Will aliens invade our world?

They have been noticed for tens of thousands of years and reading the Vedic and not as a religion you will discover this is the prelude to the Akashic. Wars were fought over continents in those times and yet that was to make a better human being, and that is as far

If people have seen ufos why is there no evidence of aliens, where are they hiding what are they?

UFO sightings have benn reported ever since flying machines became a mainstream thing. Humans have a tendency to fill the gaps, overlook that which doesn't fit or alter what almosts fit. They THINK they saw an alien and therefore their brain accepts they saw

Why did the US government cover up the Roswell UFO incident?

Let's replay the events as they actually occurred in 1947:In order to genuinely understand what occurred at Roswell, one has to compare the original report issued by the Associate Press that the Army Air field had reported that they've recovered a

Why has there never been even one unequivocally convincing photograph of a UFO and/or alien taken, considering the huge number of people who have been carrying camera phones in recent years?

There have been many many ‘authentic ufo photographs and videos' but this is a field where anyone can cast doubt on the ‘authenticity' by bringing in a myriad of arguments, some seemingly sensible, and some with no weight at all. The photographs from decades ago, the ones that have been widely studied by researchers and organizations and were declared

How to tell the difference between an airplane and an alien UFO at night

It depends on the amount and type of drugs you are currently taking, prescription or otherwise.If you are free from chemical influence, all of the lights in the sky that are moving are either planes/helicopters or satellites. Use your other senses, like hearing; if it sounds like a plane or helicopter, see if there are red and blue lights

UFO s debunkers.. How do you explain NASA video STS-114 Boomerang?

Because I am omniscient, and have total knowledge about everything in the universe, from its creation to the end of time. When a sparrow falls on Blorgon 17, not only do I know about it, but I know who pushed it and how it voted in

Are there any HD recordings of UFOs?

Well, from my own experience and observation (and after talking with other investigators who were present) we actually wondered whether this could be part of the phenomenon.  What we witnessed was very close, much bigger than Sirius, bright amber, sparkling, moving up and down, fairly quick and completely silent.  It went round a reservoir and then over a

Has there ever been any undisputed, physical evidence for UFOs or aliens?

No, not one shred of physical evidence has been produced to date. Although there may be thousands of bonafide UFO sightings over the past several decades, no one has come forward with physical evidence of aliens, extraterrestrial spacecraft, or other such artifact. The logical assumption is that such evidence does not exist.

Why have I never seen a ghost or a UFO, at 60+ years of age?

Hello,You have not seen a ghost or UFO even at 60+ because of lack of interest.Ghost doesn't normally make itself visible to you and say...

A UFO lands in front of you, what do you do?

Ok the question is about «an UFO» not about «a spaceship». The problem is that we do not know what UFOs are, so the question is: «an unknown object lands right in front of you».Well, that happened several times, and that unknown thing

What are some good websites for people who already believe in UFOs and aliens?

This is the site i tell everyone to go visit for facts and latest happening about that Subject.www.siriusdisclosure. com (Home)Just have a look at it, watch documentaries and has great news on it and also there are other links on that site which has many interesting websites to research and news.Also,

Who does one contact upon securing possible video evidence of an alien UFO?

Post it on Mufon.Mufon has 3 goals:Investigate UFO sightings and collect the data in the MUFON Database for use by researchers worldwide.Promote research on UFOs to discover the true nature of the phenomenon, with an eye towards scientific breakthroughs, and improving life on our planet.Educate the public on the UFO phenomenon and its potential impact on society.

Do you think our government is aware of extraterrestrial life?

No. If signs of life are detected on another planet it's big news.Intelligent life almost certainly exists in other solar systems, but they're not visiting us. The people who claimed to be visited were either lying for attention, or had frontal-lobe seizures. In more primitive times, people with seizures saw angels and demons. Now they go more Sci-Fi with

What are the best schools for studying about UFO?

There are noneExtra Terrestrial Spacecraft (ETS, CTVs, Volutes) don't fly, they vectate (vectored levitation) so the term UFO does not apply.As soon as you hear someone say the term UFO you know its either a Hetlau or complicit EA performing subnation

Why do you believe or not believe in UFOs?

I've seen no clear evidence.

Are UFOs a conspiracy theory?

The answer to your question depends on how you define

Did you ever witness a UFO incident, that was not reported in the media?

I never saw an object. I saw a large white orb one night while I was locking up my building. Certain events lead up to this encounter and another event happened after it. I researched UFOs for about 15 years, which included field investigations. If people only knew how

Why most of the UFO sightings happened in developed countries?

It is actually the mindset of people that leads to this manifestation of this scenario.People of developed countries are open minded and realize the possibilty of existence of alien civilizations or ETs (Extra Terrestrials).People of developing or under developed countries have a lower mindset and are

Declassified government documents show the military has taken parapsychology & UFOs very seriously for many decades. When will the scientific community catch up?

Legitimate science has nothing to catch up with. I think diligent and hopeful might be more appropriate descriptors. The military has never had a problem with seriously investigating extreme long shots on the theoy that it is better to be paranoid and highly speculative to the point of goofy expenditures of time, money, and manpower than to potentially miss

Do Nazis hate UFOs?

Amy covered a lot here.YES, they actually also had a UFO that crashed landed.Thye also set up a submarine base here in NZ( up North) as they also knew about Hollow Earth!If I remeber corretcly, I htink they

Has anyone been hearing that in Ireland, their aviation had reports by their pilots of a UFO? Why is this not being talked about?

It is being talked about. It's on freaking CNN. Pilots see 'very fast' UFO above Ireland They were commercial pilots who saw weird lights, which didn't show up on radar and no one knows exactly what they were. Although meteors coming in on a flat trajectory is the

How many UFO sightings were in Indonesia?

Q: How many UFO sightings were in Indonesia?According to Wiki there were 19! UFO sightings in Indonesia - WikipediaThe following is the list of UFO sightings reported in Indonesia.Medan, Sumatra, January 28, 1953 [1]Medan, Sumatra, June 26, 1955[2]

With the ubiquity of cell phone cameras, why doesn't everyone in Switzerland have evidence of Billy Meier's UFO visitations?

Good question. Billy lives in a rural area in Eastern Switzerland. The Plejaren allowed Billy to film and photograph them mainly in the 1960's and 1970's because personal computers and digital cameras did not yet exist. At least 10 different types of ships were photographed. They

Are all of the ghost/alien/UFO 'caught on tape' videos on YouTube fake?

UFOs may not be, but consider what UFO stands for. It's not

Why won't the US government open its UFO files like most other countries have?

Once the US government and the Military Industrial Complex realized that the best cases of UFOs were neither natural phenomenas nor the Russians or any other earthly potential enemies, the secrecy and implications of such a news gave way to a

Do the men in Black really visit if you have a UFO siting?

There's probably a very distant source behind these claims. One of the more credible ideas about a lot of the early UFO sightings is that people saw test flight for new military aircraft. And if people were making pictures of those, writing in news

Where was the crash debris of the Roswell 1947 crash stored?

Two separate answers.A) Do you want the truth?B) Do you want the common BS answer designed to validate your preconceived belief in Aliens?The truth is that the debris was salvaged, most of it was scrapped and destroyed as the trash it was, with probably a few salvageable parts recovered.The only coverup

How do UFOs travel?

They work with silica/titanium tile for antigravity. It is like rubbing a glass rod with a silk cloth to charge it up and it attracts bits of paper. The also move very fast because of the Ion Generator that is a hollow, spherical electron arc that lets a radiation I call blueshiftwaves in that reverses time and

What is the earliest known UFO report?

Some would say the description by Ezekiel in the Bible. Maybe. On April 14, 1561 in Nuremberg, Germany without a doubt, there was an early report of UFOs. That incident was memorialized in perpetuity in a woodcut by Hans Glaser. Here is the woodcut of the

Was there really any UFO that crashed on Earth?

When you say UFO do you mean alien space craft? I very much doubt it, it would have been a fairly obvious thing to miss. Roswell for instance, I doubt aliens crossed the galaxy in a space craft made from balsa wood and tin foil. Being realistic UFO sightings are usually of small things, if you were to

Are all of the ghost/alien/UFO 'caught on tape' videos on YouTube fake?

UFOs may not be, but consider what UFO stands for. It's not

Has anyone on here ever seen a ufo? I ask because I saw something unexplainable one night and im sure there are others who have seen the same.

There's very little unexplainable, there's only facts you don't know that would explain it if you did.One day I saw something odd in the sky. So I moved around with some binoculars on it. What I was looking at, initially from a very

Could UFOs/extraterrestrials be demons in disguise?

Well....no.UFO means unidentified flying object. Unidentified means

What possible reason does our government have for not wanting to inform us of true UFO sightings?

UFO: A UFO is a light in the sky or an unidentified flying object.What is a true UFO sighting? What is a false UFO sighting. Did you happen to know that we the people are the government? We do not inform ourselves a lot of things. If we have a dreaded disease, we would not dear

Why don't extraterrestrial alien craft remain completely invisible to us if they are truly from advanced species and would want to remain anonymous?

They selectively choose which mode they operate in. At speeds higher than Tach One (speed of light) you wouldn't see them anyway. The reason they want to be sighted is the sightings perform an important function of subnation (subliminal dissemination) where by each sighting gets the public to talk about them which

Why did nothing ever happen after the 2001 National Press Club disclosure by 21 retired government employees about the reality of UFOs?

Aside from User-13700852869600268893's answer, there's no objective evidence. Anyone can claim anything,but if they can't produce objective evidence (and produce it so that any scientist who's interested can study it thoroughly - which is why no one takes

Why do people claim to see UFOs and always record evidence on subpar cameras?

Excellent question. But I have no science-based answer. Will say this: I knew a college planetarium director. He and a small group of people who were interested in UFOs were on a hilly road near Rio Vista, CA (on the

If a UFO landed on Earth, and National Geographic confirmed it's authenticity, would you want to meet the aliens?

If a UFO landed on Earth, and National Geographic confirmed it's authenticity, would you want to meet the aliens?Assuming the UFO was a space craft with intelligent extra-terrestrials on board, and not, say, a piece of rock with unintelligent microbes living inside it.YES OMG YES THAT'D BE

What are some good websites for people who already believe in UFOs and aliens?

This is the site i tell everyone to go visit for facts and latest happening about that Subject.www.siriusdisclosure. com (Home)Just have a look at it, watch documentaries and has great news on it and also there are other links on that site which has many interesting websites to research and news.Also,

Have you ever seen a UFO or been in contact with an alien being?

A UFO, as in Unidentified Flying Object, yes. An alien, as a being not of this earth, no. I took a photo of Barnes Butte, a good mile NE of our home, in the evening glow, zooming in with a telephoto lens. An object appeared above a rock outcropping that I had

Has anyone ever experienced seeing a UFO during a flight journey?

Last year I was taking a flight from Mumbai to Krakozhia. It was a midnight flight and since I was flying west, it was ought to be a night flight throughout for the next 7 hours.The Takeoff and the initial 3 hours of the flight was smooth. The service was done

How common are UFOs?

UFO sightings are common, but most are natural objects in the sky, or man made craft. Probably less than 1% of sightings are E.T. space ships. There could be 10,000 sightings per year around the world.Here are some of the things that people see in the sky

Were there any conclusions as to what Kenneth Arnold claimed he saw UFO's at Mt. Rainier on June 24, 1947?

I don't believe there are any firm conclusions, but from what I've read many experts think he saw reflections of something on his airplane's window. I'm not sure I believe that as I find it hard to believe someone could make such an incredibly wrong evaluation.

When was the first time ufos where noticed?

UFO fans are fond of pointing out sections of relatively ancient writings (even back to the bible) that seem to indicate some sort of objects in the sky.Most scholars think these things are allegorical or describing astronomical events.The earliest thing

What is the best documented and most credible UFO case ever?

Firstly, I don't think there is consensus on that...