Who is the hottest actress ever in South Indian cinema?

I've earlier addressed a similar question where the question was who's the hottest telugu actress. My answer here is the same.Inarguably it is Anushka ShettyOne of the most beautiful actresses ever been in Tollywood. Her real name is Sweety which is ironical considering how hot she is. Everything about her is hot. She is

What are the most romantic Telugu songs of all times?

Good that , this question has come while I was listening to one such songs . Before I answer this , let me frankly say that I'm an Odia and I do love listening , singing and dancing to the tunes of Telugu songs as compared to any other . See I don't what bond I

Which actors and actresses did different roles (not routine) in movies?

jhonny depp acted in different types of roles. He acted in movies given belownightmare on elm streetplatoonedward scissorhandspirates of caribbean seriesfinding neverlandalice in the wonderlandthe touristlone rangertranscendenceinto the woodsmortdecai

What are some of the best cop movies in Indian cinema that you would recommend?

Best of the Bollywood have already been mentioned, and anyway I think I will be more competent and confident in the world of Tamil films.Karuna Prasad has already listed almost all the really good cop films in Tamil, with