What are the best cultural areas in London?

Depends what you mean by "best" cultural areas. If you mean, where do the cool people hang-out, where can you find weird events happening, interesting galleries or shops popping up then there are three broad areas :- Hackney (see Shoreditch,

What are places to be visited in and near Nagpur?

Rukhad is around 120 km from Nagpur on Nagpur-Jabalpur NH7 Highway and a good weekend getaway to explore the rich birdlife and wildlife here.Rukhad Camp, Pench: Jungle Camping, Trekking, Cycling and Birding– 2N/3DHighlightsRich wildlife spotting and birding in Rukhad forestCycling, trekking and bird watching in pristine Pench jungles.Jungle camping experience  and

What are the best places to explore in Nagpur?

If you love shopping :BULDI : You'll get alot of street shops as well as the other shops.Sadar: From books to every other thing you can get in sadar.Dharampeth : Some of the best brands showrooms are in dharampeth.Mahal / Itwari : It's great for bulk shopping.Otherwise you can visit :Futala lake : You can enjoy street food with

What are some places to travel in Seoul?

There are many beautiful places in seoul, but the places that you must visit are..Gyeongbokgung Palace-This is pne of the grandest palaces of all five.The name of the palace, Gyeongbokgung,translates in English as

What are the best places in Boston to go dancing?

What kind of dancing are you interested in?  This is kind of a broad question.I'll just chime in with what I know:For house/techno/dnb/EDM, etc, I would check out the Phoenix Landing in Cambridge, as well as the Middlesex Lounge down the street.  The Good Life in Downtown

What are some places to travel in Seoul?

There are many beautiful places in seoul, but the places that you must visit are..Gyeongbokgung Palace-This is pne of the grandest palaces of all five.The name of the palace, Gyeongbokgung,translates in English as

What are the best places in Boston to go dancing?

What kind of dancing are you interested in?  This is kind of a broad question.I'll just chime in with what I know:For house/techno/dnb/EDM, etc, I would check out the Phoenix Landing in Cambridge, as well as the Middlesex Lounge down the street.  The Good Life in Downtown

When is the best time to visit Hawaii and which island/places are suggested to visit there?

There is no bad time to visit Hawaii.  Certain times of the year may be better for particular interests - winter for big surf on the north shore of Oahu, spring for the Merrie Monarch hula festival and competition in Hilo, or whatever.  In-season local tropical fruits also

What landmark around the world is a must see?

Howdy from The Hill Guys Travel, Richard!Here are some of our favorites:San Francisco, CaliforniaAmerican Desert Southwest: Zion, Bryce Canyon and Antelope CanyonNiagara FallsHawaii (any island)Santa Fe, New Mexico (over 400 years old, distinct food and architecture, over 250 art galleries and over 200 local restaurants, mountains, winter sports, etc.)

What are some of the best places to visit in NYC?

So, I take it this is your first visit to New York and you don't have a lot of time and you want to maximize the experience.  There are several points to take into account:What do you like to do?  See

What are the best places to visit in Bhutan?

Must See Attractions in BhutanTop Attractions for Tourists in Eastern BhutanParo Taktsang - Hike to The Tiger's Nest

What are the cold places to visit in Calgary, Canada?

I lived in Calgary for 7 years, I was only a kid but I still got to see some pretty cool things! Here is my list of things to see: The Calgary towerCalgary zooChinook shopping mallThe Saddledome arena*if you are there in the summer* The Calgary Stampede and Stampede festivitiesHeritage park historical villageCalaway Park

Have you ever been to Pune, what places should I visit there?

Here are so many places to visit like Lavasa city, the way to lavasa is so beautiful and the climate is always weathery. Well its kinda a bit out of the city. But must visit once. Another you should visit

Which are the best places to visit in Musoorie, India?

Mussorrie is one of the famous hill stations. You can drive or take anovernight bus from Delhi. it is around 7–8 hr journey by roadThere is so much to see in Mussorrie. Apart from doing the regular sightseeing, you can go

Is Guadalajara a good place to visit?

Definitely, Guadalajara is a good place to visit. It has the best climate and the most Spanish city in Mexico. It is also the cultural center of Western Mexico; home to mariachi music and tequila. It is second largest city after the

Is Honduras a nice place to visit?

Despite increasing crime rates, Honduras is an ideal place to be during vacations, for an official trip or to visit a friend. People have been to the jungles of Costa Rica or landmarks at different places in Guatemala, but those who visit Honduras might be even luckier. It is the second largest city in Central

What are some great places to visit in Maharashtra in May?

Popular for its natural beauty and affluent cultural heritage, Maharashtra is one of the highly industrialized states of India. Tourism in this part of the country is highly preferable as this place offers a brilliant blend of religion and culture that

Which place in the world showcases nature's beauty the most?

Thanks to you, I have come across ' the most beautiful place' where nature is at its best (see the picture from my eyes).I should see before i die and have included it in my next Europe trip.Stairway to Heaven, Iceland

What's best in India that a foreign traveler must know when visiting that country?

My top tips for India travel by Ms Mariellen Ward a Canadian Traveller.1. Do your researchIndia travel is just not the same as going to the Caribbean, Greece or even Thailand. It is massive, diverse, traditional, ancient ... and it can be an overwhelming

Which places should I visit in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia?

You can visit all of them. They are located in South East Asia which is really close to each other. Hmm well, as an Indonesian, I recommend you to visit Indonesia. It's an archipelago that consist of thousand of islands from Sumatra to Papua

What are some must-see places when we visit Geneva?

Here are some must see places when visit Geneva :-1. Lake GenevaThe lake is unquestionably the star of Geneva's show. It is the background for many of the loveliest city views and itself has the unmatched backdrop of

What are the off-beat places to visit in Cambodia and Vietnam?

It's the region to go to if you want to experience ‘the real Vietnam' and meet local people; and its famous Dong Van Rock Plateau is a UNESCO-protected geological park worthy of a visit in its own right.The perfect spot for riverside relaxation, Kampot is popular with

Where are some cool places to visit in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia?

The 4th most populous island in the world and the most diverse country in terms of flora and fauna. Filled with a variety of natural insights, wonderful places to visit in Indonesia, and with its rich culture, Indonesia is a hub of all kinds of

What should I see and do in Moscow?

The answer to this depends on whether you have a visa to enter Russia, and, if not, what country you are a citizen of.If you don't have a visa, you're going to spend a lot of time sitting around in the airport.

What is the best scenic place to visit in India?

If you really want to experience peace then I will suggest you to visit Kinnaur.Kinnaur is located at the last corner of Hindustan Tibet road and is surrounded by enormous Himalayan peaks. The road journey in Kinnaur is itself an adventure as the roads

What brand stores should I visit in New York?

I walked around the whole of Times Square. The usual brands like Aeropostale, Forever 21, H&M, Uniqlo etc. are all there. I did visit Macy's, but I didn't really get what all the hype about it was about. It was HUGE though, so it was worth the experience. Head to places like

What are the best things to do in Michigan?

My favorite place in Michigan is the Upper Thumb. It's not touristy or trendy. It offers the best beaches and great farm to table experiences.Michigan's Thumb Sparkles in Late Summer - ThumbWindUpper Thumb Offers Family Fun - ThumbWind

I am going to Australia, Melbourne, for the first time. What are the must, may be, and never visit places? What other cities should I visit?

Go to the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) to see an AFL (Australian rules Football) match. The atmosphere is amazing, it can seat 100,000 people. I would recommend visiting Brunswick street in Fitzroy and Smith Street in Collingwood for

I am going to California in less than a month, where are cool, beautiful places to visit?

Ok. It is the third largest state after AK and TX. So I don't know how much time you have and how you are getting around. But my suggestions would be such places as the desert, particularly Death Valley this time of year, much cooler and

Is London a nice place to visit?

Absolutely, mainly because of the amazing and plentiful markets, for which you can refer to my answer here: Lora Schellenberg's answer to What is the coolest thing in London? Enjoy!

Is November the right time to visit Indonesia?

Being typically located in the equatorial region, Indonesia can be visited anytime during the year. But do expect quite a bit of normal to heavy rains during this period. Though the temperature may be just 30C, it will be terribly hot, so carry some sunscreen lotion as well or else skin gets ripped off ! Safe travels !

What are places to see in Glasgow?

I would also suggest checking schedules for The Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama (http://boxoffice.rsamd.ac.uk/peo...) related events. The Burrell Collection (http://www.wikimedia.org/wikiped...) might be of interest to you. Other historical venues can be seen (

What are some of your favorite places to visit? Anywhere in the world!

Uruguay, a great place during the summer months, December through March.Great food, wine, people and a very relaxed feel.

What are some places to visit in Mongolia?

The rugged landscape of the least densely populated country in the world, Mongolia, is the perfect adventure destination for the traveler who seeks a glimpse into a different culture. Here are ten places that you should not miss when you are here:1. Gobi desertOne of the most unusual desert

What are the best places to visit in Denmark?

There are so many things to do, I can't tell you what to prioritize. Here are some of the things I have suggested in the past.Erik Callaway's answer to What is "must do " thing in Denmark as a tourist?Erik Callaway's answer to What should a tourist not do in Copenhagen, Denmark?

What are the best Southeast Asian countries to visit alone?

Most Southeast Asian countries are very safe if you follow the usual travel rules i.e. don't walk into dodgy lanes in the middle of the night, always let someone know where you'll be etc.Malaysia has both the infrastructure and attractions to make  it a really

What are the places people should visit in your country but tourists never go to?

For the Netherlands, where foreign tourists never go: Naarden Vesting. Close to Amsterdam too.A completely intact village/fortress, historic ground, ever so charming.Check it out on Google maps and Google Images. Stunning!

What should I do in Honolulu as a tourist?

See Oahu from the air in a gas powered hang glider (http://www.paradiseairhawaii.com).  I've flown with Paradise Air several times, and even my daughters ages 8 and 10 went up.  If you get a 2-hour flight you'll be able to see most of the island. 

What should I see and do in Russia?

Have you seen a bear on a bike with balalaika in your country?))Maybe you'll be lucky and see some meteorit in Chelyabinsk?How about a glass of vodka in early morning?Can you see tanks in your country on a street?Well, it's worth visiting Russia just to check such myths!Secondly, life in Russia

What should tourists see when visiting Tasmania, Australia?

Ah Tasmania, a lovely little part of the world. There's plenty to see and do in Tasmania with a lot of it involving being outside. Most people tend to hire a car and head around the Island clockwise or counter clockwise. Probably need around a week to

Whats the best place to visit in India if I have limited time?

If you are visiting India for the first time and coming with some limited time then important places to visit in India should be sorted with the basics as Golden Triangle with Varanasi.Golden Triangle comprises of three very mystique cities of

Where are good places to visit in/near Germany?

Germany has a lot of interesting tourist destinations like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Black forest etc. Driving in Germany is way more fun than any other place I think.Germany's location is very tricky in Europe. It allows you to visit many countries which are surrounding Germany. Travelling by train or

Where can I find travel advice to visit Europe?

I would recommend to visit Budapest, Hungary.

Where should we visit in Delhi, India?

There are so many places in Delhi to visit - India gate, Red fort, Rastrapati vawan, Qutab Minar Connaugt Place, Dilli Haat, Chandni Chowk, Janpath Market, Karol bagh, Lajpat Nagar, Sarojni Nagar and Khan Market. For delhi full day sightseeing visit: Travel Agents and Tour Operators in Delhi.

Which is the best place to visit in India before visiting other outside Indian places?

Leh Ladakh, in India is the best place one can go on a vacation. You have more holidays, you can explore more there. One of best place to go and spend your vacation. It's adventurous as you can see lot of young trekker's and