How often do astronauts on the International Space Station go to the toilet?

Not to be a turd or anything (get it?), I take a small amount of issue with the suggestion that we don't have to go to the bathroom as often in space as we do on Earth.  Not that I (or

What is the right way to wipe after a poo? From the front or the back?

Hello,I am a family physician and my fellowship thesis was on urinary tract infections in pregnant women.The most common source of infection is our own digestive tract, in short, our own poo. Yup. One of the ways to avoid this is toilet

Why do people not flush their pee?

I'd say conservation more than laziness. Y'haveta be pretty lazy not to hit that flush lever!I usually don't flush my pee. It's not dark/smelly stuff, and the once or twice a day I do a #2 is plenty of flushing. Does it save much water? Dunno... maybe 15 gallons a day? That's about

What happens if I do 15 pushups, sit-ups and squats after everytime I go to the toilet for the rest of my life?

Not much unless you're overweight and have a balanced diet. You'll lose alot of the excess fat in a matter of seasons and build a little muscle and definition. If you're already in a reasonable shape however, your shoulders, chest, arms, glutes and abs will develop to a point where they remain the same