What are some life hacks you have come across?

Life hacks in general:If you have dogs, but no fence and hang your laundry out out dry, the laundry line can double as a "dog run". Attach a D ring to the line, hook a long dog leash to it and hook your dog to the

What are life hacks for saving water in India?

Water is a precious natural resource that is essential for human existence. Like other natural resources, its supply is limited. Therefore, it should be used in a judicious manner and best efforts should be made to conserve it. Here are a few practical

What are some everyday hacks?

Here they are:learn the basics of body language, as long as you're around people it will serve you welldevelop your own style in all you do. Plagiarism is so last century! Be Original, because in art and in life an original is always worth more than the best copyhelp those

What are a few saving strategies/tips on Amazon?

I would like to share some tips for everyone to save money.The most two useful ways to save money for Amazon shopping are:-Win Amazon Gift Card.-Find the best products on discount/free deal websites.-Be an Amazon pro reviewer.I have saved a

What are some beauty hacks for guys?

Eyebrow grooming. I am not saying you need to have eyebrows on fleek, but really, they could always be improved, evenwith just a little trim. I don't like a guy to have better eyebrows than me, but i don't like

How to unlock a word document

Quick Disclaimer: Crack responsibly. Don't break any laws. You're responsible for your actions.Easiest solution is to try out one of the paid and convenient password crackers already listed here (or a quick google search would reveal).If you want to learn some new skills and tools you might try John the Ripper

What is the disadvantage of unethical hacking?

As with all types of activities which have a darker side, there will be dishonest people presenting drawbacks. The possible drawbacks of ethical hacking and unethical hacking I have added include:The unethical hacker using the knowledge they gain to do malicious hacking activities may harm the target .Allowing the company's financial and banking details to

What are some life-saving health tricks and hacks?

I will not stop posting this!!!!! #ATTENTION .Most Important article to save your entire family.Learn from the mistakes of others:A Family (a man his wife and their baby) who just came back from a dinner out of the house in a restaurant,

As a programmer, what tasks have you automated to make your everyday life easier? How can one expect to improve life through automated programming?

Text messages! I got tired of hearing "You never message me" from friends and family alike so I wrote a bash script which later on turned into an apple script that sends random messages to random group members at random times on random days. Its pretty random.The messages constructs themselves twice a

What are some life/hostel/study hacks that can help MBA students?

Start observing everyone. Start looking at people how they are learning, how they are doing, What is their approach. Ask questions. Answer people's questions. Involve in debates.

What are a few of your favorite marketing tips?

One of my favorite marketing tips, I used it to re-launch a spa from bankruptcy to one of the better place to relax, was offering Gift Vouchers.Gift Vouchers are a great way to market to new clients using your existing clients.See it in the following way:When I offer a gift to my wife

What are some social life hacks?

1) Assume comfort in any interaction.Our brain is an incredibly complicated instrument. Our relationship with it, is a love-hate one. We think we have control over it but usually something unconscious dictates our actions.In most of our social interactions, we find it difficult to feel comfortable among strangers because our brain tries to protect

What is a life hack that you think not everybody should know?

Brother according to me the life hacks that you know which everbody don't knowAlways live for nationAlways believe in your karmaAlways manage your time with your interest. Prefer much time for those works which you want to learn, after that use your time in which you are perfect so that you

What are some dressing hacks every women should know?

There are some tips ,maybe it will help you .Some times ,you can dress with some fashion accesoriesStep by step, the three different levels of clothing collocation -- appropriate, beautiful and style, should be understood one by one;The rational purchase of clothing must meet three conditions before deciding whether to proceed.Pay attention to the study

What are some tips to learn navigation?

Put a large map of the area propped up in front of you with North at the top. Take a clear piece of thick plastic and make a cross on it with N,E,S, W on the arms. This doesn't need

What are some tips for a semi monthly mortgage?

Its best to get a 30 year fixed mortgage. Then get into the habit of paying down principle on a monthly basis. Its better not to lock yourself down into a semi monthly mortgage, just in case an emergency happens, say an injury, hospital bills, layoff's, or other circumstances. Its

What are some of your best hacks at using Facebook?

How to have two profile pictures at same time Step 1: The first thing you need to know is that there will be two profile pics 1 on your timeline and the other for public posts and comments. So set a profile picture in a normal way which you want to

What are some of the parenting life hacks?

There many parenting tips and hacks but these are few parenting tips for parents with young children that some time overlooked because of their busy daily lives.Swimming Safety Tips For Babies, Swimming Rules That Will Save Your Life1. Start introduce your baby to water

What are the tips and tricks to crack aiims in two months?

AIIMS is conducted by CBSE board, the syllabus will cover NCERT 11th and 12th biology,physics and chemistry books Preparation tips :1. firstly target must be setting a goal for what rank you want to get2. Know your strengtha and weakness eg. you may

What tips would you give to guys?

I could give many, but, I'm going to give about one which constantly happen with me and I wish those people would know about it before.WARNING: It can be a nonsense tip, or, even stupid to some, but, among some Americans girls I've been in contact with, this

Which tips and tricks to wear heels for an 8-hour workday?

1) Make sure your shoes are sized correctly.** This is rule number one for a reason **2) Wear good quality (durable but soft) pantyhose. Hosiery reduces perspiration and all but eliminates the possibility of chafing or blisters from your foot rubbing the

What are much needed life hacks in Mumbai?

1. Install a M-indicator app. It would help you to gain knowledge about transport system in Mumbai.2. Install OLA app. To book a taxi to reach any where in Mumbai.3. It's a fast moving city. Keep these things handy: Handkerchief, water or energy drink,

What are some unethical high school hacks?

I guess the most obvious one that isn't technically the obvious cheating (getting work from previous students, sharing answers etc.) would be the website quizlet. Absolutely a life saver. Most of my teachers are too lazy to create their tests themselves (and even

What is the number one life hack that never gets old?

Spend less, and if you can MUCH less, than you make. Religiously. No matter what. When you have savings, you can weather financial storms, have options to make moves others who are living paycheck to paycheck cannot, and usually can take

What are some good hacks for socializing?

Be well informed.Be it politics, movies, sports, or even Greek Mythology, having even a little bit of knowledge on a multitude of topics will always go a long way.From what I've noticed among all the conversations I've had with people,

What is the most simple life hack for cooking rice?

Use chicken/beef/veggie stock when cooking the rice instead of water. Personally, I prefer chicken or veggie stock. But this simple trick actually gives the rice much more flavor. You can add additional seasonings to specialize it for the meal you need it for. For example, cook your rice

What are simple life hacks that is not known commonly?

(Find out lot's:- Hack Starts )Turn your smartphone into a microscope!Purchase the shortest focal length lens you can find. I used Thorlabs-LA1116 with adaptor Thorlabs-LMRA6, gluing the two together with clear nail polish (but any other adhesive will work).

What are some tips and tricks you've learned as a police officer that you believe more people should know?

Be polite, listen to instructions carefully, and say little else other than your name, address and other identifying data. Answer questions if you must with

What's the most insane life hack you have used ever?

Yeah I am an addicted gamer but was falling short of some bucks to buy a new game CD.So this is what I did.I ordered a CD of Counter Strike Global Offence from Amazon and paid it as credit.When the CD arrived, I opened it carefully and installed the game using the provided CD

What are some life hacks for parents of teenagers?

I've found that you can't control a teen too closely; you have to give them freedom to make decisions and mistakes. If you don't, you end up with someone who can't think for themselves.So expect mistakes and stubbornness. It isn't entirely unhealthy. In my household,

What are some tips/tricks that will help me to pass my CA final/IPC exams?

The best trick that I have seen helped lots of people is what we call as STUDY.Many people have realised the importance of study in CA and those who realised did not ask this question on Quora. Evident from history, study can bring great changes in

What are some good psychological hacks everyone would like to know?

14 Clever Psychological Life Hacks You Need to Know1. Make people like you by asking for a small favorYou can make use of the psychological phenomenon called The Benjamin Franklin Effect to make other people like you more. It's a neat psychological life hack. The psychological effect is attributed to an observation of Benjamin

What are best tips for photography beginners?

Study the fundamentals of photography.Learn the relationships of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to each other.  You're not in control until you know how to control these manually to get the effects you want.Study composition.  Know what the general rules are, use them and master them, and then break them to see what you

What are the best study life hacks?

Same answer as thisTimothy Soo's answer to How do top students study?Just two thingsDo not study to remember, instead study to understand. Study to understand makes solid memories because you have developed a deeper understanding of a particular topic.Here is a simple way to do that.In the last 15–20 minutes of every study session, you do

What driving tips would you offer for a first time driver?

Always anticipate the worst of other drivers. If somebody starts to pull out into your path, assume that they won't see you and avoid them.Always leave room to maneuver out of a situation. Don't get too close to the car in front; when moving – leave at least a two-second gap between you and

What are some good iPhone hacks?

If you have purchased a newer version of an iPhone you can use your older version iPhone ( After resetting to factory reset older iPhone) along with new one using the hot spot of new iPhone. What are the benefits?From new iPhone turn off apps like location services, amber alert, emergency alert,

What are top 10 samsung smartphone hacks?

A four digit pin is going to get cracked in minutes, even with a low-end PC. However, that's not where the problems usually lie. To get to the filesystem, you must first access the system. If you can do that, it's usually game over - particularly on the Android, where much of

Neuroscience: Do true brain hacks exist?

Take a look at this Quora Question:What are some amazing brain hacks?Yes, there are many brain hacks, discovered by accident (e.g. by people having accidents that damage part of the brain) but increasingly by trying stuff out whilst people are inside a functional

What are some useful hacks for smartphones?

I dont know much about the hacks of a smartphone Vishal, but if your question should have been related to an Iphone, i would have shared some mind blowing tricks with you!Regarding smartphones, you can use this trick to have your private wikipedia in your whatsapp :Add these numbers as Wiki, wiki290435602099043017568Create a

What tips would you give someone just starting polytechnic in Singapore?

Ask questions!! Most, if not all, polytechnics lean towards self-learning oriented students and asking questions to your lecturers or your seniors would personally help you.It's also good to be participative in classes and do as much as you can. My regret is

What are some unethical workplace and career life hacks?

A Crazy stranger's story:I was working in a software company where 20–22 people used to work over there as developer, designer, sales etc. And usually 5–7 days in a month i was being on leave because of distance and has to

What are some Windows 10 tips, tricks, and hacks?

We're not sure how many of these are technically lesser known anymore, but we wanted to send you a few suggestions anyway. These are the things people seem to be happy to hear from our team at least! How to Speed Up Your Computer (Maybe) By Turning

What are some tips for improving skin condition?

1. Consider Your Water2. Drink Green Tea3. Keep Stress in Check4. Improve Your Air Quality5. Switch to Plain Toothpaste6. Watch Sun Exposure Indoors7. Monitor Your Dairy Intake (If You Have Acne)8. Pay Attention to Your Cleanser9. Choose Water-Based Hair Products10. Sleep a Full Night

What are some good life hacks using 3D printed objects?

Most of my experience with 3D printing life hacks are on a random need basis. I have a dog and we use grocery bags for cleaning up waste. I saw a need for a holder for the bags so when we