How does the transmission in a car work?

Manual transmission is simpler in its construction and function. In its most basic form, a manual transmission consists of a set of gears along a pair of shafts, the input shafts and output shafts. The gears on one shaft engage with those

Is a car with CVT harder to drive than a car with automatic transmission?

No. CVT is just a particular type of automatic transmission.I learnt to drive in a manual car and drove manuals until about 20 years ago when I got an automatic. I've had several

What controls automatic transmission shifting?

The actual gear sets within an automatic gearbox are of the planetary kind, and are selected by locking different parts of the gear train using band brakes. The band brakes are actuated using fluid controlled (or electrical) actuators, which are like very small hydraulic rams or the pistons in your brakes.The big question is, how does it know when

What is a car transmission?

In the context of a motor vehicle, a transmission allows the gear ratio between the engine and the drive wheels to be changed. This is necessary because an engine produces its power over only a narrow range of speeds. If we had only one gear, this would mean the car had a limited

What is automotive transmission?

The engine is the powerhouse of the automotive. However, producing the power is not enough as the engine cannot produce power right from 0 rpm.Hence a transmission is required. A transmission varies the ratio of the input power to the output power.At lower gears, the torque produced is higher to overcome

What is meant by automotive transmission?

As the word itself explains,  an automotive transmission is an assembly of different mechanical components to transmit correct amount of torque (or power) and speed of rotation to the wheels of the vehicle. It is done manually by the driver in case of manual transmission vehicles and done automatically for vehicles with automatic

What will happen if you shift to manual mode while driving in an automatic transmission?

I've owned a few cars that have had a manual mode on an automatic box, and the answer is the same across all of them: They'll sit in whatever gear they were currently in, and wait for you to change.If I've slowed down and failed

Bicycles: What are the differences between derailleur and internal gears?

Derailleurs are slightly more mechanically efficient, lighter and allow more gears in a hub. They require more maintenance, lube and adjustments on a regular basis. They are slightly noisier. Chains slip off of derailleurs requiring you to rethread the chain getting typically black, oily lube on your fingers.Internal gears are slightly less

How to shift gears in an 18-speed bicycle

I think others have rightfully pointed out all the technical details. As for most practical purposes, YOU DON'T!Me and most of my friends have never really used more than 4-8 gears. 4 shifts will do if you don't like shifting gears in general, or you're

Why don't electric cars use gearboxes?

I'd like to add a bit more to Simon's answer, because it isn't very accurate. Here's a representative diagramm which shows a plot of the traction force (Zugkraft in German) against the car speed, for different gear ratios. The black hyperbolic curve tells you the ideal max.

Is it okay to stop by holding the clutch at the biting point + brakes instead of putting it on neutral especially during an incline?

I remember asking my driving instructor the exact same thing when I was learning, in 1974. He repeated what many others have said in earlier answers,