Can a U.S. state secede from the Union? Is there a clause in the Constitution which allows states to secede from the Union, or can this process be done by voting?

I come across questions like this periodically. I usually give a version of the same answer, and get a lot of people telling me that I cannot predict the future, or X, Y or Z could happen to make secession a realistic possibility. So let me try to be very clear and

What are some things that Americans believe about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution that aren't true?

Today, we consider the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights (right to free speech, right to a jury trial, etc.) to be universally protected from revocation by the "government," meaning both state and federal, but until the early twentieth century, that idea only applied to the federal government. The Constitution clearly distinguishes between the

What is your most controversial opinion about the U.S. Constitution?

That the ENTIRETY of the Constitution must be interpreted under the rules of Strict Construction. An immutable doctrine that takes every word literally. If the Laws of the United States must be changed severely pursuant to the Nation's need to reflect the changing times and

Did the Founding Fathers believe we have a 'living, breathing Constitution'?

The very ironic thing is - the "Founders*" who would be closer to a lot of Originalist or Anti-Living/Breathing thinking today:  (thinking Madison and Jefferson) were closer to a living/breathing than the type of "Founders" that would go originalist. thinking Hamilton, Washington, others.Every constitution,

What are some things that Americans believe about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution that aren't true?

With respect to Kris Rosvold's answer, the idea that many, or even any significant percentage, of the founding fathers were atheist/agnostic/deist or anything else aside from Christians is a popular, but unfounded misinterpretation. In fact, of the 204 individuals that can,

What is the reason why the Founding Fathers wrote the U.S. Constitution?

Under the Articles of Confederation, each state was nations that were loosely bound together. It was for things like mutual defense. What this means is that each state was collecting tariffs for goods passing through their borders. The individual states were more powerful than the Confederation, itself. Anarchy, chaos as the states squabbled among themselves. So Congress was

Why didn't the founding father set term limits for the president in the constitution?

Why didn't the founding father set term limits for the president in the constitution?The framers of the Constitution did set term limits for the president: They called them

How long (in minutes) would your average civilian Second Amendment believer last against a battle-tested squad of GIs?

Uhh...Wow, I don't even know where to start.Let's talk capability then let's talk philosophy (I love the good ole

What happens in the case of a Supreme Court draw?

It would depend on the lower court ruling.  In the event of a split decision (4 to 4), the lower court ruling would stand until the case could be reheard by the full nine judge court.Conceivably, this could result in someone assuming the office of president, appointing a Supreme Court Justice, and having the case reheard

What is the most important law in the United States?

My vote would go to the first amendment to the Constitution, which reads,

Why is polygamy illegal in the U.S.?

Although 92 percent of Americans say adultery is morally unacceptable, there are no legal sanctions against those who indulge anyway. But if two (or more) women are happily simultaneously married to a man or a man is happily simultaneously married to two (or more) women, not only will they likely be ostracized, but they