Does a constructor really save time in a Java program?

That's not what it is for.The idea is that you create an object ‘ready to go' with all of its internal data in a correct, consistent state.The object at first does not exist. Then we create one with a constructor. This fills in all the internal

How to be busy and productive

There is one seemingly magic solution you can implement immediately. I'll explain my two favorite points of view.Focus on the one thing that if completed will make anything else you need to do easy or irrelevant.The other is to use resistance as your compass.   This simply means that you should tackle

How to be productive

Last Year, I totally Sucked up by my life.Just want to get break from this. Doing a lot of things daily, but none of them will work.But starting again and with the positive attitude will work. check my personal productivity hacks.WAKE UP EARLY IN THE MORNING : One of the best way

How to complete my daily household chores in minimum time

The best way to complete daily household chores is to be proactive and pick up as you go. Instead of taking time to clean the kitchen each evening, wash your dishes after each meal. Wipe down the counter after preparing your meal, Properly cover your

How to maintain my schedule of exercising everyday

First of all understand the importance of health.Watch some videos related to health and fitness.As a beginner start with simple exercises like just walking in park.After some days increase your exercises like add running cycling.Now the question is about schedule-Believe me exercise and health is the most important things in your life.So you

How to make better use of my time

Solve this puzzle.If you can do it, you'll be considered a creative genius. If you can't, well, you'll learn an invaluable lesson that'll save you HOURS of valuable time.You ready?Alright. Do this now: take out a piece of paper and draw 9 dots to form a 3x3 square. It should look like this:

How to make myself more productive using a smartphone

Contrary to popular belief, you can be productive while using your smartphone.There are lots of apps out there which will help you in achieving this.Duolingo → You've got spare time, then why not learn a new language? Duolingo is a fun and addicting

How to manage my studies while working full time

I will NOT say that's easy peasy. Because that is difficult. First of all accept the challenge that it is a difficult task, but be determined that you can and will do it.While working full time what you need is strategy. Some

How to overcome procrastination at work

By nature, humans have always gone down the path of least resistance. We've all felt the looming cloud around us saying

How to save more time for myself

You can save time for yourself if you have job near to your place, as it help in saving traveling time. You can come home early and have your

How to spend my free time in an intellectually productive way

There's a lot of ways you can spend your free time more intelligently while still having fun.Increase the quality of your guilty pleasures. Ex.: if you love binge watching Netflix, instead of watching Scandal or whatever try West Wing or Madam Secretary.Find reading material you enjoy. There are so many

How to study 10+ hours a day

I will try to put forth my opinion,misconception,suggestions,usefulness etc. in some points (not in any specific order):If you want to clear some competitive examination and if somebody has told you that 10 hrs/day is the threshold for clearing this examination ,then simply it's not true.Different people can achieve

How can my wife and I balance our time together when we have our own apartment but have families to take care of who need us almost every day?

You didn't mention what part of the world you are in. I suspect it may not be North America.You and your wife will each need to talk to your families. You need to let them know that you care about them, and want to help them, but that you can not be with them every day.Even in cultures where

How to increase productivity within the same 7.5 hours of work

Identify and understand the tasks you're working on during your 7.5 hours.Identify tasks that aren't giving you the value desired and quit/reduce/outsource those.Identify tasks where you're wasting time or things that are taking longer than expected. Look at those systems/processes and figure

How to balance fitness with a busy schedule in studies

It is very difficult for students to be physically fit these days due to the burden of studies on their shoulders. Due to the studies, they don't get time to exercise or take care of their physical health.Yoga is a best way to

How to efficiently use my time at the gym

While we did a lot of physical training while I was in Special  Forces, I never really understood fitness and diet and what was effective.The Seals made it a science and we always saw them in the gym, but  that's another story.  It is not about working harder, it is about  working smarter.A

How to lose weight when I have no time

Weight Loss in 3 simple steps (without feeling hungry)Lose weight you do not starve yourself or swallow chemical slimming.In this article, I describe a method by which you lose weight fast and healthy without feeling hungry or sports.Apply the advice from

How to motivate myself to use my time in doing productive things

I could sit here and give you 50 ways to better use your time, but I've already done that.I could also talk about all the activities you should avoid, but I'm not going to do that either.I'm going to get to the core of this question!Being more productive is one of the best ways to

How to not procrastinate on the homework I need to do

1.) Ask for HelpWhen I went to University the assignments I would procrastinate on the most, were the ones that I didn't know how to do.Not because I was lazy.Always ask for help from a professor, TA, classmate if you're lost.2.) Do it with a friend2 brains are always better than one. Having a

How to overcome procrastination and jealousy

Procrastination and jealousy seem to be unconnected.They are connected at a deep level.Most procrastination is based on fear, and lack of confidence.Jealousy is based on attachment to permanence, fear of not finding a better replacement, and fear of being invalidated.You can overcome both by building your winning person.If you

How to stay motivated and achieve my goals without procrastinating

It's just a question of strategy and discipline.I have a few practical options for you:1) At the macro-cosmic level, I suggest that you take a close look at the larger scheme of things in your life.That is, sit down to explore and establish

How to study as well as work at the same time

With effort.I am not sure how else to say it.  I have experience working and going to school- I did it for 3 years of undergrad and 3 years of graduate school (with a year in between).  That spanned two different employers and a career transition (as well as a change in educational focus).  On a

How to maintain your fitness regularly despite a hectic schedule

Keeping fit while having a hectic schedule is a tedious job. In fact it is very difficult to manage work life along with a workout lifestyle. Thus I am going to share my fitness secrets, how I manage to be fit along with work.First of all the

How to manage time between work and study

Here are some things you need to do:1)Take regular breaks and do the most important tasks immediately after the breaksInstead of taking too much pressure and stress it is important to take short breaks. Play an instrument, listen to song, talk to friends or go for

How to personally fit working out into your schedule

I've worked out all of my life since about 18. I started out being a runner and have added dancing, weights, Spinning, Pilates. I try to pay attention to any and all work-out routines, incorporating what looks fun or especially challenging into my routine. I like working out in

How to plan your work to be more productive

I wear many hatsI am a senior officer of Indian Revenue Service responsible for a large amount of tax collection.I am a published author. I plan to write one book every year. My two books are already published and the third book is to be published soon in this year.I am a voracious readerI daily

How to schedule your day to be the most productive

I will skip talking about time management for the entire day but will focus on only one point.Morning routine. The one thing you must schedule and stick to!If you start your day with great morning routine, it will help you the entire day getting more

How to spend most of your time on the Internet

#1 Search sample codes or errors in Stack Overflow#2 Surfing to know Objective C language well.#3 Seeing some User Interface designs in Dribbble - Popular#4 Using the front page of the internet#5 Reading magazines

How does one keep fit while handling a very busy schedule?

A really good question, Ingrid. Having an unpredictable schedule definitely deters living a healthy lifestyle. In fact, people who don't have a set routine or a set schedule have been shown to have all kinds of negative health consequences. They suffer from inadequate sleep, they have weight issues, they are more likely to have improper digestion and

How does one make the most of their day?

Realize the importance of time, time and tide wait for no manHave a plan ready before you begin your day, the plan must include goals for the day and the estimated time to accomplish eachFix a schedule for regular things like sleep, food, work, exercise,

How does one solve procrastination?

You can't.Nobody can stop procrastinating. It's essential.What?! What about those hotshot CEOs? Do you think they also procrastinate?Yup, but we'll talk about it later. I'll tell you how to use procrastination to get your work done :Make a to-do list : Those who have written goals actually accomplish much more than an average person. Make a to-do list a

How much time do models spend at the gym?

That depends on the models. Physique models (those you see on Men's Fitness magazine or Axe commercials as well as many females) spend almost all of their time in the gym and focusing on diet. They are paid to look like that. The same is true with actors training for superhero movies

How much time do you spend on your daily exercises?

I do Nordic walking as my preferred form of exercise, and I do it about an hour a day, 6 days a week, when the weather is good. My criteria for selecting that particular exercise are found in the post at the link. Nordic walking is a good cardio exercise:

How much time in a day to work?

It depends on what you do and why you do this. I'll try to explain what I mean.If you do smth you really like, you may not want to count hours. It'll always be not enough since you do it mostly for pleasure.If you work to make money for

How much time should I spend on a workout?

Similar to a question I just answered:Bob Matsuoka's answer to How many days in a week should I workout?Quick answer - what are your goals? Assuming you're not training for the Olympics, in which case you shouldn't be asking here :-), it also depends on your age and how fit you

How much time should you be working out daily?

It sounds like you have a good basic routine going here. And a big congratulations for beginning your journey into physical fitness!To reduce fat, most fitness coaches will say that about 40% comes from exercise and about 60% from diet. But for younger individuals like yourself, cutting

How should I schedule my time?

I'm not sure what "how" means in this context.  Is it "how" as in how do I fit in everything or "how" as in what tool should I use?  Or is it both, or something else altogether?  I'm going to assume it's "how do I fit in everything".  Here's how I'd

How should I utilize the 24 hours of the day more effectively?

100% agree with Kay Seng Lee's answer, definitely do that! I would also add a few observations from my own experience.For context, I work full time, my wife is a doctor, and we have 3 children, 2 of whom have autism spectrum disorder diagnoses. Our life is pretty

I am in my late 20s and feel I have wasted a lot of time. Is it too late for me to achieve something worthwhile?

I think we are in a society where we feel pressure to achieve achieve achieve.The pursuit of happiness has been turned into the pursuit of achievements.But what would happen if we stopped for a moment and really thought deeply about what we want.What is worthwhile?What do I find meaningful?What will make me happy?I know I have been struck

I wake up at 6 a.m and after work, I reach home around 8:30 p.m. How can I manage my time for my workout as I am married and a working woman?

First make sure your spouse and family understand that you have to work out. Without their understanding, it will be hard or even not possible.Second, you need to decide what you can do without, throughout the day? If you are spending half an hour on your phone texting friends or spending too much

If I only have one hour at the gym, what is the best use of time?

Thanks for the A2A, Sanjay!First off, let me inform you an extremely IMPORTANT detail: Your workout should be limited to 45 minutes or a maximum of an hour!That's correct! The reason being, after 45 minutes, the adrenal gland of your body start oozing excess

I'm 22, and I really hate the feeling that I'm wasting my time. How do I make sure that I'm not wasting my time?

To begin with, I was surprised to see 50 people following the answer to your question. This means there are a lot of people who suffer from the same insecurities and fears that you have, which by itself is no consolation but at

Is meditation worth spending time doing nothing?

Thanks for A2A Kirtan JethvaAt first, I would like to tell you What is meditation. Meditation is something that trains you to have control over your mind and hence your thoughts. All these while in your life, you are ruled by your mind

Is there any science to overcome procrastination?

Hi,You know something, the best part is you have a desire to overcome procrastination.You are aware of it. Most of the time, people are either not aware of it or does not bother.If you have taken the pain to open Quora, write

Is working 10 hours a day 4 days a week worth it in comparison to a regular work schedule?

It depends. What are you going to do with an extra day, vs. what do you do with the extra hours.Do you go to or coach your child's little league team? Then you probably want the extra hours each day. I do a lot of events in the evening, if the extra

Should I show up late for work?

Always call ahead and be honest with your boss.  Showing up late is far worse than having to explain why you are going to be late.When you explain to your boss, try saying, "I'm going to be late just this week, because I signed

Time Management: How do really busy people spend their day?

I try not to be really busy, but for periods of weeks and months at a time I can be. I've found the following things work well to help me cope and remain productive when there is more work than time available...Operating Rhythm -

What are some creative tricks to save time and boost productivity?

Get an early start.If you're up and ready to go a couple of hours before everyone else, either on the weekday or weekend, you've got a golden opportunity.There will be fewer people in stores, less traffic on the road, and less of a chance

What are some Disneyland hacks to save time?

Never wait for a parade or show more than 5-10 minutes. You'll see countless people staking out spots an hour in advance, but you'll have largely the same experience showing up a few minutes before.Ride the park's west side attractions later in

What are some funny/weird things you do to save time?

We have 2 dishwashers, this saves time putting plates in cabinets. Most plates you put into the cabinet in the morning are used in the evening.We have one for dirty plates and cutlery and one that contains clean plates and cutlery. This system works

What are some life hacks to save time?

Measure the time you spend on your phone (there are some good apps out there for this). See what apps are you spending your time on. you would notice that there are a lot of time wasted. If you have certain goals, download apps that would help you to achieve your goals and

What are some of very good websites to visit to spend the most effective and productive time on the Internet?

The answer to this question I think should be decided by what profession you are engaged in, because different areas have different topic and valuable for different groups.So before knowing that information, I could give you some suggestion which is helpful for most of people.MediumIt's a similar website like Quora, but more professional and

What are some steps I can take to improve my concentration and focus?

There are wonderful answers from some of highly professional people like Nela, Say and others. Concentration and focus have direct relationship with brain/body synchronized harmony. Some of the answers have that in their own way. I will be very short to have some repetition and my own suggestions.Have wonderful night sleep and get up healthy. This is

What are some things that I can do to limit my time on electronics? I waste so much time mindlessly scrolling on my phone and I feel like I'm losing myself. I want to stimulate my mind more and be more creative. Can you provide me any tips?

The first step I took to minimize my screen time was to get rid of any push notifications for social media, especially if the notifications didn't have to do anything with me (Facebook I'm talking to you).Because what do you

What are some ways to 'work smart' rather than just working hard in college?

Do you wonder why some people are always more productive? And are you curious to know how do they come up with fresh ideas and brilliant well-worked post everyday?You are just like me... Keep reading on.A little background of me.. I had started this blog back in April-2015. That time, I was really passionate and committed

What are the best day-to-day time-saving tips?

I've been testing and adjusting various productivity techniques for the past five years, read lots of books (most of them repeating) and here's some of my findings:It's not about time. It's about energy.We try to squeeze as many hours in one work day, to be "productive", but

What are the best Gmail tips to save time?

Gmail is the most popular and widely used email service in the world. We really can not live a single day without communicating through Gmail. Every person or even every website who has something to offer wants to reach your Gmail account and then flood your inbox with their emails. So here is

What are the best time-saving tips for Excel?

Here are some time-saving tips for excel which would definitely help you.Row and Column select:For a quick select of an entire row or column :Ctrl + Space bar will select the column of your active cell.Shift + Space bar will select the row of your active cell. Tabbing Between Worksheets:Ctrl+Page up

What are the best ways to ease into working out if I have a busy schedule?

You have to make a decision about your priorities. The best way to start a regular exercise regimen is to decide what time of day you will devote and plan ahead what your exercise will be.If you are walkjng, decide in advance when and how long or how far and

What are the best ways to save time for studies rather than wasting time for household chores while doing masters?

I'll preface this by saying that my apartment always got a lot cleaner around exam time. The studying got done and the papers got written, but not without some long nights and some panicked, last-minute rushes late at night.Do your thesis first. Set

What are the most productive habits?

Early to bed and rise.I used to be the laziest person you could've ever come across. I can stay in bed entire morning and think of brushing at 2:30pm when I start to feel dizzy. (Ok, that was in 12th holidays) I was also the same person who would take bath twice. If it's

What are the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet for python programmers?

You can train to be better at algorithmic tasks at CodeFights. It is a fun thing to do.You can try beating simple challenges (about 10–15 mins each) or get a glimpse of coding tasks given by big companies. What I especially like about them is that they

What are the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet?

BOOKMARK THIS ANSWERThese websites will make you incredibly smarter.1/ BBC - Future - In-depth coverage of science, health and technology2/ 5-minute Drops: Learn a new language for no more than 5 minutes per day.3/ Makezine: DIY projects, how-Tos, electronics, crafts and ideas for makers.4/ Psychology Today

What are your favorite time management tips and tricks?

As an author with a day job, internship, and grad school homework, I know a little bit about time management. Here are my top tips.Wake up early. Yes, I know everyone says this, but they say it because it's true. Not only will an

What do you do every day that saves you a lot of time?

Well, talking about my time savings are not good enough. I don't save much time as a person should do in his/her daily life because I'm lazy.Instead of all this laziness I save some of my time on daily bases. The main thing to note is that how do I save a lot of time.Here it begins:I make a

What habits have helped you save more time?

Carrying a Notepad and Pen with Me All the TimeCapturing your ideas or simply to-do items on paper saves you a lot of time.If you don't capture them, they will wander around your brain and pop up in the most inappropriate moments. You will dismiss them focused on the task at hand

What is best way to spend one hour time?

Well, it depends on where your are right now and in which situation your are with? But what I assume, you must have been in Office and wanted to do something fast and that too without effort. Then, first of all make a list

What is perfect way to study and be 100% productive in the process?

Pomodoro technique. Very scientific. It is a timer, where you study for 25 minutes and then take a break for five minutes. Three sessions like this and you take a fifteen minutes break. This way, you mind takes time to relax, and therefore reinforces itself the within those twenty

What is the best and easiest way to stay healthy without spending lot of time?

What is the best and easiest way to stay healthy without spending lot of time?You do this by developing healthy habits. That way you are not sabotaging yourself by eating unhealthy food out of a box and sitting

What is the best method to study alone and effectively?

Each person has different study methods. One study method could work on some and it won't be as effective to others. It depends on the type of person you are. However, here are some useful tips that could work for most people.The biggest thing I can say

What is the best thing to do when you have free time?

Well, I didn't do Engineering so I wouldn't exactly know how difficult your schedule at college can be. But, I have been in an hostel which was super busy because of so many activities happening at the same time. I did my diploma in defence strategy and studies and I was a part of a Private military college, Inida.

What is the best time during the day to do homework for a high schooler? I have time during my school day (free periods), right after classes and later in the evening.

When I get home from school, I've found that it is best to start my actual homework after I watch one episode of TV.I first begin with whatever the easiest homework is. I try and rank my actual books in front of me to visualize what homework will be the hardest to complete.Soon enough,

What is the best way to fit workouts into a busy schedule?

Basically, This is a high intensity workout designed to boost your strength and your endurance for the most. This 15 minutes routine is composed of 6 rounds, where each round has 4 same set of exercises to be done without any rest. Lets jump into how your round will look like.Quick push-ups(30 seconds)

What is the best way to plan my day and be a more productive person?

Hi there, Here at Appfluence, we believe the key to exceptional productivity is knowing what to spend your time on. When you dedicate your time to the right things, not only do you produce, but you produce results with more value. To do so, we

What is the best way to spend 30 minutes in a day?

You can meditate. Not only does it bring peace to your mind, it also increases your efficiency and has various other advantages. You can also go on a walk woth your partner so you can know each other

What is the best way to spend time usefully and at the same time enjoy it?

An idle man 's mind is the devil's workshop Most of the people of 21 st century are not free enough to be idle ...their routine keeps them engaged like a switch on off machine..But every machine needs a constant check and service

What is the best way to spend your spare time everyday?

I spend time every day doing many things.My routine looks like this:WakeupFirst cup of coffee/ScriptureFitnessEat The Frog - Most Important Task or Most Difficult TaskReview Blogs and WebsitesProcess Email for an hour.Block out time for other taskBlock out 3 hours for Mind and Body Refresh - includes some personal development, nap, lunch,

What is the best way to waste time on the Internet (not counting Quora)? What is the most fun currently?

I will suggest you not to waste time but make use of that limited time that you have by using your time wisely, according to me most people spend their time on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram just consuming others content.In my starting days

What is the biggest waste of time in your life?

Going to college.I leave for college half awake, half sleepy at 7 a.m everyday and return home at 6 p.m, deprived of energy and any will to live.My parents think I go to college to learn things and earn a

What is your favourite time saving tip for household chores?

If things get really cluttered and messy with clutter. Pick all clutter up and put it in one spot, on a chair or table, or the bed. Then, dust, sweep, vacuum, mop, whatever deep cleaning needs to be done. Then, put all of the stuff in the pile away. (Also a good time to call the

What things do you do everyday to save yourself time?

I use a few tools to help me save myself time:I know exactly what needs to get done each day. I spend time planning the week ahead - what my priorities are and what needs to get done each day. Since I have my own business, I use a couple of tools to help with this

What tips can you offer for someone who wants to use their time well?

Here are some effective time management tips to increase your productivity:Prioritize work - Whatever you have to do, choose the task that is the biggest, the most exhausting, and which takes most of your time to be finished and do it first.Set Real

What tips or hacks have saved you the most time and/or energy in your life?

I have these guiding philosophies for managing my time and energy:Productivity is About Mind Management, Not Time Management: We all have the same amount of time, but if we can get ourselves into the right mind state, we can have far more output.Be

What workout regime do you follow in accordance with your busy schedule? How does a busy man keep himself fit?

Several people who are very busy in their professional lives still find time for doing exercise to keep fit. Anybody with reasonably good health can perform brisk walking either morning or evening for minimum of thirty minutes. Many fitness training equipments now available in the market suitable for home use. One

What's an efficient way to overcome procrastination?

You're not going to like what I'm about to say. But that's okay. Truth is often bitter. And it always hurts. Perhaps, that's the point of it.Here's something funny about this Quora thread. If you look at the stats on it, you'll find something amazing.

What's the best time management tip you can teach me?

Gamify it!Here's how I do it.Every morning I look at my regularly updated task list. I have breakfast and play CANABALT or Ticket to Ride for 10 minutes afterwards. Both are games that help me build focus/momentum.I sit down, pick one (most important/daunting)

What's the best way a person can spend their time?

Well I hope you are asking what is the best way to spent time productively.There are so many, and I guess you already know the answer. Still I will highlight them for you.Read good Novels - (You will live many more lives when you read a good novel, see the world the author portrayed, Think in

What's the most time you spent on a programming project that didn't work out?

My whole freakin' career.I was lead software developer on an electronic device programmer (programs ROMs, PLDs, etc). We brought the code to commercial readiness, built about 200 of the programmers, even sold a few. Turns out our competitors were smarter than our in-house marketing team were, and built smaller, cheaper machines. The software was

Why am I not able to concentrate?

In the first place, I think you need to take  a  close look at the larger scheme of things in your life.Don't use excuses as your alibis.Nothing works, unless you do.Nothing changes until something changes. This is Physics.For things to change

Why do people go to the libraries nowadays, when most of the information is available online and they can study/work at home without spending time on commuting?

Libraries are much, much more than simply repositories for books and information. The difference between a library and the internet is information in a library is well-vetted. What that means is that it's quality information, which can be counted upon to be accurate and up to date.That means a

Why is it so hard to keep up with my workout schedule?

There are many possible reasons why, but I believe there could be two major ones;Your workout schedule is too demanding and seems daunting. It is best to have a regime that you can get after every day, consistency is key here. If this is the case, modify your plan accordingly.You don't have a strong

Will excercise save me time?

First read this article. Be Better at Life: How to Find More Time to Train Honestly there's no need to workout for over an hour. In fact, short high intensity workouts that can be done in 30 minutes are highly effective in weight/fat loss.Second, if you're getting tired after you workout, then I would venture to

Will time end?

Time.Time is an illusion, a tool used by humans to make sense of a very important phenomenon in physics: causality.CausalityCausality is the fact that everything happens for a reason. This might sound philosophical, but is actual science. Think of any thing that can happen: a pen falling down, an object moving side

Would you mind sharing your daily routine? How do you manage time and how do you manage to perform activities that you like, socializing and completing important tasks despite a busy schedule?

Hmm. My daily routine? Will be boring, but yeah, I don't mind.I'm up at 6:30 am and ready by 7:30 am for college. By the time I come back, I'm loaded with five hours of fatigue and assignments. From 5:00 pm, I've got three

Are you more productive at night or in the day time?

As much as productivity is dependent on your inner mindset, motivation and habits, it is also related directly to your environment and surroundings.That is precisely why I like to stay more productive during the day. By ‘day', I don't mean the time when everyone else is awake i.e. usually after 7–8 am in my

Compared to other ways I could be spending my time, is meditation really worth the time and effort if my biggest problems are productivity and how to best leverage the use of my time?

Absolutely.Imagine if you had a knife and you had to cut a whole bunch of sticks of butter. You could try slicing the butter with your knife the way that it is and you'd probably do it pretty quickly. But, imagine if you took a little time

Doctors: What are some tricks that can make doctor's life easy?

i totally disagree with first answer,feel thy pain, it sounds so dramatic and novelish.yet totally un practical.the more you feel the pain the more your life is difficult with every patient care. Follow the health care code and conduct. you wil remain happy, contended and satisfied.few specialities are

How to convince myself to stop procrastinating everything

A2AConstantly scare yourself about how short life is and how luxury time is.I used to have the problem of laziness and procrastination. There are tons of advices online, but easier said than done. Most people procrastinate because deep inside they don't have a sense of urgency, they thought they can do it tomorrow or do

How to manage my time effectively? I am a high school student in honors classes that enjoys kickboxing, skateboarding, soccer, weight lifting, video games, and having a social life. I also want to make music. What can I do

You need to shelve some of your activities. You really can't do everything and expect to be outstanding in any of them. School, one sport, music and weightlifting should keep you plenty busy. If you want to socialize a bit or ride your skateboard or play a video game, that's fine, but you really need to keep