How might a Chinese boy meet an American girl?

Ah.. Let's assume you are already in the US:1. Learn English and make sure it's fluent enough to engage a conversation. Light accent is not a problem. Try to initiate a conversation with girls you are interested. Most of the american

What are the main cultural differences between China and the USA?

A bit of background for context: I'm a dual citizen of Hong Kong (a SAR of China) and USA that can read, write, and speak Chinese proficiently. I've been to tier 1 cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen/Guangzhou (frequently) and do business there. I

Is bullying common in schools in the USA?

Yes, it is.Over 160,000+ students avoid going to school everyday because of fear of bullying. And that's based on statistics in 2014.Here's a sample of what goes down:According to one study cited by the DHHS, 29.3 percent of middle school students had experienced bullying in the

What American television series are most popular in China?

Most of the answers just list a bunch of shows. I want to answer this question a little bit differently. First, I think most Chinese are not familiar with the major networks. Many people cannot even name the five networks. For example, many Chinese may watch Big Bang Theory for years and do not know which network

What are the main differences between what's culturally acceptable in China vs. the U.S?

There are many differences but one obvious one is a preference for family in business. The arrest of an executive of Huawei displays how some Chinese businesses, even important ones, are run by family members. That is unlikely to happen in the US, particularly in the tech sector in which Huawei operates.So, family connections come first in Chinese

What is the political difference between China and the USA?

Americans hold the individual in the highest regard, whereas Chinese hold the community in the highest regard. When the United States formed its constitution, it specifically dictated the unalienable rights of every person. The freedom to speech, to press, to petition, to assemble, these were given to the people

Why do many people in the USA still think that China is a communist country?

Because it is still governed EXCLUSIVELY by a group that calls itself the Chinese Communist Party, and that party has never said it is abandoning Socialist or Communist ideals. No member of the Chinese government has said "this is now a capitalist country." So people who say it's

Is Donald Trump hurting the image of the Republican Party? If so, how strong is this effect? Is he driving people away from the party?

Their image was already in the toilet as far as the rank and file of the republican party are concerned. I have been a republican ever since I got a job and got married after returning from Vietnam. Actually the republican party elite establishment hate Trump because they want another of their wimpy "moderate" friends

Is the Republican party more divided than the Democratic party right now?

Oh yes. Never before in the modern history of either party (ie since the primaries were opened up to public vote in the 70's) has a candidate so hated by half his party become its standard-bearer. The Republican Speaker of the House is refusing to endorse his party's presumptive nominee. That is absolutely

Is the Republican Party trying to run off Trump and millions of new Republican voters who are crossing over from the Democratic Party?

No, because the question is based on a false assumption.Trump partisans are quite proud of themselves at the moment thanks to an online survey by Mercury Analytics that showed 20% of likely Democratic voters crossing the aisle to support a Trump GOP ticket.  There are a few problems

What are some of the common misconceptions Chinese people have about people from US & UK?

This question made me chuckle (mostly in a good way) :) Some of these responses I'm sure are expected as they're stereotypes about Americans. However, to remove any doubts you may have, I present to you the views Chinese people have about the U.S. based on recent conversations

What do most Americans misunderstand about China?

I think one of the biggest misunderstandings probably is many Americans don't think Chinese love freedom nor democracy. Many Americans assume Chinese dislike America. This is not true. Actually most Chinese people I've met like America and American values. In Chinese, America is

What does the US get wrong about China?

Pretty much everything.I've noticed that a lot of times, you have a Chinese official make a statement. The US press will take one sentence from that statement, and that gets copied, and in the end you have a totally misleading sense of what that official said and

Why is it that Russia and China have hypersonic missiles but the US doesn't. Shouldn't the US have better weapons due to their high military budget?

I can talk to what happens in China and probably much the same occurs in Russia but I cannot confirm this.The people in China are vehemently in support of their government and what they are doing for China and they work hard, competently, do not

With the Chinese population being 4 times that of the United States, and China's high economic growth, will this allow them to become the world's sole super power because their economy will be 4 times the size of the US?

China is a great power, but will never be a superpower. There are several reasons why this is true. First off, while China has the worlds largest army in terms of manpower, they are still very dependent on foreign(primarily Russian) hardware,