Are Turkish women known for their beauty?

Nah.There are, of course, very beautiful women, which is normal for every population. There is a distribution from really beautiful to 'gudubet', ie hobgoblin.The average Turkish women, the majority, is neither beautiful nor terrible. She is short and more often has pear shaped body, the curse of being Mediterranean. She does not have

Do Turkish people hate Arabs?

Hate is strong word. But Turks have prejudge about Arabs. Here is what type Arabs were seen negative by almost every Turks:Graceless oil sheiks: They are simply hate object in Turkey. We Turks do know what the hell is happening in Arab countries. Wars, tears, poverty... But these scums waste their resources for luxury items. We are getting

How to marry a religious Turkish woman in Turkey

Ok, a sensitive topic and one that you have either written at random or are considering offering a marriage proposal to someone you hve fallen in love with.A religious person, in their truest form would not expect you to change your religion, since religion is not

Is Turkey underrated in the global tourism?

For a long time Istanbul has been and still is in the Top 5 Most Visited Cities in Europe lists and amongst the Top 10 worldwide. Which is certainly not underrated and considering the city's history, geography and cultural events not overrated either. Vacation resorts of Turkey's Mediterranean

Why are Turkish men beautiful?

I don't really think the Turkish men are more beautiful than the rest of the world. The only thing I can agree is that the Turkish men seem to convey a masculine image at first sight due to their physical features (such as body hair, beard/mustache etc.). As everyone else says, it is totally subjective and

Why are Turkish women so beautiful?

Thanks for the compliment. I agree with the other comments. It is because of our mixed origins and a great gene pool. In general Turkish people have great diversity. I might be blonde and you might be brunette while another one might have more pale or darker skin or something else yet

Do most Turkish people hate Islam?

May be you confuse Suud state religion with Islam.Turks do not approve extremist sects like Selefism or Wahhabism .Unfortunately western media only know this type of Islam and radical sect represents whole muslims ..Ottomans too were against Selefism , 5 of Selefi were hanged .One of them Abdullah ibn Suud was grandson of

What do Serbians think of Turks?

The main underlying reason of the Ser'bian (by some) hos'tility towards the Turks and the Ottoman era in particular, is the exaggerated and populist narrative of the national education system.In the second half of the 19th century, the entire Serbian society gradually began to embrace the new way of

Are Turkish people Mongols?

Short answer: No, they aren't.Mongolic peoples - Wikipedia Mongolic languages - WikipediaVery long answer:Southeast European and West Asian folks with anti-Turkish sentiments love calling Turkish people

Are Turks and Azerbaijanis considered white?

Azeris are classified as White in the US. Visible minority\West Asian in Canada, Middle Easterner in Europe. In general as Europoid. More exactly majority of Azeris are belong to Caspian race (a branch of Mediterranean race or Irano-Afghan race) I've seen quite many southern Italians,

Do Bosnians like Turkish people?

Don't be naive. It depends on whom you ask. I think any sensible Bosnian person is aware of the fact that they are conquerors who took our land, exploited us and caused us problems, consequences of which we still feel today. I'm going to be

How many Turkish people know Ottoman Turkish?

Psst! You wanna know something? Contrary to the popular knowledge, there is no Ottoman Turkish. There are still Turkish, Arabic and Persian. People just don't want to understand it but what the new Republic did revolutionary about the language was only the change of the script from Arabic to Latin. Every

What is the biggest misconception foreigners have about Turkey?

It depends on the perspective of the foreigner.I have met Pakistanis and Arabs who thought we have fully adopted western norms and fake muslims. On the contrary, I have also met western europeans who believed we don't have a place

Are Turks really that islamic?

Most villages are very religious, most of Turkey is villages.But what is the difference between Islamic and religious?Turks love a person called

Does the CHP in Turkey support gay rights?

Gay rights are not important case in Turkish politics. That's why most of political parties in Turkey has no clear political definition about gay rights which has nothing to gain but lose. Let's check major parties in Turkey about gay rights:AKP: conservative ruler party. Voters are against gay rights and

How are gay people and gay marriage viewed in Turkey?

The Ottoman Empire was one of the first countries in the world that decriminalized homosexuality, in 1858 to be exact, and it remained so since. This is decades before than most other European countries.Turkey has always had openly gay celebrities who were/are admired by most of the country. Some

If a Bosniak marry an Turkish woman, would the Turkish family usually accept it?

Depends on the family. If you ask to me, the families that I know just care whether they love each other or not. They do not care about the rest. For sure there are some cultural or religional rules but families

What do Turkish people in general think about gay people?

I am a Turk, my opinion does not represent the majority of Turks, but worth sharing I believe.I hate being forced to think about