Is it safe to travel alone in India?

Yes, Is it really safe to travel alone in India. But you have to choose good lacations.

Which is a good place to travel alone for the first time in South India?

Pondicherry is the perfect place.Sharing my experience why I say so. Check out my video for a live trip!!VISIT DATES: 26th to 28th January, 2018TOTAL COST APPROX: INR 5000 ($78) for 1 person for 3 days - 2 nightsBEST TIME TO VISIT : November to FebruarySharing a complete trip of Pondicherry captured in three small videos to

How to travel alone in Vietnam as a woman

I am not sure if I'm the ideal type of person to answer this question (male), but I am been in and out of Vietnam pretty often, and as a metropolitan Asian myself (Singapore), perhaps you may use my view as a rough reference.Skipping the cultural and heritage

Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in Japan?

Generally speaking, I usually advise women, particularly in their youth, not to travel alone for their first trip to Japan. This is because there are many potential dangers for those people, and they have very little legal rights to defend themselves.First, there is

Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in New York?

Of course! New York is a great place for women solo travellers! The city has so many things to do and see. Your problem isn't really about safety - its more about not having enough time lol!But I would practice your regular safety precautions:act confident - even if you are lost, keep walking

How safe is it for a woman to travel alone in India?

Safe travel strategies for women in India1. Do your researchGoing to India is just not the same as going to the Caribbean, Greece or even Thailand. It is massive, diverse, traditional, ancient ... and it can be an overwhelming travel destination. Knowing

Is America safe for a brown Indian to travel alone?

Yes it should be safe to travel in America. But like all countries there are bad areas you will want to avoid. For crime avoid the slums in the large cities (like Compton in LA, Parts of Baltimore outside Washington DC, and parts of New York City). Racism also tends

Is it safe for women to travel alone?

Yes Majority of destinations are safe for women to travel alone.Here are few suggestions for you.In fact you can travel any part of the world safely all you need to do is to be attentive,well informed,aware of current situation of the place

Is it safe to visit China and travel alone?

Absolutely, but only if you speak and read Chinese, or have someone with you who does.It's reasonably easy to find your way around big cities like Shanghai or Beijing, but as soon as you leave those, you find yourself in a completely different world, where

Is Kerala, India a safe place for a woman to travel alone?

Yes, it is. But as normal try to not out in the dark and at remote places and back in the room before it turns dark or you should be in the cities like Cochin, Trivandrum, Calicut, Kottayam etc.

What should I pay attention to if I travel alone?

Groups. Be careful not to get sucked into travelling in a group or duo just because of the insecurity of being alone. Be true to yourself and your trip. Don't waste your days doing what others want, or what you think you

When travelling alone, do you ever feel lonely?

Yes... but not in a way you might think.I'm never lonely in a

What city have you travelled to alone, and felt safe walking out to have dinner at a restaurant alone?

There are many - anywhere in Europe, Vietnam, Laos and Bali. I've just returned from Bali and had some really great meals there, mainly on my own. It's also helpful to have a private driver to take you to any restaurant you may want to visit, and that person can accompany you for the meal

What city have you travelled to alone, and felt safe walking out to have dinner at a restaurant alone?

There are many - anywhere in Europe, Vietnam, Laos and Bali. I've just returned from Bali and had some really great meals there, mainly on my own. It's also helpful to have a private driver to take you to any restaurant you may want to visit, and that person can accompany you for the meal

Is Bali safe for women travelling alone?

As a woman who is currently travelling in Bali alone, who has met numerous other women - alone - in Bali, I can most certainly say that YES, it's safe. Much safer than many other places you could travel, in fact.However.As a woman travelling alone anywhere in the world, there are a few ground rules

How safe is it for a woman to travel alone in India?

I'm 30 now and for last 3-4 years, I've been travelling alone a lot in different cities of India.. though mostly I go on office tours, I extend these tours to visit surrounding photogenic places which are worth-visiting. My parents used to worry much when I was not in home. But now

Is it dangerous to travel alone?

I've travelled through Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Makedonia (the last four when they were parts of Yugoslavia), Bulgaria & Greece alone, as well as the UK. 

Is Barcelona safe for two young women to travel alone?

The pick pocketing is very rampant. Make sure you've got backup plan for money... not just cards.I've been out on the streets till 2 and 3 am and feel safe. I've had single women friends that also felt very safe in Barcelona. One of my favorites in Europe, but I did get pick pocketed and

Would you rather travel alone or live alone?

I love to do both alone.Given the choice I will choose travel alone. Travelling with many people are not worth the money I spend for travel because different people have different interest different tastes etc. Second when we go alone I make friends where I'm going and I immerse

Is living alone for women in Canada safe?

Canada is safe for everybody, even the largest cities are very safe. I live in a 1 million inhabitants city and we only had 13 murders in 10 years.... There has been sadly, some problems with violence in native people communities, but it's been limited to those communities. Finally as everywhere

Do you travel alone?

Yes, and i absolutely love it!No hassle of waiting for your partner, no trouble of kicking his/her butt when they don't wake up on time, no missed shows. Am a stickler for being on time and it irritates me big time when people delay so i find it good to travel alone and enjoy the worldly pleasures.

How to make friends traveling alone

When I turned 20 I decided to travel to London, alone. I've travelled with friends before, but point of this trip was this:Travel to a place where I don't know anybody and force myself to meet new people.To make sure I did this, I prepared

How often do you feel the need to be alone?

I want to be alone, pretty much every weekend. Atleast one day.Five days a week, I'm at work for about 10–12 hours everyday. My day involves lot of work discussions with my manager and other colleagues, and various meetings. By the end of the week, all these interactions leaves me feeling as

Is Nigeria safe for women to travel alone?

Yes and NoYes because it's basically safe as long as you don't move around late at the night and to some notorious areas. And don't let any one know you are from out of town with no back up because they might take advantage

Will it be safe for girls to live alone in Lucknow?

There are so many girls already living alone in Lucknow. Some of them are working, some of them are there for career, and some are studying in various colleges and universities.Yes. Lucknow is a safe city for women; irrespective of this, some careful and preventive measures should be taken by the

How safe is it for a woman travel alone with a child on vacation? What countries are safe to visit?

The list for this is endless! Most countries in the world are safe - you just have to be aware of your surroundings and not put yourself in a vulnerable position.You could visit the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Austria, Switzerland... You could visit the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.. You

What shall one keep in mind while travelling to a new country alone?

That you are a guest and be a good one. That you are going to feel strange and scared sometimes but this is ok. Good in fact. Ask people you stay with for tips and advice, be friendly to people but be aware of your surroundings. I like to travel and stay with

Is solo travel possible?

Very much, YES. The thought of solo traveling was scary until I did it. It was April 2017, I embarked on my first ever solo travelling. Since it was my first time, I chose a closer location just in case if I freak out I can come

Are you a solo traveller?

I like to travel solo, and I've taken solo trips through Greece, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Korea. I can completely set my own schedule: go where I want, when I want, how I want; eat what I want, when I want. I can change my mind on

Can a 17-year-old travel alone to the USA?

yeah, definitely and you won't be needing the unaccompanied minor service as well.

Is Dubai OK for female solo traveler? Is it easy and safe to take a taxi from the airport alone?

Yes, my wife has taken taxis for 9 years without incident.If you are concerned however, there are Female only taxis.

Have you ever travelled solo to Indonesia?

It's a beautiful country, but very big and I can only talk about what I've seen:On the Sumatra island:- Lake Toba: beautiful lake with island in the middle, home to the Batak culture. Amazing- Bukit Lawang: small village in the jungle, refuge to the beautiful orang outans (meaning people from the woods in bahasa

Are we thinking too much while travelling alone?

Very good question.I used to think a lot in my initial stages of traveling alone.So many

Is Oman safe for a solo female traveler?

YES YES YES. One of the safest country for female traveler in the world

How to have the courage to travel alone

Here is my suggestion, I hope it would help you to acquire the courage you are talking about.Instead of travelling entirely on your own, your first

How often do you feel the need to be alone?

All the time, not because of introversion, but simply I can be myself when I'm alone. I do not have to fake anything, and I can be more self conscience when I have nothing distracting me. I lack this, being alone helps me a ton and brings me the peace

What would stop you from traveling to a foreign country alone?

Language barriers, even if you know some basic terms or phrases from that foreign country it won't help if they cannot understand you at all. And sometimes the state of the country, are they red flagged by the other countries? Cause that will greatly cause some trouble going alone

Is it strange to travel alone or solo travelling?

It is definitely not strange to travel alone. In fact there are many people who revel in travelling along. Traveling alone teaches you a lot of things. Here are some tips for you - 1. Go with the flow2. Be tolerant3. Freeze the

Can a woman make a baby alone naturally?

Naturally for sure. Nature..Technology was being used by our ancestors, some kinda human-ape-mix. When homo sapiens evolved, tools where already state of the art of the species. Using tools is human nature. We inherited this, evolutionary.And there are tools. Given

Does travelling alone change your personality?

It may not change your personality but it definitely teaches you a lot. First, you become more self-reliant as there is nobody to remind you about your documents or other things.When you're alone, your'e more concentrated on everything surrounding you. You are more interested in people, buildings, nature, museum exhibits and

Is Armenia a safe country for travelling alone?

Yes, actually.If you're going through Yerevan, then, yes, it is safe and even pleasant. The rural areas could also be a pleasant experience, as hospitality is practiced by many, if not all, of the farmers or village-goers. English isn't a very well-known language but, judging from your goal, simple body gestures should work fine.Overall, Armenia

Is Malaysia safe to travel alone?

Yes. I have been in many places in Malaysia, and I've never felt any sense of danger.Even Kuala Lumpur felt very safe, though I never travelled the poorer areas at night. There simply was no reason to do so. I went all over, took buses, went to Taman Negara national park(a

What are some activities you most enjoy doing while travel alone?

Generally speaking if you are traveling alone you might want to get to know the place were you are at the moment (the city or country you are traveling). I am talking about visiting a museum go places were not so touristy and enjoy a coffee with

What is the best way to travel alone?

The best way to travel alone is by meeting others who travel alone and make new friends.Most of the time, locals can't really get out of their daily schedule to spend enough time with you. Therefore, you should be looking for people who are

Which travel place you want to again travel?

I would go back to all the 113 countries I have been to as they change over time. The last time I was in Vietnam was 1994 I will go back for 3 months soon. Have not been to China for 3 years, my friends are asking when I,m coming. Love to photograph Tokyo again, I,m yet