Which are the most underrated treks in Nepal?

Though Nepal is a small country, it has the great variety of beautiful and wonderful scenery which includes the Terai, the hill, and the mountain. The mountains are uniquely popular among mountaineers, trekkers, etc. Nepal experiences all the three major climatic conditions in the world i.e. tropical hot, temperate cool and sub-polar cold. Nepal is also rich in

Can I wear track pants to hike in cold weather?

I mean, technically you can, that doesn't mean you should. Really it will depend on what they are made of. If they are made of polyester, then they should be reasonably good at wicking sweat off your legs and drying quickly. But the biggest concern I have with track pants, especially in

Hiking: are trekking poles worth it?

Absolutely. And they are worth paying extra for.I started to get knee problems a couple years ago. I will do easily over 40,000m - 60,000m of elevation gain and loss very year. The pounding of many many descents has worn me out. Using poles reduces the pressure on your knees by

Is a sport shoe good for trekking?

Absolutely not.Depending on the terrain, you will walk on places where the route actually runs over a stock of boulders. In such situation you need a high ankle shoe which can prevent you from ankle twisting.If the trail is steep enough, you need good

Is army cargo pants good for trekking?

Thanks for A2A..If the objective is trekking, then any light-weight, breathable, easy-drying pant is good for trekking.The choice should depend on the region in which you wish to trek, not if it is a cargo pant or not. I have trekked all my life in shorts, track suit

Is Hiking just walking?

Yes, technically – but with the volume turned up. Hiking tends to connote a certain rigorousness that walking is simply not meant to convey. After all, you'd usually say that you walked from your car to the grocery store, and you'd probably

What is the best personal tracking device?

In the age of tracking devices like GPS, people are more prone to use it for navigation within cities. But, what most people do not realise is how the real value of a tracking device. There are several models in the market can work as the

Being not much active, just 1-2 km running every day from 1 month, fort trekking once in 20 days near Pune, can I do some courses? Should I increase my strength to trek more in the Himalayas?

This is definitely a good start and continue with it and also try to increase the distance covered and time doing any activity.However, don't hold yourself because of the physical preparation. Just go and do a trek. There are all kinds of trek

How good are reebok crossfit shoes?

Many people think that Reebok is the standard of fitness shoe. They have been the sole shoe provider to the Reebok Crossfit Games since 2010. They raised the bar when they came out with the Nano series, because at that time, no