Is China safe for tourists?

Safe.Maybe too much.(this is how I will lose my wallet tomorrow...)I can walk around after midnight in any eastern city (the places I have been mostly) and know that nothing will happen to me.My parents were in Shanghai for 8 days and they

What do Australian tourists think of Europe?

So many cities are like living Museums, so surreal and amazing, so different to our  young country, they date even BC. Transportation is magical, a high speed train right into the heart of the city, so convenient and smart. Some times 6 ways to

For a first time tourist to Mumbai, what is a must have local delicacy?

I would suggest you eat each of these while in Mumbai.Vada Pav :- Any good street shop, make sure it's fresh.Pav Bhaji : Again , any Street shop, they usually make it in front of you after you order so its fresh.Sabudana Vada, Kothimbir Vadi,

As a New Yorker, what is the saddest thing you have witnessed a tourist do?

Eat at fast-food chain restaurants, the same chains they have back home, when they could try eating at a local diner or sampling something from a food truck-which feature a huge variety of inexpensive food from all over the world-or otherwise taking advantage of the enormous range of food that are easily available in NYC at a wide

What makes a place attractive to tourists?

I hate Venice. Here's whyThere are too few signs giving directions.I saw someone scratched

What surprises most tourists when they visit Colombia?

I have been to several orientations with many people from the States, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia and the consensus amongst the people that have not been to Colombia is that is it much safer than they were told at home, especially Americans. The fear mongering hysteria on the State Department website is laughable. They advise not taking cabs,

How safe is Kenya for tourists?

The threats of Somalian kidnappers and hookers loom large on the narrow dark lanes of Nairobi while the rest of the city is quite protected and beaming with international thrill seekers, rushing to the safaris. Here are my two cents from experience the most humble, kind

Is Scotland safe for tourists?

Scotland is quite a diverse country, safe is a variable concept and tourism can mean from anywhere, even other parts of Scotland.There are parts of Glasgow and other cities where you need to remember not to leave valuables visible in

What should tourists know about getting around in New Mexico before visiting?

You do not need to speak Spanish.You should not attempt to exchange your dollars for pesos.You likely will need a car, but don't bother with an international drivers license.You should Google the state tourist website.

Is Guatemala safe for tourists?

As a Guatemalan... I will not give a definite answer to the question... Is Guatemala safe for tourists?There is crime in Guatemala, no doubt about it. Whether is safe for you, is a different matter.As consumers of news, we tend to

How safe is Panama for tourists?

Hi,As a Panamenian, I would say that we don´t see a lot of kidnapping here,If you like to walk, I highly recommend the Waldorf Astoria because is near to the

What do tourists think of New England?

I was born and raised in New England so I can't possibly see it from a tourist's perspective. On the other hand, I've lived in Santa Fe, NM for two years now so I can see New England more objectively

Which countries have the loudest tourists?

Neww York, France, Germany, Australia,are the few places where you'll found the loudest tourists.New York is the most populous city in the US. It's like India's Bombay only. People don't sleep there.The population of Germany was around 82 million in

How safe is Mauritius for tourists?

Visited Mauritius in October, 2015. Had wonderful experience there. People are friendly and most of the places feels like India. Lovely beaches and awesome views. Absolutely safe for tourists as crime rate is very low there and they treat tourists like special guests. I along with my wife had wonderful experiences during our 18 days stay there.

Do visitors to the United States notice racism?

Yes. Although I do have to say, as an Asian New Zealander, I actually enjoy not having to explain to random people where I am from unless people take a notice of my Kiwi twang. I guess the reason being certain parts of USA have always more diverse

Is Finland safe to visit for black tourists?

You will certainly stick out but it is pretty safe and you're unlikely to face any difficulties.I've known several black friends and colleagues living in Finland and they rarely encountered any problems. When problems did occur, they consisted of the odd drunken racist remark made

Is China safe for tourists?

I think most of answers here misunderstood the implication of the question. It's not "if china is a safe place", it's actually asking the degree of safety of china for travelers. It's naive to assume ANYWHERE in the world is

What surprises tourists when they visit your city?

I am from Mumbai. There are many tourists here. The most fascinating things for them are:Food: Indian food is amazing. Foreign tourists love Indian food! They love the street side food. (le cuisine de la rue)Shopping Malls: Mumbai has very big shopping malls compared to other countries.

What was the milestone you stop feeling like a tourist in a foreign country?

There were a couple things that made me feel like I wasn't a tourist anymore.Spending time with locals rather than tourists was a good first step. This requires some knowledge of the domestic language. Learning the language really opens a lot of doors for

Why do tourists prefer China over India?

I've traveled extensively in both China and India. It's fair to say that both China and India are popular with foreign tourists. However, the numbers speak for themselves, China definitely sees far more total tourists. I can surmise several reasons for this.Size

Why do less tourists visit India than other countries?

Each country attracts different kind of tourist. There are so many countries in the world and so little time and money.8.89 million tourist came last year and the number has been increasing gradually.Medical tourism will bring more people to India in next few years.

What should tourists avoid in New Zealand?

If you hire a car check your rental agreement very carefully. If you park in a National Park carpark or in a National Park especially in the South Island beware you may breach the agreement.There is a very industrious bird,

What surprises foreign tourists when they come to America?

Oh this gets asked a lot and I just answered this with Eugene Miya's answer to What surprises tourists when they visit your country?

How should countries encourage tourists to come to their country?

A few main ways:Marketing, marketing, marketing. There is a reason why people flock to Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia and not as much to the Philippines- their ‘it's more fun in the Philippines' campaign is just about beginning to have some impact. For all the noise Singapore makes, you ‘ll find it comparatively lacking in

How safe is Ecuador for Indian tourists?

The possibility of risk is everywhere. Not only in Ecuador, where ever we go for trip other than the mother place we need to be conscious. Robbery, thieves, harassments are everywhere that depends on the security tight of that particular place. But why naming Ecuador more risk means is this is the more isolated country from all other. So

What does Bhutan have that it attracts tourists every year?

Because Bhutan created a whole travel and cultural philosophy. First it looks a bit like the last lost kingdom in the mountains, unreachable, distant from any unpleasant and boisterous modernity. They strongly promote this going-back-to-the-land lifestyle. Plus Bhutan is renowned for its

Which country is not safe for tourists?

I said top 5 dangerous countries in world5. NIGERIATwo extremist groups, Boko Haram, and Islamic State West Africa, are responsible for much of the violence that occurs in Nigeria, and commonly target heavily populated areas like churches, schools, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues.The US Department of State says visitors "should be vigilant at public gatherings and

How can an Indian visit Mongolia as a tourist? When is the best time to visit?

Mongolia is said to be the least densely populated country in the world- an isolated yet magnificent landscape untainted by the modernist hands of destruction and sprawl. An ideal canvas for those who enjoy basic and slow travel, Mongolia is off the beaten track

What should tourists know about getting around Arizona before visiting?

That almost every person who lives in the major cities, is from somewhere else. People come.. and then they stay. Chicago has a satellite presence here. Almost as many Bears fans hit the stadium as the Arizona Cardinals fans.. maybe even

What surprises tourists when they visit your country?

I'm from Slovenia and people are usually surprised about how green and quaint our country is.We love our nature and we love to be surrounded by nature.

What should tourists know about getting around in California before visiting?

California is a state that takes a meaning when driving. Flying is such a lonely place and you often miss the unexpected which makes California such an inspiring place to be.

Which countries do tourists prefer visiting?

Paris ,Singapore is the most visited place for tourist.As a tourist, it was lovely. I visited Perth 5 years after I completed my studies. I didn't experience anything horrible.As a student, our group was filming a scene at our group mate's driveway for Screen Production unit. A group of white male teenagers drove past us really

Have you ever helped any Foreign tourist, in your country?

I helped out a asian couple in Kolkata.It was an extremely boring weekday. My office is in the busy street of Jeevandeep, Maidan. I got down from the bus and as usual, people were running in the busy office hours. Suddenly, an

Is Algeria a safe country for an American tourist?

Having visited Algeria on a weeklong visit I never once felt threatened, but there are still active disputes and small conflicts in remote areas. There are peace keeping forces in place around some hotbed areas.In Algiers I saw enough French that I wouldn't say you'd totally stand out if you were a typical looking American. You

Which country has the worst tourists?

It varies by region. But worldwide, probably the Germans and Japanese. The Germans due to cultural arrogance, and their fat middle-aged women going topless on Catholic beaches while their kids run around naked, as well as assuming they're smarter than everybody

Which country would you never recommend someone to visit? Why?

If you really love the travel, I think, you cannot ask this type of question. Because most travelers had made a big plan when they were young to travel all over the countries existing on the earth, and they really hope to revisit all the country where they had enjoyed in their

What things should tourists know before visiting Bolivia?

Watch out for overpricing if you're white.In Bolivia, many goods as well as most taxis aren't run by companies but by individuals. This, coupled with the notion that all white people are rich cowboys that chew bubble gum, will likely lead to someone trying to sell you something overcharged.Bolivia also has pizza cones.

Do you think building the Statue of Unity was a smart move to attract worldwide tourists or a bad investment?

From a tourism point of view, it is a good move. From a long time, Gujarat State was performing not good in respect to tourist arrivals (domestic as well as international). So, this move will help this region of Gujarat to earn

What's your biggest cultural shock visiting a different part of your home country?

Probably Chengdu, and how spicy even the non-spicy dishes are.It was because in cheaper places EVERYTHING is cooked in the same woks, so the non-spicy dishes get covered with the aroma of spices.I loved many aspects of Sichuan food and eventually got used to its

Is Israel safe for tourists?

Israel has a very tough security system. You can also find police and soldiers almost everywhere.I've heard somewhere else that Israel even have a security system in the airport wherein after vetting, they'll put the person into some kind of room and if an explosive is detected it

Is Jasalamer a good place for tourists to visit?

Jaisalmer literally means ‘the Hill Fort of Jaisal'. The desert city is also called the Golden city thanks to the color it gets from the yellow sandstone used for construction of the buildings. Jaisalmer is one the last big towns in Rajasthan closest to the India-Pakistan border and stands in the heart of the Thar Desert. Jaisalmer has

As a minority, how do you feel when visiting your country of ancestral origin?

I was in the country of my ancestors once (that would be Czech Republic, but when my ancestors lived there - Bohemia and Moravia - their region was containing nearly

Can I visit Gilgit as a tourist?

Gilgit is actually one of Pakistan's few viable tourist destinations. It is politically more stable than other regions, and tends to be safer in general. That said, Pakistan remains a higher risk destination, and thorough research should be conducted ahead of travel there.