Can a US citizen file for divorce in India?

From the comment on the other answer,

Can US citizens own property in India?

NRIs can get lot of advantages and opportunities to invest in property in India without much hassle.Primary requirements for NRI Property Investments in IndiaTo invest in any property in India, an NRI should possess an Indian passport.An NRI doesn't need to take permission from the RBI to invest, transfer, dispose or be

What are some misconceptions held by Indian Americans about India?

That is a very general question. I cannot answer generally though, because that would be an unfair generalization. From my experience, I can talk.2 years ago, I visited my cousin in Connecticut. She has 2 daughters, both born in the U.S. and currently being raised here in the U.S. The younger one, may be around 4 years old, asked

What are the biggest misconceptions Indians have about USA?

That your career is automatically settled and will be the best!What people don't seem to understand is the tough life and stress behind a visa lottery, search for jobs when market is down or up or that every graduate will get a dream job. Not true.Most of us are stuck with a job that satisfies a

When buying a property in INDIA or USA, is it wrong to expect from husband to put both (husband and wife) names in property papers?

My husband refused to put my name along with his name infact he communicated to me that before we left from home to sign the deal,I agreed with him telling I trust you but when the realtor asked me himself for my documents (as my husband stepped out to use the facility) because normally people in US go for

How safe is it to marry an Indian who settled in the USA?

Girls, come you really think that with all the freedom available outside India, the Indian men abroad/ NRI men would not have done their share of shit !!.....i hope you are smart enough to understand what i am implying here

If smaller states in India are most developed, isn't it logical to divide Indian States further? What are the complications and threats involved?

My experience -No matter what, break bigger states into smaller states. Here is my story.I was born in Madhya Pradesh which became Chhattisgarh when I started my college. This is my experience as the citizen of these states and I

What do Americans think of Indian Armed Forces? And what do Indians think of the U.S. Armed Forces?

An average Indian soldier thinks a lot about American army. Whenever we compare armies, US Army, being an army of the most powerful country in the world is (for obvious reasons) discussed as datum. And the general feeling is:In spite of being one of the

What is it like for an Indian to live and settle down in the USA?

South Asians in USA can be broadly divided into 3 categories based on the chronology of their arrival. The first wave comprised of descendants of indentured workers from the Caribbean islands and Punjabis from Canada in early 1900s. The next wave included entrepreneurs, retailers and motel owners arriving mostly from Gujarat in 1960s.The third wave occurred

What will happen to India-U.S. relations after Trump assumed Presidency?

Trump seems a fairly crazy guy to be in the seat of the world's most powerful person. He might not be that good for the US and by extension he might not be that good for the friends such as India too. At worst, US and India relations will be

When will male domination in India come to an end?

When women will become the primary bread earner of the family.When women will take responsibilities of the problems faced by them and the family and not depend on the male to take initiative and solve it.When women will stop asking for respect for being woman,to be treated differently for being woman,to be given

How do Americans view India and Indian people in general?

I'm afraid that I don't know enough about what others think to give an informed answer, but I can tell you that my impression of India was always a positive one. It seemed romantic and exotic, and of course it's the world's largest democracy and has a common connection with the British Empire. And Mowgli and Gandhi were

Should I move from the USA to India?

Now given the ambiguity and insufficient residency information in your question, I will have to presume you fall under one of these 3 major categories:Either you are a student (F1 Visa holder) weighing the possibilities of finding ways to stay back in the USYou have

What are some misconceptions held by Indian Americans about India?

Thank you for A2A User-10492258434942592135Sadly, I have to say Avkrishna Rao to a certain degree is right with his observation. But to put all people of Indian origin in one basket would be unfair. My personal opinion is, AV Krishna Rao's assertion is mostly true about people like myself a.k.a.

What are some misconceptions Indians have about the USA?

I think these can be termed as few misconceptions : 1. Christopher Columbus discovered the USCredit for this misconception purely goes for the school. Christopher Columbus during his four trips starting in 1492 actually landed on various Caribbean islands such as Hispaniola, Bahamas and explored South and Central American coasts. He never

What are the biggest misconceptions Indians have about USA?

Only talented and rich people can go to USA- This is completely wrong. You don't have to be rich or talented to come to USA. I have seen many below average people with very average academics who can't even get jobs in India and those from middle class families coming to USA.People in USA are rich - Not really.

How to get consent from my parents for marrying my GF

Follow the steps below. Tell your parents you're gay now. Tell them you're deciding to get married to your boyfriend becasue your parents didn't approve your marriage with your girlfriend At this point your parents will be so shocked and desperate that they'd want you to marry

What is the cheapest way to transfer money from India to U.S.? Which bank offers the best terms?

The only 2 legal and RBI approved ways for you to transfer money from India to the US ;Through your Bank where you hold an account like SBI, ICICI, HDFCThrough foreign exchange companies (money changers) like Thomas Cook, UAE Exchange etcSince your aim is to send the money to

What will happen if the United States decides to merge with India, to become one country?

In this situation this new country would be the world's biggest economy that no country would be near matching. It would have the biggest population in the world. The USA would benefit from cheaper goods produced within their own country, less debt, and big work force while India would benefit from better