Have you so far kept your gender reassignment secret from your partner?

I currently don't have a partner but I never keep my transgender status from a partner... at least, not to the point when we're about to do the mattress dance. I make it clear on all my online dating profiles and if I met a date in person and we arranged to go out in

Why is it that, despite the fact that I live in a patriarchal society, every time I look around, it seems as though women and girls have many privileges of which I'm jealous? Why does it seem to me that they are more privileged than men?

That depends on the circumstances.Are you a man who has to register for the military draft? Well, that's because your country doesn't want women to risk their lives when they could be making babies at home. Some countries allow women to enlist voluntarily, but they

Do transgender genders in animals exist?

Gender is a complex subject. This question though enters a whole new dimension of complex because we cannot effectively communicate with animals to ask whether they understand the concept of female and male and which they identify with. Before delving into it further, we know animals have no or close to no concept of self, depending on the species.

How long does it take for the effects of HRT (MTF) to become visible?

As noted by a number of responders, the timeline is variable. I commenced HRT in my late 50's about 5 years ago. It took about 3 months for any significant changes to begin to manifest. Breast budding and changes to my skin texture were the

Is being transgender real?

Question details: As you'd probaly know transgender people feel like theyre the opposite sex.But what I'm questioning is how does it feel to be a woman or a man?Most of what people know are sexist stereotypes. Tomboys can like things a lot of boys do, but still identify and perceive themselve

Is it possible to enjoy being Transgender?

This isn't a straight forward "yes or no" kind of question. I hate that I'm even saying this but the answer to your question is yes and no... I'll start with the "no" part... I know I'm really only speaking for myself but I'm pretty sure most of the trans community here would agree

What can I expect from transitioning at age 44 (mtf)?

This is actually a very challenging question to answer and knowing the following would help greatly: 1) Are you wondering about the physical changes? 2) The emotional changes? 3) The social changes? 4) The impact it will have on family and

What causes a person to be transgender?

There's abundant evidence that transgender is actually a kind of intersex condition, except one in which the main effects have been on the brain rather than the body. For some time I've been trying to draw attention to the fact that doctors are probably inadvertently causing many (and perhaps even the majority) of

Why are people against people being transgender?

I'll list some possibilities on why:It lacks a concrete scientific backing, and many of it's scientific findings are subtle. The most common known is the brain studies that indicates the brain structure of transgender individuals are more similiar to their gender identity than biological sex:In 2011, Giuseppina Rametti and

Are people still fertile after a gender reassignment surgery?

It depends on which people. In general, transmen are still able to bear children provided they do not have a hysterectomy, and there have been cases in the news recently. Here's one. Here's another suggesting it happens quite a lot.For transwomen, genital surgery

Are people who have gender reassignment surgery typically happier afterwards?

I would say there is a general trend towards happiness when gender confirmation surgery (GCS) is completed. The same can be said for HRT in both trans men and trans women.One of the best people to ask on this is Jae Alexis Lee because she has done extensive literature review on this subject. So, instead of

Do transgender women feel profiled and objectified as male by cisgender people?

Um, yes, Raven! What is your point?Big inhale, ok,Well my point is, many times a trans woman may hear statements from a cis woman or man in a way as to stave off some preconceived idea of who the trans woman is, as if the trans woman may come on strong (just wanna fuck mode) and start flirting

How common is gender reassignment surgery among transgender individuals?

Thank you for the A2A.Question addressed: How common is gender reassignment surgery among transgender individuals?Thirty to forty years ago transsexuals were transitioning and transsexuals are people who transition medically. They were the early pioneers. The idea that they medically transitioned ignited the popular imagination. Speaking about trans women, there have been at most 30,000 documented

What are the dangers of gender reassignment surgery?

I'd like to put the risks into some sort of order. Understand that no licensed surgeon in the US will take a patient for GRS without at least one therapist letter and a doctor's letter. Those letters will require that you've been on hormones for a year and living, with no interludes, full

What happens during gender reassignment surgery?

The techniques for MtF vary in detail but not in form. Since roughly the 60s the general technique is called penile inversion. Generally skin from the scrotum is added for adequate depth.The penis is dissected and the erectile tissue is discardedThe dorsal

Why is gender reassignment surgery dangerous?

Any surgery is dangerous and gender reassignment surgery is no different. My surgery took 7.5 hours.Before I had my surgery I had to review and sign a consent. In the consent was a list of possible complications so I clearly understood the risks involved in the procedure. But honestly, none of them bother me. My

Are transgender people sterile?

First thing to say is that while about 1% of the population are believed to be transgender, or at least gender variant, the proportion who undergo any clinic therapy or surgery is very small, probably less then 5% of transgender people. Unless a trans person has surgery and/or hormone treatment then they are

Can a transgender man be gay?

Katherine Rossiter's answer is perfectly correct, but I wanted to get into a little more detail about some reasons why people want to ask this question, and are baffled by it.Modern English, compared to many other languages, basically doesn't have gender in a grammatical sense. (see also: Why is English

I told my Mom that I am transgender but she doesn't seem to believe me. What should I do?

Give her some time but don't withdraw completely. Start small with correcting her when she uses the wrong name or pronouns. Another thing is try to see this from her perspective, for the past however many years you've been her son/daughter and now you're telling her who you truly

Is it ethical for parents to transition a child's gender at a young age?

(If anyone doesn't happen to feel like reading through my entire answer, perhaps especially because you may believe that what I'm saying isn't true, I invite you to simply take a look at the American Psychological Association's explanation of using the gender-affirmative model in response to transgender youth.)Parents do not

What is the main point of the US debate over trans athletes who transitioned into identifying as females?

The point of contention here revolves around the inherent advantage that men have athletically over women. Men are on average taller, stronger, and faster. The bone structure is stronger. This is why we have separate competitions for men and women - to give women a chance to compete against their own sex in a fair arena. This does not

What support did you find when you started to transition? What support did you find not directly in the LGBTQ community?

My transition was one strange parade of events stretched out over decades. I'm a child of the 50's and became aware of my feminine nature and that this fact needed to be a secret well before the decade was out.I contrived

Who are some gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual individuals who changed the world?

Sarah Josephine Baker:British Nurse, organized the world's first school for nurses, expert and reformer for hospital hygiene, sewage treatment, and regularized medical practices, as well as making advances in the graphical presentation of statistical data. She became the first woman ever