.I run an online business Mind of Steel that focuses on teaching people how to develop mental strength. I started it because I remember being in a position where I needed quality advice on how to

We always know that nothing ever matters at all. Yet we always end up thinking 'What if?', why?

I coined a funny line a few years ago.Only matter matters.You have a body that needs feeding watering and activity to keep it in good balance.You have a mind which also needs exercising to also maintain balance.Even simple things need

What are some things that non-Americans think about Americans?

I can offer some insight into this, being a British person living in the USA, though I do travel regularly, especially back to the UK, but I get around other places a lot. I'm going to state a few things that are widely believed outside the US, about the US, none of these

What do people who fall asleep quickly think about as they fall asleep?

I'm normally asleep within a few seconds of hitting the pillow.When I'm on my own my thought process is "Wow I'm so sleepy, I just need to charge my phone before- Zzzz..."When I'm with my wife there's usually some bickering where she says "turn over, you're going to snore in my ear",

What do you think about while you exercise?

It depends on so many factors: the kind of exercise, the setting, the current mood, the presence or absence of music, the relative discomfort with the workout.RunningWhen I'm running, which I usually do without listening to music because I tend

What does silence teach you?

I need silence, cause I have been long deprived of it, my mind needs to recover and grow - which had been a battle field for a long - long time.For the most part of my life I was afraid of silence, silence for me was a dark place, it was a place of unknown, so

What is something that need not be said?

A girl from our group came wearing one-piece dress. She was looking damn hot and I was unable to take my eyes off her. And we teased her too.It was college fest.Our group gathered and went in the ground area to enjoy the evening.That girl was

What is something you believe that most do not?

Not every means to an end you desire, is something you will enjoy or be passionate about.But does that mean you've chosen the wrong end (goal) and will have to look for alternatives? No.There are people who go to the gym religiously because it gives them

What is the best way to read philosophy?

There's a fundamental distinction between two types of philosophy (in the West, at least) - Analytic and Continental (Google for more on that). It sounds like you're referring to Continental philosophy. So that's one thing to figure out before you set out

What is the most common obsession in OCD?

Washing and cleaning : Washing and cleaning rituals are the most well-known and widely recognised symptom of OCD. People with this type of OCD can be described as continuously engaged in compulsive acts of cleaning and washing themselves/things.People who compulsively wash and clean can be divided into two groups: (a) those who

What keeps you awake at night?

NihilismWe are just random assembly of molecules on one of trillions of planets in some galaxy orbiting around some average star. Surrounded by vaccum and other rocky things. We are just another organism of one of the millions of species who walked upon this planet we call earth. We are here

What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

I would never settle in USA!Last night I spoke to my college friend after 2 years. Call went on for 2.5 hours. He was in a serious relationship for 5 years. We had a group of 7 friends and this was the first couple which formed out.

What was your most embarrassing experience in a public place?

This happened on my way to college while travelling in the city bus. As I got into the bus, I quickly sat down on one of the seats reserved for ladies. After a few stops, a person enters the

What would you dream if you could dream any dream you wanted to dream?

If I could dream any dream I wanted to dream I would dream about a man dreaming he was dreaming about a dream where he couldn't dream. In that dream, he would daydream about what a dream is, but he doesn't know what dreaming is, so he

Who are the greatest problem solvers and creative thought leaders of all time?

My favorite is Albert Einstein. Let me explain why.I am a big fan of Albert Einstein and though I have several engineering degrees, the reason I am such a big fan is not why he was so famous. The wisdom of Albert Einstein goes way beyond his scientific achievements. Let's

Why is it that after I work out I tend to have difficulty concentrating for the rest of the day?

There is a threshold during any exercise beyond which you physically accumulate what can be generically called 'stress' that reduces physical and mental functioning. It can be very damaging if overdone consistently, or even just once if done way too far.As Craig Fraser mentions here, you likely have an elevated cortisol condition, which reduces

Are you punished for your thoughts in Islam?

SAHIH INTERNATIONAL Quran Chapter 49 Verse 12O you who have believed, avoid much [negative] assumption. Indeed, some assumption is sin. And do not spy or backbite each other. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his brother when dead? You would detest it. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is Accepting of repentance and Merciful.One should

How to improve my decision making skills

There are some really good answers backed by psychology here but I think my advice is much simpler and easier to implement.People don't make decisions because they are scared to lose. It's the lack of fear of failing that has allowed me to make decisions so quick. I make decisions

If you had 100 billion dollars and you knew that you would always live like a multi-billionaire, what would be the first thing that you would do with that money?

A lot of people here answered that they would donate most of their money to the poor or the earth or something, but I'm not really with that.I would buy a mansion in the Bay Area. Like four or five stories,

Overthinking is ruining my life - to the point where I overthink myself out of living. Why do I do this, and what should I do? I do suffer from severe social phobia and depression and have been through severe abuse in my life.

This sounds like early onset of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I suggest you visit a mental health professional.If your thoughts are intrusive, unwanted or you are unable to dissociate yourself with subjects and topics in you mind and unable make good healthy conclusions and some good actions based on

What are the effective ways to ruin your life?

Being unable to move due to weight. When I started my weight loss blog on youtube, I started to follow a youtuber who was 333 pounds. She's 550 plus pounds and is barely able to walk. It's depressing.Drugs-my friend is

What is rational thinking?

We need to make a distinction between thinking logically and thinking rationally. You think logically, you follow wherever the logical constructions (if this and if that then the other) take you, but to think rationally requires something more human.  Rational

What is the current scientific thinking on the cause of homosexuality?

I had written an answer a couple of days ago hereScientifically how many sexes/genders are there?I am pasting my answer from there because the part about why some people are Transgender and Intersex is covered there. I do not not know

Where do you draw the line between ambition and over-ambition?

Everything comes at a price. As long as you can bear that cost, things are fine.The same is true for ambition. Anything is ambitious till you know you can live with the consequences. It starts becoming over-ambitious when you, for yourself, can't justify the impact this ambition is having on you (or