Why doesn't the U.S. military allow Sikhs to serve as combatants?

The question is mistaken. The U.S. does not prevent Sikh's from being combatants in the military. In fact, Sikhs have served in every war in the U.S. since WWI.  There is a general ban on soldiers having facial hair and wearing religious headgear,

Are there any enlisted pilots in the U.S. Military?

Don't believe so, most of them went to Warrant Offcer/Comissioned Status in the early 50′s. Last one I knew of was a Major/Msgt who was appointed a Permanent Warrant Officer in late 1959/1960. He reverted to his perm rank of Msgt, was appointed as a Warrant Officer and reappointed to Major all on paper

What is the U.S. Air Force's secret space plane?

Perhaps you mean the X 37? The missions are classified bu there is plenty available on the actual plane itself at Boeing X-37

Do the U.S. Army or U.S. Air Force accept ex-Navy servicemembers?

The US Army does accept ex-service members but as you might know, you will have to a have a competitve profile. Because you are competing with service members who are a decaede younger than you,  you wil have to be physically fit and pass the medical and physical fitness requirementes.The needs of the service is always

What are some of the U.S. Military's greatest achievements?

I agree with Laury Curran about logistics (as one of our military's greatest achievements) and I would like to expand upon it somewhat.Consider even an underway replenishment (UNREP) or replenishment-at-sea (RAS). The difficulty of conducting this operation is nearly impossible to imagine without seeing it unfold with your own eyes. Imagine a

How many U.S. military personnel have died in combat?

According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, there have been 651,031 battle deaths and 308,800 other, in-theater deaths, not including the current conflicts. For those, the Department of Defense's Casualty Analysis System reports 5,364 hostile (combat) deaths and 1,466 non-hostile (in-theater) deaths.This gives a total of:656,395

What were the secret objectives of the highly classified USAF X-37B unmanned space plane mission that is drawing to a close?

If the designation of this craft, X-37B, is accurate then it is clear what its purpose was - research.  That is what all X designation craft exist for.Prototype aircraft have a Y type designation.  That means they actually have a legitimate military mission but are not yet in production.

Why do we continue using old rocket propulsion system to get into space?

Are you asking about chemical rockets as opposed to other alternative propulsion systems? Or about still using old rockets like the Soyuz and Atlas systems?If the latter, economics and the fact that those systems are technically generally adequate for what they're being used for.

How would the US look like during a invasion?

I suppose you could watch Red Dawn.The answer really depends on who it is we're fighting, but it's totally inconceivable that this situation could arise unless the US was consumed by civil war or something. The only countries we border are

Why did the US Air Force announce the completion of a classified space mission?

The existence of the X-37B is well known- what is not know though is what it was doing on the mission. For example- it might be testing reconnaissance equipment there are also speculations it is testing engines like RF resonant

Will China beat the US to place the first man on Mars?

It's possible, if they see the prestige of such an act as being worth the kind of massive spending that would need to be done to accomplish it.  But I doubt it. China's space program is advancing quickly, but Mars represents a quantum leap forward in terms of overall complexity

What is the largest aircraft that can land on a US aircraft carrier?

Edit: Sorry guys, I just found out that the P-8 and C-40 are naval aircraft but do not necessarily operate off aircraft carriers. Thanks for letting me know @ Craig Good! Edit:Currently, the largest aircraft that operates off an aircraft carrier is the C-2 Greyhound. However, a C-130 Hercules has successfully landed on an aircraft carrier.

Did the space shuttle have an emergency kit on board in case they crash land?

The now-retired Space Shuttle Orbiters had lots of safety equipment, but much of it was incorporated since 1986 into the astronaut's pressure suits, the Advanced Crew Escape Suit, or ACES.

What is it like to be a Jew in the United States Armed Forces?

I was always suprised when I ran into other Jews.  Even more suprised when those I would run into would fit the following: a. young  b. enlisted Both of which I was - well, maybe not